09.09.3013: What is worse than Sibling Fighting?
Summary: Lorelei and Balius fight in the forest, and then they really fight in the forest.
Date: 09.09.3013
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Arborenin Woods
Tall, monstrous trees dominant the forests that take up most of the southern half of the Spine. Their trunks are like the legs of giants, and their dark bark is home to brightly colored moss and the broad steps of mushrooms. Natural light must filter down through broad leaves, casting much of the forest in a cool green glow. The forest floor is covered mostly in soft peat and rotting debris, creating a fertile bed for lush flora, which in turn become the habitats of diverse fauna. Nurse logs, hollowed snags, sink holes, and small forest caves adds layers of detail to the broad stretch of Arborenin woods. Toward the outer edges of the forest, the giant trees transition to smaller evergreens and firs, transitioning into mountain forests to the west and rocky beaches to the east.

Evening in the woods of the Arbor, Balius had abandoned his laboring at the stables hours ago and started just walking, barefeet padding the forest floor. He was singing softly to himself, brown satchel over his shoulder. He's also got another small bag, out of which he pulls a fruit, which is not a berry of any sort. He leans against a tree and lets out a sigh, though he doesn't seem to be in any sort of negative mood from afar.

Lorelei's tracked Bey to his leaning tree. She's always been decent with the tracking in the forest, just not anything else hunterish. She dressed in her normal riding outfit, except she had her metal club in her belt, just in case. She's not super good with it, but sometimes just carrying a weapon makes a person feel better. She'll purposefully russle the last few steps, to not startle Bey as she comes up, "Hey Bey. How's it going?" She was gone earlier today, having finished off her chores early. Ma said seomthign about her leaving in her blue dress, with a shake of Ma's head. She wasn't happy with whatever Loree was doing.

Turning to his sister, he grins. "Hey Loree! I'm alright, just thinkin'!" Bey puts his hand in the other bag and pulls out a fruit. "Hungry? I don't think Ma is gonna feed us for like a week." He thinks of the pies and her fussing about him being all over Haven rather than home where he's needed.

Lorelei smiles, accepting the fruit. "Thanks. It's not like Ma makes much effort to feed me, but I'm surprised she hasn't make some strew or something for you and Da." She'll sigh, looking around as she bites into the fruit. "You ready to go get Chiron?"

"Of course!" Bey nods excitedly, finishing the 'good' parts of his fruit before tossing it. "Where are we gonna meet up with the group?" He stops leaning on the tree and looks to her expectantly. "Any update on his injuries?"

Lorelei shakes her head, "nothing new. Soon, I hope." she'll take another bite, focusing on the fruit, not wanting to bring up the other subject just yet, "how's the scholarship stuffs going?"

"Well…Lady Rovehn gave me a large scholarship, still waiting to hear on the Crown stuff." He seems to look off in thought. "How's Michael, no Darious…wait, who are you seeing now?" Bey's tease is lighthearted, but the question is genuine.

Lorelei nods, "Good. I'm glad. When will you learn about the crown?" She'll frown ,"Six, that's not funny. Michale and Darious …I am not dating either of them." She'll take a deep breath, "Ephraim is ok. I went to make sure he'd ok, the ways that Chiron helped close is under Hollolas protectorate." Her cheeks turn a touch pink though, when she starts talking about Ephraim.

"No judgment, sis." He holds his hands up in surrender, still a smirk on his face. "Probably won't know for a while on that scholarship…and I need to write something to thank her Ladyship, I think…" Bey seems confused about what to write, considering he's never met Lady Rovehn. "So Lord Ephraim…how goes the Lord of the sea?" His eyes are inquisitive and cautious.

Lorelei sighs, "I didn't ask for any of that…Darious and Michael and Tristan…"She'll huff, taking another bite, almost angry. "Ephraim's ok. He wants to have some kind of festival or party for the group, once everything has calmed down, as a thank you." She'll tuck a lock of hair behind her ear, starting to blush more, "He's good though. He…He gave me a really pretty necklace set." She'll bite her lower lip.

Bey tables the discussion of Loree's other suitors for now. "Did he?" This causes Balius to think more, considering the probably expensive gift. "Any thoughts on that?"

Lorelei smiles, but it's nervous, "It's really pretty. I had to make his promise that he'd not do it again. I don't want anyone to think that I'm just dating him for presents…" She'll shrug, but isn't looking up at Bey. "I think….it's a beautiful gift…."

"So, you definitely are dating him then?" Bey asks, smiling a bit to see Loree happy, even if there might be some reservations about the gift. "And you do you expect he'll follow through with his promise?"

A quick glance up, Loree's eyes are hard to read, but she nods, "Yes. We're dating." A deep breath, "I asked him not too…it's not ….It made me uncomfortable. It's beautiful, I'll never own anything like it ever again, but…what am I going to do with it? I can't wear it taking care of horses. And it's not like I'll even have anything to wear it with, or to…." There's an oddness to her voice, a low undertone that's hard to pin down.

"Or to where, Loree?" Bey's eyes seem concerned and he's trying to understand. His first thought was wedding, but he's afraid of projecting his own concerns onto the situation. He puts an arm to her shoulder, trying to be supportive.

Lorelei just shakes her head, "It's just frustrating, is all. He knows we can't do more than date, but he's being all… I don't know." She's frowning slightly, "He keeps telling me that I'm changing him, making him a better person…how am I supposed to take that?" She must be bothered, she throws her half eaten fruit into the bush. "I went to the Hand today, where his home is. Right next to the ocean. He told me if felt complete with me there." She strangely sounds angry.

With a sigh, Bey will give her a skeptical look. "How long have you known him?" Never mind the possible irony in that. "Loree, you gotta know, guys are persistent…and sometimes a little thick. You give your Hollollas Lord some time, he should come around." Hopefully. Maybe. Or I can kill him first, whichever, Balius thinks to himself. "Are you mad at him…or the situation?" He looks at her, pondering either answer.

Lorelei just shakes her head, her eyes closing, "Not long enough. I know…and I know he's a….well, I know he's had a lot of…ladies before. So I know I'm probably not anything special…" Again, it's hard to tell if she believes that or not. Or is mad because it's true…or mad because it's not. "I'm just going to have a nice time dating him, it can't be anything more than that." She'll take a deep breath, forcing a smile at Bey. "The necklace is pretty though. I'll show you when we get home, if you want."

"I'd like to see it, yeah." Bey smiles and nods to his sister. He ignores the sticking point of the matter to avert an argument as he pats a beat on his satchel. "And dating is fun, I think it's good that you're going to enjoy your time with him." Perhaps this is a good thing. His sister is dating someone, but it's limited in scope. Is this a win-win? He's not sure, but it does seem to keep her away from other guys for now.

Lorelei nods, "The stones are a blue-green, the design is something between leaves and waves. It's pretty." Shrugging, "it's fun. He took me to the Blue Stallion, they had a eggplant parmesan that was amazing. I wish I could have saved some for Ma, just so she could see that non meat meals can be good." he cheek stern pink at the thought of the rest of the date, but she'll push forward, "He had his kitchen bake pies. I didn't have the heart to tell him Ma's were better."

"I wouldn't have the stupidity to tell Ma that hers were better either," Bey offers with a smile…even though he'd probably tell her. "It sounds…beautiful, sis." There's no way he'd ever eat Eggplant again, but, sure, that's good too. "So, has he tried to get you to more than date him?" He asks, though he's pretty sure he knows the answer. Confirmation is necessary before throwing a punch at a guy though.

Lorelei laughs, some of the tension leaving her. "His cook was really nice. Down to earth, I liked her." Her smile softens too, "The necklace almost matches the purple and ivory dress Lady Iah sent me." Her eyes widen, probably confirming that it's been a bit more than just going on dates, "What? Bey? No, I'm not talking to you about that! What is with people wanting to talk about that?" Her voice goes up a notch.

"Because I'm your brother, and I kinda need to know these things." But Bey shrugs, not pressing the matter for now, though he's definitely taking note of her reaction. "So you'll wear the necklace and the dress at your next poetry reading, then?" He's trying to be supportive and keep her mood good. Bali

Lorelei wrinkles her nose, "Why by the Six do you need to know? Gross!" Yeah, she's totally acting squirrely. Shaking her head, "No…I'm hoping to not ever have to do anything like that again. I had to drink like 5 glasses of iced wine to even get through that. It was terrifying. poor Chiron had to about carry me out."

So, things were that serious. Bey's in no real position to judge, better to funnel it through the brother. "But aren't you…like their House Poet now? And your poems are so awesome, Loree! Everyone says so. Oh, I hope you get to read again, and maybe if you do it enough, you won't need to drink so much." But really, Bey is thinking, why was the drinking so bad?

Lorelei shakes her head rather quickly, "No, Lady Iah's been rather busy. I've not had chance to sit and really talk with her." She'll wrinkle her nose, and finally lean against a tree, "My poems are meant to be read, not listened to." She'll sigh, "I didn't like everyone watching me. The crowd got so quiet Bey, it was scary. That's why I'm hoping to just be able to get some printed for the Notice Project, not have to do another reading.."

"Alright, alright." Balius says. "When you read them, I guess, I dunno, that I hear them like they were meant to be?" He sighs, rummaging in his extra bag and pulls out a bottle of water as they walk idly in the forest. He seems to ponder the bark on a nearby tree for a rather lengthy period of time, remaining silent for a spell.

Lorelei sighs, "That's what the line breaks are for, silly." She'll watch Bey as they walk, After a few minutes of walking, "Bey…are you ok?" She sounds worried.

"Wha…? Yeah, really, I am." Balius exits the foggy thinking in his head. "Just been a crazy week, ya know?" Sipping from the water bottle, he'll look to her. "Sometimes it's just hard to focus on any one thing, with so much going on…and I'm afraid I'll miss something." He shrugs and gives her a smile. "That's all."

Lorelei nods slowly, "Bey….I know something isn't right." she'll watching him as they walk, but she tries to keep an eye out too. They are in the forest. "What's wrong with our budget?…Did Da take out another loan?"

Eying her curiously, Bey will look at her. "What do you mean? Of course Da didn't take out another loan!" He seems alarmed. "Why would he do that?" If Da had taken out another 'loan'…he shuddered to think of the consequences…

Raising an eyebrow at Bey, "Because we're in a awful lot of red this month, and it seems to be getting worse?" Loree tilts her head, biting at her lower lip, worried, "We sold Thunder, things should be a little better, but they seemed worse…"

Scrambling for an answer, Balius reaches. "We've got the four new mares coming in this week, so naturally we'd be…" Bey stops for a moment, how did she know? "Wait, how'd you know how much red we were in?"

Lorelei narrows her eyes, "Cause I looked at our budget? what would the new mares have to do with any of that? You're juggle numbers, Bey. What's going on?"

"I'm not the decision-maker Loree, just the accountant!" Bey thrusts his hands in the air, exasperated again. "I make the numbers work. We've missed payments, and I'm just trying to prevent the stables from having the worst happen, ya know?" This is not the conversation he was expecting now.

Lorelei frowns, pulling her head back slightly. "Fine. I'll ask Da." She'll trudge on a moment then , turns, "What do you mean, stop the worst from happening?" could they really lose the stables over this? Loree's brain isn't going down any other routes, cause, why would it?

"Good! Go ask Da!" Maybe he'll finally fess up for his failures and Bey could get on with his life. And…crap. Maybe he should just keep his trap shut. "I'm just saying that if we don't make better payments soon, there'll be consequences." Balius isn't thinking clear enough to come up with a better response.

Lorelei's still frowning, why is Bey always yelling at her. She'll turn away to try to hide the hurt that flashes across her face. "Fine. I'll try to sell some more poems, get more money." She'll jam her hands into her pockets, not looking at her brother anymore. She knows this is hard on Bey, she just doesn't understand why he won't let her help.

"Well, that'll help…" Bey's stupid pride and lies have him blocked in for now, and he's frustrated at it all. "Thanks for going through my stuff…" He huffs, as if that's an equal problem. He finishes off his water bottle and tugs it back into his extra bag.

Lorelei stops, "Seriously? I did not go through your stuff. The stable's budget isn't your's! I have a right to know what's going on!" There's not hiding the hurt in her voice now, and she'll start walking again, faster. If she leaves him behind, good.

"You take that up with Da, not my satchel…" Wait, if she opened the binder, she might've also opened. "…did you read my journal?" The second is a bit quieter, though he's following closely behind, concerning filling Bey's voice.

As the two siblings are arguing over something, a lone hostile scout is roaming the Arboren woods. Hearing the commotion, the scout peers though a bush, watching for the moment.

Lorelei frowns, upset enough that Bey would even suggest that after Ma did that to her when she was younger, she's not paying attention very well, "Gods, Bey! No, I did nor read your journal!" She'll keep moving ahead, now just wanting to go home if Bey's going to be like this.

Hearing the rustle and seeing something in the bushes, Bey immediately moves to put himself between it and Loree, his fists clenching tightly. "Loree! Run!"

As Balius shouts, the Hostile Scout bursts out from the brush and charges the group, axe in hand.

Lorelei sees the thing literally of her nightmares going after her baby brother and something instinctive drives her to lash out. One brother hurt by Hostiles is more than enough. She'll launch herself and gets a good solid hit to the things chest with her club, thank Da's friends! "No! Bey!"

Bey meets the oncoming charge of the Hostile by dodging it's axe and swinging his fist around to hit it on its left leg, though it seems to just bounce off the armor.

The Hostile's helmet turns to stare at Balius, he can't tell the expression, but one could guess it's surprised it missed. He takes another swing at the boy.

Lorelei cries out again, her eyes going white as she takes another swing at the monster. Maybe it the summoning of her aura, but more likely it's just Loree's not cut out for combat, but she swings and misses the monster in front of her. Her storm cloud starts swirling around her, looking, but unfortunately not like an armor of clouds.

Balius decides to target the Hostile's head, hoping for a weak spot. His fist, however, connects with nothing but air. And leaves his hand vulnerable to the action of the attacker, the axe coming down on it and leaving a very visible slice across the back of the palm. "Arrrghh!" He sees the storm clouds and grabs the dagger out of his satchel.

The hostile swings the axe yet again, contacting the Arboren boy's hand. The girl is now summoning clouds, so it maneuvers itself to strike at her next.

Lorelei snarls, she's just trying to get it off her brother. Success! Her club narrowly misses the hostile's head, but that leaves her wide open when it swings it's axe at her. It's not a critical hit, bit for someone who's never been purposefully hurt beyond slap fights with her brothers, it's terrifying.

Balius says, "Damn you!" Bey shouts as he shifts his hunting knife towards the Hostile, missing it wildly as the grip is uneven in his hand, blood still oozing from the previous blow of the axe."

The hostile lashes out at the Arboren girl, it's axe just barely connecting with the girl's chest. It swings the axe again at the girl.

It's good that Loree's eyes are white, no one can see the fear in her eyes. Now that it has it's attention on her, there's part of her that wonders if she really thought this was such good idea. Taking another swing, Loree misses, but it's because there's an axe coming at her chest…again. If she survives this, she needs to learn a better weapon…if

Seeing his sister hurt yet again, Bey is lost in bloodlust and his knife finally connects in between the plates of armor on the Hostile's chest. Damn him for not making Talynne train him sooner after the incident on Ignis with Demos. Damn Loree for distracting this thing. He moves to slash again.

Again, the Hostile Scout connects with the Arboren storm girl as the boy lodges a dagger though it's armor plates into it's chest. A small grunt can be heard from the hostile as it turns around to retaliate against the boy.

Pushing himself further, Bey swings the dagger again, hoping for another connect. But the Hostile's shifting actions catch the barefooted Quellton off-guard and he misses as the Hostile swings the axe right into his chest. Bey blacks out briefly as he falls to the ground, blood smearing his tunic.

The hostile scout dodges the Arboren boy's dagger as he successfully connects with the boy's chest. "The forest will drink your blood, boy." Is all the hostile says, before getting clubbed in the chest, and collapsing to the ground, unconscious.

A noise that is unlike anything Lorelei has ever made before escapes her. It's guttural and feral and completely enraged. Bey is her baby brother. She will not lose him! A strength that is not normally in her limbs courses though, perhaps it's the adrenalin of seeing her family injured, or it could be the storm clouds surrounding her, but either way, she swings her metal club, hard. It cracks something, deep within the hostiles armor, breaking something important….and the thing tumbles to the ground. Very much like Bey does.

Grunting as he emerges from a daze, Bey looks around him, still kneeling on the ground. He struggles to his feet, though he's a bit shaky. It's obvious the Hostile's blade sliced across his chest, though it doesn't seem too deep, With a burst of energy, he gives a cry and slashes at the Hostile's neck.

Lorelei stumbles backwards. She felt something break, when she hit the hostile, deep in it's chest…and her's. She's not breathing, as shock is starting to settle in. Her aura stays up, so her eyes are just wide and white, no emotion in them.

Breathing heavily, Bey gives the Hostile a slight kick of his leg, as if expecting some further reaction. He looks to Lorelei's white eyes and starts to walk slowly towards her, not wanting to startle her. "Loree…it's over." His voice is quiet but insistent as he moves towards her, within arm's reach now.

Lorelei's head snaps in the direction of her brother, almost like she forgot he was there. Blinking, she'll take a ragged breath and then quickly move the short distance to him, "You-you went down, I thought…" Her voice is shaking, barley above a whisper. She's immediately trying to look to his wounds, making sure there's nothing life threatening, "We …we need to call someone…" her mind isn't working right though, the only person she can think of is Chiron, and he's too far. Her Aura stays up, which makes looking at her wounds a bit difficult.

"I'm…I'm fine." He groans, searching for where he threw down his satchel. There's at least a few bandages in there, maybe some healing salve too. He's got a pretty bad cut to the chest, but it doesn't appear life threatening. Light-headed, Bey puts his hand on the satchel, hissing as the cut touches the leather. He deftly pulls some things out, sitting down carefully. "Loree. Sit." He says simply, trying to figure out the best way to bandage them up.

Lorelei's starting to feel sick to her stomach. What's the number for help.?…She's starting to shake, not wanting to let go of her club, but somehow she know she needs to call for help, neither one of them is in any condition to move a lot. and the hostile body….oh Six, she's gonna get sick. "Bey….call for help…" and then she's on her knees, retching. Her free hand goes to her chest, the wound bleeding onto her hand and arm.

But call who? His mind is racing…crap, where's that tablet…Bey's hand rummages weakly past the medkit. He pulls it out and sends out a general plea for help, hoping that someone is nearby. The tablet lights red, though Bey's not sure who's around to pick up the signal deep within the forest. "Loree…comm?" His thoughts race to people far away, none of which would be helpful or come in time. After the alert is sent, he goes to bandages, trying to ignore the ever-worsening smells he was becoming aware of.

Luckily, Loree didn't have dinner yet, so it's more dry heaving than anything. After a moment, she'll shakily reach for her own tablet. Her's is newer than Bey's maybe it'll go further. Her finger's shake, so it takes her longer than it should to open the tablet and send a message for help. After, her eyes go up, trying to focus on her brother. In her shock, she forgets about her own wounds, instead focusing on his. Loree's voice is barely above a whisper, "Bey…Are you ok?"

Balius is still semi-kneeling on the ground, tunic torn and stained red as he dabs some salve on his hand…focusing on that first. With the adrenaline pumping, he's forgotten the chest wound altogether. "I think so…should be able to keep it together until…" He looks to Loree, noticing she's not looking great either. In fact…"Loree, you need to sit…" Bey's trying to hold his own, but he's never been wounded like this before either. The adrenaline and the light-headedness are strong as he fights to keep some sense of the situation.

Lorelei knows she can't pass out. Bey would just freak, so instead, she'll force herself to slowly make her way over to him, kneeling next to him, back to the body of the hostile. "Let…Let me help," she'll reach a shaking hand for his hand. Her own had is stained with her own blood.

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