12.25.3013: When a man shouldn't discuss marriage
Summary: Densoric and Evey go on a tour of Nubilus and Densoric talks too much.
Date: October 28, 2013
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TP Room used
Inside of a generic Nubilus tour glider
December 25, 3013

After receiving a message from Lady Evey about his offer of a glider tour, Densoric Larent makes the preparations and agrees to meet with her at the Way Gate at Summit. Making sure he arrives early the young noble simply waits for the arrival of his guest wearing his typically mildly formal attire.

Entirely uncertain as to what might be proper attire for a glider tour, Lady Evey Dalton comes in what is basically a riding outfit, which she has assumed will do the trick and be decent for the adventures ahead. Upon walking through the Way, she seems Lord Densoric and gives him a friendly smile and nod. "My Lord."

Densoric nods politely to Evey and says, "Greetings My Lady, good to see you again. I trust your trip was pleasant enough?" as he gestures and starts to lead her towards the nearest glider rental area.

"Of course, my Lord. It's a pleasure to see you again." Evey says as she follows along, a bit of pep in her step as she seems excited. "Is this a favorite pasttime of yours, or just your go-to show-off for new acquaintances?" She asks him with a slight smirk.

Densoric chuckles softly and says, "A bit of both, I love the clouds of Nubilus, and I suppose you could say I'm an unofficial tourism promoter as well. Besides the views from a glider can rarely be compared elsewhere in Haven due to the unique perspective." As they reach the glider area Densoric pays one of the people nearby as they gesture to one fo the smaller tourist transports and Densoric gestures saying, "Some might say age before beauty, but you may well qualify for both Lady Evey." smiling softly as he awaits for her to enter the transport before following inside. Inside its not overly large but plenty of eating as they seem the only ones aboard, leaving them to choose whichever seat they wish though all of the seats are near a window.

"You and your compliments, Lord Densoric." Evey says teasingly as she takes her seat. "If one were so inclined, they might think part of your tourism promotion involves buttering up your guests." She almost chuckles but settles instead for a soft smile as her dark brown eyes appraise him for a moment. She then turns her attention to the windows.

Densoric smiles softly and says, "I have found an honest compliment rarely is unwanted, though if you would prefer I hold my tongue on such matters I can certainly make the attempt." It isn't much longer before the ship is powered up and starts to rise into the air as Densoric sits nearby saying, "Though i do love the view from the gliders, I can fly a glider well enough I could get by with one, but I prefer to be able to look my guests in the eye as I point things out. Granted there isn't an abundance of landmarks but the view rarely is unappreciated by those with a love of natural beauty."

Her eyes scan the clouds with visible interest. "It is quite the sight, my Lord." Evey sees the endless puffs and nods a bit, lost in thought at something. "I almost feel weightless already, though I'm sure that sounds silly to you Densoric."

Densoric smiles softly and says, "Not at all, though that is likely as much to do with the lower gravity as the view Lady Evey. I tend more to suffer from a feeling of being heavier elsewhere myself." Outisde the window the city passes by quickly and then the looming walls at the edge of the city pass below and the glider tilts and turns so nothing but clouds can be seen below, sky opens up all around, and in the sky is the distant sun and the looming blue of Oculus above. The clouds seem to go on forever as Densoric says, "That is my home, that is why I give tours, fly gliders, and take any excuse I can to be here Lady Evey." in a soft, almost whisper-like voice as though speaking in respectful awe.

"So I can tell, Lord Densoric." Evey says in a soft whisper as she scans all the passing sights, even as her poise remains while seated. "And, if it's all right with you, my Lord. Might we dispense with the formality of titles, just Evey and Densoric?" Her eyes regard him again as she smiles with the request.

Densoric smiles softly and says, "I rarely speak so informally, but as we are in private i will abide, though outside of formal occasions I care little for what others call me in truth. I trust the view is as good as I implied given the awe in your voice."

Evey tilts her head, still smiling. "That's quite the shame, Densoric. One ought to be at ease in the company of friends." Returning her attention to the views he's mentioned. "Quite so, I can see why anyone would love it truly. Though, I already feel lost and we haven't even done much journeying yet." She chuckles a bit at herself.

Densoric says, "If nothing else you are with one of the few to go below the cloud cover and survive, there are worse situations to be in for sure." smiling softly and adds, "As to my formality, I fear I am a product of my upbringing Evey, but one makes due where they can."

"Upbringing is merely a springboard, Densoric. Where one goes after that is entirely up to them." Evey smiles nonetheless. "Though I can respect your choice in maintaining etiquette at all times. It does simplify things." She seems to think about his boast for a moment before replying. "So, a daredevil then? Good thing I signed up for thrills and excitements then."

Densoric chuckles softly and says, "Hardly, if you seek the adventurous I am not your choice. In truth when i was nearly eighteen I went on an assignment from my mother to see how my skills she paid for were developing, on the way back there was a freak accident and the glider I was in crashed. I couldn't fly at the time and unfortunately the pilot died, but I did end up being among the few to pass below the clouds and live." He then gestures to the scar on his brow and says, "I have a reminder beyond the memories of being bed-ridden for some time." He seems to not suffer negatively in any way from the experience.

Evey looks to the scar and raises an eyebrow. Her smile fades a bit as he tells the story. "Well…that's…" She doesn't really know what to say and turns away a bit to her thoughts and the clouds as she leans on the window a bit.

Densoric smiles softly and says, "Don't concern yourself, it was long ago, and its rare to have such problems with out gliders. Also that was one of the scouting gliders not one of the transports like this one. Fortunately the scar is the only visible reminder I have. Though could discuss the tattoos you are unlikely to see if you prefer." chuckling softly as he simply watches her look out the window as the glider takes a lazy path, turning once again so that all of Summit at a distance comes into view, the dome in the middle and the walls at the edge just floating in the clouds like an island in the sea.

"Tattoos, Densoric?" Evey says shaking her head with a smile, brown hair dangling a bit back and forth as she does. "What inspired them first of all?" Her eyes never leave the view, though her tone suggests quite the interest in the Lord's tattoos.

Densoric chuckles softly and says, "I got them about a week before I graduated from Academ, basically a way of marking the occasion. I have one of the Larent sigil, a way of marking our connection to titanium, and the last one marks my favorite subject while I was there, electronics."

"Ah, well, those do seem like the sensible options there." Evey turns her smile to the Lord. "Are you a mastermind electrical engineer then? You seem to have quite the number of scientist acquaitances as I recall. Hobby or life's work?"

Densoric chuckles and says, "Just have a talent for it I guess. I have a Master's Degree in electronics and economics and a Bachelor's Degree in geology. Beyond that my talents mostly lie in administrative, etiquette, and the political pursuits of nobles."

"Someone didn't want to ever leave Academ, I take it?" Evey gives him a broad smile, her eyes no longer paying close attention to the view. "Most of my studies remained on Inculta, for the energy harvesting. Well, that and Awakened training…fitting right in with the stereotype." She chuckles a bit.

Densoric smiles and says, "I only attended four years, and when i was done I figured I had spent enough time on personal pursuits and started to focus more on my duties as a nobleman, though admittedly I've not been betrothed as yet, but with the recent flood of such pusuits I am hoping it won't be too much longer."

"Oh, the ever constant spectre of marriage…flood of pursuits, you say?" Evey's smile shifts into a smirk as she leans back towards the window. "Can't say that's surprising. Well educated, polite…and of course your eyes would make beautiful offspring with just about any family in Haven. Who's at the top of your list, if I might ask as a friend?"

Densoric smiles and says, "My view of marriage is a bit blunt and can depress some, to put it the kindest way, I do not spend much time picking and choosing, either my mother or my uncle will make the match for me, I am for the most part content to gain what match I can. True I'd favor the best match I can get, but I am aware enough of my status to know of my options and I'll make due with what I can." in a casual tone.

Evey looks at him curiously, squinting her eyes for a moment. "Well, I suppose that's all you can hope for then…" She says, her tone entirely unconvincing. "We're all at the whim of our elders, though someone political such as yourself must know the art of guiding such hands to the correct conclusions?" Her face turns to take in the view.

Densoric smiles and says, "Simply put I socialize as much as I can so that whenever I am matched there is a higher chance I will have some idea how well I might get along with my future wife, and don't get me wrong I would welcome a love match, though I know both the joys and suffering love can create and, I understand it sounds a bit apathetic but its how I protect my heart, I don't allow myself to feel too much for anyone. Though once the betrothal is confirmed I will do all in my power to make the marriage as mutually enjoyable as possible. ALso with luck as much mutual love as possible as well."

"Ha…" Evey's chuckle starts soft and then grows into laughter. "You'll have to forgive me, Densoric…but there's more to love than, what'd you call it, mutual enjoyment. I'm sorry you've been hurt, truly." Her tone softens a bit, brown eyes looking to him for a brief moment. "By all means, continue your game of roulette. I'm your elder and still unwed myself, after all."

Densoric says, "I've not been hurt personally, I just know the joys and suffering. As to love i am more then aware more is involved then that. It is a balance, a constant struggle, conflicting views, shared joys, and much more. I simply simplify the matter for the sake of avoiding an even more prolonged discussion given how I can go on and on at times. I have seen the face of undying love and have been told much about what it takes for it to grow. I simply wish to avoid the suffering. After all, as an example if we were to fall in love but our respective families betrothed us to others, that could be a great pain and truthfully I don't know if I could endure such. As a result I hold myself back, and when the betrothal is confirmed then I will not hold back, as in all likelihood that will end up to be my wife and I intend that once I have one, I will give all I have to make love work, if love is possible."

With a wave of her hand, Evey seems flustered by the whole talk. "You've made your peace about it all then, stonewall ice-eyes." Perhaps a touch of agitation is in her voice too as she looks among the clouds, clinging somehow to weightlessness of the heights and the endless rolling white.

Densoric nods and says, "I came to terms with it in my teens, and judging by your voice you may understand now why I try to go into too much detail on the matter. But then I have always been a bit overly logical and practical, combined with a bit of political savvy… I suppose it is the only outcome I could come to terms with." The ship turns again granting a view of the clouds once more instead of the city as Densoric asks, "So what of yourself, have your eye on anyone?"

"All I understand is that you'll have much more success with your electronics then you'll ever have with people that way." Evey says quietly, almost sounding disinterested in the topic now. "Why would it matter if I did? It'd be highly illogical to ever waste my time. Perhaps it's good I'm about to hit old seamstress stage, that way I won't have to worry about being a political tool for my Aunt." She twirls a strand of her hair around her finger as she talks.

Densoric says, "Love is always something to hope for no matter how small the chance. Daydreams, hopes, fantasies, such things are harmless and give us focus. There are Ladies I find attractive yes, that doesn't mean I'm an unfeeling fool. I'd form a friendship whenever possible, and yes it is possible such a friendship could develop into more. Does that mean I wouldn't request a match based on love or the potential for love of course not. If another and myself felt there was potential for love between us I would certainly make such a requet if it were in my power to do so. Do not get me wrong on that matter."

Evey rolls her eyes and grins, followed by a shake of her head for good measure. "Lord Densoric, you've made your position perfectly clear. I don't fault you for it." She chuckles a bit and sighs, her gaze never leaving the view.

Densoric says, "Yet you speak as though I expect all to have the same view which i don't." in a calm voice, though he seems to leave the matter as the ship turns to head back towards the city he adds, "My apologies for ruining the enjoyment of the trip and the beauty of the surroundings." in what seems to be a sincere, apologetic tone.

"I don't think anything could dampen this view." Evey says in a soft, sincere voice. "To see this view is a priceless gift and experience." She smiles, still looking out the window, thoughts rolling along like the clouds.

Densoric says, "It is always good to hear such talk of my home, it is why I invited you, I feel any with an appreciation of natural beauty should see this view." as the walls pass under the transport once more as they move further into the city and back to the starting point. "Once again my apologies for dampening the enjoyment of the tour."

"It's quite alright, my Lord. It was very…enlightening." Evey says, sitting up a bit as their vessel makes its way back, she pulls out her datapad and snaps a few photos of the view for her to look back over later.

Densoric says, "I could see about obtaining a copy of my own recording if you wish it." simply.

"That'd be lovely." Evey says with a brief smile to him. "I'll have to return the favor sometime, though dune surfing isn't for the faint of heart." She grins a bit, mostly to herself, at the thought.

Densoric asks in what is likely an intentionally over-the-top bravado tone, "You doubt my skill?" then chuckles softly.

Regarding him with a nod, Evey gives him a once-over with her eyes. "Actually, I think it's precisely what I'm saying." She retorts teasingly.

Densoric chuckles softly and says, "Likely so, I've always bee better with mental pursuits then physical. And don't look down when i say that." chuckling softly as its unlikely she actually looked down as he said that.

"I wouldn't dream of it." Evey chuckles a bit to him. "Though we could do something less involved if you like."

Densoric asks, "Have anything in mind? Even more physical activities i'll attempt on a case-by-case basis, after all I've sparred with an Ibrahm before." chuckling softly.

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