11.20.3013: Workouts and Burgers
Summary: After not seeing each other since Klaudea ran out on pizza, and a disastrous meeting between Georgiana and Lincoln, Lincoln and Klaudea run into each other at the gym.
Date: A couple of days
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Gym Volkan, The Crescent
There are plenty of advanced weight lifting machines in Haven. This gym doesn't have a single one. Instead there are racks and racks of dumbells and barbells, punching bags hanging from the ceiling, and two roped-in sparring rings. Small racks near the sparring rings hold protective gear so that sparring doesn't result in broken bones or concussions. One wall is formed entirely of a floor-to-ceiling mirror, one has the entrance from the commercial district, the third has entrances to changing rooms for men and women, and the fourth is a window overlooking the gray and red expanse of Volkan.
20 November, 3013

Lincoln 's been here for almost 2 hours. He got a free membership from a client and isn't consistent, but has been needing a release for a while. They mostly leave him alone here, being a non regular regular. He worked at the free weights, and is now on a bag. His hands are taped and his tank top is plastered to his chest with sweat. A few whips of bangs have escaped, sticking to the side of his face, but for the most part, his hairs pulled into a tight pony tale. It's noon-ish, so he's either not slept, or only slept a little bit. He'll let out a few grunts as he punches the bag. His form is actually rather good, he could probably hold his own in a fist fight.

A heavy bag is great on it's own. But when it doesn't swing, you can get more hits or combinations into it. The bag that Lincoln is punching doesn't move as much the next time he punches it, and he can see strong legs on the other side bracing, and a pair of hands holding it in place. In a tank top and shorts for her work out. Klaudea's squire earned muscles are visible, seeming a bit at odds with the softer face that seems even rounder with her hair pulled tightly back into the swingy ponytail that brushes her shoulders. She doesn't make a sound as she offers a more resistent 'foe' for Lincoln to spend his energy on.

Lincoln pauses, unsure a moment when he sees the bag still, and then why. The he'll nod and start in on it again. He'll not hold back, but doesn't go all out either. He's looking to tire himself out, not break the bag. It's still impressive enough for someone who's not training. He'll work the bag for a while, till his arms start shaking. With a final punch and soft grunt, he'll take a half step away, nodding to Klaudea, "If you give me a sec, I'll hold it for you…"There's an odd tone to his voice, he's upset, but it's undirected. He has a water bottle and towel near and will turn to grab the towel first, wiping the sweat off his brow.

Klaudea shrugs. "It's okay," she says quietly. "You just looked like you needed to work something out. I've gotta hit the weights, but… if you can spot me, I'd appreciate it." She gives him a hesitant smile, then lets him wipe down privately while she goes to the weight room, and warms up by doing push ups in some hanging straps. Once done, she goes to the bench and adds some weight to the bar.

Lincoln gives a soft chuckle, "yeah…guess I do." he'll nod, reaching for the water now, "Yeah…I'll be there in a sec." He'll take the minute that she starts warming up to calm down, both physically and emotionally. She didn't do any of the things he's upset about, no need to upset her. he'll flip the towel over his sholder and walk into the room and wait for her to finish warming up.

Klaudea looks up as she settles the weights onto the bar, and then slides the lock on. "I didn't know you come here. I haven't seen you before." She sits on the bench with her back to the bar. "Your form is pretty good. You had a good teacher." She lays back, her ponytail falling over the side as she wraps her fingers around the bar, flexing them once for a better grip. Glancing up, she makes sure he's ready and then she lifts the bar off the rack and lowers it to start her reps.

Lincoln sets his things down and walks up to stand above her. he's in sweats, so while she gets a nice view, there's nothing showing as she looks up. He'll nod down at her, "I don't very often, was given a membership. Just needed to today." He'll nod again, "Thanks. I took few lessons when I was younger." Lessons is a stretch, but he was definitely given pointers from a few bouncers when he was younger. He'll watch her hands ready to grab the bar if she slip.

Her form is just about perfect, from years of lifting, and she doesn't appear to need help. She slows near the end, and he may want to put his hands under the bar just in case, but she still makes it under her own power, giving a little nod after she pushes it up the final time, letting him help her guide it back to the cradle. She lets her arms fall to the floor, stretching her shoulders in between sets. Sadly for Klaudea, even the tight tank top doesn't give her more of a figure, she's still pretty flat, especially laying on her back to do bench presses. He might gain a new appreciation for just how strong she is, something she hides in her every day clothes. "Well, you obviously paid attention," she says quietly. "I'd be glad to have you have my back if I worked with you."

His hands do go under the bar. That's all he'd need, her to break her face cause he didn't catch the bar in time. Lincoln will give small smile, "Well….had to play attention to something, right?" He'll reach up and try to brush the few strands of hair from his forehead, but all that does is cause a few more locks to escape. even with the addition of just a few bangs, he looks younger. A very soft chuckle escapes his lips and he'll give her a small smile, "Well…it's not like I usually have to do much, but when I do…" He'll shrug lightly, a brief flicker of something passing over his face for a moment.

Klaudea nods. "Well, I hope you don't have to use it. But it is always good to have." His little smile gets one in return before she lifts her hands to the bar again. Her fingers wrap around, and she plants her feet, giving her a back a little wiggle to settle in again before she puts her weight into it to lift the bar again for a second set.

Lincoln lets out a soft sigh, "Not often, But I always do…" He sounds a touch sad, or maybe disappointed, but won't comment further and will watch her bench the weights. His eyes stay where they're supposed to, no wandering.

Klaudea finishes the set she's working on, again, pushing through a bit of a struggle at the end, but she makes it. Once the bar is safely back where it belongs, she pulls slightly against it to start her upward motion to sitting, then she turns towards him. Resting her palms lightly on the bench in front of her, straddling it to look straight at him, she bites her lip for a minute. Her hazel eyes search his face before she asks quietly, "do you want to talk about it?"

Lincoln's eyes go over to where the scar on her side would be, but then the drop to his own hands, "Nawh. It's fine. Nothing to be done that a good beating on the bag won't cure." He flashes her one of his bright grins, it almost looks not forced. If she didn't know him, she wouldn't be able to tell at all. While his breathings has regulated, it's still that controlled steady, after a work out. "Wanna go grab grub after you're done?" See? he can do peace offerings!

Because she knows that he knows what's under her shirt to the side, Klaudea reflexively moves her arm a little as if to hide it. Her cheeks are a little pink as she looks at him for a longer moment, her puzzled gaze trying to figure something out, but she gives him a little smile in return. "Sure. Today's a light weights day, a long run day. I'll need some fuel for the run."

Lincoln nod, "ok, we can do that. After the weights?" he'll shift his stance,putting his weight on a single leg. "You want real food, or some fancy vitamin shake."

Klaudea actually gives a little laugh. "Depends on whether we're watching your figure for your stage career," she tells him. "I'd prefer real food, but I can sacrifice this once." She puts the weights from her bar away, and moves to another bar in a rack, adding more weight before she sets her shoulders underneath it.

Lincoln chuckles, "oh, Six, real food, please. I can't stand those shakes. they always taste like chalk." He'll move to where he needs to be to spot her again.

Klaudea grins as Lincoln moves around behind her, although she seems to have the squat exercises well under control so that he doesn't have to step forward to put his arms alongside her. "It's the protein. Someone always claims they've figured out how to make it not taste like chalk," she says between sets. "I think it's that their taste buds have grown immune to chalk."

"Or they're just cruel… What's the point of working out, if you can't enjoy a good burger." Linc stays close thought, making sure she's spotted. He doesn't want the Wall after him.

"Who says you can't enjoy a good burger?" Klaudea asks with a grin. "The protein shakes are just a supplement." This information is imparted with all due seriousness, although the expressive role of her eyes gives the idea that she'll just hope the good old burger will suffice. After a few repetitions with squats, the squire goes on to a few more basic free weight exercises, managing to hit most of the muscle groups.

Lincoln follows her, making sure she's got what she needs. "Good. Burgers sound great."He'll huff, but there's humor, "Supplements..ugh."

As she finishes up, Klaudea rubs herself down with a towel, and then looks to Lincoln. "Are you going to be grossed out by sweaty girl if I just throw a tunic on to go eat? Or is bathing in order, first?"

Lincolnshrugs, "Only if you're grossed out by a sweaty guy." And there's his smirk. "Meet you out front in 5?" He'll start walking backwards towards the men's room to get his stuff.

Klaudea laughs. "I live with about fifty of them." She pauses. "Well, sweaty people," she amends and then gives him a nod, moving off to the girls locker room to do the same. When she meets him out front, she's much the same, having added just a hooded tunic over her workout pants and tank, and her hair is still in its ponytail.

Lincoln's reponyed his hair, looks like he maybe ran some water through it. He also has a hooded tunic on over his tank top, a duffle bag over this shoulder. He'll grin when he sees her, "Where to?"

Klaudea looks up as Lincoln approaches, her hands in the front pocket of her tunic. "Well, since we're talking burgers, Quintus Hombres would probably be your best bet," she decides. "They have just about everything you can imagine putting on a burger. And more. The seasoned fries are pretty tasty, too."

Lincoln nods, "It doesn't have to be burgers. It was just an idea. You know the places around here better, you pick." He'll stretch his neck a little, he's in that post work out sore, but kinda feels good stage.

"Well, you made me hungry for burgers," Klaudea informs Lincoln, and giving a nod of her head in the direction they are to move, she starts walking.

Lincoln follows, unintentionally falling into the pattern they seem to set. A small laugh, "Yeah…sorry. I do that sometimes." He'll glance around a moment, "Is that your normal gym? Or like, is that the gym of squires?" No wonder he gets glares every once in a while. He's keeping up, but there's a definite tiredness to him that's not normally there.

Klaudea grins. "Yes, you do," she agrees. She shrugs. "I like to switch it up every once in awhile. We have facilities at the barracks to work out, but sometimes doing your weightlifting where you spar with your knight, eat and sleep… it gets claustrophobic. You feel like you've got to get a change of scenery or you will scream and start pulling your hair out." She glances to him, quiet for a few steps. "What about you?" she finally asks. "I'm sure there's closer places on the Ring for you."

Lincoln nods, "Sure. That makes sense. It's part of why I do the community theatre…better than sitting in the Blue Nirvana every night." He'll glance to her and then in the direction they're headed, "I was gifted a member ship here. It's nice, just farther than I have time for , on some days."

Klaudea nods. "I imagine it is. How is your play coming along? Learning your lines okay?" The mention of Community Theatre seems to be the safest place to go.
From afar (to Klaudea and Nitrim), Rozlyn bops on the nose! Bad.

Lincoln shrugs, although there's an odd tension for a moment, and he doesn't make eye contact, "it's ok. Mostly just a boring play. I should have skipped this one."He'll watch where he's stepping, but smiles, "I really hope the next one is a musical." He'll chuckle, "Beden says he's going to give a donation so it's some pirate musical he saw when he was like 10…" He'll shake his head, singing is one thing. Swashbuckling is another. together though? Yikes.

Klaudea nods. "Well, it is a lot of talking." She pauses. chewing at her lip. Then she looks over, "I can still help you with your lines, if you like," she offers. "It's like going to a different gym. Sometimes another voice helps."

Eyes looking anywhere but at her, "I…sure. At some point….I do better with help in the back half. It's more infections and things I need help with.I get caught up int he words, instead of the meanings, sometimes." It's hard to tell if that's what's bothering him or not. Linc will grin and look over to her, "You help me with lines, what am I helping you with again? Certainly not training."

"What is the back half part?" Klaudea asks, finally turning towards the doors of a building, and then leading the way to the lift. "You don't have to help me with anything," she shrugs. "But if it makes you uncomfortable to have me help you, I understand. I don't want to push you."

Chuckling, "No…I just meant, let me get the words. You can help me get my rhythm. The feelings behind them." Linc follows her, trusting she knows where they're going. He'll raise an eyebrow to her back as she says he doesn't need to help her, "Closer to production, I'll need someone to keep me from backing out. I get cold feet about a week out. It's … I just do. Bug me then, for sure. That'll help." He'll smile at her, even if she's not looking at him.

When the lift stops, the neon lettering across the hall indicates the presence of Quintus Hombres, and Klaudea looks at him, giving him a little smile. "Are you sure you want me to do that?" she asks. "I can be… pretty persistent about bugging people to do something. You might get annoyed with me." When they enter, the menu board behind the counter shows that the young woman wasn't lying. There is literally everything that one can think of to put on a burger listed, and some suggested combinations at either side of the main list.

Lincoln laughs and bumps into Klaudea's shoulder, "Well, then I'd have a reason to be annoyed, right?" his eyes light up at the menu, "I…uh…that's a lot. you weren't kidding." Lucky for Linc, there's photos as well, so it's easy to guess at a burger to get.But this may be easier… "What do you get?"

Klaudea shrugs. "It depends on the day. I think today is a guacamole and pineapple day." She grins. "Sometimes I go with the cole slaw and pepperoni, other days I got with spinach and mushrooms…" She lifts a hand to the menu. "Whatever you can imagine, it's probably on there, if you don't want to actually read through the whole thing. What do you want? I can tell you if it's there."

Lincoln grins, "I could get behind a spinach and mushroom…maybe throw some cheese on it…." his stomach actually growls at the idea, he's hungry. he's ready to order now, pulling out his creed stick.He will glance over at the drinks, looking at the logos to see what he wants.

Klaudea grins. "Well, of course cheese. There's always cheese," she chuckles, and steps up to place her order, ordering a root beer with it, then stepping slightly to the side so Lincoln can make his own order. She tilts her head as she watches him, fingers mindlessly tapping a rhythm on the metal counter.

Lincoln follows after Klaudea, ordering the mushroom and spinach, with extra swiss cheese. After another glance at the menu, "I'll go with a root beer too, sounds good." He'll give the person behind the counter a bright smile as he pays, "Thanks, man." Looking to Klaudea, "do they bring it to us, or do we wait?"

Klaudea tips her head to the sign that says 'pick up here' at the other end, one that is similar to the one that reads 'order here' over their heads. She slides on down, her hand never leaving the counter, and then she turns and leans back against the counter, her hand shifting with the palm now resting next to her hip so that her fingers can continue their drumming, just over the edge, now. "So, you said Lord Sir Beden wanted you to do a musical comedy? Maybe you'll be able to act more… will you be allowed to act more, if you keep getting gigs?"

"Only if they're paying gigs…I can't take more time off. My bills have kinda increased as of late." Linc shrugs, and is smiling, "Not that I'd turn down a paying gig. But best I've even gotten was a few small local commercials." He'll lean against the counter as well and laugh, "Lord Beden just wants to see me dressed up as a pirate, I think."

Klaudea tips her head to the side. "Your bills? Why…" she catches herself. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be so nosy. Commercials aren't bad. They can be a good way to meet people. People in the business, that is. Make contacts." She chews at her lower lip. "I think my father had dinner with Claudio Bertrelle last week."

Lincoln shrugs, that's not a big deal, "I've been helping my sister out. Just an expense I'm not used to yet, is all." He'll furrow his brow slightly, "Claudio Bertrelle? I don't…I'm not super good with names…sorry." Great with faces….written names at the ned of credits…not so much. he'll look to her, for her to explain who that is, but then their food and drinks are up.

Klaudea wrinkles her brow, "he directed 'Beyond the Lashes' a couple years ago?" She offers, trying to think of something else he may of heard of. "I think they were negotiating using the factory as a setting for his next movie. Maybe I can get you an audition for a bit part?"

Lincoln freezes, his hand on the root beer cup, "Beyond the Lashes?!?!? Are you kidding me? I loved that!" There's a weird mixture of excitement and terror in his voice. "I….I'm not part of HAG…I don't know if I could get a bit part…" He'll bite his lower lip and then pick up the tray following her to sit.

Picking up the tray brings Klaudea back from trying to remember any more, and she smiles at Lincoln's enthusiasm. The mention of HAG brings a confused frown as she walks to find a table. "Why do you have to be a member of HAG? /Why/ aren't you a member of HAG?"

"HAG member ship is sometimes need to participate in some movies…it just depends on their level." He'll shrug, "Cause it costs money?" Even with this, he's smiling, Excited about the idea. And also, burger. He'll sit down, huffing. "This is huge."

Klaudea nods slowly, then grins at his assessment of his burger. She picks up her own, and rotates it a couple of turns, a droplet of guacamole squishing out and plopping to her plate. "Perfect after workout food," she mentions. She manages to take a bite, the size of it curtailing discussion for a bit, giving her time to think before she swallows and asks, "Yeah, but are Indy type films bound by HAG guidelines?"

Lincoln moves to grab the burger then stops and gets a devilish grin. Pulling out his tablet he'll flip the camera on and quickly snap a picture of the burger and send it. He's grinning though and will mumble, "Way better than rabbit food." He'll then answer as he sets the tablet down and grabs his own burger, "HAG restrictions just depend. Some Indy films do, some don't. I don't understand it all, honestly."

Klaudea watches Lincoln take a picture and send it with a curiously raised eyebrow while she takes another bite. "Well, maybe I can find something out. I don't know exactly what they're doing, but maybe we can get you on set to meet him or something. I'm sure you can make a good impression on him."

Lincoln takes a bite and makes a soft noise of enjoyment. he's hungry, worn out, talking acting and got to send a revenge picture. Life is good. After swallowing, "Even getting to see the set would be crackerjack." he'll smirk, not quite sure why he'd make a good impression, but hopefully.

"I'll see what I can do," Klaudea promises. "But you have to learn your lines, young man, so that you can have a… what do you call it, 'credit'? Under your belt." She pauses as her words bring a thought to mind, and gives him a look. "Are you young?"

Lincoln quirks an eyebrow and takes another bite as she talks, "I have credits. Just nothing impressive. I've been in a play ever year since school." Not really super impressive, but still. He'll grin then, "How old do you think I am?" He'll lean over and swipe a finger on her plate where the guacamole fell.

Klaudea grins and shrugs. "Well, then, you're all set. You have everything you need." At the question, she takes another bite as she considers. "I don't know. Sometimes I think you're my age. Sometimes, well… you can handle… people. It's like you're older than me." She chews at the corner of her lip. "But, maybe you know how to handle people more because you've had a harder life. The kind of life I've only seen, but not lived myself. So maybe, you've just learned faster because of that."

Lincoln smiles, but it's not so much smirk as just an understanding smile, "I'm 22. " He'll pop his finger with the guac into his mouth then takes another bite of his burger. "Evereyone's life is hard…it how you deal with it, ya know? I know Nobles who's life I wouldn't trade them for."

Klaudea shakes her head. "I don't," she admits in a low voice. She takes a fry from the basket, her gaze remaining on the tray.. "Have a hard life, that is."

Lincoln tilts his head, "Hey…That's not …" He'll let out a soft sigh, "Trust me, feeling bad cause you're not miserable is kinda ridiculous. You're making things better…that's all that's important." he'll snag a fry as well.

"I'm not miserable," Klaudea corrects. "I'm… maybe… guilty? Embarassed, sometimes? My own father is the reason some people have it so hard, and he doesn't, or won't see that he is. He won't do anything to help people that really need it, and he /could/. He has the influence and the money…" she trails off, and glances around before she takes another bite of her hamburger.

Lincoln nods, he's not gonna argue that people with should be kind and help, but… "But you shouldn't be guilty because of his actions. You're a good person…You have nothing to be guilty about." He'll eat more burger as well, a quick glance at his tablet to make sure he's not gotten a text back yelling at him about the burger. "You'r doing good. You're gonna be a knight, can't get more contributing to society than that."

Klaudea reddens a bit when he talks about her doing good, and takes a quick bite of her burger. She lets out a breath through her nose akin to a sigh, and then swallows. "I know. But, sometimes… it's like I know people look at me, and see him. Half the squires think I should go back home to my rich daddy. They think the same way my family does." Her wrists rest on the table as she keeps the burger in her hands, not wanting to lose the grip she has on it. "I know that every time I come home for dinner, or go to one of my mother's parties for her, they keep expecting me to tell them that being a Knight is too hard, or gross, or… something. And that I want to go to Academ with my friends."
(OOC note, not saying that squires are poor hard working kids that resent a rich kid in their midst. Some of the nobler ones might think she doesn’t belong because she doesn’t have noble blood, and there might be some sponsored citizen knights might think she’s just there because she has the money to be there)

Lincoln makes a small scrunched up face, "Fuck them, then. You're doing what you think is right. If they're not supporting you, then they're opinions don't matter. No one should be judged by their parents." That's something he definitely believes. "So…At these fancy parties, tell them how great it is. tell them that you're gonna do all these amazing knightly things. Then do them." He'll grin, "You have the opportunity to prove them wrong. Do so."

Klaudea looks up to Lincoln, then she smiles. "Well, then. If I'm going to become this great knight, then you have to become a huge movie star. Deal?" She raises her eyebrow at the offer of matching dream achievement.

Lincoln chuckles, "I think you becoming a knight is going to do more good for Haven than me filling some actor of the week slot. But I'll do my best?" He'll need raise his burger like it's a toast. Before she can huff or argue with him(He knows it's coming) , hell raise his free hand, "Ok, ok. I promise I will only act for the forces of good, and for the benefit of all mankind….Better?" He's smiling that bright, delighted smile of his, that's almost infectious.

Klaudea gives a laugh. "I admit, I wasn't thinking about whether or not you would be doing good… just, if I gotta fulfill my dream, then you gotta fulfill yours." She's still grinning. "No fair you telling me I gotta do something if you're not doing it, too, right?" She glances up to him, her eyes sparkling with teasing.

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