03.09.3013: You're Hired Too ("Two")
Summary: Adelstein meets with Talayla to recruit her into the GXR39 Defensive Research Project
Date: 30 November 2013
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Talayla's Lab, Lab Facilities of the Ring
Talayla's lab is often used as part of evidence towards the law of entropy. There is almost always clutter of some sort, or a project in progress. There are two rooms for this lab. The first is fish tanks, lining the wall. Some are decorated, some are more efficient, bare tanks with more stock - food fish stock. There is enough for a few meals at each harvest. The fish have clean tanks, and the lights are glimmering LEDs. Buckets sit like metallic and plastic sentries before the rows of tanks, a few vacuum siphons and nets here and there. A small freezer sits near them, papers held on precariously by a magnet. The tables in the room are occupied, by books, a couple left open, some journals, a few data drives and various objects. On one wall, a chart of various fish and identification guides as well as a caution against hybridization hangs.

The second room is where the brewing happens. A large freezer marked 'Genetic Samples' with a ! sign and 'Please don't touch or a terrible curse will be upon you.' stands proudly in one corner next to a table that has a few objects scattered on it. Various beermaking equipment is all about the room, including barrels, hydrometers, racking canes, a few fermenters, bottling equipment and more. It is about as organized as a swarm of small children turned loose on a crafts store. Finally, on the right side of the room is what looks like alchemist's equipment. Perfumery equipment, including bottles of various oils and essences. Even a few flowers and petals being prepared.

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Adelstein enters the first room of Talayla's lab and with a single glance around he staggers backwards a step, clearly not expecting all of the fish tanks and other miscellaneous decorum. He clears his throat, hoping someone is in this first room. He then calls out, "Pardon me, Doctor Orelle? Doctor Orelle? It's Doctor Adelstein Valta, we spoke on the vidphone?"

Talayla is here! Though, she's a bit surprised to hear anything about a /title/ of all things. She is feeding some fish, it seems. She peeks up from behind some tanks. "Hi! Sorry! Hopefully the cat and dog didn't ambush you," She grins. She goes quiet. Talayla is clearly trying to balance being shy, reflections of a former time of hermitage - with being social. "Pleased to see you. How are you today?"

Adelstein has apparently suppressed his own introverted nature—-as would be evident from how he often glances down at his feet or hands. "Lady Talayla. You are just as lovely in person as over a holo-vid.”

At the mention of a cat and dog, he looks down—-insuring he does not step on them while walking towards Talayla. Taking her hand he kisses it, tickling her with his beard only briefly, "My lady, thank you for this honor. Some of your articles on aquaculture and botany have caught my eye and I think you’d be a useful candidate for this research project."

Talayla was a hermit for almost all of her life. She smiles, lowering her head politely. She smiles as he takes her hand and kisses it. And hee, even a beard tickle. She quirks a half grin. "Lord Adelstein, the pleasure is all mine. You are marvelous," Yup. She's a bit clumsy, but well meaning. "The honor is all mine. It's a pleasure to have you by," Talayla beams. "I hope I can be of assistance," She nods. "Or at least provide facilities if not. You are welcome to look around.”

Adelstein clutches his hands behind his back and chuckles, "Oh, my dear, I’m absolutely certain you can be of assistance." He inclines his head curtly as though it emphasized his point. Then looking at the fish in the nearest tank, he peers closely and asks, "How…how does the aqualife here cope with life in space? Do they act any differently than if they were on a planet's surface?" He smirks, "I am getting ahead of myself, why don't you show me around your lab."

Talayla smiles a little. She nods and looks between Adel and the fish tank. "We do have artificial gravity, but some of the changes are interesting. It's more the environment in the tank than anything," Talayla remarks. She seems appreciative of a fellow scientist's curiosity.

Then tilting her head a little, "And not at all. It's - good to remember these things. Let's see. This is the fish tank room. Next over, I tend to do more growing and brewing. Beer and ale mostly. Wines wouldn't do so well up here. I keep my genetic stock in a freezer here to avoid hybridization," And indeed, she will show him some of the major highlights. Fish tanks, including a few Niveus ice fish and food stocks, the genetic stocks of fish and hops alike, the brewing area - which seems a little less organized.

Adelstein nods as they pass the various fish, he looks at them each closely while listening to Talayla. Once in the brewing area, he begins looking more closely. Finally he adds, "My father fancies myself to be some sort of expert brewmaster. The citadel of Volem Dir has a room called ‘The Room of Mead’….mead being one of our traditional beverages…and father keeps himself busy in their or else in his brewery that has come to take up most of our basement." He twists his head to examine the instruments before saying, "It's odd, but fermentation is exactly what I wanted to speak to you about…though it this case, about lactic acid fermentation."

"Oh? I see! I've heard good things about it," Talayla offers. She seems quietly amused by the idea of someone's brewery taking up the better part of a basement. She pauses at talk of - well, what he wanted to speak to her about. "Lactic acid fermentation? There are many applications, in several cell and organism types." She peers at him.

Adelstein smiles a bit at Talayla and says, "When father started the brewing, all of Kilta Hill would shake from the fermentation explosions…I had to refit all of his tubing and gaseous intake systems. It was complete madness for a while."

Adelstein looks at Talayla more closely now and takes a step closer, lowering his voice, "The subject matter of my research project is highly classified. As I indicated, it is regarding the defense of Haven. But what I am about to tell you…it does not leave this room. Do you understand, my lady?"

Talayla smiles back. "Oh? Hah… Oh no. Though, I've had some close calls. Did blow out a few chambers," She admits. It is a hazardous science in its own way. So the news that others do it too is both amusing and reassuring. She pauses, becoming more serious. Dark blue eyes widen a bit as he steps closely and lower his voice. She nods. "Of course. Everything stays here, with me. The fish won't be talking."

Adelstein chuckles looking over at the fish then turns back to Talayla. "It's known as the GXR39 Defensive Systems Project. At this time, it is being sponsored by the Valta Processing and Extraction Conglomerate though once we have a prototype; we hope to get it picked up by the Citadel. Essentially, we are trying to massively overhaul everything that armor can do and how it functions. Right now, our troops are armored with metal alloys and polyhetradline plastoid woven meshes.”

“What I intend to do is replace those alloys with thermalized plastics that have come to replace those plates…cutting the weight of the armor by 75. This will be just as effective as your standard armors. Of course, it can all be layered differently to even create the ‘Super Heavy’ stuff. But this is just the tip of the iceberg…we intend to make something extremely versatile. And that is where you and many other scientists on this project come in."

Talayla listens, dark blue eyes on Adelstein. She's listening more intently now and nods. "I see. That - does seem like a good idea," she remarks, "Although I suspect the smiths will be unhappy about it." She considers…if nothing else, Talayla seems to have a good grasp on how things interconnect. She seems uncertain on how she might come in exactly, but she is hearing this out. "Well. I am honored to help as I can. At the moment, I largely dispense food stocks and brewery stock. I also sometimes venture out to try to preserve plants near possible battlefields," She remarks quietly.

Adelstein nods and continues, "I believe that it is your knowledge of plants that will help us find a solution to the lactic acid issue. I want to include some means that will prevent a user's muscles from undergoing lactic acid fermentation for as long as possible. Since aerobic respiration is the key to preventing it. We need oxygen to be absorbed by the muscles even if for some reason the user is hindered by anaerobic respiration. Much like your fish absorb oxygen through the gills, we need a way to have a person's muscles absorb oxygen that has been stored up in reserve. And oxygen that is not delivered by the blood stream I should add."

Talayla is quiet, listening. "I see." She furrows her brows. To modify something like that in people. "I would imagine a geneticist could probably offer further insight, though - I understand what you mean." She taps her chin with a fingertip. "I could look into it, and I will give it my all," She offers. "Perhaps something can be sipped on. People would be wary of any permanent modification. Or a patch perhaps." Leave it to Tally to dive right on in. "It's surely a big project.' Her eyes are wide at him.

Adelstein nods, "It is enormous. But I do nothing in my life that is small. I go all in. We are working to create a suit that can double the time someone can spend in space. And one of the major features will be that troops could be dropped from a planet's orbit to land on the planet in nothing more than their suits. There are numerous medical pieces involved as well such as bone reossifiers and dermal retainers. As for the lactic acid issue, I would not want to alter someone's genetic structure. I would prefer a mechanical solution—-so to the speak. This means…whatever the results of a genetic modification might be, it would be to the Citadel's liking if the effects of those modifications could be controlled mechanically. This means…there would need to be a detection system first and at the first system of a falter in aerobic respiration, some effect is kicked into effect. What do you think of that?"

Talayla smiles at that. "I understand. That is a big goal. And yeah, genetic modification - I think that would go over as well as proposing to build screen doors on the Ring," Talayla considers it. "I suspect a monitoring system first, yes," She nods. "I know there are tests- though real time monitoring can be a bit tough, especially if you want it before they get cramps," She notes. "Hm." She considers it. "And it would have to survive heat on reentry. Well. I am willing to try." Yes.

Adelstein laughs boisterously at Talayla's pun and looks at her with a touch of respect. He must like cleverness in folks. "Well, if you are willing to try, then that's all you will need. And if you develop the components needed then I am sure there is much more you can take a look at."

Talayla is silly, too. She grins as he laughs. "Of course. I'll do my best." She looks thoughtful. "I suspect breaking it down into stages and components, then working it in is best. I couldn't just put something together without knowing what it goes into," She admits. "By the way, did you want anything to eat or drink?" She seems to be a reasonable hostess, despite her odd mannerisms.

Adelstein looks at the brewing equipment when she offers him a drink, "You will think me odd, but after seeing my father lose himself in his brewery and drunkenness after the death of my elder brother and my mother…I do not indulge myself—-with the exception of an occasional warm honeyed mead…you cannot be a Valta and not have one once in a while." He smirks at this and continues, "I am working on a comprehensive overview of all systems. I will get that to you as soon as I can."

“Well, I mean - water or tea or soda, or something, too." Talayla rubs the back of her head, looking sheepish. "Water is around as well." She doesn't smile, perhaps sympathetic. "I am sorry to hear about your losses though," She offers quietly. "And will do. I can at least look into a few processes. Either way, you're welcome to stay and explore a bit. We have a pretty big library."

Adelstein waves a hand dismissively. "Oh, it's fine. It was a while ago. I try to attribute my successes to a drive to fill the void for my father." He jams his hands into his pockets a hastily adds. "Well, I am pleased we got to have this conversation Please keep me updated on any progress. I will try and keep you up to date on all progress on my end." He starts to head out of the lab. "I have to finish that overview…time to push an all-nighter."

Talayla is quiet. She nods. "I see. And huh? I didn't even think-" She looks confused. She blinks at him. "I am glad you came by," She smiles up to him. "I will do my best. And um, be careful. Take care of yourself, too. You get zero science done if you fall over. Be well and stay safe."

He gives her a casual two-fingered salute and walks backwards into the lab doors. "I will see you in a few days with this overview. Lemme know if you need any help at all."

Talayla beams and waves. "See you! And totally. You're welcome here, or to the Ring. Let me know if you ever need into our library.”

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