Where Have I Done Wrong?
Summary: Devon writes a letter to her uncle, Luke Grantham, in hopes of finding some solace.
Date: 16 December 2013
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Devon Luke 

April 1, 3014 — The Blackspyre, Volkan

It is late in the night over the molten city of Volkan. Lady Devon Khournas sits quietly in the study she shares with her newlywed husband. It has been three hours since she came off her shift down in the infirmary, and still she cannot sleep. She brushes her hands wearily down over her swollen belly, feeling that unborn child within giving a soft little kick of annoyance that its mother still does not sleep. She realizes she has been staring at the same drake skull for the last fifteen minutes, and she blinks herself clear of those cobwebbed thoughts.

Devon looks down in her lap, glass-colored eyes scanning over the tablet screen, and the beginnings of a letter. She breathes out a steady exhale through her nostrils. Where it had said Dear Flint, she swiped the slate clean and began anew.

Dear Crowseye,

I'm lost, Uncle. I feel as if a great wedge has been driven between my ribs and split my heart. I care very much for my Grantham family, wish to see no harm come to them. My wish to protect my own, however, may have cost me more than I can bear. In an attempt to protect your brother and my uncle's heart, I asked that he and the Young Lady of House Khournas cease their secret relationship. I feared that its continuation would result in deeper heartache, for the two will never be matched as long as the Young Lady retains her title. Never in all my life have I heard of Uncle Flint being in love, and the Young Lady knows that their relationship cannot last, but still she carries on without regard for his heart.

Now, however, I feel so terribly alone. Flint has not returned my letters, and the Young Lady and I are now at odds. I feel as if all I can do is throw myself into my work with the High Lord and my residency in the infirmary. My husband does what he can, but I do not want to put him at odds with his cousin by siding with me on this all.

I want so much to come home…

Please write me back. I would love to hear word from the House I call home.

Love, Always,


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