08.18.3013: Wounded Drake
Summary: Brianny tends to a wounded Kazimir.
Date: 18 August 2013
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Brianny Kazimir 

Kazimir and Brianny's Chambers — Drakholt, The Crescent
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18 August 3013

Sometime earlier in the day, a bit of a stir echoed through the Saimhann fortress as they received an open distress communication from the Ibrahm regarding hostiles in the Veldt. Whether it was Lord Erek or his heir who decided their house would render aid, unsurprisingly, Kazimir was quick to volunteer for the sortie. He does enjoy his fighting, and the Veldt is something of a second home for him, outside the native hunting grounds of his family's own mountains. A few hours pass, and Kazimir returns… if a bit rougher for the wear. By now, his armor has been removed and is carried by a squire, and both his ribs and hand are bandaged, readily visible beneath his usual vest. As he enters his chamber, he waves off the men assisting him and - seeing that Brianny is home, calls out, "Bring me something to drink." And then… he goes to sit down, heavily.

It was just recently that Brianny was informed that, if she so wished, she could very well be the Castellan for House Saimhann. So during that time where Kazimir was away on some sort of patrol or other, the newest addition to House Saimhann has been busying herself with reading books on administration, economy and the like. Seated in a large chair within her bedchambers and dressed in a gown in shades of a clear blue sky, Brianny has a book in her lap and several books stacked up neatly on a table beside her. As engrossed as she is into her lessons, she is caught by surprise when her husband enters the room and bellows his need for a drink. How quickly she closes her book, losing her page in the process and jumps off of the seat to see to him, moving like a scurrying squirrel in her quickness. "Oh! I did not notice that you were home. Of course, I shall—" And in her hurry, her sharp eyes are keen enough to catch sight of Kazimir's condition and so instead of retrieving a beverage for the man, she drifts towards him, her eyes wide. "Oh goodness! Whatever did you run in the few hours that were you gone?"

"There were hostiles on the Veldt," Kazimir explains succinctly. "I killed two before the third was able to do me harm." Though he winces slightly as he makes himself comfortable on the chair he's chosen, the man nonetheless assures her, with just a touch of mirth on his lips, "Have no fear, I will yet live. But," and he frowns as she comes to fuss at his side, "I would like something to drink. Something strong." The man hardly seems to have the initiative (or energy) to get up himself for it, and savors even this bit of relaxation. It also gives him a chance to just idly look around a bit, noticing the pile of books she has abandoned on the desk. "Ah, is that the work my nephew has you doing?"

"Hostiles!" Brianny's eyes open even wider now. "In the Veldt?" Carelessly, she wanders off towards the window as if she could see the harsh dry landscape of the Veldt from her position at Drakholt. "That feels a little too close to comfort, don't you think? Do you think there are more?" And then Kazimir, again, asks for his drink and Brianny knows far too well than to keep him waiting any longer. Grasping part of her skirt up, she hurriedly drifts towards the cabinet where her husband stocks his drinks here. Swinging the cabinet doors open, she nervously taps at the side of her lips as she reads, what could be, each and every bottle label. "Now if I were Kazimir… what would I want at this moment." Finally finding something which she recognizes as a hard beverage, she stands on her tiptoes then takes a bottle of strong arak. After uncorking it. she pours the content into a tall mug. She then makes her way back towards where her husband is seated, with one hand still holding onto a section of her skirt, the other now with his drink, which he hands to him. "I hope that this will d— Do you need your bandage changed?" The mention of the books is enough to distract her from his wounds enough and she nods slowly, "Yes. If I'm to help around the Household, I will need to learn how to better run a Household full of Knights and warriors."

"If you mean if there are more in all of the Crescent? Probably." Kazimir is not one to mince words on such things, and his view on such things is simple and realistic. "When they land, their ships fall all over the planet. They may gather in force, and we may meet them in force, over important places like the Ways… but it is very likely that others land and remain on their own. And the Paramounts do not put enough effort into tracking them down, so long as they secure their main interests. So, they do linger. But now at least there are a few less." When she returns with his drink, the man reaches out to take it somewhat over-eagerly, and drinks down a few first gulps before she can even ask him if it will do. Evidently it will! Only after the drink does he seem to ease up a bit. "Ah, yes… they could probably use to be changed. It was just a quick job some medic on the field did for me. I did not feel the need to linger and wait for someone to see to me properly." A nod follows. "It's good, that you'll have something to keep you busy, at least."

Brianny settles down at Kazimir's feet, besides his chair; the lengths of her full skirts pool out around her to rest upon the cold hard floor. This makes her look all the more diminutive in stature in comparison to him. Her chin lifted up high, she straightens her posture to make her 'that' much taller so that she can better work at removing the bandages that is wrapped loosely around Kazimir's chest. It is only now that more of his chest is revealed that she finally notices the full extent of the damage done there. "We really should call for a doctor." And out of some bit of morbid curiosity, she gently reaches out to touch at the tender and discolored area, her eyes moving from the man's chest to his features to gauge his reaction, before she pulls her hand back quickly.

In both cases, the injuries are not so much external, although there is external evidence of them. One side of Kazimir's chest is very badly bruised, the skin all dark purple and red at the edges, showing the rough shape of the impact. But beneath that, she can tell by a simple touch (and the man does not flinch away from it) that he's probably got several broken ribs. Not life threatening on their own, but painful and debilitating, hard on his breathing. His and and wrist, likewise, show signs of a forceful impact and probably a bad fracture. He definitely avoids using that hand, taking the cup with the other, for instance! "If they're wrapped, and the wrist maybe splinted, they will heal," he tells her, assertively. "I do not die easily, and I've had wounds like these before. But you can call one, if you find that there is someone who is not busy with other patients. The hostiles supply them plenty of wounded."

Once the extent of the man's wounds have been determined, or determined enough for someone with very little knowledge of medical procedures, Brianny rises to fetch the medical kit which they also keep within the chambers. Kneeling once more, the kit set down next to her, she finishes unraveling the entirety of the bandage around Kazimir's chest; letting the used bandages spiral down to the floor in a haphazard motion. "I'll need you to lean a little forward and for you to straighten your back just so." Drawing out a long length of bandage now, she begins the process or wrapping the man's chest and waist as best that she can muster; leaning forward so that she can move the roll of bandage around his back, before pulling it forward again and then repeating the motion. "Are you in great pain, my husband? These wounds. They look so painful and ugly… and… Of course, I will… um… see if I can find a good healer somewhere."

Kazimir is a well-behaved patient, for all his other faults, sitting still enough and moving when his wife bids him, allowing her to slowly wrap his chest in the bandage strips, their snugness presumably confining the fractured bits to their proper positions so that they might be encouraged to properly heal. Or something like that. "Of course it hurts," he answers when she inquires, as if it were a silly thing to ask, but then takes another long gulp from the mug she brought him. "But I can bear it, and this helps. As do your efforts." There is a touch of true gratitude at the last. "I trust that nothing was amiss here while I was out?"

Brianny may not have the knowledge on how to best treat a person's wounds, but a pretty bandaging is something she can do. Carefully, she continues to wrap the ongoing trail of cloth around and around Kazimir's chest. Her handiwork is neat and the bandages do not bunch up or crowd around in any section and for the most part, the layers are evenly distributed. She quickly frowns, drawing back at the tone given her inquiry, but that does not stop her from working. "I was merely asking and I was hoping that my prodding would not hurt overly much, but I can see that it does." Once that is done and the bandage secured by a fastner and tape, she twists lightly to the side and begins to unwrap Kazimir's injured left hand. "And no. Nothing was amiss that I know of. I did order dinner to be made, for both you and the Young Lord were gone for a good portion of the day." Her eyes are kept lowered, brow furrowed as she concentrates on what she's doing, though from time to time her gaze will lift to once more, gauge her husband's reaction to her work, his thoughts, anything. "Was the Young Lord with you this day?"

"It is rare that an injury does not bring pain, not only when it is received and while it lingers, but also when it is treated. It is just the way of things." So, while it may hurt, Kazimir doesn't seem bothered or upset with her, other than with what he might have considered a very silly and womanly sort of question. "I am glad to hear that all is well here, though I am unsure of the young lord's activities. He was not with us on the field." But it doesn't seem to concern the man much. "What did you order prepared? It would be good that I ate, as well. The body needs strength to heal itself."

Now Kazimir's hand is a more awkward area for Brianny to bandage up. Once the old bandages are removed, she has to consider how to do this! Tilting her head to the side and then to the other side, she begins wrapping the part of the man's hand starting from the base of his 4 fingers and working their way up to bind all 4 fingers together. Once that is fastened, she carefully begins work from his wrist and this swathe of bandage is then used to tighten around the curve of his thumb. "Oh, I'm sure that it is the way of things. I've pricked my finger once more while doing some minor embroidery work and I must say that it was a most unpleasant sensation." She is mostly satisfied with the bandaging to his hand, though it could be better! "I should locate a medic or two in the hopes that one will be able to pay you a visit shortly." Quietly she rises to stand, both of her hands now smoothing out the lengths of her skirts. "And I ordered the loveliest hen to be cooked today along with with a tart and spicy sauce. Some baked potatoes to go with it and of course a wonderful soup and salad. Oh, I shall inform the servants to have the tables set them." And on light feet, she trails towards the door so that she can flag down one of the servants in this great castle.

The process of wrapping his hand is indeed more complicated, although whether it is more or less uncomfortable would be hard for her to guess. Kazimir sits fairly still either way. When she's done, he tests things out slightly, only to find that his movement is now fairly limited. But, that's probably the point. "A hostile's club hurts a bit more than a pin-prick, my lady. Be glad you have little experience with such things." As she recites off the menu, a slow smile spreads, although Kazimir finds himself pulling from the mug again. "That sounds good. Filling." Settled in place, he nurses on his drink, slowly but steadily, and with it and Brianny hurrying off to find a servant, he looks happy with the situation. Or at least, as happy as a man in his place can be.

Quickly turning away from the door, Brianny shakes her head quickly as she move in to step closer to her husband, "I did not mean that my own injuries were anywhere near as badly as your own! Or as badly as any dashing knight's would be." Though Kazimir practically towers over her when standing, she offers him her hand to help him out of his chair and so that she can lend her support if he needs it to make his way to the dining hall. His injured chest /looks/ really bad, so she can only assume that he will be unsteady on his feet and in pain. "Many of my siblings have become knights and I do worry so often for them whenever they march off into battle."

Clearly, Kazimir isn't in great shape, and he did seem to need some help as he first entered. However, Brianny is pretty tiny by comparison, and there isn't much she can do to help him lift his frame from the chair. Plus, it would be unmanly! So, he pushes himself up with some difficulty, until he is nearly on his feet, where he stumbles just a bit. To catch himself, one hand goes to the chair, but the other instinctively to his nearby wife, clutching her shoulder rather than her hand, now that he is standing. She can feel a portion of his weight leaning on her, but the man manages to steady himself after a moment. "Come, let us go to dinner," he then declares, as if it was nothing special, even though she may again find him leaning on her for support now and then as they walk the castle halls.

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