07.18.3013: You've Got Your Rock in My Hull
Summary: Looking for specimens, Demos meets Ellion, they two meet briefly, a conversation is had.
Date: 18th July 2013
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Ellion Demos 

Bridge - The Shadow of Intent (a fleet ship)
The stairwell from the troop bay rises to an open bridge, centered around the captain's chair with its paired holoscreens to track the tactical situation. Ahead of the captain's station are a series of seated stations for weapons and navigation. Around the back of the room are stations for sensors and communications, repeaters from engineering, and the controls to the boarding shields and doors. Both side walls and the forward wall host viewscreens, allowing the crew to watch the battle unfold around them in enhanced real time.

The Bridge is packed as always, with lots of bustling going about. The Captain is not here, nor is his XO, but who is here is a commoner, Demos, who is talking to one of the head sergeants of the boarders.

Demos says to the man, "Yes Sergeant, but I believe this should be passed to your superior office." Having established that the man is a sergeant, not an officer, or knight, or lord, the geologist calls him by the rank he was given. "The samples from that debris are indigenous to the 4th World, possibly the 5th, I think if that soils is showing up, it could lead to significant insight into the Hostiles."

A man walks in, and is immediately saluted by those around him, the XO, Lord Ellion of House Khournas has arrived. " At ease." He says, as he wanders over to the Captain's seat, and pushes a few buttons here and there. He then spots a man who he hasn't seen before, in his bridge! He walks over, and listens in to there conversation. " And what is this conversation about?" He asks, in a commanding, but friendly tone

"Mr. Demos here, scholar from the Ring, is saying the debris in our hull from the Second Wave may be from 4th World," begins the seargent, "Lord Lieutenant." As he reports, he gives a salute, one hand across his chest. Demos, not in for pomp and circumstance, throws in, "My Lord, I came to request a better specimen from your salvage of the plating you found in your hull." The seargent cuts in, "And I was explaining our chain of command, he wants me to throw out troops, drones, and manpower immediately it would seem to collect the debris."

Ellion nods, and dismisses the sergeant with a wave of his hand. " Mr. Demos, it is a pleasure to meet you. I have heard all about your research." He says, if truthful or just being polite is unclear. " Drones and scouts should be deployed where to? I'm afraid I don't quite understand the problem at hand."

After the sergeant gives them leave, Demos continues, "My Lord, initial samples from the plating embedded in your hull indicate there could well be debris that matches the signature of 4th World." As if that explains it all, but then he continues, "I need more samples though, I would like to request your permission to have access to the salvage firsthand before it becomes contaminated. My research aside, you may be aware of my teams work in discovering the earlier meteor showers as a ruse for the hostiles. This could be of great value, determining where that rock came from."

" And what difference does it make if it matches some signature or another?" Ellion asks, clearly still befuddled. " Your lucky Captain isn't here, he doesn't take well to this kind of stuff." He says with a grin, as he waves at the man to follow him as they leave the bridge. First down one flight of steps then another.

"As you well know, my lord," begins Demos, using some diplomacy perhaps, "What little is left of 4th World is is naught but astroids. We know they used the cover of meteors to hide their early arrival. But if they're still in or around the astroid belt, rather than bypassing it to come here, it could tell us a number of things. Whether they're searching for something as they come through, staging something there, or have found something already. I mean, it would be more logical that the rock come from 5th World, or even then, if its from beyond." All the while, he follows the XO.

Ellion shrugs, " If you say so." He says as he goes even further down, and gets to a hall with pieces of debris in it. " Have a look." He says, as he steps to the side and observes the man. " So Mr. Demos, tell me about yourself." He says, in a commanding tone, perhaps all that command training is coming in handy. " What makes you so interested in this stuff?"

Entering the hall where the debris is being sorted, Demos moves in, looking to identify the difference between metal and rock. "My Lord," he begins, foraging as it is, "I was trained on Detritus as a stone mason, both of my parents where as well, I suppose it runs in the family or they shared the interest. In school, the mentor I apprenticed for discovered my aptitude and interest in geology, it is thanks to him I earned a Crown Scholarship to attend the Academ. For me, I think it is somewhere between the idea of terra being so firm and unmoving and yet so easily controlled, molded if you will, into other shapes and forms, utilized despite how desolate we might think of it at times." A smile at the later bits, his own joy, but he looks up, "This is probably uninteresting."

" I assume it may not be for someone who's interested in earth, but I'm not." Ellion says as he eyes the man, " I am interested in controlling my ship, and fighting some hostiles. Not the ground upon which they stand." He then moves over to the man, " But you are interested, and I respect that, as long as this info can be helpful to me."

"Indeed," grins Demos at the thoughts reflected by the XO. "I imagine the ground could be of great importance. Insight into the Hostiles, why they are Hostile, intent and purpose. If not for the ground you are protecting, it could well be, there would be no trouble from the Hostiles. Who knows, depending on what we discover here, could be more to do than simply wait for the next wave, that's sort of 4th resort theory though. Least likely to be hopeful for such a cause and not the intent of the effort." Pausing, he reaches down, "Ah ha!" He comes up with a handful of rock, it would seem it was stuck to plating. He turns to ask, "Would you know if this is something from your ship, or possibly one of theirs?"

" Not a clue." Ellion replies, " Hurry this up please, I need to eat." He says, as he frowns just a tad at the man's tedious movements. " I'm sure a nice meal awaits you as well."

"With this," he holds up the specimen he's found, Demos shakes his head, "No nice meal until much later. A lot to do before it becomes too contaminated." He reaches for the section of plating it was most likely connected too, or a piece he can carry, "Might I take this, as a control measure, to rule the rock came with the hostiles and not simply floating about during the recent conflict?"

" Sure." Ellion says, still looking confused about all the ongoings on his ship. " How long will this take?" He asks the Scholar, " Perhaps we go to the mess now, and you can continue this after?"

"Not long at all my lord, far be it from me to keep you, I just want to take what I can carry with me," says Demos, "Unless you would allow for a drone to be sent, to pick up a large piece, and perhaps search for larger samples from the debris, but still." A pause, he lifts a hand, as if the XO can lead the way so they don't dally, "We are done here, my thanks for your time and the specimen my lord."

Ellion nods, " Send your drone over later." He then walks, up a flight of stairs, and then down a hallway arriving at a large mess hall. He sits at the officer table, and makes a place for Demos as well. " So Demos, tell me, what do you enjoy doing except looking at rocks?"

"There are a number of things," he ponders in return, joining the XO at the table. Demos considers a moment, "I enjoy sculpture as well, but again, more rocks, not for everyone. I mean, I enjoy music like anyone else, some holo-puzzles when I can get a suite, and a few water sports just that my oarsmen aren't doing so well this season. Maybe I need a new hobby." A smile, "What of you, my lord, other than commanding a ship and stopping hostiles, do they give you spare time for other pusuits?"

Ellion smiles, " Sometimes. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and just strolling around." Ellion looks at the man," I also attended the Academ. I have a PHD in Astrophysics and a master in Economics."

"I have been trying the same recently, time with friends and family, simply strolls. Then my mind wanders back to old terra and I'm off with some hair brained idea that I can't let rest," grins Demos, responding to the genuine interests of the other man. "Astrophysics and geology, an odd pairing, seemingly can't have one without the other in some way. If not for astrophysics, there would be no rock formations, with no rock formations we wouldn't be around to ponder astrophysics. Always apart, but alwas a part of the other." A pause, "I would be interested in visiting the seat of your family … purely geological interest I'll confess."

" If you look at it like that everything is related." Ellion responds, as food arrives. A simple slab of meat served with some potatoes, " Tasty." Ellion says after he takes a bite. " It is quite a beautiful place. If your whole rock thing works out, I am sure I can arrange a visit." The XO says, as he takes another bite. " Where do you live?"

"I have a flat and a lab on the Ring," says Demos at first, pondering that, "But I have a residence on Detritus as well, it makes it easier to continue my work on Inculta just the same. Its not really a residence, more like shared living space with other artists, but it has a cot that I could call a home I suppose." A shrug, he looks at the food offered in the Officer's Mess, half-way decent. "You, my lord, a slave to the ship, or do you formally reside in your family's home at Volkan?" He's not sure how all that wholly works, he only fathoms a guess.

Suddenly something starts buzzing about the ship. " TO STATIONS." It screams, and Ellion takes a glance at his hud before he turns to the man, " Foreign Object in Space. Get out, and be quick about it. Was a pleasure meeting you, contact me with results." He shouts over the noise, as he turns and runs.

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