Zaniyah Eastman
Marika Bournaki
Marika Bournaki as Zaniyah Amber Eastman
Full Name: Zaniyah Amber Eastman
Byname: Zany Zani
Age: 20
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Sauveur
House: Sauveur
Title/Profession: Musician
Position: Citizen
Spouse: N/A Height: 5'6"
Father: Chase Warriner Weight: 120lbs
Mother: Loretta Eastman Hair Color: brown with blonde streaks
Siblings: Matt Warriner (unknown) Eye Color: brown
Children: N/A




Zaniyah stands 5'6" tall with a healthy feminine build. She has long wavy brown hair with blonde streaks that reaches to her waist, a creamy complexion and deep brown eyes, highlighted by lush lashes. Her face is heartshaped with rosebud lips and a straight pert nose. Her long legged form boasts ample curves without any need for embellishment.

She's wearing a long dress in a colour changing fabric, predominantly blues, greens and aquas, that mimics linen. The bodice is tight, lacing up her front, and showing a modest amount of cleavage, while the skirt flares out at her waist to become a full ankle length drape that flows as she moves. Her arms are bare, though she does have bangle-bracelets on each wrist. Her boots reach nearly to her knees and are made of a deep blue leather. She carries a black leather case, with a short strap looped around her left wrist.


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Drake Drake Danger : We flirt, we tease, we make beeyootiful music together!
Roxy Roxy Rebel : She can keep a beat - that's a good start.
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