02.22.3014: You're Hired
Summary: Adelstein approaches Brienne about working for him on a project.
Date: 27 November 2013
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Though the exterior of the observatory is very geometrical with triangle solar panels soaking up energy throughout the bright sun of the day, the interior is more curved and domed, supporting a spheroid roof and spiral staircases. The lower level of the observatory is done in polished wood that has been carved with constellations as if to reflect the night sky above. There are workbenches and desks, surfaces used for a multitude of purposes. This lower level is open to the public as long as an astronomer is in the building, and there is a gate that blocks the spiral staircase. Visitors are given opportunities to peek through the finderscope or look over the vid screens that is capturing images for later review, but there must be a member of the observatory with them in order to gain access to the upper levels of the observatory.
February 22, 3014

After arranging another meeting, this one a little bit away from her family home and more private, Brienne arrived a little early and is seated at one of the tables that affords privacy for less interruption. On the table before her is a leather bound book, opened, and she's writing in it, not watching the comings and goings of the Observatory. It's around mid-afternoon, leaning towards the evening and the weather outside is cool and fair, a sprinkling of snow on the ground.

Adelstein strides up to the Observatory, a few flakes of snow on the shoulders of his clothing. He strides over to Brienne. A smile blossoms as he sees her. "Fair Lady Brienne, you honor me yet again. I hope this meeting will go more smoothly." He walks up to the table she is sitting at and looks around at the various vidscreens and other observatory equipment, nodding at the impressiveness of it all.

Brienne hears the steps, so she closes her book and pushes it aside. When Adelstein greets her, she rises from her seat and offers a bow of her head, straightening to give a smile. "Lord Adelstein, a pleasure to see you again." She motions to the chair across the table from her. "Please join me and we'll see how I can help you, if I am able." Retaking her own seat, she clasps her hands together as she waits.

Adelstein takes her hand again and kisses it reverently before she returns to her seat. He bows as she does so then takes a seat himself, intertwining his fingers together and laying them on the table. "As I mentioned in my note, I will require your passion for environmental defense, that passion will make you incorruptible. There are many people that I work with that could be made to look the other way in exchange for some bonus privilege or credits. I do not like cutting corners, and that is just what is done every time someone designs a substandard component that damages the surrounding landscape. Sometimes I catch it on the drawing board and sometimes I don't…I need help for those times I don't."

Brienne looks surprised when he kisses her hand so.. reverently and once they are seated she regards him with open curiosity. "What is it I will be looking over? Where would I work from? What sort of duties and time would it entail? I run patrols a lot here and on other areas, to help other houses, so I was just curious as to what sort of a time commitment I would have to pledge."

Adelstein nods at her. "And these patrols you run, you are in the wilderness or some troubled area…searching for signs of the enemy. I am asking you do the same for me, but the enemy this time is any force that upsets the environmental integrity of lands surrounding any extraction sites. You would like be accompanied by a small team of my personal aides to show you around various facilities while they are in operation. The extraction of titanium carbonates, iridium, nickel, bursellium, and aggronite can be a tedious process. They miners will use various forms of liquid sulfur or phosphorus to literal burn out materials around the ore they want to extract. Now those miners will often let that liquid run off wherever…I have introduced new procedures and often the foremen with not impliment them…and try to buy off my inspectors…"
"As for a time commitment, two or three days a month. VPEC will be happy to gather you a generous stipend."

"Yes.." Brienne hesitantly agrees to the basic explanation of her duties on patrol. "Most times the patrol camps out in the field for a number of days, but that's basically the gist of it." Hearing him out on the actual duties, her hands clench at the mention of the miners being remiss in their procedures. "If you are asking if I could be one of these inspectors, then I would very much be interested if it stopped the contamination of our delicate eco system." The time commitment is also doable, so she offers a thoughtful nod. "When would I start?"

Adelstein nods at her and grins, "And if you of all people…a well known heroine of Haven were to show up…you would certainly be able to intimidate any labours to adhere to the correct procedures." He eyes Brie happily, his affection for her enthusiasm apparent. "You would start once GXR39 moves into the stage of increased production. It could be about two months."

"I suppose it is time to tell you the specifics of this project," he leans in eyeing Brie as he says, "I am spearheading a project that will perform a complete overhaul of the armor in use by our soldiers. For centuries the idea has been that metal alloys are the only suitable sort of armor. But recent advances in composite thermoplastics at VPEC have shown that a lightweight mesh of plastoid plate, compressed, and placed on a lattice of titanyl metrasulfate can be even more effective than the standard armors to date. This armor will include -far- -far- more than what our troops currently use. It will allow extended spacewalks, orbital drops, microsonic sensory detection to find targets that only make the smallest of noise, kinetic compressors—-little things under the armor that not only absorb the shock of a blow, but also turn that kinetic energy into a hypercharged volt of electrical energy to super charge the armor for short times." Adelstein gesticulates wildly as he speaks, trying to give Brie a picture for everything he is speaking about.

"I'm not so sure about well known heroine of Haven, but I am certainly an ardent supporter of the preservation of the eco system and the environment as a whole." The length of time also gets an encouraging nod. When he goes into the specifics, she also leans in, her forearms resting on the table, hands clasped together. "Along with the other bonuses, it would be lighter weight, I assume? Less constricting, to allow more freedom of movement and thus allowing for better accuracy." Speaking in fighting terms, not his more chemically inclined words, but words that would make more sense to the person wearing it than the one designing it.

Adelstein grins at her, "Exactly! And this is where I also wanted to see if you could help…but…the prototype will eventually begin to be assembled. I need an experienced soldier to be able to gives us quick feedback. If we used a multi-polymer composite to cover the elbows…then we will build it and need an actually soldier to use a full range of motions they might use in combat to determine whether or not we are going down the right or wrong path. I wanted to ask if you would be that person."

"I would be willing to do that, to test it out, even in battle, but I would prefer before meeting a Hostile in it, I met someone in a spar, that didn't have any intent on ending my life, like the Hostiles do." Brienne smiles to soften the words a little. She reaches for her book, opens it to an empty page and makes a few notes, her writing neat and precise.

Adelstein laughs. "Gods, no no…testing it against the Hostiles…that is still a long ways away. Well, hopefully not too long. But for now, it would primarily involve you preforming various motions for us so we can minimize discomfort and maximize effectiveness." He smiles at her and speaks a bit more softly, "You have no idea how difficult it can be to want to preserve our world…when you are a Valta." He gives her a small smirk, "We are the house of the "Drill, baby, drillers". It has taken a ton of effort just to sell notions of redundant oil rig caps to and hydrothermal suction systems to absorb any spills. Father, would be the most tricky of the bunch to convince…everything has to have a payoff to him."

Another flash of a smile at the assurances, "I would never test against the Hostiles until I was certain. I value life too much." Brienne finishes writing in her book and closes it once again. "I can imagine how difficult it is. I am one of the only non-archers in a family of archers, I fight more like a Valen than my own House." Picking up her book, she holds it in her only free hand at the moment. "I have a datapad now, your cousin taught me how to use it, so I can email if you would like to keep me updated on a time and a place for either task."

Adelstein chuckles, "So my dear cousin Firia has finally brought you into the 31st century?" He grins at her, it is a more personal and adoring smile rather than the prior formal ones he had given her. His cheeks flush and he looks down at his fingers for a moment before asking, "It seems awhile ago when I first heard something you had said, perhaps it was from a friend or colleague of mine at the laboratories. They were saying it in jest because you were heard to be denouncing….or perhaps denouncing is too strong a word. "Criticizing" several Volkan industries that were requesting your House permit them the right to mine various location in the Spine. Maybe HNN reported it, but it must've been a little snippet where you were expressing your reasons for not supporting their bid."
Adelstein looks up at her, examining her to determine if she recalls any of this before he continues, "Well, I looked at my colleague and had him repeat your statements to me…I then looked them up for myself. I…I guess I was inspired by what you said. I had been acting on impulse for many years…it just made sense to me to design pipelines that cannot leak, do not distrub seafloor habitats, nor introduce infectious agents into the ocean biome. I never really thought that made me different."

"But when I heard you speak and my colleague's negative reactions…well I realized I was not on the same page as everyone else. I was on the page with you, not with the people around me. At that moment I came to realize how my willingness to defend the environment was to my benefit…I used that quest to innovative new products and inspire new inventions. VPEC would never had profited from those creations had you not inspired me to take an active role in things." He briefly places his hand over Brie's and says, "For that gift, I thank you, my lady." He then slides his hand off…trying not to seem too improper.

There's a blank look for a long moment before Brienne realizes his assumption. "Sir Kieran taught me the finer points of electronic devices." Catching the change in the smile, she blushes and looks down at her book. "I think someone may have misquoted about me openly criticizing the Volkan industries. I do know there is a time and a place for such places, but as long as they remain in the cities and out of the more rural areas, then I can co-exist peacefully. If anything was reported, I wouldn't have seen it because I don't watch the vidscreens or anything." Though certainly something had been said, for him to hear. At the hand on hers, she looks at the connection before looking back up at him. "A gift.. Ah. Welcome."

Adelstein chuckles in a way that reveals his bashfulness, "Well, even though their is a time and place for them, it does not give an industrialist the right to salt the earth for any that might come their centuries later, only to find a toxic dump site under the ground." Adelstein shakes his head with clear distaste, "Sometimes it is too the benefit of those that operate the drones in the mines or the fields to take that one extra step to dispose of waste safety or to alter their extract methods just slightly. But they become hostile if you recommend a change. And that is what they don't like, they don't want to change things. We all love our ruts. We love to walk the paths we have walked each day if only for the sensations of security it gives us. That is our inner human talking to us…telling us to stalk our paths…protect our territory." He sighs, "But humans did not evolve to be industrialists or environmentalists….I guess I guess we evolved to become animals…however, animals with large enough brains to invent industry. And yet we let our instinct dictate our love for ruts, routine, and our fear of change. The only instinct powerful enough to force change is the instinct for…hmmmm…well self-preservation I guess."

He chuckles when he looks at her and blushes a bit. "Sorry, I will tend to ramble whenever I am talking about what I think and believe. Tell me your feelings on this matter, my lady."

Brienne had been refraining from getting vehement on the subject, but as she listens to his relaying of his own beliefs, she feels the familiar stirrings of the ire within she usually manages to keep tamped down. Taking a deep, bracing breath, she attempts to keep calm. "My belief is that people should leave their parts of the planet better than how they found it. Toxic waste has no place in a stream or in the earth." Rawr.. another deep breath. Calm wins and she smiles serenely. "I bury myself in the forest when I get too upset and I find the peace I seek there at that time. I don't ignore it and I do speak out against it, but right now is not the time."

Adelstein look at her through eyes of understanding, "You are quite right. I would prefer if we would think moreso of the future at times; thereby, leaving a better Imperius behind for my children—-well…as time goes by it seems less and less likely I will have children of my own. But for everyone's children I mean…" For a moment the spectre of sorrow crossed his features, but he quickly repressed it. He looks into her serene eyes and says, "You know, the only time I have been into the woods of Arborenin was over twenty-five years ago when I was a boy on a schooltrip. I suppose if I am ever on this continent, it has always been to one of the cities."

"You have.." About to ask if he has children when she realizes what he was saying just then. "Why would there be less a chance for you to have children than for anyone else? There is a place in the grand scheme of things for everyone, I believe. You are wanting children then?" Seeing the sorrow, Brienne looks down and away to afford him his privacy in his brief sadness. "You are more than welcome to explore the forest, I believe you would not harm it in any way. I hope that you would not get too deep so you do not get lost there."

Adelstein affords Brienne a glimpse into his azure eyes before blushing once more, "I do want children. It is probably one of the few things I would slow down on my job for. But, I am thirty-two years of age and you rarely see men beyond their twenties still unwed and without one child at least." He looks at Brienne thoughtfully for a moment, clearly thinking if he should say what he will say, "I always knew…as a young boy myself, that I was not like all the other wrestling boys in my classes. I tended to prefer duelling words and wits. Basically, I have never sought to identify myself with your traditional rugged ultra-masculine men. I always looked forward to having my own children one day….even while I was a child myself. Not many young boys will tell you that they thought about that." Adelstein smiles a bit as though in apology for the thoughtless members of his sex.

Well, ummmm….I would love to explore the woods. Though perhaps you would be my guide?" His knuckles are white now as he is squeezing his hands tight from anxiety, "We—well..that is if it is not odd for an unwed man to ask an unwed woman out for a walk in the woods."

Brie meets his gaze as he mentions wanting children, even as he relays his own age and speaks of his childhood and the want of children even from a younger age. There's movement as she shifts slightly in her seat, her good hand tightening on the book she holds. Catching the apologetic look, she does offer an apologetic look in return, but there is also a hint of assurance there. "In these times, it is not unheard of to use a surrogate to have a child of your own, many do it, even married couples. Sir Niko and Sir Ellinor have done so, so that she isn't hindered from her war efforts." After another few moments of silence, she traces the bindings of her book. "I.. uh.. the woods are certainly worth exploring and if you truly are interested, I am sure I could find the time to give a tour." The remainder, she does not reference.

Adelstein looks at Brienne and nods at her, his smile glows like the sun at her reply. He seems to be disregarding the other part too, "You continue to honor me, Lady Brienne. I am indeed interested in accompanying you whenever you have the opportunity." He then gets to his feet slowly and says, "Well, I will not hold you up, my lady. I have probably already taken up more than enough of your time."

Kieran has been spending quite some time lately in the Spine, particularly in Arboren. After attending to some Young Lordly duties, he's found back in the city. Having only been one place, he's decided to explore a bit before wandering over to the Elder Seat. He looks surprised when he sees his cousin and Brie in the Observatory. Behind him is his a skinny, dark haired man.
"Brie, Adel? What are you guys doing here?" He asks, giving his cousin a hug, his eyes meeting Brie's for a brief second.

Lincoln's not books smart at all, but is aware enough of the situation he's walking into at a glance to shut up. He's a half step behind the Young Lord, and just waits to see what happens. He's also aware a reaction from Adelstein may be coming, this may not end well.

When Adelstein rises, Brienne does too, still holding her book in her only good hand at the moment, the return smile is a little reserved after the brightness of his. "Please email me when you would like me to begin the inspections and testing with the armor." Inclining her head at the mention of him leaving, she turns also towards the door, only to see Kieran and another man approaching. "Kieran," offering him a smile. "We had a meeting in regards to what your cousin had been referencing last evening in the family room." A nod is given to the man with him.

Adelstein nods at Brie and spins around to his cousin. Surprised he says, "She is correct a meeting with the lovely Lady Brienne here. She has agreed to join the GXR39 project. Quite wonderful, I am excited to have her with us. However, you've caught me just as I am about to head back to my room for tonight. Then on the morrow I'll be returning to Volem Dir." He turns around to Brienne again and takes her hand in his. "You have my thanks, if you need me again this evening to clarify anything, I will be in the guest quarters." He kisses her hand twice to bid her farewell and bows to Kieran and nods to his guest before departing.

Kieran watches as Adelstein kisses Brie's hand and he departs. "Stay safe, Adelstein." He says, waving to the man. "Lady Sir Brienne Arboren, this is Lincoln. He's a citizen from the Ring, and a good friend of mine." Kieran motions to Linc, introducing the noble to him. "She prefers to be called 'Brie' by almost everybody."

Well….no freak out, that's good. Linc offers both nobles a bow, appropriate deepnesses. When he looks at Brie, it a bright smile, that lights up his face. His age is hard to determine, he could be early 20's….or maybe in his thirties…it's hard to tell. he's dressed nice, but nothing flashy. "It's a please, Lady Brie." He doesn't offer to kiss her hand, as it seems she's got enough of that happening.

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