08.20.3013: While the Cats Away
Summary: Chiron and Demos engage in small talk while Viannea is removed for labs/tests.
Date: 20th August 2013
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Chiron Demos 

Hospital - Khar-Mordune
Viannea's room (suite)

Conversation started to quiet as they visited with Lady Viannea Peake. Then, it was interrupted as medical staff came in to take a few readings of the vitals. The nurse assistant informed they'd have to get a few more tests, not due to those vitals, but the doctor had requested. Sort of as a way to prep them that she would have to leave the room for a bit. Then, before much longer, they came to will her away for those said tests.

A silence settles in at first, the sounds of the hospital filter in through the door that remains open. The nurses station not far off, some difficulty with another patient. Not wanting to listen too much longer, Demos turns to Chiron, "Not an opportune time to meet in this fashion, but an opportunity worth taking advantage of … you are currently squiring …" Simply to open up some conversation as the geologist looks to finally take a seat.

Chiron Takes a seat, following Demos's example. "That would be correct. Lady Sir Agnes Peake is my mentor." He replies, "Bey tells me you work with rocks or something?" He says giving the man a slightly confused face. "I'm unfortunately not quite as familiar with stuff like that as Bey is, he's always been the bookworm of the family." He says, laughing.

"Yes," grins Demos, smiling pleasant. Perhaps used to the generalization, his smile might indicate he relishes making the transition from rocks to more scientific geology. "Rock would be a beginning. I am trained as both a Geologist and Stone Mason. My public schooling on Detritus trained me as a journeyman, my interest in the earth sciences as well as my grades and test scores earned me a Crown Scholarship to the Academ." Shifting a little, he glances out the window as if looking for something out there amongst the cavenrs of Khar-Mordune. "That is what I hoped to talk to you about, Balius' interest in the Academ. I've spoken to your sister on this, but I'm curious what you think of him attending?" His eyes naturally return to Chiron, assured with whatever he glimpsed out there.

"I wondered when that would be brought up." Chrion muses, laughing some. "I think that he deserves the chance to go to the Academ, he's got the intelligence for it. He's mostly self taught the stuff he knows outside of regular public learning, which I think is pretty impressive. I know that my sister has come up with some crazy plan to get him the money required… but I don't know how I feel about it. I'd prefer him to try getting the Crown Scolarship before anything else, but Loree and Bey are wanting to move forward with house Iah…" He frowns some, it's clear he wasn't particularly ok with this plan.

"An option of last resort would be a loan," says Demos, simply to establish that, which has most likely been brought up to Chiron by now if the siblings are speaking with him. "I don't think that's advisable. Then again, from my perspective, that could be a worse situation than a good Sponsor. To speak on the benefits of House Iah … Lady Doctor Elodie is brilliant in her own right, would serve as both a good mentor as well as prepare him for potential obligations post graduation." Not outright suggesting that it is the only way to go. "He should try to the scholarship, but have a reserve plan. Mine was with House Dalton, and even without the sponsorship, I continue to hold good relations with them. I think he should at least submit formal inquiry to House Iah."

Chiron sighs, it's obvious that Lorelei didn't tell him the whole story. "No, Bey wouldn't be Sponsored by House Iah… Lorelei is going to be giving him a grant." He looks at Demos, taking a deep breath before continuing. "House Iah offered Lorelei a place on Occulus with them as their poet. Lorelei would take that offer if they give her the money to give to Bey so he can go to school…" He trails off, a little upset with everything. "Bey wouldn't be earning it at all, I don't even know if /he/ knows fully what Loree has planed!"

Lifting a brow, Demos nods, "Ah, yes, she had mentioned something of this to me. I am more curious young master, is your concern simply in Balius not having the accomplishment of having earned it, or that your sister would obligate herself for a length of time in place of Balius doing the same after his graduation?" That is open, there could be more concerns the squire has. Demos shifts a little, reaching into a pocket and pulling out a small granite with a smell gemstone embedded in it.

"I guess it's a combination of the two? My sister is just in a weird place right now. About two months ago she visited Occulus and almost died, it's a miracle she lived." He says, leaning back some. "By her doing this for Balius I worry that he won't take it as seriously. If for some reason he fails, it's not just his fault, but Loree sacrificed so much for nothing. I don't want that happening." Chiron closes his eyes and tilts his head up some. "I don't know, I obviously want what's best for both of them, I just don't know what that answer might be. I'm just worried that they're not thinking long term and just taking the easiest way to get him there."

"Its a technicality," responds Demos, "Your sister is thinking long-term, she is making a commitment to secure the financing as best she knows how. As for Balius, I am worried should he discover the truth on how the money was earned, he may feel slighted and, indeed, question his own value as a potential student. In fairness, the Academ is full of those undeserving of that education. It is simply bought. At the worst, his education will simply be bought through your sisters hard work." Shifting a moment, "But I told your sister and I'll say this, I would only advise her plan as a last effort to avoid loans. He is a brilliant man, though he might not get the Crown Scholarship, there are other scholarships out there. As well, I am willing to cover books and his lab expenses in his primary sciences as well as his graduate focus."

Chiron nods, feeling slightly better about the situation, but not much. "I'm glad you talked with her about it. She claims to have spoken with Bey about it and that he's ok with it. I've not spoken to Bey about it, so who knows what she told him…" He opens up his eyes, looking back at Demos. "I'm probably over complicating things and there is probably nothing to worry about, but I just don't want my sister put in a situation where she gets screwed, you know?"

There is a nod from Demos, "Its a fine balance, especially if she does what she is offering. I did not know she intented to receive the money as an obligation to her services as a poet. If it comes to that and Balius is unaware of her intentions, it would slight him as well. He is a brilliant young man, young master. It could damper his flame to learn that what he thought was an achievement was something of a hand out. I know he simly wants to continue his studies, to learn all he can. I am trying to impress in him that even then, there are always obligations for that knowledge. Be it to the academic world itself, the houses, or humanity."

"Good, I'm glad to see he has mentors with morality." Chiron says smiling at Demos. "I just worry about the two of them, I can't help it, being the oldest. I've always kind of been their guardian. I try to look at things critically, because sometimes something that's too good to be true more often then not end up being just that."

Grinning himself, Demos will give a long nod, "This is one of those, too good to be true. The Light be willing, he may receive a Crown Scholarship … but I imagine there will be a lot more work involved in the end to make ends meet on this one. Lorelei may think she simply helps him, but at best she will simply lesson the load. The scenario comes with its own hole, but if they work together instead of at opposite ends, it can easily be climbed out of rather than a digger pit is dug."

Chiron gives Demos a curious look. "Just /how/ much is this going to cost?" His voice sounds a little worried, his family has enough debt already. "Is this something that he can do in addition to still helping out at the stables? Should he also be asking for money from the Rhoven?"

Lifting the rock to his chin a moment, Demos taps it silently there. "Ah, yes. This would be the most advisable outcome, he inquires with house Rhoven for a sponsorship. I'd spoken with Lady Talynne about my desire to ride horses, we were invited to for a short stay with the House Caravan. Both to see how they moved and for me to ride a horse. Its almost seems a natural fit. Lorelei is worried, a sponsorship usually comes with terms of obligation to be fulfilled after graduation. She sees this as debt, he may too. Yet, as the stables in part could offer some value to House Rovehn, as well as his knowledge of horses, I think terms could be achieved that the stables are not forgotten in the long term while allowing him to attain his education and pursuit of the sciences."

Chiron nods, "Well, from what I am hearing, it sounds like it's almost impossible to get though the Academ without some kind of debt." He nods as he listens to the rest. "Perhaps that is the best option."

"It is near impossible," nods Demos, fully agreeing with the realization Chiron has just reached, "Our goal is to lesson that so that whatever form it comes in is managable, whether that is from terms of …" A personal device of his goes off and he exchanges the rock for the device, holding up his other finger as if to appologize for the interruption. The smile fades slightly and he starts to rise. "Young master Quellton, my apologies, there is a situation on the Ring. Consider what we've discussed, chew it over, I'd like to speak with you more about this, but my attention is required." He'll offer a bow in parting, the other isn't a Knight yet, but he's on his way, and the scholar affords him that respect before he heads for the door.

"Oh, well ok then. I hope everything is alright up there…." He says, sounding a little worried. Like most Arborens, Chiron isn't a huge fan of the ring. It's just so… enclosed. "I'd love to come talk to you again about it. Have a nice day." Chiron waves at Demos, frowning just a little.

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