{$actor} as Zavier Masters
Full Name: Zavier Masters
Byname: Crash Masters
Age: 25
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Khournas
Title/Profession: Citizen
Position: Musician
Spouse: Single Height: 5'0
Father: Maxwell Masters Weight: 115 lbs
Mother: Daphnie Masters Hair Color: Red
Siblings: Open Eye Color: Green
Children: None


Zavier was born on the Caravan, and truth be told, he hated it. Everything about the Valen life, even if those of the Caravan were abit more lax, just went against his persona from a very young age. He was always smaller then the other children, though, what he lacked in size, he made up for in inteligence and charisma. As a child he did the normal school stuff, and played a few sports around the caravans, though, he was always a fan of music, and ended up taking Guitar lessions at the age of ten, by 14, he had quite abit of instrument talent and skill under his belt, and at the age of sixteen was accepted to the Academ with a Music Scholar ship and the Guitar Instrument.

At the Academ he learned electronics, musical writing, stage performance, his skill with a guitar as well as vocal skill took off like a rocket, and he found he had a small knack for gambling. As for musical inspiration, he delved into the study of mythology and Musical History, taking inspiration from not only Bronze Corsair, but lesser known and underground bands such as Sons of Plunder, Oppertunity Nox, Busted Open, and Cheap Ride To Hell. by the age of ninteen he had a single made and it curculated, at the age of twenty, he graduated from the Academ with a dimploma in Music Performance. Once he Graduated, aside from continuing his Solo works, he Formed a Band called Black Tooth Grin, their style was very much heavy, adrenaline based Industrial with a smattering of softer, yet still emotional songs. Mosh pits at a BTG concert were epic, and their first album sold quite a few copies, though, nothing near as much as a Mainstream band would. Still Zavier and his friends continues to make music, and their second album doubled the first within the first month, and continued to gain sales, making their 'home base' in volkan, because Zavier refused to go back to live in the Vale.

After dropping their second album, BTG agreed to take a Hiatus, mostly because some of the other band members were getting burned out. Zavier put out another Solo Single, and maanaged to keep himself busy by doing soundtracks, or even helping other bands working with them (Not performing). The Band themselves got back together in August 3012, and within four days, (without much sleep and ALOT of coffee) they were able to compile an album, and it was relesed before the month was out. This made their fanbase explode somewhat. Now after a year of gigs and performances since the band got back together, it's time for them to hit the recording studio again, only this time, they plan on making THE album, the one that will set them right on top of the Industrial, and possibly Musical, charts, scene, or whatever the damn hipsters call it now a days.



Five foot tall, this male has Red hair that is brushed back. His green eyes, which hold a bit of flirty mischief, accent his tan skin well, hiding behind a pair of mirror-tinted aviator sunglasses. His unblemished facial features suggest that he comes from perfect stock, as do his angular cheek bones, and thin jawline, which is left clean shaven. Below his jaw is a thin, swan-like neck that is left bare, free of any accessory that might mar the perfect skin. The scent of saffron and lime cologne can be subtly scented.

His body is lithe and very compact, usualy adorned with a black tunic and black leggings tucked into calf high black boots. His arms are left bare save for tattoos that show mythical creatures sourrounded in green flames.


  • Straight Edge
  • Mild Depression
  • Dual Persona
  • Burden Carrier

Musical Career


Phoenix (Pardon Me Acoustic by Incubus) - Aug 3007
Eyes of Silver - June 3008
Help (Save Me Acoustic by Shinedown) - Sept 3008
Break Out - Feb 3009
We Will Survive (Only The Strong Acoustic by Flaw) - Jan 3010
Sad Stars Seek Moons - Nov - 3010
Forgive Me (Low Man's Lyric by Metallica) - July 3011
Hell Within (Heaven Beside You Acoustic by Alice In Chains) - Feb 2012
Never Gonna Dance (Careless Whisper by Seether) - Sept 3013


Lead Singer, Lead Guitar.

Unleashed - Nov 3009.

Perfect (The Perfect Drug by Nine Inch Nails)
Darkest Daze (Fire) (This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage)
Martyr In Me (Psychosocial by Slipknot)
Unleashed (Warrior by Disturbed)
Twin Soul (Second Heartbeat by Avenged Sevenfold)
Salvation (Juke Joint Jezzebel by KMFDM)
Kill The Thrill
Skulls and Arrows
Desolation (A tribute to 4th World.)

Self Titled - Dec 3011.

Insane (Duality by Slipknot)
Flipswitch (Dummy Block by Element Eighty)
Waffle World (Pancake Land by Element eighty (The name has nothing to do with the song))
Volkan Death March (You Hate (Du Hasst) by Rammstein (English Version))
If you Bite… (Hand that Feeds by Nine Inch Nails)
Silent Noise (Hardset Head by Skinny Puppy)
Clouds Over The Vale (Clouds Over California by Devil Driver)
Ballad of Crash Masters
Death Wheel Riding
Brace Yourself
Sudden Collision

Dogma - August 3012

Dystopia (Land of Confusion by Genisis)
Trapped (Not Meant for Me by Jonothan Davis)
Greed (Sons Of Plunder by Disturbed)
Fragile (Precious by Depeche Mode)
Faith (Personal Jesus Remix by Marilyn Manson)
Primus Pilgramage (Clubbed to Death Matrix Soundtrack)
Waste Of Sperm
Twisted Anger
Negative Charge


Chiron (For A Tough Squire.) (Chiron - All That Remains)
Mine (System by Queen of the Damned Soundtrack)
Kneel (Hail To The King by Avenged Sevenfold)
Are You Breathing (Voices by Disturbed)

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