08.03.3013: You've Been Worse
Summary: Elodie makes sure Sammel gets home after battle. Then the knight gets dinner and a bedtime story
Date: 08 05 2013
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Elodie Sammel 

Sammel's Rooms, Phylon
Sammel's Rooms in the Fortress of Phylon
August 03 3013

As they reach Phylon, and take the lift to the top of the fortress where the family rooms are, Sammel leads the way over to one of the doors. "Well, these are the family rooms," he offers, before he gestures to the door they're standing in front of. "And this one's mine."

Waiting for the lift to reach the family quarters, Elodie holds her helmet in her hand in front of her, both hands curled around the strap. She nods, following him out, and looking around, until her attention is finally brought back by his voice, and she nods. "It looks well," she says, but waits for him to open the door.

Sammel smiles as he looks around again now. "I'm glad to hear that," he offers with a smile, before he opens the door. "And this is my little… I don't know. Home." A brief pause, before he adds, "It's not as impressive as your rooms on Niveus, I know."

Elodie chuckles when Sammel compares his rooms to hers. "Well, when you have so much out of doors space to roam in, you don't need as much inside room to be comfortable. I daresay that not many people grow as many plants as I have." A couple of steps in and she pauses, her eyes sweeping over the bachelor's room.

It's basically two rooms and a small privy. The outer room is a sitting room, where most of it is taken up by a couch, a few comfortable chairs and a table. There's some shelves around the walls, and such, with a door leading to the other room at the far wall. There are a few things laying around, so it looks like Sammel didn't quite expect a visitor. "I should probably have cleaned up a little better…" the knight offers, with a smile as he steps further into the room now. "Welcome."

Elodie smiles at the mention of cleaning up. "Not at all. If I hadn't know you were coming when you visited for dinner, my room would have looked much like this," she turns that smile on him as he speaks. "Thank you, Sammel," she says. Her expression clouds with a little concern, and she steps a little closer to him. "You should…" she stops, considers. "Can I help you out of your armor? I'm guessing that you're starting to get a little sore, even if you don't complain about it."

"I guess nobody can really be keeping their place fully clean all the time, right?" Sammel offers, before he smiles a little. "You're welcome," he offers. A brief pause, before he add, "Hmmm? Oh, yes. The armor…" Nodding a little bit, before he adds, "Some help would be appreciated, yes."

Elodie shakes her head at the idea of keeping everything completely clean at all times. She sets her helmet down on a side table, and takes his to set beside it before she walks around to his side. The doctor doesn't seem to be a stranger to armor, and her fingers are deft in helping the young knight. "Where do you keep your armor? I can put it away… and we'll find you a squire in the morning to clean it off."

Letting out a bit of a breath as the armor is removed, Sammel shrugs a little. "I've kept it over there in the corner so far. I guess I should have gotten something to store it in, shouldn't I?" A brief pause as he looks around again for a few moments now.

Taking the armor over to the corner indicated, Elodie shakes her head. "I don't think there's any set way you /have/ to take care of your armor," she tells him. "I have to keep mine in a locker, or else I'd wake up and find it full of ivy or some such." She grins as she jokes around about her own 'untidy' room. When she turns around, she can't help looking him over with a critical, medical eye. "You've been worse," she finally says with a sigh. "That doesn't mean you look all /that/ good, right now, though. You should get cleaned up, and a little more patched up. Some food in you… you won't quite be good as new for a couple of days, but you'll be better."

Sammel chuckles. "Well, I was more thinking about how it was cluttering up the room," he offers, before he pauses for a few moments as he hears that medical assessment. "I guess I've been both worse and better," he replies, before he nods a little as he hears the rest of it. "Cleaned up, yes…" A few moments of a pause, before he adds, "I should probably grab a quick shower, then?"

Elodie nods and grins about the shower. "I won't go anywhere," she says quietly. "Is there, anyone I can talk to about some food for you?"

"There should be someone nearby, yes. Just outside, I think there's someone around at the moment, at least," Sammel replies, before he adds, "I'll be right back, then…" Offering a brief smile, before he moves for the inner room, and from there to get the shower.

Elodie nods, and waits until Sammel is through the door. Then she opens the door and finds a servant to ask them if there is a roast being cooked, and if some could be brought up for the knight. Once that is done, she takes off her armor, leaving the skin suit underneath, and walks slowly around the room, taking in every little niche… not that are many to take in.

It takes a little while, and was that some kind of not good singing coming from the direction Sammel left in? But anyway, after a little while, he comes back out, hair damp now. Smiling as he sees her moving around the room. "Everything okay?" he asks.

Pulling her hand back from the back of the sofa that she was lightly brushing it on as she walked, Elodie starts a little as Sammel comes back into the room and nods. "Fine. How you feel? Did the water help the sore muscles?" She starts again when there's a knock on the door to announce arrival of his food. She closes her eyes as a pink tinge of embarrassment climbs her cheeks, but there's a half smile of amusement as well. She opens her eyes again, but steps back to let Sammel answer the door.

"It helped a bit, at least," Sammel replies, before he looks to the door now, slowly moving towards it. "Is that…?" he begins, before he shrugs a little bit, and opens the door.

If the rest of the sentence was 'is that food?' then, yes. A delivery of roast and some vegetables, some soup as well. There is, however, no beer. Alcohol and the injection Elodie gave him when she did a final patching up at Spikka before they went through the ways and alcohol don't mix. "I thought that you deserved something like your favorite meal tonight, after the day you put in," she says quietly, coming up to stand next to him when he takes the lid off the food, and lays her hand lightly on his arm.

Sammel smiles as he sees the food. "That looks quite fantastic…" he offers, before he adds, "But no beer, or wine?" Smiling at the hand put on his arm, he nods a little. "Thank you. It looks like a wonderful meal." Moving over towards the sofa and the table, a bit slowly now.

Elodie shakes her head. "Not until tomorrow. You could have some really fun hallucinations of you have some alcohol, now. Our medicine may be advanced, but there are still some chemical combinations that we can't change the side effects." She moves with him, looking up with concern as he moves slowly. "Are you all right?"

Sammel nods a little bit as he hears that. "Okay. I'm sure I'll manage to last one night without any alcohol," he offers, with a smile. For the question about if he's all right, he nods, "I am," he replies, with a quiet smile. "A little sore around the wound, but otherwise, I'm well."

Elodie nods with relief, and then looks for a place to sit down. "For a moment I was worried that I missed something there. Being sore is not surprising. I didn't overload you with drugs this time."

"Ah," Sammel replies, before he nods a bit. "Well, I can handle the soreness. I had to endure a lot of that as a squire, after all," he replies, before he moves a little to the side in the sofa. "There's room here if you want." Looking to the food now, he smiles a bit. "Soup first, I guess."

"You could have anything you want first. If you want to be a rebel and eat roast first, I promise I won't tell anyone," Elodie offers magnaminously as she sits down to Sammel. "Thank you." She's also semi-tamed her hair into a braid so it isn't falling about to get into food.

Sammel grins, "Ah, but if I eat the best part first, I'll have to settle with the soup afterwards, won't I?" Smiling a bit as he is about to start on the soup, before he stops. "How about you? Should we send for some food for you as well?"

Elodie gives a little grin. "Just a little soup, please. I don't usually eat too much after a battle. I'll just eat everything in sight the next morning."

Sammel chuckles as he hears that, nodding a little bit. "Thanks for the warning?" he offers to the part about eating everything in sight the next morning, before he hands over the soup now. "You eat all the soup you want, and then I might be a rebel after all," he offers, with another grin.

"I underestimated how much you can eat," Elodie teases as she takes the soup handed to her. "I thought there would be enough here for two." However, she does take the soup with a nod of thanks, blowing on a spoonful to cool it.

"Well, every now and then, I tend to eat quite a lot," Sammel replies, before he adds, "And right now, I'm rather hungry. I don't know if that comes from getting wounded, or something." A brief grin, before he starts eating now.

With a chuckle, Elodie nods. "Well, I can see how you would have worked up an appetite today," she allows. Sitting on the couch next to him, she eats quietly, and on occasion brings up little things to chat about. As they finish up, she puts the dishes together to take them to the door and sets them just outside to take later. Returning, she sits down again, and leans slightly towards him, without quite touching him. "I could give you one more dose before I go, if you think you'll have troubles sleeping."

Sammel smiles as he hears that. "That's probably for the best yes," he replies to the part about one more dose. Looking around for a few moments, then back to her. "You need to leave soon, then?" he asks.

Elodie chews at the corner of her lower lip. "Well, I have to go…" she prevaricates, looking up at him. "Do you want me to stay for a little longer?" Her eyes shift between his as she keeps her hands folded lightly in her lap.

"Well, unless you have some things you need to take care of?" Sammel offers, with a quiet smile, before he adds, "After all, I wouldn't want to keep you from doing anything important." Another brief pause, before he adds, "If you're not too busy tomorrow, perhaps we can go out riding? I can check if any of my siblings would like to come as well?"

"No. Nothing to take care of as such," Elodie replies. "I do have to do rounds in the morning, and maybe check in on Sir Jacob, but, I would love to go riding with you in the afternoon," the gaze that turns up to him is hopeful, and slightly confused.

Sammel smiles as he hears that. "The afternoon sounds like a lovely time for a ride," he offers, with a smile. Nodding a little at the part about the rounds. Looking a bit unsure of what to say, he smiles, after a few moments. "It means a lot to me that you came here with me."

Elodie nods. "Afternoon it is, then. I'll have to find the riding clothes that I bought when I was at Academ." She falls silent again, and nods about having come back to Phylon with him. "I was happy to do it," she tells him sincerely, and now that idle chit chat that she was able to keep up on occasion deserts her. She lets another moment of silence drag on, then gives a little nervous grin. "Maybe it's that first time thing. I feel almost as awkward now as I did the first time I invited you to my room. Like I don't know what to do again."

Sammel nods a little as he hears that. "I'll make sure we have a good horse picked out for you," he offers, with a smile. Then that moment of silence makes his own expression turn a bit nervous as well. "I know," he replies, before he adds, "Maybe it has something to do with the rooms? That we feel those places are our own private spaces, where we can be just the people we are?"

"Thank you. As long as it's one that isn't too headstrong and wants to decide where to go, instead of where I try to tell it to go," Elodie requests with a grin. Her fingers twist together in front of her, but her arms straighten as she turns her elbows forward, then they bend and her clasped hands come up to settle in front of her chest. "I guess it starts making me 'think' about being myself, instead of just being…" she smiles lopsided, and thinks about saying something, but her gaze breaks from his eyes, pauses at his mouth, then she realizes where her eyes went so she hastily looks across the room instead.

Sammel smiles again now, "I will make sure it's not one of the too headstrong ones. Wouldn't want any horse to be misbehaving, after all." A pause as he hears her words now, and as he sees her gaze moving. "Instead of just being…?" he asks, a bit softly now. "Is there something wrong?"

Elodie blows out a long breath and straightens her arms again. "Being," she replies. "Just… being." At the other question, she half turns away, and shrugs. "I don't know. I mean, sometimes, I think.. or, I don't think, maybe. I don't think about doing some things, I've just been trying to do what comes naturally… and, well." She twists her hands together tightly, and then lets them go. "We just… seem to mesh together so well. Things have been going so well. Sometimes I feel like I'm waiting for /something/ to just go wrong, or that I'm going to do something to upset you… like touching your knee in the ride today."

"That didn't upset me," Sammel replies after a few brief moments of pause, before he adds, "I just didn't expect it right there and then, that's all. But I know what you mean. There are times it feels like we're both adjusting to this almost too well." A brief pause, before he adds, "Not that I'm complaining about it, that is."

The ends of her fingers cross over each other, and she looks down, her thumb brushing along the top edge of her finger. "Oh," is all Elodie says when he tells her he wasn't upset. She gives a half smile and shakes her head. "I'm not complaining either," she assures. "I just find myself thinking about you a lot. And, with everything being arranged for us by other people, it makes me wonder how you're feeling. I mean, people who have love matches, they know if the other person is feeling the same way they are."

Sammel smiles. "I'm sorry if you thought I was upset. I should have said something, I guess." Nodding a little as he hears the rest, he adds, "How I'm feeling?" A brief pause, before he adds, "I feel quite comfortable, and happy. I mean, there were times when I was younger when I was dreaming about marrying this girl, or that girl, but that was back when I was a squire," Another few seconds of pause, before he adds, "But I'm happy they decided to put the two of us together, and wouldn't trade that for a foolish squire's dreams."

The thumb continues to slowly travel over finger, then she separates her hands and sits on them again. She turns suddenly when he talks about dreaming of marrying different girls, her braid falling over her shoulder and her eyes widening. Then she gives a little burst of laughter, then another one, her hand coming up to cover her mouth. Although the glow in her eyes changes from humor to appreciation, she still seems to have a little fit of giggles that she's trying to suppress. "I'm sorry," she says leaning towards him. "I just never thought about… boys, actually dreaming about, being married. I thought it was just something girls did, and boys teased for being silly about it." She tucks her hand back under her leg and tries to find a more serious demeanor, but can't completely manage it. She's still smiling brightly. "When it was suggested that I should marry you, you weren't someone I had thought of marrying. But now, I can't imagine being married to any other person."

Sammel pauses for a few moments as he hears that reaction, before he's unable to hold back a bit of a chuckle. "Well, not all boys do, I'm certain. Although most of us dream about doing something impressive, saving the day and getting the girl." Considering it for a few moments, he adds, "At least when we're young and foolish, as opposed to slightly older and slightly less foolish." Nodding again at her last words, he smiles. "That sums up how I feel as well."

"I think we all dream about saving the day some way, to impress someone, when we're little. Then, I think, we start focusing on saving what we love." Elodie's smile is a little more thoughtful. She stands up and holds out a hand to Sammel. "Come, /Sir/ Sammel. Let's get you settled comfortably for the night. A good night's sleep for you, and I'll see you tomorrow afternoon. You can show me your homeland."

"True," Sammel replies, with a quiet smile, before he smiles as she stands up, moving to his feet as well, taking the offered hand. "Rest is the best medicine, some people say," he offers, before he adds, "And I can't wait to show you my homeland, although I know I will have to get a good night's sleep first."

Elodie nods. "Yes, you will. It won't do for you to be falling off your horse while you're showing me around," she tells him with a grin, giving his hand a squeeze. "Go ahead in, I'll get a dosage ready for you." She gives him a chuckle. "And if you're a really good boy, maybe I'll tell you a bed time story, too."

Sammel smiles, "Well, how could I misbehave with such an offer," he replies with a smile, before he lets go of her hand a bit slowly, and then moves for the bedroom door now.

Elodie chuckles and watches him go, then hits herself in the forehead before she moves over to her armor to get the hypospray she had kept. "Elodie, you idiot. Now he's going to call your bluff and ask you for a story." Nevertheless, she takes the promised medicine in to Sammel to help him sleep.

Having taken those few moments to get himself ready for that medicine, and to bed, Sammel is trying to find a comfortable position there now. Glancing around the room very briefly, he then looks towards the door when Elodie makes her way inside. "I you're still up for telling that story," he offers, with a little smile. Oh yes, he wssn't planning on let her leave without having to tell that story, it seems.

Elodie chuckles, "I can't go back on my work, now can I?" she tells him. "It would be a bad beginning for us…" she settles onto the edge of his bed, administering the medicine, and tells him the story of the virtuous maiden, the evil moneylender, and the two stones. When she finishes, her eyebrow raises, she pulls his covers up, and smiles as she leans forward to tuck them around him. "Now, do you think you can sleep all right?"

Seeming to relax a bit more as the medicine is adminstered, Sammel smiles as he listens to the story. There's another smile as he's tucked in, before he nods, "I'm sure I'll manage to sleep well now," he replies. "Thank you. And I'll be looking forward to tomorrow."

Elodie smiles, and she pauses for a moment, before she leans down to kiss his forehead, then stands up. "You're welcome. I'm already looking forward to tomorrow," she tells him quietly.

"Sleep well, and good luck on the rounds in the morning," Sammel says, another smile as she kisses his forehead, before he adds, "And we're two looking forward to tomorrow, then." There's a brief pause, as he tries fighting back a bit of a yawn now. "Seems like I'm more tired than I thought…" he mumbles.

Elodie smiles as she turns away from the bed and walks to the door. She takes a hold of the edge, pulling it after, but stopping to look back, her cheek resting against the door, and her fingers sliding up to just under her chin. "Good night, Sammel," she says quietly, before backing her way out and closing the door behind her.

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