What Type Of Letter Will You Send Me
Summary: A letter from Lady Ibrahm to the Knight Commander about his son
Date: 1/July/2013
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Ibrahm Alexandros 

July 1, 3013 — Obsidia

TO: Alexandros.Cindravale@Citadel
FROM: Corialle.Ibrahm@Obsidia
SUBJECT: What Type of Letter Will You Send Me?

Sir Alexandros,

It has come to my attention that your youngest son has been spending a great deal of time in the company of my eldest daughter. So I need to ask you, will you be sending me an apology for his actions and a promise that he will not be following her about further, or your reasons why I should wed my heir the younger son of a younger son of the Vale?


July 5, 3013 — The Citadel

TO: Corialle.Ibrahm@Obsidia
FROM: Alexandros.Cindravale@Citadel
SUBJECT: Re: What Type of Letter…

Lady Ibrahm,

I have looked into the matter, and found that your daughter has spent a great deal of time in the Vale. I do hope that she has enjoyed her time there and in the company of my youngest son. In my limited downtime as the Knight Commander of Haven, I have found the Plains of Ares very relaxing. I will seriously consider your proposal of marriage between Sir Johana and Erik.


Knight Commander Lord Sir Alexandros Cindravale

July 5, 3013 — The Citadel

TO: Erik.Cindravale@Phylon
FROM: Alexandros.Cindravale@Citadel
SUBJECT: Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm


I received a rather brusque message from Lady Ibrahm in regards to your intentions toward Young Lady Ibrahm. So I need to know, is this a passing fancy of yours, or should I be pursuing this as a marriage prospect?

- Father

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