Where We Came From
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The people of the Haven System originally arrived aboard a sleeper ship from Old Earth sometime in the early 33rd Century. Their genetic and ethnic makeups were specially chosen for the largest possible gene-pool. Upon arriving in the Haven System, being defrosted, and landing on the second planet in the system, Governor-General Hanse declared it to be Year 0 of the Haven Calendar. The databanks of the sleeper ship were corrupted on the trip, so all that remained of Old Earth were fragmentary records, hard-copy books, and the memories of the first colonists.

Although all five worlds of the Haven System, save for the Fourth World, had undergone terraforming, the colonists settled first on Second World before expanding outward to First World and the moons of Third World 600 years after colonization. It was another century before Fourth World was settled, and three centuries more until Fifth World came close enough to settle. With Waygates set up on all five Worlds, most of the interplanetary ships were mothballed, no longer worth the required upkeep.

The Silence

This proved to be a mistake when the sole Waygate on Fifth World malfunctioned shortly after it left easy communication range. Scientists on all four worlds struggled to solve the problem, but when Fifth World was once more within travel distance of the inner worlds 500 years later, they still had not found a solution. Patrol ships were sent out to regain contact with the lost colonists of Fifth World, but they vanished without a trace. No contact could be made throughout the forty years before Fifth World passed out of range of the inner worlds once more, leaving the fate of the lost colonists a mystery.

This disappearance overshadowed the beginning of the Awakening, when about 5% of children began to be born with outstanding abilities. These Awakened children could share their thoughts with others, could move objects with their mind, and would have scared the living daylights out of the populace of the Haven System, except for the mystery of Fifth World.

The First System War

That mystery was solved 500 hundred years later in 2013 After Landing, when Fifth World came back into travel distance, and ships of unknown design assaulted Fourth World. The few interplanetary ships remaining lifted off to face the enemy. Though outnumbered, they engaged the enemy, destroying a few invaders before they were themselves annihilated. Once the enemy ships made landfall, things went even worse for the Havenites.

The individual enemy soldiers were not only cybernetically and genetically modified, but they appeared to be immune to the blaster weapons of the planetary defense force. And there were a lot of them. A few brave men and women fought back with bayonets, knives, and improvised weapons, killing a few of the invaders, but Fourth World's immediate reaction force was slaughtered, only those who fled surviving. Governor-General Matthias Sev broke out reserve stores of projectile weapons, but these too proved ineffective.

Finally, the corpse and gear of a dead invader was recovered, and it was determined that they carried miniaturized energy fields that stopped high energy transference (like blasters) and any projectile going over a certain velocity. Bullets were stopped, blasters had no effect, but brute force melee strength worked, even archaic hunting tools like bows and crossbows were effective. But the shields interfered with anti-grav technology, meaning that starships and landers were still vulnerable.

The fight was taken to this new enemy in space first, trying to cease the flow of reinforcements from Fifth World, and desperate defenses were put up around the Waygates leading off Fourth World. Martial artists, fencers, fanciers of historical martial arts, and archaic hunters were conscripted, given the best weapons money could buy, and thrown into the fight; thousands died.

A few experts were held back to retrain the standing armies of the four worlds. Governor-General Sev, already known for his fascination with Old Earth histories, even had the fancy to knight them. A hundred instructors were given the title Sir, and they trained-up three thousand soldiers. Two thousand of them were sent into battle, and the other thousand were set training twenty thousand more men and women in the arts of melee combat and archery.

Then the unthinkable happened. The Fifth Worlders captured a Waygate. They began to pour onto First World, spiritual home of the Haven System. Knowing that the entire system was doomed unless she acted quickly, Admiral Anansi Lee ordered the deployment of a secret weapon. To this day, no one knows exactly what this weapon was, but it destroyed Fourth World entirely, shattering it into what would become the asteroid field known as The Desolation. It also ended the majority of the war. The makeshift Haven Navy was able to hold off the invaders until they had to retreat back to Fifth World, and it passed out of transportation range for another 500 years.

The Reversion

Admiral Lee was immediately hauled before a military tribunal and dishonorably discharged from the military. Governor-General Sev was convinced that his knighthood and the soldiers it was creating would have saved them. So were the heads of each of the leading families of the Haven System, and of the Chantry. The reverse engineering of the Fifth Worlders' energy field promised to protect their own soldiery from the invaders' weapons, but it was an Awakened named Edward Taelith who sealed the deal. The people of the Haven System had long known that the Awakened were sometimes given a glimpse of possible futures, and Edward claimed that he had seen a way to save the Haven System. It was quickly decided to restructure Havenite society to emphasize the personal combat skills that had begun the defeat of the invaders. After all, it would only be five hundred years before Fifth World was once more in range of spaceships.

The Senate of the Haven System voted, the leading families of the Haven System voted, and the Elders of the Chantry voted, and Governor-General Sev became King Matthias of House Sauveur. The First King began to reshape the remaining worlds in the image of a long-imagined fantasy to better forge warriors who could face the invaders when next they came. The leading families became the Lords Paramount, and their client families became nobility as well. The knighthood was expanded, and training intensified. King Matthias created a council of the most powerful people in the Haven System, including Edward Taelin.

Over the next five hundred years, Havenite society reverted to something approaching a medieval status. The comforts of technology were not cast aside, but great destriers were bred again for armored knights to ride, and men and women alike were trained in the art of previously archaic weaponry. Motorized transport was done away with to encourage the learning of horsemanship, with the science of the Waygates providing the means of long-distance travel.

The Second System War

Five hundred years passed, and the Fifth Worlders returned. This time, however, the Havenites were ready for them. They fought the invaders in orbit, they boarded enemy ships, and they faced landings blade-to-blade. Men and women fought and died across the moons of Oculus, the plains of Imperius, and the lichen plains of Primus. This time, however, the slaughter was great on both sides. For forty years they fought to a stalemate, and then the forces of the Fifth World retreated once more.

With their way of life proven effective, the people of the Haven System threw themselves into rebuilding, wiping out pockets of remaining Fifth Worlders, and preparing for their inevitable return.

Continued in Who We Are
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