03.17.3014: When The Bough Breaks
Summary: Keanen, Tristan and Brienne all have an explosion. Then end up talking it out.
Date: 08 December 2013
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Family Common Room,
There is something homey about the common room shared by the family of House Arboren. Despite the fact that it must be able to accommodate several dozen people at any given time, there is a warm coziness created by its atheistic. Like most of the Elder Seat, the floors are done in polished wood, though here it looks as if they have taken planks from all over the Spine and puzzled them together in a rainbow of pale gold, rich maple, deep dark rose, and heavy mahogany. There are various nooks spread along the exterior walls which contain tall windows that each have the topmost panes done in stained glass. There is a large, broad hearth done in heavy stone that burns with a bright fire particularly in the winter.

Spread throughout the room are various seating arrangements and shelving units of electronic books. The one thing this room is missing that other House common rooms host are vidscreens. Those of House Arboren know that this room is for conversation and peaceful reflection.

March 17, 3014

Warning: Graphic Language

Keanen is sitting on the floor, back leaning against one of the couches. He has some bandages laid out before him, and he's wrapping his human hand. There's a vidpad on the table in front of him, but it's turned off. His long hair is left loose, dangling around his head as he tends to his wounded palm.

Stepping out from his own rooms, Tristan looks around a bit thoughtfully, before he spots Keanen. Moving over in the younger Arboren's direction, he tries moving as quietly as he can now.

Brienne arrives much slower from her apartment. Yes. Alone. Scuffing her boots along the floor as she walks, she notices a couple of her brothers hanging around and begin heading in that direction.

Keanen looks up at Tristan as he approaches. He uses his teeth to hold the bandage tight as he uses his free hand to cut it with his hunting knife. Then he finishes the wrap, sticking it with the tape. "Hey," he says, quietly.

"Hey," Tristan replies, nodding to the bandage now. "Hurt yourself?" Sounding a bit concerned, as he studies his brother, before finally looking around the room, gaze stopping on Brienne now. Keeping quiet, expression unreadable for a few moments, before he offers her a bit of an uncertain smile. "Hey."

Brienne approaches the two now and despite loving her brothers immensely, she can find no warmth to offer, and none enters her cool green eyes. Her stance is stiff, posture positively screaming back the fuck off as she stands there and regards them in silence. There's stuff to say. She says nothing.

Keanen nods at his brother, "Yeah. It's okay. I think it's a wasted effort, though." He sighs. Looking at his sister, he offers a gentle smile, "Hey."

Tristan winces for a few moments as he sees Brienne's reaction. Remaining standing where he is, until something Keanen said makes him frown a bit. "Wasted effort?" he asks, before he looks between the two of them. Part of him looking like he'd want to be somewhere far away, or something.

Brienne glances at Keanen through lowered lids, not offering either a smile. She crosses her arms over her chest in case no one got the whole back off vibe the first time. "Firia was naked in the woods with Declan." The words are delivered flat.

Keanen nods at Tristan, "Yeah. Cut my hand at the kissing tree with Evey. Turns out, she may be seeing Nitrim, too, if ya believe tabloids. Fuck me." Then he furrows his brow a bit, and looks at Brienne, then Tristan. "Wait. YOUR Firia?" And then he stands, "I swear to the fucking gods I'm gonna kill that piece of shit." He's mad. "Where is Declan?!?" he asks, fists clenching.

Tristan blinks a bit as he hears Brienne's words. "What…?" Taking a few deep breaths, before he hears Keanen's words as well, wincing a bit. "Wait…" Turning to look at Brienne again, "What happened?" A brief pause, as he looks between the two of them.

Brienne remains her newly distant self. "She claims she was out there swimming for peace or some other fuckall reason. Declan claimed he fell in the pond from some cliff and climbed out to help her dress. A fucking gentleman would turn his gaze away while the lady dressed her damn self." Oh yeah she's angry. "And now.. I'll never marry Kieran. Valta laughed their ass of at mom and she's pissed at me. Sauveur hates me now too, because I wasn't aware Advent Sauveur was in love with me. Four confessions of love in four days and somehow it's all my fault." There's bitterness there in her voice, in her whole demeanor. "How was I supposed to know mother invited him here to get to know me when I only heard from him a couple of times?"

Keanen scowls, his cheeks flushing, "So, that fucking brother stole Ariana from me AND Firia from you," he growls at Tristan. "Fuck him!" He looks at Brienne, "Well, I guess it sounds like none of us get to be with who we want." He kicks the vidpad that was on the floor in front of him, and it flies into the wall, bursting into pieces that spark and spray across the floor.

"I think I need to… have a chat with Declan…" Tristan's words are calm, but from the way his hands are clenching and unclenching, he's working hard on resisting just to rush off for that 'talk' now. He takes a deep breath as he hears Brienne's words, and then there's a bit of a guilty look on his face, as he moves forward in an attempt to hug her, no matter if she'd want him to or not. "I'm sorry…" he says, words very quietly now. "I…" Trailing off again now.

Intercepting the movement, Brienne sticks an arm out. It's not a rejection, really it isn't. She's just not allowing any contact with her at all. Keanen throwing the device gets a quick nod of approval, but she moves back from Tristan. "You talk to Declan. Both of you."

Keanen paces a moment, and then looks at Brienne. "What about you?" he asks of her. "What's with this Arvent guy or whoever? Mom still want you with him?"

That interception may not have been meant as a rejection, but it sure feels that way to Tristan as he shrugs, turning away from the other two now. Starting to make his way towards the exit, steps a bit slow as he does. Listening to what's being said at the moment, although he's not watching his siblings now.

"No mother said Sauveur wouldn't touch me with a match for anything now. Not that I am in a hurry to get married anymore. I went to apologize to him, apparently I hurt him too bad. He's screwed up over it. MAN, we met only a few times! How the fuck can someone be in love in that time? I don't even know anything about him, we talked like.. five times, max." FUCK! Brienne watches Tristan and heads after him at a jog, taking his arm and wrapping her arms around him. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Tristan. Just.. I'm all messed up right now."

Keanen grumbles something under his breath, and then he heads for the door, pushing past his siblings. "I'll be at Mott's," he grumbles as he passes.

As his arm is grabbed, Tristan comes to a full stop. And then as he's hugged, his own arms goes to wrap themselves around her, rather tightly. "I'm sorry…" he mutters, unable to fight back the tears that starts to flow now. "I've been a very bad, very selfish person…" A brief pause as he moves his head to look at Keanen now, letting out a bit of a sigh. "Be careful…" he offers, while still not letting go of Brienne.

Brie hugs him awhile longer, trying to comfort him and stop the tears, but then Keanen is leaving! "Keanen! What were you thinking at Mott's, questioning everyone like that, forcing their hands. Now it's all fucked. Other than Kieran… Adelstein and Advent apparently are in love with me and Canis.." Brienne closes her eyes, a hand pressed to her stomach as she steps away from Tristan. "Gods, I have probably destroyed him and I care about him so much. More than I should." Kieran was strong, he could handle anything, she knew it. Canis was strong but that look he gave her before, the forgiveness he had offered. She sits down on the window seat. "How can I make it up to Canis?" Frowning, "No Keanen, bad idea. Even I know not all rumors are true."

Keanen gets to the door, and he turns back to face his sister. "What was I thinking?? Oh, nice. So now this is all MY fault?" He shakes his head, "Are you SERIOUS?? What the hell?" He scowls, "It ain't a rumor, Brie. I saw the picture. It was all over the news."

"Don't blame him… Part of me wanted to do the same," Tristan says quietly now. "I know I was afraid, that we'd lose you… I'm so very sorry, Brie…" The tears haven't stopped, as he sighs. "And pictures can be… I don't know… taken out of context. What was the picture of them doing?" As Brienne moves for the window seat, he moves over to place a hand on her shoulder. "Did mother say anything about him? Canis that is?"

"GODSDAMMIT NO!" Brienne shouts in return. "I am not blaming you. You mean in all that I said that's all you heard? That's all you're worried about is getting the blame? What. The. Fuck. Ever. No, I don't blame you. There, better? Just back off. BACK THE HELL OFF ME!" She stands, pushing away from everyone as she stalks to her room.

"YES!" Keanen shouts at Brienne. "YES! THAT'S all I head because THAT'S all I'm worried about!" He paces now as he shouts, "I'm worried that you are blaming me! Okay?!? Fine, I'm a fuck up! I'm the gods damned black sheep, okay! I'm the fucking weird one. I get it! But you?" He stops pacing, shouting right at her, "You CARE! Hell, there are times, I think you might even LIKE me! OF COURSE that's the part I worry about, Brienne! I'm sorry, okay? I don't want you to blame me and hate me." He shakes his head, and his eyes seem to even be a bit moist. "Fuck." He sighs. "Fuck." He turns to go once more.

Tristan grimaces as he hears the rest of them, then just heads for the exit again. "Maybe we all need some time to cool down?" A brief shrug now. "Anyway, I'll see you guys. I just need to get… away…" A brief pause, before he adds, "Talk, to her…" And off he goes.

Well fuck. Gods damn mother fucking hell. Why was she always the bad guy? As much as she tried to push people away from her, there was no way Brienne could push her siblings away and now she discovered it, she wasn't about to let Keanen go. She turns and jogs to him much like she had done Tristan but she wraps her arms around him, trying to prevent him leaving. "Keanen," she says gently, swallowing past the sudden lump in her throat. "I love you and I'm sorry. None of this is your fault. I know you're hurting too. Just talk to her. Talk to Evey."

Keanen stiffens as she hugs him. It takes a long moment, and then he seems to relax a bit. Slowly, his arms move to wrap around her. They hesitate, as if this is weird and he's unsure if it's okay, which is probably accurate - Arboren isn't really a hugging family. Finally, those arms are around Brienne, and they tighten. He just holds her, and after a long moment, he whispers into her shoulder, "I'm sorry."

Brienne holds him gently, closing her eyes, willing him to hug her in return… when he does, a million and one of her worries melts away and she just holds him, resting her cheek against him. "You've always got me, Keanen. I'm not going anywhere and sometimes if we ever get mad at each other, I'm always going to be here for you and I'll never stop loving you. I need you and Tristan. It's the three of us against the world most of the time, but we've got each other."

Keanen keeps her held tight, almost clutching her, and he shakes a little, maybe he's crying, but his head is buried against her so she can't tell. "I'm gonna kill Declan… Nitrim too…"

Brienne smooths her hand down his hair, comforting him as well as she can. "Talk to Evey, Keanen. Maybe it was all innocent. Nitrim's been keeping out of the news lately, don't you think they are just looking for reasons?" She doesn't say anything about Declan yet. "If you find it's true, I'll help you kill him."

Keanen sighs into her, "Why would Declan steal Firia, too?" He sniffs, and slowly he looks at his sister. Indeed, it seems he is crying. "I get stealing Ariana, I mean, I never… But… Tristan? I mean… Fuck, it's Tristan." He shakes his head, "We have to talk to Mother."

Lifting her hand when Keanen looks at her, she wipes away tears with her thumb, giving him a tender smile. "Maybe I misunderstood it. We'll call a meeting, invite you, me, Tristan, Declan, Firia, Evey and.." Brienne sighs. "I don't know who to invite. Mother wanted a match with Sauveur, but.. Tristan. It's the main reason I backed off Advent cause no reason for two to join in the same house. I didn't tell Advent that, because it wouldn't have been fair, but I love Tristan and I want him happy. Firia makes him happy. Evey.. she would be a great match for you. I've never seen anyone who makes you act the way you do around her… or at least what you tell me." Leaving her own lovelife out of it now, she smiles. "So let's get everyone together and on the same page how about that?"

Keanen sniffs, and he nods a little. He finally begins to unwrap his arms from her, and he wipes his face. "I'm sorry," he says, as he does so, and again he agrees, "Yeah. We'll figure it out. And… We'll fix things with you, too. Maybe Mother can be convinced about Canis… We'll find something his house has that she'll want, huh?" He smiles a little, "It'll be alright."

"Canis.." Brienne muses softly. "I'm not going to seek anyone at the moment, Keanen. Mother will make a convenient match for me when the time comes. Canis deserves so much better than me. He's my best friend and I care for him a lot… and that is why I can't let him marry me. He'd be known as the 'nobleman who got stuck with that Arboren daughter.' So, no. He deserves so much more. Please, for me, don't convince mother of anything. I wouldn't bring him or Kieran or even Advent down like that."

Keanen shrugs, "If he loves you, what other's know him as won't matter to him. Or you." He smiles, "Look, of all of us, I'm the one that has no right to have ever ended up with someone in a real relationship, so stop selling yourself short." He sighs and nods, though, "I'll keep my nose out of it, though."

Brienne smiles as brightly as she can manage then. "Thank you, Keanen and I don't know why you think you don't deserve happiness but none of us deserve it any more than you. I'd love to see you happy and settled." She saves the lay-off-the-drugs speech for another time.

Keanen sighs again, and he runs his cybernetic hand through his hair as he looks off at the broken vid screen on the floor. "I deserve little, but I appreciate that you'd say that." He gives her a little smile, and then he swallows, "I'm gonna go for a walk. Clear my head." He lays his robot hand on her arm. "You okay?"

"I'm fine now, thank you, Keanen… for caring. I'll be just fine, I give you my word. We're strong as the trees of our forest, right?" Brienne offers him a warm smile that even manages to reach her eyes. "I love you. Be careful out there."

Keanen nods, giving her a quick once over, and then he heads out.

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