03.14.3014: Write A Song For Us
Summary: Matt comes over to Demos and Roxy's apartment and the two musicians write a song together.
Date: 06 December 2013
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Roxy's Apartment
What looks to be hard wood flooring in a darker brown color stretches throughout the entire apartment. The entryway is wide with a few artsy prints on either wall along with a wide mirror. Further into the room it widens, expanding into an open feel living area with a sectional sofa facing a videoscreen and edged by a couple of potted plants, all green and healthy looking. An electric fireplace, made to look like a woodburning one, is built into the wall and there is a plush rug on the floor before it. The walls are a rustic brick look with high, beamed ceilings. A staircase to the right of the living area leads to a loft style bedroom. To the left of the living area is a modest kitchen boasting a full stove and full sized refrigerator along with a few other gadgets. A nook with a bay style window edged with a window seat looks out over the entertainment district and gives a breathtaking view of the sunset. In general the color scheme is more ivory, navy blue and a deep maroon color. A round dining table with a couple of chairs is also placed near the window seat to afford more room for visitors. Upstairs, the bedroom is in an open loft with the same tantalizing view of the city and the sunset, the color scheme has followed along. The bed is a blissfully soft queen size with a thick down comforter and several throw pillows. The windows are left bare, open, most of the time, though the shades that draw over the windows with the touch of a button are sometimes used. Other doors lead to the bathroom and closet.
March 14, 3014

Roxy had invited her father over again and at the moment, she is seated at the table with a datapad and a glass of orange juice. She's got no shoes on but there are pink socks on her feet and she's wearing shorts and one of Demos' pajama shirts, despite the day being half over. Her hair is left down and she idly reaches up a hand to tuck stray strands behind her ears before looking back down at the pad almost blankly.

For once at home, Demos seems to have managed a small section of the loft apartment for chipping small stones into totem like items. Something he seems to enjoy, its part sculpture part archaic constructionism. Using obsidian rock, he is knapping the rock (striking the one against another to chip away until the shape is revealed). There he sits not too far from Roxy, but enough to give her some quiet. Out of the blue, he calls out in her direction. "If you had red shoes - what color would you use for laces?" As if asking each other random questions was something the did.

Having gotten over and knocking on the door, Matt smiles a little as he waits for it to open now. He has a datapad with him, as well as an old, acoustic guitar now.

That brings her blue eyed gaze from the datapad to the man she so admired. Roxy smiles at the randomness of the question. "Red?" She pauses to think about it, trying to consider what would be the most clashing. "I think probably purple." She flashes him a grin, watching him work a moment. "If you wrote a song, what would it be about?" Hearing the door, she looks to it and smiles. "Come in!" Back to Demos. "It's Matt."

Considering that a moment, even as she goes to the door, Demos puts his chipping rock down. A small pink agate is in his hand that is taking shape into something; currently indistinguishable. "It would be about the sun setting in a canyon alluding to cherished memories back home." Then he is putting his rock down and standing, moving towards the door. "Hey Matt, welcome back … its good to see you." Looking between the both of them he says, "Should I get some food going, you think you'll stay long enough to enjoy dinner?"

Stepping in, Matt smiles a little as he looks around. "Roxy, Demos. Thank you. It's good to see the two of you as well." Moving over in the direction of where Roxy is placed, he places the guitar off to the side. "I hope it's okay that I brought this one?" At the mention of food, he smiles, "Well, unless you throw me out or something, staying long enough to enjoy dinner sounds good."

"That sounds like a pretty song. I think I would write something about believing someone who's been lying to you and you were wrong." A story about her life until this point, basically. Well until the point where she had met Demos. As Matt walks in, she grins and waves, "Ohh perfect! May I?" She reaches for the instrument, if he allows. Looking back to Demos, Roxy grins. "Sure, if you're hungry. Or we could call out for something."

Shaking his head with a grin, Demos says, "No, if I get on the stove, I won't interrupt you two quite as much. Besides, with time to prepare, I can make something really good I hope." A chuckle, he nods to Matt, and sort of moves out of the way to the kitchen are ato consider food. He says, as he walks, "That sounds like it could be sad - does anything happen when the singer realizes they were wrong - maybe it makes them stronger - or is it just disappointment at the realization?" His hands start to dig into the pantry to see what's available.

Matt grins, "Of course," he replies, to the question about the instrument, before he adds, "I've always found that it's easier to write things when having an instrument around, even though it can be done easily with datapads too. If you get stuck, just play something."

<FS3> Roxy rolls Guitar: Success.
<FS3> Roxy rolls Singing: Good Success.

Roxy takes a seat and holds the guitar, strumming her fingers over it, holding her fingers of her left hand over the frets. She hums at first, then begins inputting words to it. "I believe when you said you loved me, I believed when you held me tight.." the words are soft, the tune slow, not folksy or country-ish, but slow. "I believed we would last forever, so much longer than tonight.." She shifts her fingers along different strings, changing chords, "I believed in happy endings… now endings are all I see.. I've come to the conclusion, there's something wrong with me." She hums a little before singing more words. "I believed in forever, I believed in happiness. I believed each time you told me. In your arms and in your kiss." She closes her eyes and continues playing, shifting her fingers over the strings. "Maybe I'll get over you.. and someday be relieved… but right now the only problem is, I truly did believe."

Finding a few ingredients, Demos walks for the fridge and pauses to listen. A smile at how good she is, but then a pause as he listens to the lyrics and the words. The door remains closed and he just listens. It touches him and he might come over to Roxy in that moment, but Matt is present, so he comes just a touch closer. He remains quiet with deep thoughts in his eyes as he watches and listens to the song she sings. Makes him sort of wish he could write a song to help, but he can't. Alas, his realm is rocks, rocks are hard, sturdy - maybe reliable though. He watches her in his silence, the way her fingers work over the strings as the words touch something in him.

Listening to Roxy's song and guitar playing, Matt smiles a bit, even though the words are a bit sad. Waiting for a few moments to see if there's something more to it now. Looking a bit thoughtful now, as he does, one hand moving to the datapad he brought with him.

Roxy stills her hands on the strings, opening her eyes and looking down before realizing she had an audience. When no one says anything, she is relieved more than anything. She didn't want words! Rising, she puts the guitar near Matt and acts as if nothing had been said or done, avoiding eye contact though. "I was thinking something about a father and a daughter or just something random about living in the music world. What do you think, Matt?"

As if leaving it for later, Demos watches her until she starts talking to Matt, then moves off to make that dinner, letting the two work.

"That was quite lovely singing," Matt offers after a few moments, before he smiles. "Something about a father and a daughter sounds quite nice." A brief pause, as he looks at something on the pad, then back to Roxy now. "Any particular style you'd like?"

"Thank you, Matt.." Roxy doesn't mention the song, but she does smile. "Slow, because I think that's more suitable for the Taphouse environment, I think. What do you say?"

Matt smiles, nodding a bit again now. "Slow sounds good." Reaching for his pad to tap at something, before he places it on the table, and reaches for the guitar. Starting to play a slow melody, somewhere in between happy and sad, usin

Matt smiles, nodding a bit again now. "Slow sounds good." Reaching for his pad to tap at something, before he places it on the table, and reaches for the guitar. Starting to play a slow melody, somewhere in between happy and sad, using fingerpicking style on the guitar to make it more melodious now. Playing it for a little while, he smiles, "Something like that, then?"

Roxy smiles brightly. "Yes! Perfect!" He has it perfectly, and now for the words… "So, a story of our life? Think we could make something rhyme out of it?"

Matt plays that melody for a little while longer, before he nods. "I'm sure we can manage to make things rhyme, if we just put pur minds to it."

Roxy considers, smiling a little. "Something about us being all alone, until one day you picked up the phone, the words that were spoken would change your life, you found you had a daughter, having never had a wife…" Just a suggestion, she tries to work something out of it so far.

Nodding a bit, as he hears that, there's a brief pause as Matt looks a bit thoughtful now. Starting to play once more, he adds in some lyrics after a little while. "All of my life, being alone. But then one day I picked up the phone. The words I was told they changed my life. I had a daughter but I never had a wife…" Trying those words now, and playing the guitar melody a little longer before trailing off now.

Roxy smiles her approval, humming the tune, switching to her own part now as she sings, putting words together from feelings. "Imagine me, holding the phone.. after having survived a childhood alone, to find a father who wanted me too, the DNA test proved it was true.."

Matt nods as he listens to the words being sung. Adding a few more lines at the end now. "I was so afraid, how couldn't I be? Wondering how she'd react to me."

"I was so scared, I'd never had… a person I could call a dad." Roxy finishes off and smiles… they communicated so much better in song!

Having noticed that part about how well they've communicated through the song so far, Matt smiles as well now. Stopping the playing again, he remains quiet for a few moments, before he speaks. "I think that part is quite good, don't you agree?"

"I agree.. It is very good.." Roxy meets his gaze and has to smile again. "You're my father.." saying it to him out loud for the first time. "Father.." Her smile widens.

Matt smiles, before he pauses for a few moments as he hears the rest of the words now. "You've never called me that before…" he offers quietly, his own smile widening as well now.

Roxy stands and moves over to him and wraps her arms around him, deciding to give him her trust, to believe he would be there for her and she there for him, from now on. "Thank you.. for wanting me."

As she wraps her arms around him, there's no hesitation as Matt's own arms wrap around her in return. As he hears the words, the hug tightens a little, before he speak. "Ever since that day when I got the letter from your mother, telling me about you, I've wanted to be there for you when you need me to." A brief pause, before he adds, "And thank you, for not turning me away."

Roxy smiles when he holds her in return, holding him tighter. "How could I? You're my father." She tells him simply. Finally, she steps back and has a seat again. "Are you happy with the song or add more such as.. singing a chorus together? She sings another couple of lines… "We never knew what we would be, until we opened our hearts so we could see.." Nodding to him, leaving him with the final two lines, wearing an expectant smile.

Matt smiles now, looking a bit thoughtful when it comes to those last few lines. "And in the end it's oh so true, that life is better here with you."

scene faded for sleep

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