08.05.3013: Witches and Peaches
Summary: Lorelei and Ephraim discuss fruit trees in the garden
Date: 5th August 2013
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Gardens of Nora
While these gardens act as the courtyard between the Heartwood and the Elder Seat, they have managed to obtain a peaceful ambiance despite all the foot traffic. There is a gently angled esplanade that leads up from the Heartwood, interrupted here and there by short segments of stairs. When it reaches the main promenade of the gardens, it flattens out and continues to provide a pathway directly toward the grand doors of the Elder Seat.

Flanking either side of the esplanade are parcels of well-kept garden that are divided by smaller pathways that lead off from the main esplanade. These parcels vary between thick carpets of moss and forest flowers to clusters of wild roses to a very small orchard of fruit trees that bear red apples and pale peaches in the summer. Natives and visitors alike are encouraged to wander throughout the Gardens of Nora — named for the first High Lady of Arborenin, the daughter to Hugh Arboren — but there are also Arborenin guards who equally frequent the area.


Lorelei's dressed, maybe for the last day, in her pretty blue dress. It definitely more elaborate than an everyday work dress, but it's pretty, and Loree wanted to wear it, just in case it is her last day. She's sitting on a blanket, underneath her favorite apple tree, nervously biting he flower lip as she makes a few last minute adjustments to something on her tablet. Her hair is loose, and there a lock that keep falling forward into her eyes as she types.

Lord Ephraim Hollolas strolls into and about the gardens in a manner as he usually does, no care in the world and partially as if he stumbled to the present location on accident. Three fingers on his right hand tap out a silent melody on his leg as he moves. Then he gives a curious look around, not at first seeing anyone, a grin comes to his face. Thinking he is in that state of no one watching, he takes a couple of side steps that is something like a side shuffle. Moving forward not quite catlike, but with a few practiced moves, then back in that shuffle, then forward again. That is when he sees Lorelei in the blue dress. A sheepish grin comes to his face, more uplifting if she caught him, and yet a smile spreads across his chin. "I am interrupting your sanctity?" Asked by way of greating.

Fortunately, or not, depending on how embarrassed Ephraim feels, Loree does catch the shuffle. The nervousness fades some as she giggles softly. "No, not at all , my lord. I am just going over a letter before I send it off." She'll raise an eyebrow, but is still smiling at him, "did you need help with anything, or just enjoying the gardens today?" She shifts some to better address him, a water bottle and an apple, most likely from the tree above, can be seen next to her now.

If he feels embarrassement, he hides it well, more mirth when he meets her gaze. One might think with Ephraim, there is some joy in those situations others might feel that disease. "I did need help, I need help enjoying the gardens. Perhaps my luck has taken a turn for the better." A brow wags/lifts inquisitively, "You know the gardens?" As if saying she could be the one to help with his situation, even though its entirely made up. He comes closer, "Maybe when your letter is done?" There is no made move to invade upon the letter or glimpse it in any way, but curiousity plays on his features a moment.

Lorelei can't help but smile and giggle a bit more at his plea, "It sounds as if you are indeed in need of help. Not being able to enjoy the gardens would be an awful fate. If it is a dire issue, I can always call for the guards?" There's a slight playful tone to her voice, Loree's always felt more confident with a tablet in hand. she'll glance down at said tablet, her smile fading a touch as she saves and closes the letter. "It can wait, I suppose." Still smiling, but the teasing is gone, "Did you actually need help, I do know the gardens. If you're looking for the peach trees, you're very close." She'll nod in their direction. This is something she's asked a lot, apparently. She's not quite at the moving to stand up phase, but is headed in that direction, shifting and starting to gather her skirts.

"No, we shall save the calling of the guard for when my conduct is less becoming," replies Ephraim, his smile never fading so much as turning to favor the left corner of his mouth. "And alas, you have discovered my foul intentions. It would not so much be actual help, that I need, as to simply enjoy your pleasant company, if I were being honest. Yet, the peach trees sound enticing, but only if they are ripe enough to pick from the weighted branches. A peach sounds absolutely delicious now I will attest." Coming closer, he'll offer a hand to help her up as she gather's her dress in preparation.

After a moment, Loree will accept the offer hand. she's a solid girl, not a dainty thing like the dress or her manners implies, years of working on the ranch will do that. Her grip is strong. Loree's things are slipped into pockets, "Well, I can lead you to the peach trees , my lord. And your timing is perfect,they are at their best for picking now. I can guarantee that they will be more pleasant that my company." She's smiling, although her cheeks are starting to turn a touch pink.

Only an inch or so taller than her Lady, at 5' 2" Lorelei is small, but curvy. Her face round and open, large expressive Hazel eyes tend to bat open surrounded by thick lashes. Her long , dark brown hair has a natural wave to it.Although when out in the sun it tends to pick up traces of red and blonde. A button nose and full heart shaped lips. Her skin has a natural olive tint, making her look more sun kissed than she is. When working she dresses the part, neither too flashy, but upscale enough to be in the presence of her House.

Waving a dismissive hand, Ephraim offers, "Do not be so sure Lorelei, a peach is soft and curvey and yet, that aside, those two go so much better with the right sort of eyelash." Stealing a glance at her, to see if she followed or cared to follow his logic, he looks ahead for the peaches. "I shall have to see for myself though, how sweat these peaches are. The proof is in the flavor I imagine." He sets foot in whatever direction she indicated, not having the faintest idea where the peach trees are actually, "This is a common habit of yours, showing lost men to these mystical peach trees?"

Lorelei does follow his logic, her cheeks going from pink to pinker. "I…uh…Pale peaches are a specialty of the Garden's of Nora. I recently had the privilege of have peaches from His Majesty's garden. While they were wonderful, they still could not compare to the ones here."She's smiling softly, not actually looking at Ephraim. She'll lead him down a well kept path, the scent of the peaches can start to be detected in the air. A small chuckle escapes her and she'll finally turn to look at him. A slightly disbelieving grin, "You make it sound as if I'm waiting to ensnare lost men. Enticing them with peaches." She'll roll her eyes slightly, her young age showing for the moment.

As they walk and if there is any low hanging branches from the gardens and larger trees about the Heartwood, Ephraim may use one to grab and turn about, or simply he does a little turn. So that he will walk backwards a little as if trying to catch her ponderance when she calls into question the logic of her snare. "Ah, my mistake, because I was going to say that I am seeing now that, indeed, the local peaches are indeed far better than some the supercilious sort grown in some royal gardens." A grin, he turns about to walk ahead a little, calling over his shoulder even, "I think I still agree just the same, they carry a nice blush, but perhaps I shall discover in the tasting if the assessment is true." Hopefully the trees are close at hand.

Lorelei blinks surprised as he suddenly walking backwards. She'll take a breath, not quiet sure how to respond. He's talk about the fruit, right? "…Yes. I think so too." she doesn't sound confident that she knows exactly what she's agreeing with though. Her cheeks turn even brighter, but relax some. He'd not be so bold as to actually say that, so she must be hearing things in his words. Sometimes begin a poet makes things more complicated than they need to be. They've reached the trees, the branches are low with fruit. Loree will wait for the noble to pick his first before reaching for one for herself.

As she ponders a moment, responds, turns a brighter blush on, Ephraim watches, his grin becoming more playful perhaps. Then there are the real peaches, his hair needs a good brushing and he attends to that. His eyes look over the trees, "Then you have some experience in the quality of local peaches." A pause, he looks at her and then some more, "How do I know which is the most ripe, ready to be picked? Some tale-tell sign I should look for, or do I but grab to see if they are firm to my touch and take that one? There are so many to choose from, I would spoil my apetite to taste them all, but I want the best to be sure." Maybe that is more about the fruit, though he turns looks back to her between ponder the fruit in the trees just the same. Being a poet might complicate that, and he isn't making it easier. The light in his eyes might indicate either way, he is enjoying the topic.

Lorelei smiles, believing his words to be all about the fruit. "The rounder the better. You want them to be soft, but not squishy. With some color." the peaches are pale, not colorless. Loree's hands linger over a few different ones, and then she'll go tip toe, hand cradling one still attached to the tree. She'll lean close and breath in. "This one should be perfect." She'll step away and smile, "Tradition is you have to pick your first one yourself. It will taste sweeter."

Watching her a moment as she lifts a hand, perhaps not watching the peach she is point out to cradle, Ephraim will nod. "Soft, not squisy, rounder the better. Yes, I think my hands could take well to the local peaches." When she steps away, he goes to the area she had seemingly found one, and he'll lift his hand up while looking at her. "This was the one was it?" His hand will curver around it, under it, then slip up and wround until his fore and middle finger takt to either side of the stem where it is attacked. Gently at first, he'll pull, keeping the fruit safe in his hand. Not twisting, he'll tug until there is a snap and the main branch returns from the bend. A flurry of leaves rustling as they go back into place. "Perhaps this is the best one," he'll say then, still nestling it in his palm and holding it up to his nose while he looks over at Lorelei. Eyes partially close as he sniffs, then his teeth lower onto it. Pausing, then biting. Mirth in his eyes because replaced by surprise. A quick chew, then a swallow, "This really is good?" The first time he really addressed the fruit, overcome at how delicious it is actually. "I shall believe you in all things Lorelei."

Lorelei watches him, then laughs, "Did you think I was speaking falsely? I have my Arboren pride, but I wouldn't lie." She'll giggle again, "In all things? That could be dangerous." Still smiling, she'll turn to select a peach for herself. Going tip toe again, she reaches for a fruit that's a bit higher.

"And here am I," grins Ephraim, intrigued at her laugh again, watching her reach for a peach. Nestling his peach into a wedge where branche's meet in a Y shape, he comes over, "Lost in the middle." Two hands will come out to her sides from behind, to give her a lift. That is if she doesn't startle, so that she can get the peach itself, rather than grab it for her. Either because she said it has to be done by one's self, or simply, he's a man and she does have curves. "This might be easier with a step ladder, but I think I could get used to this." A pause, "Getting the better peaches."

Lorelei gives a bit of a started noise. Nothing scared, just wasn't expecting to be grabbed. She'll reach up and grab the fruit, cheeks returning to their pink state. "Thank you. My eye always finds the one out of reach." She'll turn around, looking up at him once her feet are back on the ground, "It's not hard to pick out the good ones, it just take some time to get used to what to look for." The fruit!! She's talking about the fruit!!

"And there are so many, no time to taste all of them, one has to content oneself with picking the very best," grins Ephraim, not about the fruit perhaps. He hasn't reached over to return to the one he had started to eat just yet. "Soft, not squishy, just ripe and full of juice. I am lucky to have chanced upon you, elsewise, I would be lost in a sea of fruit, not knowing which to grab or how to go about grabbing them even." Ah, then he remembers his fruit, though his smile suggest he knew where the real fruit was all the time. It reaches back, his eyes not missing her, as he recalls just were he put it. Its pulled back to his mouth and he takes a bite, most of it goes in, a slight wetness remains on his lips as he looks at her.

Lorelei's eyes widen, he's not even trying to be subtle now! She'll inhale, eyes going out to the path, "It was my pleasure, my lord." Oh Loree, really? worst word choice, ever. There's a tiny warble in her voice, "I've found most people in the garden like to praise it. Anyone here would have helped you, I'm sure." she'll avert her eyes, as he bites, somehow he's making eating fruit into something else. Her own fruit stays in her hands, she's suddenly nervous.

"They may just have, but I think I picked the right one," grins Ephraim. Noting the slight warble in her voice perhaps, his grin warms some. "Right, near ripe perhaps, deserving of praise from any and all who would venture upon this very garden. Despite that praise, I am more glad it was you." He'll continue, the mirth in his eyes mirroring some of the warmth at his lips. "I have heard them also say, the right fruit can only be picked if it is ready. I believe I appreciate those thoughts. I shall not take a fruit before its time."

Lorelei blinks, unsure if he's giving her a out, or setting her up. Nodding slowly, "That is true. A fruit has to be ready, or it's bitter." Her eyes go up, search his face, trying to read it. "There are plenty of others fruits ready, and within your grasp. Don't wait too long." She'll swallow, cheeks still flushed, and then turn away. Why do these nobles keep doing this to her?!?! "Have you and the chance to walk the paths here?" She'll start moving towards the paths weather he answers her right away or not, moving is good. Gives her something to focus on.

Perhaps in some way, its not gettig to the center so much as the chase. Ephraim grins at her words. "I haven't no, I'm beginning to enjoy the Arboren more and more I find." Catching up then, he takes another bite of his peach. "The ripe fruit I see is ready but not to my satisfaction. Perhaps I enjoy a pair of hands lifting me to the less obtainable fruits. The ones just out of reach are always better, not to mention, more memorable simply because one has to strive to reach them and that is a story in itself. Why take what is readily available when half the joy of picking peaches is the adventure itself. Finding the trees, finding the right fruit, and gently plucking it into the palm of your hands." He laughs then, the mirth unbidden in his throat.

Pink? no, her cheeks are now red. Loree was hoping for an out, instead she back herself into corner, it seems. She'll try a different tactic! She'll smile, eyes cast down at the peach in her hand, "Spoken as a noble, who's never had a parent force them to pick fruit for preserves hours on end. Ma used to send us into the forest to pick blackberries. Would tell us to not come home till out buckets were full." She'll laugh softly, looking up to the path their walking on, "Although looking back, she may have down that to get us out of her hair as much as to get the blackberries."

"Or simply," grins Ephraim, then shakes his head, another laugh, "Or perhaps that is too much. But, picking fruit for hours on end, I think we are finally on the same page Lorelei." He'll skip and turn again, to walk slightly backwards and look at her, if she doesn't avert her gaze again. "You know, if its too much, you can simply say so, but I think I'm entirely enjoying your blush to much. I find it fitting to your features. And then, in all honesty, I think I enjoy this glimpse into your childhood and the picking of blackberries from the forest. Most of my hours away from the parents were spent on a ship or learning the sword, or etiquette. This fruit, its a new world for me … metaphorically and literally."

Lorelei does look up, he's right in front of her, where else can she look. "I just…." And then she'll keep with the theme of the conversation, "Reaching for fruit one can never truly attain is frustrating, and in the end, just leave one hungry and empty." Loree sighs, hoping he understands what she's referring to and doesn't take offense. The separation of Nobles and citizens is rough. She'll chuckle, tying o keep with the change of topic though, perhaps she can just steer them away. "Next time Ma sends me into the forest for blackberries, I'll message you, so you don't feel you've missed a life lesson." She's smiling, and clearly teasing him now, "You can come watch my back to make sure I'm not abducted by Hostiles."

"Ah, the fruit that is unattainable but that I can watch is the best of all," grins Ephraim at the offer. "Come to think of it, I would rather enjoy simply watching you in the forest picking berries while keep your backside safe from the Hostile." He did say it that directly, perhaps enjoying the words and playing with them as much as those times she had blushed earlier. "Fruit or no fruit, entering the forest or not, I find myself more liking you with each moment that passes Lorelei." Reaching into a pocket he pulls at a mini-tablet, and offers to shake it to exchange contact information, "Just, promise, no matter what happen, that your peach will never loose its blush?"

What is wrong with Nobles?!?! Why do they thing heartache is so romantic? Loree indeed is blushing, and will bite he lower lip. "I didn't mean…" She'll bring hand up to tuck lock of hair behind her ear, "I did not mean watch me." She'll shake her head, looking around to see if anyone is near. Maybe looking for privacy, maybe looking for an out. It's hard to tell. "You need to get out more then, my lord. I am nothing special….except that I blush too much." After a moment of hesitation, she'll reach and take his tablet, quickly typing in her info, her own peach still in her hand. When he gets the chance to look, she's noted next to her name, "Not a peach!"

Grinning just the same, Ephraim shrugs at her sentiments, "I get out too much. I find myself rising to the bait you know, that you are not special." Like that's some invitation or a challenge, "Eye's and curves, an attractive woman whether you think you are special or not Lorelei." He steps closer, his hand coming up as if to brush one of those locks of her hair. "But, more your eyes, its is as if one could be lost there, amongst those thick lashes of yours. I could simply enjoy that you know. The thought of your eyes. But I think I'm too forward, I'm more curious of your thoughts on strange fruits and the mating habits of native butterflies I think."

"I didn't…there was no bait!" Loree doesn't flinch away at his touch, but does stiffen, unsure how to take all of this. She tries not to, but when he speaks of strange fruits and certain habits of butterflies, she squeaks out a high pitched, "What?" The blush is now creeping down her neck.

"I am teasing," grins Ephraim, "I do not think you bait on purpose, it is part of the charm that is Lorelie. Or that I find you rather attractive if I'm being honest. And perhaps, perhaps the habits of butterflies was a bit much. I do not want to say you could be vulnerable any less than I would admit I wouldn't mind pressing an advantage. Because each moment you are near me, my curiousity grows to wonder how those lips would taste Lorelei." He takes a step closer, "Yet, because of your charm, I find myself wishing not to hurt you in any way. You are something quite special you know."

Lorelei 's eyes are wide now, darting around. "I am at no disadvantage, my lord. I grew up with two brothers. I can take care of myself." She stands her ground, but sounds nervous though, unsure. "I am sure I am like any other girl you could find…." Loree's unsure if that is actually going to help her case or not.

"In that sense … you have no disadvantage. I would do whatever you asked me," says Ephraim, taking a step closer, the hand that went to the locks of her hair falls to her neck, perhaps more familiar there then when it reached for her hair. "No other girl that I have stood so close to would deny that she is a peach. I find that as fascinating as your eyes Lorelei. I find myself curious what else you write, what thoughts you have. But more, how soft your lips are, soft but not squishy perhaps?" His eyes soften but do not close, as if he would almost lean in to just plant a kiss, but he stays himself, wanting to swim in her eyes for moments longer it would seem.

Ephraim can feel small tremble go through Loree as he touches her neck. A small intake of breath, and she'll blink, looking up at him. "I write nothing of importance…nothing fascinating." a very small noise, almost whimper escapes Loree and she'll take a half step backwards as he leans in, "I am not some conquest. You may not be wary of heartbreak, but I've been down this path." Her voice is shaky and there's an undertone of past hurt, "I won't be bedded for sport or amusement. The law restricts me that the best I could be to someone like you is to come second , as a companion." She'll take another step away, trying to move so that his hand is off of her.

His smile still presant, Ephraim will nod indifference, as she wraps it up as best she can with, straight forward and truthful. "Then I shall hold onto those eyes and those lips as a fantasy Lorelie. As for the peach and those curves, they shall play there as well. And we will leave them there. You are right, when my father informs me a match has been made, I'll have no choice in the matter. You, sweat lady, have the power of that choice, the right to choose what you want to do for yourself as you desire. I see now you were not at a disadvantage. I am thankful for that, you are special, you have a strong will." His hand will move away, but he's eyes do not leave her, and he lets her have the space she desires.

His words should make Loree feel better, but they don't. She hates this. How are theses restrictions helpful to Haven? Her eyes soften watching his, "I wish things were different…" She'll take a deep breath, trying to calm down, "I understand if you don't wish to be my friend…"

Grinning just the same, its as if nothing could take mirth away from Ephraim. "Nonsense," he says, waving a hand to bat away the idea, "How could I not wish to be friends with a charming peach like yourself Lorelei. Just understand, I may compliment you more. Honesty I can not hide how I feel and there might by libertine thoughts, but even as a friend, I can respect you wholly. Understand, I see no woman as sport and knowing how you feel now, I am more intrigued to simply get to know you. Perhaps that is a better start?" His eyes focus on hers, lazily taking them in.

Lorelei watches him, weighing his words. A small, but honest smile tugs at her lips. Her voice is soft and she'll nod, "Ok….yes. A start. I'd like that." She'll take a small half step closer, putting them at a normal distance again. The smile grows some, "And I'm not a peach."

"Come one," says Ephraim, playfully, a chuckle in his throat. "That's but begging for me to talk about your rump." A tease, "Which I could at some length, I'm no poet mind you, but I do know a few verses. But, I shall try to respect this start. You don't write poems, and your not a peach. What is it you like to do, other than tease young nobles with … oh wait, I said I wasn't going to let my thoughts and mouth wander."

Lorelei's eyes go wide, "I did not! Leave my rump out of your verses!!" she'll actually reach over and smack his arm lightly. There is absolutely no force behind it. She'll laugh though, it doesn't take Loree much to forgive. "I do write poems, I just don't recite them. Unlike Michael, I'm not looking for attention."She'll shake her head, looking down, but doesn't seem upset, more just getting used to the shift in their dynamic. "I love to ride horses. My family owns a ranch."

A chuckle at the arm tap, he welcomes it, though he'll probably let his thoughts and mind wander just the same. Currently the reigns are in check. "Well," grins Ephraim, "I suppose that is about as far from the sea as I could get. The forest was one thing, but I thought. Well, I didn't think much outside of wanting to be close to your eyes." Another chuckle, perhaps more at himself. "Friends, but I can steal a look or two right, or is that in the off-limits category too? No, don't tell me, tell me about your horses, perhaps there is one you like to ride?" A pause, maybe now even he wonders if he's asking seriously or metaphorically without realizing he's doing it.

Lorelei gives a half shrug, never having really been on a boat to compare. She'll open her mouth to start to chide him, but then he asks the million dollar question. Her horse! She doesn't pick up on any double means, her eyes sparkling as she start telling of her pet, "Oh! My horse, Hubert is the best.I've had him forever. He's gentle and has always taken care of me. He broke his leg a few months ago, but he's better now. I've been taking him out for short runs now, and he's doing so well!" She's practically beaming as she speaks of her Hubert.

"Ah, Hubert," says Ephraim, looking around at some of the trees a moment, as he had listend, but bringing his eyes right back, like a magnet. They go where they want and he doesn't hide that it would seem. "I would like to meet this Hubert, to have taken such care of you Lorelei. He has done his job well." Then he lifts a hand to her chin, not touching if she doesn't want him to, "He must be a special friend to make you so happy. I shall have to learn his secrets I think. Or at least thank him to see you smiling now simply in thinking of him. Well, when you mentioned gathering berries and where being honest, despite where my thoughts strayed, you were happy then. I think you may have had a good childhood, this forest ranch of yours sounds like a great place."

Lorelei allows the touch, and there's only avery small tremor, briefly. "Hubert saved my like when I was ten. He's been my guardian for a very long time." She'll blink, look at Ephraim, again back to almost studying him. "You can, if you'd like…meet him. We have plenty of horses, if you'd like to go riding."

"I would like that," says Ephraim, his hand not straying but looking at her as she studies him. "So long as he won't bite me, I heard horses can be tempramental, and protective of those they love. What if he thinks I'm too playful with you and decides to do something about it?" His eyes light up as he is merely teasing. "I shouldn't stare too long at your eyes, I'll forget we agreed to start again as friends. Will I get a chance to read one of your poems, no need to force a reading out of it, but I would be interested." His hand slowly falls, but his eyes stay with hers.

Lorelei laughs,"Then you'll just have to behave yourself. If he bites you, I'll know he was in the right." She'll keep smiling, but it's a bit shy, "I can let you read some, if you'd like. I'm working on a few for House Iah currently.But I have others completed." She's not trying to brag, an didn't sure how to tell people that without sounding like she is.

"Or, I'll misbehave like the unsavory sort I am and accept the bite as the price to pay for being so close to you," says Ephraim looking away a moment, "It is the risk that is worth the effort, I shall suffer in enjoyment honestly." His eyes come back, alight with enjoyment in the moment, in life perhaps. "The completed ones, I shall save myself to hear the one for House Iah when they deem it necessary to have such made public. This is perhaps for the Storytelling festival that is coming up?"

Lorelei laughs again, becoming more comfortable, "I wouldn't hope for that, he bites hard, according to my brothers." She'll think moment, "I have a few I can show you, I guess. And yes, for the Festival…and for the up coming wedding. I'm having a hard time with that one."

"Why's that," ponders Ephraim to the one she is having difficulty with, "Unfamiliar subject, or perhaps some personal reflection escaping that you'd rather keep personal." A chuckle he looks for her eyes again, "You know, if I ever ask too much, you can simply tell me to stop. That's a special power, I've given it to no one before me, that I would heed your voice."

Lorelei face was just starting to cool off, but it goes a bit pink again, "Oh…it's an arranged marriage…it's hard to spout off about love and marriage if the bride and groom barely even know each other." she'll just ignore the unfamiliar subject question. Raising an eyebrow, Loree tilts her head, "You give me an awful lot of power. What if I am an evil witch, luring men to peach trees?" At the end of her question, she'll make a ridiculous face, wrinkling her nose, and will try her best to look vicious.

Chuckling at her tease, Ephraim nods, "Oh, I could only hope, because, you have some lovely peaches Lorelei." It was open and he took it just the same, his eyes lighting upon her. "As for the poem and the marriage, perhaps you could speak of a growing love, something with time elements. I mean, we here of it all the time, for every unwanted marriage, there is that ideal hope that over time, they will love each other. I like to think my parents found love. Then again, there are many companions outside of marriage with so many, I don't know. I don't envy having to write that poem, not that I would be able to."

Yeah, Loree totally left herself open for that, "Oh!" She'll push at him again, mortified that he said that, but trying to not smile…cause it is funny. Trying to keep on track about the poem, "I've got some, about duty and loyalty to the house, to the crown and to Haven. It just doesn't feel very…wedding-ish." She'll wrinkle he rose slightly as he mentions companions. Nobles think it's a honorable thing, but it's not how Loree's seen citizens behave.

He perhaps too doesn't see it as honorable, maybe not realizing how even he himself sounded there. Ephraim reconsiders as she says it doesn't sound like marriage. "What if you tried something with new beginings, opportunities and potentials. The duty stuff certainly, but I'd hate to think marriage as a duty for anyone - man, woman, either and both. A responsibility, but in some way its up for those arranged to be married to figure out where they belong in it. Hopefully they find their peaches to be enjoyable, but no telling what you get when its picked for you I suppose."

Lorelei sighs, clearly frustrated by the whole thing, "Yeah…I know. It's just…..growing up, every little girl ever, nobles included, thinks about their wedding day and…I just couldn't imagine …"She'll trail off, sighing. "I do have one lead I haven't pursued yet, but I'm not quite sure how. They both like to dance, I thought I could perhaps use that as a starting point. But…"She'll trail off a second time, realizing she was just a bout to share something possibly dangerous for Ephraim to know. He says new beginnings, friendship, but no need to push those boundaries yet. He's doing that well enough on his won. Loree imagines Hubert will be very busy biting him when they meet.

If Ephraim didn't show restraint, Hubert might have a frenzy on his hand. All the same, he smiles without measure. "You are saying you like to dance?" He lets that question out, more curious himself in that moment, "I think you're onto something, that dream, while growing up. I don't know either of the two in this marriage. Actually, as it stands, I've lost myself in your eyes, and peaches, today. I should return to Beacon before its too late. If you like, you could call me later when you're stumped again for words, or if you're bored and want to lure me out with that witchy charm of yours. It wouldn't be too hard, really." A shrug, he starts backing up as if he doesn't want this beginnig to end, and yet, he has some of those family responsibilities himself. "Good witch Lorelei, I am honored for the pleasure of your company and was delighted by the savory peaches."

Lorelei looks down, "No…"She basically mumbles the next part, "I don't really know how to dance…" She'll quickly offer, hoping that will keep him from asking about the dancing, "Ok, yes. I can call you, if you'd like, We can go riding. you can meet Hubert." She'll giggle, rolling her eyes, "Good witch Lorelei…that sounds so silly."

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