Maddie Hasson
Maddie Hasson as Willow Byrche
Full Name: Willow Byrche
Byname: None
Age: 18
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Arboren
Title/Profession: Citizen
Position: Personal Assistant to Jane B. Wyre
Spouse: N/A Height: 4'11
Father: Simon Byrche Weight: 105
Mother: Elyssa Byrche Hair Color: Dirty Blond
Siblings: River (eldest sister), 2 unnamed older brothers Eye Color: Blue-Grey
Children: N/A


Willow Byrche grew up in the Arborenin Woods with a happy childhood full of dreams and aspirations to become an actress along the lines of Jane B. Wyre. Her dream came true when, at the age of fifteen, she was taken by her parents to a talent agency and signed. Willow has been in a few commercials that trickle through the Haven System but has yet to be involved in any feature or television work. As of this moment, she serves as Jane B. Wyre's new assistant.



With a sweetly rounded face and glittering grey-blue eyes, Willow is a stunning creature in her own right. While not completely filled out or glamorous, the small girl in her late teens tops out a shade under five feet and weighs in at around 105 pounds. What little weight she does have is dedicated to the slender curve of her growing body - in the breasts and hips that are starting to create a sweet hourglass allure. Tumbling dirty blond locks fall down to her waist in flowing curls and waves. Her skin is lightly tanned from some time spent outdoors and contrasts against the dark lashes that frame her brilliantly bright eyes. They are easily her most noticeable feature at first glance, swimming between a stormy grey and bright cornflower blue, adjusting between one or the other, depending on her mood. But her true unique feature is her smile. Expressive and open, her smile tells her mood better than anything else.


Aspiring Actress - More than anything else in the world, Willow wants to be a famous actress, just like her idol. Nothing will stop her from reaching her goals, unless it interferes with her moral system. But even now, she's starting to wonder if there's any way of making it to the top without betraying what she was taught as a child.

Mile-A-Minute Mouth - She talks. A lot. And fast. Way too fast. Especially when she's excited.

Naive - She grew up in a safe environment, surrounded by people she loves and who love her. Now out in the big city, all alone, it's kind to call her naive, never knowing what is truth and if people are lying to her.

Dreamer - Willow is a dreamer. She can just stare off into space and imagine the future, picturing herself as a huge actress that will dazzle the crowds with her looks and smile.

On the Grid


Miss Willow Byrche of the Arborenin Woods is a highly qualified candidate for your next project. Be sure to contact her agent, Seymour Oldejunque.

Previous Acting Experience


  • School Production of The Fiddler's Revenge: From Roof to Basement
  • School Production of Go Back to Sleep


  • Background child in classroom - For Snap-A-Finger Trash Collection
  • Background female boxer in ring - For No Slip! The Mat Warehouse


  • Daughter - For Hart, Lessman & D'Pressey Divorce Attorneys


  • 12 years experience in dance - ballet, tap, modern, interpretive and ancient (specializing in disco)
  • 11 years Classical training in Singing
  • 11 years Acting experience


  • Sword fighting
  • Archery
  • Horseback Riding
  • Singing
  • Dancing

Known Associates

Jane Ms. Jane B. Wyre : My new employer! I saw her six times when I was five in "The Underdark". She is my inspiration for wanting to become an actress and I just couldn't be more lucky to have her as my future mentor and guide.
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