01.04.3014: When innocence dies
Summary: Balius comes to see Grayson at Grayson's request. The druid tells Balius about his darker side and Balius ends up leaving afraid.
Date: 02 Nov 2013
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The Bottoms - The Caravan, The Vale (ish)
Wherever the Caravan of House Rovehn may be, the stretch of plains where they set up their temporary settlement is known as The Bottoms. They favors flatlands where there is plenty of room for each of the large, wheeled caravans to set up comfortably — usually ranging from a one and a half to two square miles of open space. There is an organic way in which the caravans arrange themselves, almost naturally establishing districts and neighborhood blocks with roads of trodden grass winding their way between them. It is exceptionally rare to come across a parked caravan that doesn't have its rampways extended and exterior doors open. When weather allows, most of those caravans with housing units have their windows open, noises of everyday life mingling with the sounds of the plains.

Surrounding The Bottoms are the various horse herds, each of which are looked after by dozens of riders. Destriers, thoroughbreds, and walkers all mix and mingle together into cohesive groups. Hard light fences and paddocks are erected to provide safey and necessary shelters for the herds.

Jan 4th 3014

The house is well up kept and it's on the ground, in the plains. Rune has been loving how easy it is to get to the bunnies out in the Vale. Grayson sent out a letter asking for Balius to come to this house when he was available. Grayson has made tea and he's sitting that the dining table. Rune is outside chasing rabbits. In the letter, Grayson apologized for how he treated Balius and requested a chance to talk.

Not sure why Grayson was in the Vale of all places, Bey made his way from class registration over to the place suggested. He's dressed in green weather appropriate attire, bow and satchel over his back. "Heya Gray." He says as he gets closer.

Grayson stands up when Balius comes into the house and he bows his head. "Hi." He points to the teapot. "Tea?" His legs look much better and the house is covered in plants. He sits back down and takes a quiet sip of his tea.

"Sounds great man." Balius says as he moves to pour himself a cup, eying the surroundings with a bit of curiosity. "Sorry I couldn't come sooner - those registration lines are never ending…" He grins and sits across from the druid.

Grayson nods slowly. "I'm sorry." He speaks quietly. "I never really explained why I got mad at you or hurt you…" He takes another drink of his tea. "I was being selfish. I'm sorry." He still doesn't look up at Balius. He quickly turns to one of the plants and stands. He waters it and brushes his fingers over the leaf. He seems much more meek than shy.

"Hey, I don't blame ya. Sometimes I really suck." Bey says, seeming like he actually believes himself. "Whatever happened, it's probably my fault. I'd've come sooner, but ya seemed kinda insistent on having your space." He sips his tea.

Grayson turns around. "I feel in love with you too quickly. That was my fault. I was desperate for someone to love me back. My world exploded when my parents and mentor were murdered and I wanted so desperately to feel safe in someone's arms. I wanted someone to love me since all the people that did love me were gone. It wasn't about sex at all. It was about safety." He keeps his head bowed.

Reaching to give him a shoulder clasp, Balius nods. "We all need friends Grayson. Though the heart can be a fickle thing." A quick squeeze of the shoulder and then his hands are back on the teacup. "You got people that cares about ya, naught'll ever be like your ma or da. Ain't no use tellin' ya a lie, but you gots friends." He smiles a bit and sips.

Grayson tenses a little at the touch but it's gone quick enough. "I miss them very much and I don't have friends out here. Lord Ellisaire brought me here from my home to watch over his families old home. He was trying to help but … this isn't the Spine." He finally sits again. "I really don't have friends, Balius. Lorelie despises me. Keanen thinks I'm a freak. Darious .. well I don't know about him. He's pretty touchy for a straight guy. Tristan is introverted and prefers nature… Just… no one really. Except Rune. Whose getting older now."

"Well that's a long list there…and that's just Dar being Dar, is all. He kisses the ones he really likes." Balius chuckles at some thought or another. "Ya gotta start somewhere. And might be ya's the pot callin the kettle black on Tristan there." Bey says with a supportive nod. "And ya got me too. So that's a start, I suppose."

Grayson frowns and sips his tea. "It's strange. He keeps yelling at me in a 'This is hurting me more than you' fashion. Then Lord Ellisaire found me and dragged me away. He even looked after Rune." The youth nods slowly. "Quiet. I'm… not… Tri… Quiet." He crosses his arms and frowns. "Yeah. I Have you." He still hasn't looked at the other man. "Balius… is Lord Ellisaire a closet murderer? I'm scared cause he's being too nice and Keanen said nice people only want one thing but never told me what that thing was…"

"I…Grayson, when will you learn to stop believing anything you hear from that guy?" Balius asks, a bit exasperated. "I don't know Lord Ellisaire, but I imagine he's not out murdering folks." Bey shrugs. "Why is it scary when folks treat ya nice?" A confused Balius adds.

Grayson frowns at the table. "Cause he's lived more than I have." He answers simply. Another nod of his head. "He calls himself Taryn but I can't do that… he's Lord Ellisaire to me because he's … well royal family or something." He sighs quietly and takes a sip of his tea. "People … that I've read… if you are a citizen, which I am… if I… I am expendable. People use others and then toss them away when they aren't needed. I wasn't raised like that but it scares me cause many where. It's a me first world."

"You've lived longer…and he's just a scared asshole." Balius responds, looking to Grayson. "Oh…Taryn's a lord? He and my sister used to be close. You and he getting along alright? You might be able ta teach him a skill or two from your magic." There's a smile from the Quellton. "Being selfish is human nature - survival instinct. But not all people are bad…right?"

Grayson sighs. "It's sad I know this…" He takes another sip. "Taryn Wystrel was discovered to be the then thought to be dead Lord Ellisaire Sauveur. His parents were killed by a drake and he was adopted into the Wyrstels. This is his home." He gestures to the house. "He got badly injured and after blood test after blood test it was determined he was the Lord Ellisaire." He takes a moment. "He's mad at me for living in a tree." He keeps his eyes on the table, having not even looked up yet. "He's more powerful than I am." He points out quietly. "I don't know Balius… I feel pain everywhere and it's mostly inflicted by others. Sure there is laughter because we need the light but people can be bad too. It's the darkness that scares me. I have these awful thoughts that I can't control sometimes and … I have come to the conclusion, I am a bad guy."

"You're only a bad guy if ya choose to be. Naught else can decide who you are." Bey looks to him pointedly. "And there's squat any of us can do to change that. Them's the facts, Grayson. Plain and simple. I know you've been a good person and that you can continue to do that."

Grayson shoulders slump forward. "I think about mass genocide frequently. If I could them all, they'd never hurt another like they hurt me. I want to fight but I know the only think I can do in a fight is to flail angrily. I have no fighting skills. No way to save anyone I hold dear. I can choose to be good or bad, that's true but when I have nothing to prove one way or another, than what am I?"
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"Mass….genocide? Against who Grayson?" Balius seems worried and confused. "You have to learn to do the best ya can with what ya got. It's what we all do." Now he seems frustrated a touch as he stands up.

Grayson frowns. "The Hostiles. They say they are human but after seeing what they did…" He takes a calming breath. "They are humanoid. They aren't human. Emotions, planning… all of that isn't what makes us us. They attacked us for some stupid grudge against our ancestors. They kill and mutilate. They don't deserve the lives they have." His aura is starting to show. A true rage as the fog around him become dense and his eyes darken.

"Grayson, man. That's no way to think about things." Balius calmly sets his teacup and gives the druid a quick hug, aura or not. He releases and takes a step back. "I'm sorry, ya know, that we didn't do enough to be there for ya apparently. But I hope Taryn is better company." Bey says looking away and making his way to leave.

Grayson tenses up and shakes his head slowly. He wraps his arms around Balius for just a moment before Bey turns to leave. The aura calms down. "War brings out monsters. The bigger monster always wins." He sits again and stares at the table. "You were good company. Visit me anytime. I'll be right here." He sounds tired.

"Yeah…the bigger monster will end up killing everything, even itself. What use is fightin' if ya kill what you're fightin for? Take care Grayson." Bey seems sad a bit as he leaves.

Grayson frowns and shakes his head. "Peace." He sips his tea and nods. "Be well Balius. Don't be a stranger." He sits there quietly watching over the plants.

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