06.10.3013: What If There Was No War
Summary: Ariana tends to Sammel's wounds as they discuss what their lives might be like if there was no war.
Date: 12 June 2013
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First Quadrant of the Halo—The Ring
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10 June 3013

Having been brought into the medical facilities here from the ones aboard the ship, Sammel has been a bit in and out of it as they brought him in. They've done the most basic patching up of his chest wound, and also the minor wound to his hand. Right now he seems to be mostly awake, looking around the facilities with a bit of a sigh.

Already attending to a few patients down the line, Ariana tosses her used pair of gloves into a neary bin, before snapping on a new pair. Out comes her datapad, waving it over the chip attached to Sammel's bed that currently holds his personal physical files. "Sir Sammel Cindravale." She utters the name, looking thoughtful, before she begins work on taking the knight's vitals. "How are you feeling today, Sir Sammel? By the looks of it, you're just a little banged up, but that can be fixed."

Looking about to say something, Sammel studies the lady for a few moments, before he offers her a quiiet smile. "I've had better days, I must admit. Had worse too, of course." A brief pause, before he adds, "I must say that delivering a polearm strike to the enemy's chest is better than being on the receiving end of one, though." Another brief smile, before he adds, "But I'll live to fight another day, which is good."

"I'm Lady Ariana Larent, and I will be assisting you during your time here." Ariana says as a form of introduction. Carefully, she works to remove the bandages that wrap tightly around the man's chest. "Are you in much pain at the moment? If so, I can up the dose of your painkillers so that you may rest more comfortably." She then continues on, "Looking at your file, you were part of the Intent. I've heard good things about how that went off. My father was Captain of Titan's Wake at that time and their ship, too, took many casualties and injured."

"A pleasure to meet you, Lady Ariana, although I'm sure the circumstances could have been far better." Sammel pauses for a few moments after having said that, offering a momentary smile as well. At the mention of the painkillers, he shakes his head a little. "Only a little bit, when I take deep breaths," he replies, before he nods a little bit at the part about his file. "Could have went so much worse out there. Quite a few Hostiles we had to fight." The mention of a father makes him pause, for a few moments. "Father…" he begins, before he lets out a quiet breath. "I'm sure he's gotten word, my brother seemed to get through without getting wounded, after all."

Once the bandages are undone, Ariana oh so carefully dabs at the sensitive skin around the wound with some iodine to clean the area, "Oh, I'm sure that the circumstances could have been better, but better now than never at all." She says, her words hinting that rather than being here, he could be far worse off. She smiles still, before something which the man says catches her attention and while she does not stop pause in her task, she does make her inquiries, "Does any of your family know that you are injured? Your Lord Brother, perhaps, could have passed the message along? If not, I think that it can be arranged."

Sammel nods a bit as he hears that, while carefully keeping his attention on Ariana and not on the wound. "True. Could have been far worse as well." There's a brief pause, before he adds, "Getting hit by a polearm isn't as good as being the one hitting the Hostiles with a polearm, though." At the last part, he smiles a bit now. "I'm sure Erik… That is, Sir Erik, my baby brother, has told them. But if not, I'm sure father has gotten reports about who was wounded and who… ended up in worse situations…"

Setting the bloodsoaked gauze and bandage pieces aside, Ariana adjusts the level of pain medication being pumped into her patient. Though even after she does this, she gently swipes at the flesh around the wound with a cooling gel that quickly desensitizes the area. Then out comes the sutures and she continues to now chat along with the man to take his attention off of her new task of stitching his wound closed. "I remember Sir Erik, but that was immediately following the crises when that Hostile broke loose from our lab. I'm glad to hear that he is in good health or at least better health that you are in. But don't worry, as I've said. This shouldn't take too long. Did you have other family fighting alongside you? It's always worrisome when your loved ones are placed in danger."

Sammel nods as he hears that, offering a bit of a smile. "Takes much more to get rid of any of us, I guess." A brief chuckle, before he adds. "Or maybe he was just better at ducking this time."

Ariana's long, elegant fingers work quickly and despite such gruesome work, she seems unphased by all of this. Even with so much carnage around her. "Perhaps, they will think twice next time before messing with anyone from Cindravale?" Her eyes lift only for a few seconds from her stitching, "By the looks of things, you will still need a few days of bedrest, I'm afraid. But this isn't too terrible and luckily for you, nothing vital was punctured." A slight change of topic, "And what does Sir Sammel plan to do once he's fully recovered?"

"I wish they would think twise before that," Sammel replies with a momentary chuckle, before he offers a momentary smile. "I'll try my best to be patient for those days, my lady," he says, before he shrugs a little. "What I plan to do? That depends a bit on the Hostiles, I guess. If they don't attack, I plan on getting a few drinks. But if they do, I'll probably have to get ready to face them once again."

Content with her handiwork, Ariana begins the job of bandaging the young knight up once more. "I hope, for your sake, My Lord, that you have time to relax and live your life once you are back on your feet, rather than be thrust into the necessary unpleasantness of this war so soon. I'd hate to think how life is passing us all by, but there is very little that we can do to stop this."

Sammel nods a little as he hears that. "I'd hope so as well, but when there's a war, you seldom get to do what you want, right?" A quiet grimace, before he adds, "But after all, fighting back the enemy threat is what we're trained for, so that's what we'll have to do." A brief frown, before he adds, "How about you, Lady Ariana? If this war hadn't happened in our lifetimes, what would you have wanted to do with your life?"

Even as she works, Ariana pauses to now blink at this question, and for the first time she actually stops what she's doing. "Quite the question, My Lord. Let me see.." She finally starts up again and as she continues to speak, she returns to her bandaging once again, "I am of House Larent, so with this war or not, I certainly still would have entered into the fields of science if not medicine, but more than likely, I would still be doing what I do now. I highly doubt much would change, perhaps, unless there was no threat of war at all. Ever. Then all of our lives may have been a little bit different. Though, I'm certain that if that were the case, My Lord, you would still be a knight."

"Probably, yes. I guess there's some things that are in our blood, so to speak. Like sciences for your family, and knighthood for mine. Who knows, maybe I would have been more of a tournament knight like Niko." A brief pause, before Sammel adds, "Sir Nikomachos, that is, my older brother. He won the joust at the last Tourney, you know…" There's another smile now, before he adds, "I'm glad you decided to make medicine your point of studying, though."

"I had once longed to join the Cindravale family, as my Lady Mother is from your House. Perhaps, if there was no war and we were all left to our own devices, I may have been given the chance to branch out a little more." Ariana speaks in a light voice as she jots down some notes into Sammel's file on her datapad. "I was jealous when my Lady Sister got to go and squire for our uncle there, she later became a knight. Oh, you know Sir Veryna, right? But either way, I might have gone into other things not so.. scientific. Who knows, it is nice to dream." She then nods quickly, "Oh yes, I do know of Sir Nikomachos. Quite a model tournament knight."

Sammel nods a little now, offering a quiet smile. "I know of your sister, at least. I don't think I've had the chance to meet her, though. After all I spent a fair bit of my youth at Volkan, as the squire of a Khourni knight." A bit of a grin at the mention of his brother, he nods. "I just hope he'll manage to make use of the skills from the tournaments for this war."

"You squired for a Khourni knight? Whyfor, with so many famous knights within your own House?" Ariana has to ask, her eyes peering out at the time so that she can document it on the file. She then sends the information from her own datapad to that of the electronic file attached to the knight's bed. "Your Lord Brother is gallantly powerful, though I do know that actual war is far different than a mere jousting event… especially when our enemies are so… mysterious and frightening. Powerful." She then asks quickly, "Were you afraid, My Lord, when you first encounted one of these Hostile?"

"If I was afraid? Well, partially, but everything happened so fast, and we were so many on both sides out there, that I didn't really have that much time to think about it." Sammel replies a bit thoughtfully. "After all, at some point, you stop thinking and just start following your instincts." A brief pause, before he adds, "And I did squire for a Khourni, yes. I think it was meant to be some kind of gesture of good will between the houses."

Ariana seems very attentive when the man responds, explaining his own feelings in the face of danger. "When the time comes, I hope to be able to steel myself as you all have when fighting the hostile. I've been asking permission if I can assist as some sort of field medic.. but I have a feeling that my Lord Father may object. Still, it doesn't hurt to badger your parents until they relent. But, for now, what you do need is your rest. I will be checking up on you every hour or so to ensure that your vitals are fine. Perhaps we'll find some time to speak later. It was a pleasure conversing to you, My Lord."

Sammel chuckles a little as he hears that. "I know quite a bit about having a father that might object to such things. Which is why I made my decision to help out on the ship before informing the Knight Commander, my Lord Father about it." Nodding a bit to the part about needing rest as well, before he offers a smile. "I'll be looking forward to our next conversation, Lady Ariana. And I'll try to be a good patient and get that rest now."

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