07.01.3013: Yeah, The Damn 'L' Word
Summary: Jane and Letha also discuss that damn L-Word.
Date: 3 July 2013
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Blue Stallion Bistro, Phylon
This particular bistro is credited for being one of the best eateries in the Vale. The waiting area is accessed through a pair of tall, glass doors that have been frosted with a pair of rearing blue horses. There is the customary host desk where men and women in neat, dark azure attire see to those waiting for a table. Reservations are almost a must for dinner, but lunch tends to be a bit more loose. The hard, concrete floors have been washed in blue acid and etched with whorls and spirals that create a dizzying effect across the expansive main dining room. Tucked along the walls are large, circular booths that can house two to twelve patrons comfortably, and the ceiling-high glass dividers offer a sense of privacy. Tables with high-backed and well-cushioned chairs are methodically scattered around the rest of the room. The tables are not dressed in linens, but instead left bare to show off the natural blue wood that has been cultivated for their construction. The kitchen is neatly tucked away behind three sets of swinging doors, leaving the goings-on back there a mystery. There is a long, traditional bar along one wall that provides an abbreviated menu, but a full choice of drinks. The final dramatic feature of the bistro is its ceiling, which has been constructed from darkly tinted glass and inset with lights that can dim or brighten based on the time of day or desired mood.
July 1, 3013

Letha had called Jane in a desperate attempt to get out without the association of being Drake Danger's Girlfriend. She suggested going to the Blue Stallion, getting a drink — or ten — and then maybe going dancing somewhere. Anywhere. Just not the Westend. She didn't want to run into Drake. She is already at the bar at the Bistro, wearing a gossamer skirt and black leather bodice complete with knee-high heeled boots. She looks sober — for now — idly stirring a straw around in a tall cocktail known as the Terran Island Tea.

Jane is not always the timely sort, but she cannot resist a damsel in distress. "I'm sorry, Letha darling," she greets as she appears beside the girl, her skirt rustling as she slides onto the stool beside her friend. "One of those blue things, I forget the name. No, the other one. Yeah that! Thanks." Folding her arms atop the counter, she swivels to face her friend, both eyebrows raised. "You look absolutely hot tonight. I could eat you up. This must mean guy troubles."

Letha looks up at Jane as she announces herself, and she breathes out a sigh of relief at the sight of her. "Thanks for coming out, Jane," she says with an honest smile. Then she grimaces at her wise deduction, and she rolls her shoulders a bit. "I told Drake I loved him," she says, jumping right to it. "He said… 'I think you're great too.'" She stabs at the ice a bit with her straw. Then, with some amount of frustration, she takes a solid swallow from the heavily alcoholic cocktail.

Well that's one way to jump right into it. At least Letha does not need any cajoling to talk about how she really feels. But the actress is surprised to say the least, and she blinks rapidly at Letha while reaching for her just-arrived drink. "So," she replies slowly, sipping through her straw while allowing her mind to digest what she has just heard. "So basically he blew you off. I mean, that's what he did, right? Was he like — was he drunk, or something, maybe? Or were you drunk? Or was it super loud and maybe he didn't hear you? Or was it…" She gasps, leaning in toward Letha with wide eyes and a serious expression. "Was it like right after you two yanno, 'unf unf'?" The salacious phrase is punctuated with the necessary air quotes.

"Not… after," Letha says after a pause, stirring her drink again as she averts her eyes. "It was… during…" She looks a bit ashamed. "He had been singing me this song he… wrote, and we were… 'unf unf'-ing as you put it, and I… said it." She shakes her head, dropping her head right onto her forearms as she groans. "He gave me all the signs, I thought he felt the same way." She shakes her head a bit against her arm before she looks up a bit at her.

Jane is quiet for a moment, stirring her frosty drink with her straw while contemplating the situation. Without conjuring up images of Letha and Drake unf-unf'ing, mind you. "Maybe…you just caught him by surprise. Maybe he does feel the same way? I mean, I've seen you two together before. I know he's riding on the fame of finally becoming a rock star, and in the beginng that can really get to your head. But, I dunno. Is he much of a playboy? I don't read the tabloids." That might be a surprise, considering that Jane has graced those poorly-written pages on multiple occasions. Reaching out, she touches Letha's arm gently. "Have you talked to him at all since then? Does he even know how upset you are?"

The series of questions are all taken in stride. "I don't know… we talked afterwards, and he was going to explain to me why he didn't return it… but I don't know. I didn't want to hear it." Letha shakes her head a bit. "I don't need to hear how he thinks I'm great, and that he likes spending time with me, and that he just doesn't want to get tied down to some rich girl." Who isn't really all that rich anymore. She looks up at Jane now, the misery quite earnest in those blue eyes. "He chases other women, but I don't think he runs fast enough." She shakes her head a bit. "I shouldn't have said anything…"

"It wouldn't have been any easier or better or less painful to be quiet about it," Jane explains in an annoyingly pragmatic fashion, brandishing her straw at Letha like a pointer. "Then you would have just been sitting on it, watching him play around all over the place unaware of what he might be doing to you, and in the end you'd be consumed with considering the 'what ifs'. No, you should have said something." She pauses to take another sip, although this 'sip' drains half of her glass in one go. "It was crap timing, though. How long has it been since then?"

Letha slumps a bit, dropping her head back down again, though this time it is on Jane's arm. She breathes out an unsteady sigh before she straigthens up once more. She finishes off her cocktail, immediately asking for a refill. The journo looks honestly uncertain for a few heartbeats before she sighs. "Three days…" She shrugs her shoulders. "He's acting as if nothing is happened."

Jane leans in to press a kiss to Letha's head when the girl slumps against her. The actress can understand heartbreak down to her very core, but there is little that she can say to make it more bearable. "He's a guy, Leth'. He's acting that way because he doesn't even know what happened. You have to spell out every fucking detail to them, or they just don't get it. It's a fucking wonder they can function without a woman explaining the ways of life to them at every turn. I don't understand why women become mothers."

Pausing in her diatribe, Jane signals for a refill. She has to keep up with her friend or someone might accuse her of getting old. "When are you going to talk to him? Because, you know you have to at some point, right? What do you want to happen, ideally?"

Letha looks up at Jane with a touch of hopelessness. "I don't know… once I decide what I'm going to say." She breathes out a shallow sigh, though she does offer a vague smile at the bartender as he sets down her new drink. She snatches it, taking a rather dangerous gulp before she sighs. "Ideally? That he actually not be a fucking wuss and say that he loves me… or that he doesn't… and if he doesn't, then I can dump him because I don't want to be in some relationship where he likes me a lot and then fucks me every chance he gets." She points at her chest. "I'm a Valen… I deserve fucking romance."

"Fuck yes you deserve romance," Jane replies, laughing boisterously as the proclamation. When her fresh drink arrives, she takes a little more time with it; her sips are actually ladylike now. Perhaps she is getting old. Ugh. "What will happen if he just doesn't know yet? Sometimes it takes guys a little bit longer to come around and decide on matters of the heart. If he doesn't know yet, will you give him a little more time? I'm not saying you should, by the way, just curious if you will." Reaching up, Jane brushes her hair back from her face and glances away for a moment. In that time, she manages to catch the eye of a man down the bar who has been staring at them for a few minutes past the appropriate thirty-second limit.

"You could always go sleep with him," she mutters jokingly, gesturing with a bob of her head toward the man, who, upon being noticed, offers a toothy grin. Ew. "If he comes over here, we're going to pretend we're ball-busting lesbians, so if I kiss you, just go with it."

Letha blinks over her shoulder toward the suggested target, and earnestly eyes him for a few moments. Then she feels that terrible guilt, and she sighs out a breath. "No… because according to Drake, we're still dating." She takes another mouthful of booze before she sighs. "I don't know…" She slumps her shoulders a bit. "How much time am I suppose to give him? A couple weeks, a month, a few months, a year?" She looks back down at the handsome man still eyeballing them. "He might never say it."

Jane grins widely at Letha, reaching out to nudge her friend with more enthusiasm than absolutely necessary. "Heeeey, if you're still dating according to him, then he has to feel something, right? But I'm not sure how much time you should give him. That's something you kind of have to feel your way through on your own. You give him as much as you can reasonably give, until you start to feel like it's never ever going to happen. Then you make peace, say goodbye, and either leave or receive a proposal." For a moment, the actress frowns down into her drink. "At least I think that's how it works. Sometimes I mix up real life and my scripts."

It takes her several moments before she manages a reply to Jane. "What if it doesn't matter anyway? I could spend a long time waiting for him to finally tell me he doesn't, and then I realize I've wasted all this time with someone when I could have been…" She gestures a bit. "Wasting with someone else." She closes her eyes shut tightly, groaning slightly. "Maybe I just needa talk to him." She flexes her jaw a bit. "Find out what the Hell is this shit." She frowns a bit, looking over at Jane curiously. "Weren't you dating someone recently?" There is a slight boozy curiosity there.

"Maybe you should talk to him," Jane encourages quietly, happy to see that Letha has talked herself right around to the point that she has already tried to make. Counseling friends works best that way. She smiles gently at her friend before taking a drink, and the timing is such that she is mid-swallow when the question of dating is put to her. She chokes on it, coughing loudly, and leans over the bar while trying to catch her breath. The hacking lasts a minute or so until she can finally suck in enough air to reply, and her initial response is croak-y. "Dating someone? No. No, I have never dated. Well, I have had dates, but I have never seriously been in a relationship. It's — it's not my thing." God, what a liar. Maybe Letha is too drunk to notice. With this hope in mind, Jane offers the journalist a too-cheerful smile. "I work too much, and so many actresses tell me they have trouble dealing with their guy's jealousy and possessiveness. I think I'll have none of that, thanks."

Letha narrows her eyes at Jane thoughtfully. "Uh huh," she says at first. "There was some talk about you and… uh…" She squints a bit as she tries to remember what that article in Landing Life had said about Jane's recent attention. Then she shrugs her shoulders a bit. "I guess that makes sense though…" She doesn't seem fully convinced, but her journalistic instincts feels a bit dull. "You know… boys are stupid fucking idiots."

Jane's grin widens into something more genuine as Letha abandons the subject and moves on to something else. This new sentiment she can get behind, and she laughs quietly at the suggestion. Her attention drifts away for a moment to see that Wolfy Man has abandoned them both and is instead flirting up a fairly attractive but obviously seriously drunk brunette. This seems to suit the actress just fine and she turns back to Letha. "Boys are fucking idiots. Men, however, are less so. I think you and Drake can figure this thing out. You just took him by surprise, he fumbled the pass, and now he isn't sure what in the hell to do with himself. Talking is going to put things into perspective, surely. And hey, the drinks are on me tonight."

There is another long moment of silence from the Landing Life journalist as she stares stupidly in front of her. Then she looks over at Jane with a deep frown. "What if he didn't really fumble?" Her voice tightens a bit. "What if he really doesn't think that he… he…" And now she can't seem to muster up the L-word. She breathes out a slow and slumping sigh. "Alright… I think… I think I'm gonna go talk to him," she says, and then she finishes off her second — or maybe third — Terran Island tea.

"You will deal with the 'what if' if it actually happens, Letha, and not a moment sooner than that." Jane downs the rest of her Blue Thingymabob and swivels on her stool, waving away the offer to refill her drink a third time. The alcohol is already going to her head, and she can feel the room rotating rather overlong even after she has stopped moving. "I think talking to him is the best idea right now, and if shit hits the fan, well. Then we meet again for more drinks, and then I bring chocolate cupcakes too. How does that sound?"

Letha breathes out a sigh once her drink is finished, looking a little wobbly on her stool. "Yeah… that's good." She blinks over at Jane, and she frowns a bit. "But can they be vanilla and chocolate?" She asks, quite seriously. Then she starts to stand, pressing a kiss right onto Jane's cheek. "You're a good friend."

Jane encompasses Letha into a fond hug, rubbing her hand along her friend's back in what she hopes is a soothing manner. "Vanilla and chocolate, yes, with pink frosting and sprinkles." She pulls back to smile at the petite blonde, and the observation startles her into a moment of speechlessness. This will be the first time in history anyone has called her 'friend' with no actual strings attached. Perhaps it's the couple of drinks, but the notion brings tears to Jane's eyes; only a few of them, though, and they don't spill down her cheeks like they would in a movie. "Well," she answers with a cough to cover it, "good. I want to be a good friend. You are, too, Letha, and a wonderful woman, and any man who has your heart is fucking luckier than words can convey. Thanks for inviting me out, and good luck with Drake."

Letha smiles warmly to her friend before she starts to stagger — and wobble — toward the door. It takes her a few steps to really gain that stiff assurance, walking solidly to face Drake. Wherever he is. She should have probably figured that out before she left.

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