04.24.3014: What Just Happened
Summary: Brienne and Declan go to the Royal Tower to speak with Advent. Blood, Stitches and Guards are involved.
Date: 27 December, 2013
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Advent's Room, Landing
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April 24, 3014

It's been an annoying evening for Advent. First, he had to wake up… that was the start of the worst day. Then he ate, got into battle, got a massive head wound and then stumbled home. He lit a fire in the fireplace which is keeping the room warm and he's lying on one of the couches in the sitting area, still in full armor. However, the armor around his chest and head are broken. The chest plate needs minor fixing but the helmet is ruined. There is a deep gouge into the armor and blood leaks out of it onto the floor. He's lying on his face on the couch and seems to be sleeping. The guards in the family sitting room with let the Arboren's in without hesitation.

After being shown in, Brienne hesitates just inside the door for her brother to join. Until she sees the Sauveur on the couch and the state of his armor. She hesitates, looking back at Declan. "Get medical attention now!" The order issued probably the opposite as to how it should be as Brie races to the couch to kneel beside it, seeking a pulse. "Sir Advent?" None too gently, she shakes his shoulder.

Declan follows in behind his sister. He is garbbed in his typical ceremonial armor: leather jerkin with silver family crest, leaf green cloak trimmed with gold, and brown riding boots. His well-worn and inelegant sword hangs from his belt, lightly clinking against his legs. He too pauses once they enter the room, eyes wide at the sight of Advent. He spins to look at the guards that stand outside the room and snaps his fingers at them. "Fetch a doctor, at once," he commands sharply.

Advent hears Brienne and feels the shake. He grabs her hand lightly and grumbles through the armor. "I'm fine… minor cranial laceration." He releases her hand and slowly pushes himself up. The guard stands at the door and shakes his head. "Already called the doctor, milord. They are on their way." The guard slinks back to watching the door. Advent slowly sits back on the couch and puts his hands in his lap. "How many I assist you both?" He's trying to be so very proper in his ruined armor…slightly slurring.

"Oh Advent.." Dropping the Sir all together. "I thought I told you not to go out again until you healed?" Of course Brienne's words are harsh with worry, but she knows they hold no weight. Her fingers move to deftly assist him in removing his armor. "We have come to talk to you. I have not told Declan anything yet, about what we had planned." Concern laces her voice, her expression. "Declan, darling, will you come help me?"

Declan nods at his sister and hurries over to her side and examines his friend. Then speaking in a forced casual tone, he says, "Look at you! You're ruining the upholstery!" He then kneels beside Brienne and hurries to unclasp Advent from the armor. "Seriously though, why didn't you get a field medic to see to all this mess…"

Advent feels his armor start to be removed. When the helmet is removed, the blood is worse than the wound as most head injuries are. His blue eyes look so very confused at her. "But… we have to fight the enemy or we lose." He nods slowly to her and the thoughts of plans and he sits back. "Yeah, you should tell him." He slowly glances towards Declan. "Oh…" He looks to his couch and frowns at the blood stain. "That's going to take work to get out." He rubs it lightly. "The field medic was tending to someone who lost a limb. They were much more important." He grins at Declan. "Seriously… I'm absolutely fine. Nothing I've not had before…Can't think of it right now but I'm sure…"

Brienne looks over at Declan as he joins, giving him a grateful smile for the assistance. When the armor comes free, Brienne removes her cloak and presses it to his head wound, meeting Advents eyes with her own. "If we die fighting the enemy, then they win." The words are almost strangled. She doesn't say anything else right away, but leaves her black cloak with her Arboren sigil on the breast, pressed against his head wound. "Sir Advent put in a request to marry me, Declan. We're going to be married if our parents agree." She finally speaks, but the she looks back at Advent. "Would you wish to live here or Arboren?" Fearing the answer, she looks around almost hesitantly.

Declan carefully lays the various chunks of armor aside and like his sister, he rips his cloak off and dabs it at places along Advent's chest and face which have been covered in his ichor. He cleans his friend off as best as he can and passes the cloak to Brienne. At his sister's words he pauses for a noticable split second, briefly looking at Advent then at Brienne. He seemed to be expecting some further explanation, but remains quiet on such a matter. About the parents agreeing, Declan wavers his head from side to side before saying, "I dunno how mother will think about it…this is a grey area." Then at the issue of whether or not they would live in Arborenin gives him pause and he looks at the two of them more closely with eyes that seem to see through them.

Advent feels the fabric press against his head. "Depends on how many I take out before I go down." He lifts his hands and holds the cloak to his head. He has a realization in his head. "It is a good match…" He grumbles under his breath. "Why not both? Have a home in each place. There is here already and a home there. Enough conveniences for both and we could stay where we wanted. It's not like it's not a Waygate away." He speaks quietly. He frowns and looks to Declan. "Hey… I'm not a grey area… I'm a catch." He frowns. "Well, most of one." He grips the fabric to his head and he sighs. "I could always meet with your mother."

"I came to see Sir Advent, and we decided we would make a good match after all." Brienne offers by way of explanation. "The grey area being Lady Firia and Tristan." Brie guesses quietly. "Since she is a ward of Valta, I assume it's a match there but I'm not exactly sure. That's about the only block I could think of though. Canis has given his blessing for the match, and there are no hard feelings at all, so if it works out.." She looks between them, "Then we'll eventually be wed and living from here to the Spine. He is right, Declan. He is a good catch, and he's charming and.. more forgiving than I deserve." Whether he had forgiven her or not.

Declan briefly gazes at his sister morosely when the discussion touches on places of residence. But the Young Lord quickly tries to conceal the expression by grimacing at Advent's remark about being a catch. He fights the instinct to give his companion a jovial punch in the arm. "When marrying someone with the name "Sauveur" it is not so much about you being catch as it is about the families involved….and mothers' humiliation during her last visit did not sit well with a family as staunchly loyal as ours." He looks up at Brienne for some confirmation of this before continuing, "No mention the political exile that the Arborenin are in since Ironheart was ejected from the Senate…now the voice of the Spine's people has fallen silent on the Crown Council…now dominated by industrial Khourni." Declan snorts at the mention of the Cresent's paramount family.
Declan shrugs lightly at Brienne's remarks, "Firia was a grey area…but her price tag is only fifty percent Sauveur. This is different…a little bit…but I will do all I can to smooth it out on my end." He then lays his hands next to Brie's in order to amplify the pressure against the wound, "Gods know you are indeed a catch…but I would prefer you two remain in Arborenin so Brienne can continue to command our troops."

Advent listens to it and he sighs quietly. "A union between Sauveur and Arboren sounds like it's needed. It would soothe the sting from past issues and it would show the loyal people of the Spine that Landing has not forgotten them." He feels the pressure on his head and he winces. "Brienne would become a Sauveur. Two homes is better than one. She can still command troops in Arboren while living part time in Landing and I can still command my own troops around Haven from Landing and Arboren." He groans quietly and slowly lies down on the couch. His eye closes leaving only the one open, then he switches to the other being open and he grumbles. "She would be Brienne Sauveur… if living in Arboren would make her happy… it is where I would go."

Brienne feels her breath catch as the name is finally said. Her own name she had never imagined changing. Brienne Arboren… Brienne Sauveur. It was the only time she'd heard it together and she doesn't find it unpleasant. Looking between her brother and Advent, she murmurs softly. "Between the both is fine with me, Advent. You just rest." She gently pushes back his hair from the wound while Declan holds the cloak into place. Brienne Sauveur. The name pops back into her mind, unbidden and yet now slightly more familiar. "What is taking the medic so damned long?" Frustrated she looks towards the door, her jaw clenching. "That would be something that would have to change." Not that she would have the power, but at the moment, it soothes her frustration.

Declan pushes down a bit too hard when he hears the words "Brienne Sauveur" come out of Advent's mouth, "Ooops, sorry…sometimes, I forget my own strength…" Declan flicks his eyes up to see Brienne's reactions—-his own distaste and a glimmer of rage at the notion of losing his sister to another house is unhidden. "I suppose my desire to keep her in Arborenin is because if the alarm sounds, it is easier to call her down to the War Room when she is only four minutes away…rather than having to call out to Landing when every second counts." Declan is averting any glances from Advent at this point.

Advent winces and reaches his hands up, lightly pushing Declan's away. "Ow." The word is strangled from his breathless lips. He opens his eyes to see the anger in Declan's face and fear actually fills him. He's already lost most his sisters but he remembers well the anger he had towards Cedric. He slides off the couch and stands quickly, stumbling back and holding himself up on the wall. He shakes his head and stares at Declan. He doesn't say anything to the man. He knows full well what he's feeling.

Whatever is unspoken between them, Brienne isn't exactly understanding it, but she rises when Advent does, a little of his blood on her hand. "Please, sit down, Sir Advent. You should be resting. What if you lose so much blood you're light headed?" Then Declan. His anger is almost palpable. "Dec?" She reaches out her fingers and brushes her knuckles over his arm. "Declan? Perhaps we should go for now so Sir Advent can be seen by the medic."

Declan goes over to his friend, taking him by the arm and trying to bring him back to the couch. His touch is imploring and compassionate despite his prior expression. He glances at his sister as she reaches out for him. He shakes his head at her and saying, "We need to wait for the doctors to arrive. We will have to keep him conscious."

Advent sees Declan come closer and he thinks he moves but he just stands there. He feels his arm taken. "Wow…you're fast." He grumbles quietly as he stumbles back to the couch and sits heavily. "You are just going to kill me anyways Declan… just… finish it. I'm already weakened." He slowly starts to fall to his side on the couch. The guard comes back in and looks at Brienne. "The doctors say they are going to be late. Something about an amputee." He disappears back into the waiting room. Advent lies on the couch and stares at the fire. "I just want to make her happy, Declan. If I have to change everything, I'll do that…" He's whispering by the end.

Brienne once more kneels by the couch, her eyes barely flickering over the guard as he comes back in. "Then call one from somewhere else! There is more than one doctor!" The words are almost a bark as she finds herself more concerned. Her breath catches at the confession from Advent, and she reaches for his hand, holding it gently. "We will stay as long as we need to stay, Advent, we won't be leaving you alone." Not ever again.. she adds to herself after. Her gaze lands on Declan and she offers a tentative smile. "I want to marry him Declan. I want to be his wife." And when she says it, she sounds more convincing than she ever has before.

Declan smirks at Advent's command to finish him. "Don't be so melodramatic," he says scoldingly, then going over to hover in front of his view, "Besides, why would I need to kill you…you are gonna kill yourself by going back into the fight too soon after an injury—-so how 'bout you start there…lose that habit." The Young Lord shakes his head and looks at his sister. He nods slowly at her, his face is blank though.

Advent grumbles quietly from his place on the couch. "We have to fight. There is little time to stop and heal when they are advancing." He stays lying there as he asks. "Declan…what can I do to make myself good enough for your sister?" It's an honest question. His voice though is slowing down and there are noises out in the family room. Someone's talking quietly. He winces and rolls to his side. "I'm really dizzy."

Brienne is beyond frustrated, and she rises to her feet and storms to the door, flinging it open. She grabs a fist full of guard uniform, green eyes flashing with her anger. "You find him medical help now! I don't care if it's the nanny for the children who can only put on a bandaid, you bring someone now!" Then she remembers her datapad and withdraws it, sending a message home. "I will bring one from home if your people are so inept! He's lost blood, he's dizzy, he's not making sense!" Making himself good enough for her? Well, with a message sent home, and the guard alerted to the seriousness of the situation, it's a toss up to who will come first. "Declan, keep him awake," she growls fiercely.

Declan dashes over to look out the door of the common to see if anyone is coming. He then walks back in time to hear Advent asking him what he can do. Declan passes by and says, "You could not be a Sauveur, my friend." The Young Lord then goes over to a nearby wall to dig through drawers, shelves, while opening and closing various cupboard, flitting through various items. He intent is made clear when he says, "There has to be a dermal regenerator here somewhere…a medigel pack…a medkit would be lovely." He finally finds a hypospray containing some sort a stimulant…though it appears to be something used for headaches rather than this sort of injury. Oh well, would have to do. Declan returns to his friend's side and injects him with the serum. As he is now close to Advent he says, "I wish it were not you, mate. She is great, yes. You can make her happy, yes. But you are talking about rational things. I am not being rational…she is my fuckin' best friend in all of Haven and I want to keep her to myself. Therefore, any man she marries would be taking her away from me. It makes no logical sense, Advent. It just is what it is." If his friend starts to drift off, Declan remains there to smack him awake.

Advent feels Brienne before he hears her snapping at the guards. The guards though just stand in shock at her anger. "They are coming…" The guard pulls away from Brienne and grumbles something. The Sauveur frowns and sighs. "I can't change my name any more than you can." He reaches his hand out and he takes Declan's hand. "I will never take her from you… You are my friend and I would be protecting her in those moments you will be busy with your wife." He slowly sits up and wobbles slightly towards Declan. "It doesn't have to be logical… I almost killed Cedric… At least, we didn't do that." He groans and sighs. The doctor finally comes through the door and rushes towards Advent. "What happened?"

With blood on her hand and Advent bleeding and Declan looking angry… and Advent bleeding.. it's pretty incriminating. Brie scowls at the doctor. "Took you long enough!" She gestures to Advent, stepping back so the doctor can care for him. "He was hurt. Help him!" NOW! But the last word was insinuated, not spoken.

Declan chuckles at the mention of killing Cedric, but he does nod at Advent's words. Though it is not clear if he fully accepts everything being said…or that he is past his hesitation because at the moment the doctor walks in. Declan shrugs at the doctor and says, "Dunno, but it is a cranial injury, and he has lost quite a lot of blood." Declan takes a step back then two, then goes to stand with his sister.

The doctor crouches by Advent and pulls out his kit and starts to work. Within a few moments, the doctor pokes Advent…then shakes him. "Um…" He grabs his stethoscope and listens. He looks rather confused before he continues to work on the head wound. He sutures him back together and wraps his head. "He's lost a lot of blood yes but not enough to be of worry. Also… I am pretty sure… Something else might be wrong." He lifts Advent's arm and lets it drop…like a rock back down. "Does he normally sleep this heavily?"

"How am I supposed to know how he sleeps!" Brienne watches the way his arm drops back down. "Is he conscious?" Alarmed again, she kneels back down, gently touching his shoulder. "Advent?" Her voice soft, grasping his shoulder and shaking him like she had earlier. "Advent?"

Declan bursts out laughing. "Yeah, that's typical ol' Advent…he does not sleep. He passes out. If everything is settled and there will be no lasting damage then I think it is best we let him rest for a few days. Come on Brie. We should return home." He tugs on his sissy's arm.

The doctor is confused and nods to Declan. He grins at Brienne and hands her the stethoscope so she can hear how strong Advent's heart is beating. "He's very much alive but I think your brother is right. He's very passed out." The doctor stands up and starts packing up his things. "He will be fine. A couple stitches and some gauze changing for a few days and he'll be good to go back to the fight but make sure he stays out of battle for now."

Brienne does take the stethoscope and listens, reassuring herself. Only then does she offer them back to the doctor. "Then is he cleared to travel to Arborenin so we can keep him occupied there for a bit, otherwise he will go back with no one being any wiser." She looks back at Advent, frowns and reaches into the doctor bag for the disposable wipes. She washes the dried blood from his face very tenderly. "Sweet dreams, Sir Advent." But Declan is pulling her now and she stands. "We'll be back tomorrow, Advent, and maybe you can come over."

Declan nods at the doctor and bids him thanks before departing with Brie.

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