07.24.3013: Well, This is Awkward
Summary: Alone for the first time since finding out about Lord Sir Alexandros's match proposal, Sammel and Elodie discuss the situation of being bethrothed to near strangers.
Date: 27 July, 2013
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Elodie's quarters
Although it has the same white walls with dark brass beams and vaulted ceiling of the rest of Shelter, Elodie's love of life and living things has taken over the once geometrically laid out suite, giving the place something of an air of an old earth industrial site that's been left to nature. A geometric pattern cut into the metal floor and planted with low growing thyme has taken the place of the circular walls that used to enclose her foyer, in the middle of which a simple, circular fountain still stands. The herb gives an aromatic and fresh welcome to the visitor, trying to prepare them for the small vista that opens up before them.
The curved ceiling has been tiled almost seamlessly with computer monitors that have a feed from outside cameras, bringing Niveus's skies right to her suite. Every cloud, star, or ray of sun is fed straight into the room, meaning that she literally does sleep under the stars.
Normally, this would make a space seem huge, the openness of the sky seeming to go on forever. But, like most other rooms in Shelter, the strong beams of wood and metal truss work hold up the ceiling and delineate where walls once stood, breaking into the view. The only solid walls left standing are the ones around her privy. Planters of ivy and flowering vines have taken advantage of the 'natural' light, and wound their way around these beams, following wires that have been strung in between in some places, leaving areas of dappled shade. A few miniature potted trees have been arranged to surround her own personal little library and reading area. The long, stone fireplace partially hides the sleeping area, appearing to be a rock wall from the entryway, behind which a canopy bed of smooth curves, nestles near the fire, like a camper's tent at a campfire.
24 July, 3013

After being dismissed to show Sammel around Shelter before dinner, Elodie was quiet as they walked out of the room. She started with the family quarters of House Iah, and then she gave a glance to Sargeant Wolf, before opening the door and leading the Cindravalen Knight and Lord into what, at first, appears to be a greenhouse of sorts. "Would you care for some tea?" the lady asks as she leads him around the fountain towards a sitting area under potted miniature trees.

Looking around as he's being shown around, Sammel smiles as he studies the various rooms. Entering the greenhouse-looking room, he looks around for a few moments now. "Interesting room," he offers, before he smiles, "Some tea sounds quite lovely now, thank you." Looking around at the various parts of the room as he follows after the lady over towards that sitting area. "What is this room?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

Sargeant Wolf is given the request, and he retires to fetch it as Lady Elodie takes a seat in her favorite chair. "These are my private quarters," his expression is watched closely as she makes that statement. "If you are in need of the privy, it just through the door under the bougainvillea," she inclines her head to indicate the location of the door across the room.

Sammel pauses for a few moments as he hears that, looking around the room again a bit more carefully. "Really? It's more of what I'd expect of the Arborenin, I guess." A brief pause as he nods a little at the mention of the door to the privy, looking over in that direction for a few moments, before he looks back to Elodie now. "But like I said, quite interesting. What made you decide on decorating your quarters like this?"

Elodie gives a little smile. "I suppose you could maybe consider it Arborenin. But, no… when I was little, the Hydroponics Garden was my favorite place to go. I still like to walk there when I need to calm myself, or just want some time to think. So I asked Mother and Father if I could have some plants in my room." The little smile broadens a bit, almost a touch of self deprecation to it, showing a little discomfort talking about herself. "I daresay they thought it would be a passing phase. But I kept taking down walls so I could fit more plants, and the climbing ones I planted kept growing." She chews at her lip. "I do love the beauty of my planet. Not many people see it, but the crystal-like shimmer of whites and silver and blues, sometimes can be breathtaking in their beauty. The sunset through an ice wall turns it rose and gold… but I do love plants, and living things as well."

"So if it's a passing phase, it hasn't passed yet?" Sammel asks, with a quiet smile, before he nods a little at the mention of the beauty of the planet. "I will have to see more of that at some point, I believe. But it sounds quite reasonable that with that kind of an environment outside, one would want to do something special about one's living quarters." Another smile momentarily now, as he adds, "One day I'll have to see the sunset through the ice wall you described."

"I would love to show that to you," Elodie replies. "We'll have to dress you warmer, though. It's something we have to go outside to see, and once the sun sets, the temperature does drop quite drastically." Sargeant Wolf returns with the tea, which Elodie stands to serve once it's been set down, and she shares a quiet word with him, after which he nods, and takes his tea to the other side of the stone wall and finds himself a seat there, out of sight, and probably mostly out of earshot as well. "Sargeant Wolf is fairly new to his duties," she explains as she retakes her seat after making tea to Sammel's liking for him. "Evald was my guard from the time I was a child, but he was recently…" she pauses, and takes a sip of tea. "He lost his eyesight when we were at White Gates during the mineral poisoning."

"Sounds like getting some warm clothing should be on my to-do list very soon, then," Sammel replies, before he looks over at the Sargeant, offering the man a quiet nod now, before he looks back to Elodie, nodding a little as he hears that. "Mineral poisoning. Sounds quite scary." A brief pause, as he takes a sip from the tea, before he adds, "I'm sorry to hear about his loss of eyesight."

"It was… disconcerting," Elodie replies, and let's silence fall for a bit, staring at her tea. "Do you think… we could have some plants in our apartments?" She finally asks, then she blushes and looks away. "I'm sorry, I'm not… very accomplished about talking about these sorts of things. I just thought…" she pauses again. "I didn't take you for a tour because I thought maybe we should… talk about things. Without other people overhearing. I mean… I've only met you a couple of times casually, and I've thought you were quite nice but… I hadn't thought you might be.." she runs out of courage and takes a sip from her tea, her eyes glancing pretty much anywhere but at Sammel for the moment.

He was about to take another sip from his tea, but as he hears what's being said now, he pauses, lowering the cup. "I'm sure there can be some plants there in… our apartmens." A brief pause, before he adds, "Not sure if it can be as many as here, though." Similarily looking away for the moment, he nods a little bit. "Good thinking. There's a lot we should talk about." Nodding as he hears the last part, he adds, "I never expected this to happen either. Truth to be told, I thought that with Niko… Nikomachos, that is, we just shorten his name. Anyway, with him married, and Erik betrothed, I thought there would be a long time before me or our sister would…" Lifting up his cup to take that sip now, he adds, "Guess I was wrong about that."

Elodie nods. "I don't think that Una has even been thinking about matching any of us. She's been… wanting to keep us close since Mother.." She swallows once. "Anyways, I think she's been wanting to keep her family around. Not that we've been straining at the bit to get out, mind you," she adds hastily. After a pause, she gives a little smile. "I think a part of her was hoping I might object or say I'm not ready… and I am kind of not ready, but… it's hard to figure when that would be, right?" She bites her lip. "The being ready, that is."

"The question is, can one ever be fully ready for it, and how does one know that one is?" Sammel says, after a few quiet moments, before he nods a little again. "Or maybe it's like being dropped into the water to have to learn to swim." Another brief pause, before he adds, "Ready or not, it seems it's happening."

"So, I guess we're learning to swim?" Elodie asks, her eyes finally swinging over towards him. A gentle, almost hopeful smile tugs at the corners of her lips as she sets down her half finished tea.

Sammel nods a little as he hears that. "That's how it looks," he replies, before smiling in return. "I guess the main question now is how do we take things from here." Taking another sip from his own tea, before placing it down again.

In a single, smooth motion, but without haste, Elodie rises from her chair. She crosses to one of the potted trees, her fingers light upon the leaves as she thinks. "Well, with your brother also being betrothed, I think that we don't have have to worry about rushing into wedding plans." Her hand falls slowly back to her side and she moves to another tree, stooping down to test the dampness of the soil and frowning slightly. Moving over to one of the beams that supports her ceiling, she pulls a retractable hose from it's hidden niche and brings it over, draping the soaker end in a loose circle around the base of the trunk before turning on the slow trickle. "So, we have plenty of time to get to know each other better."

"There's that, yes," Sammel replies. Remaining seated at the moment, he watches as she heads over to check on the trees. "So yes, it'll give us some extra time to get to know each other better."

Elodie nods and turns, leaning back against the pot that is almost waist high, some of the lower branches framing her face as she looks towards him. Her hand rest on the edge of the pot, fingers curling loosely. "So… I mean… when you think about being with someone. What kinds of things do you think about doing?" she asks curiously. A moment later she colors deep red again. "Other than…"

Sammel hmms a little as he considers that, "Let's see… Something quite different from what I do as a knight would be a good thing. So something far more calm and quiet, I guess. Maybe enjoying a good dinner somewhere, or something?" Another brief pause, before he adds, "Going out dancing or just having a good time at some point is good too, I believe. I might need to think a bit more to come up with something better, though."

Elodie can't help chuckling. "I wasn't very good with weapons. I mean, I did well enough in the basics that Mother taught us all as children, but I didn't like them that well. Then I found medicine, so I didn't need to train anymore." She pauses. "I like archery, though. Maybe because it seemed more like meditation for me. There's something calming about you, and a target, your breath, and the flight of the arrow…" She trails off with another flush of pink cheeks. "So, anyways. You don't have to worry about me wanting to do any of that stuff with you. Although, Ronan has been working more on my skills with me since I've been assigned a naval residency. In case the ship I'm on is ever boarded." She pauses again. "Do you like being outdoors?"

"Medicine, that's a different war, yet just as important, I believe." Sammel nods after a few moments as he hears that, before he adds, "I've never been good at archery, myself. It's always just been either the chase them down with a horse and a lance, or go in on foot, with a poleaxe…" A brief pause, before he nods a little at the rest of it, "Do you know what ship they will assign you to?" he asks, before he smiles. "And I enjoy spending some time outdoors, yes. Before the Hostiles came, I enjoyed just getting No Name from the stables, and heading out on the plains for a bit."

"No Name?" Elodie queries. "Your horse is called 'No Name'?" She chuckles merrily. "How did he merit that name, or lack thereof?" She pushes away from the plant to return to her chair, but her eyes did light up at the mention of riding. "When I went to Landing to study at Academ, I discovered how enjoyable riding a horse can be. I do enjoy…" she takes up her tea. "Maybe we can go riding together sometime?"

Sammel shrugs a little bit as he hears that question, "Well, I tried coming up with a better name for him, but it was hard coming up with a good one. So it ended up with No Name." A brief grimace as he chuckles. "So, that name, or lack thereof, stuck. I don't think he minds it too much, though." A brief smile as he hears that last part. "That would be quite lovely, yes."

Elodie smiles encouraginly, whether to him, or herself, or both is up for debate as they find something in common. "I think I will be on the Shadow of Intent, but I'm not sure. I've never actually owned a horse, so I don't know if I'd be any better at coming up with a name." She pauses, "oh! Sir Kaedin has offered me a kitten, when his cat has kittens.. soon. Can the kitten come to the Vale, as well?"

"Ah, the Shadow of Intent. A fine ship, although I have most of my memories of it from when we headed out against the first wave of the hostiles. Captain's a good guy, though." Sammel replies, before he nods a little, "Maybe one day we'll find out if you're better at coming up with a name." At the mention of the kitten, he smiles, nodding. "I'm sure it can," he replies, with another smile.

Elodie chuckles at the almost, but not quite promise/challenge of naming a horse. Her eyebrows raise, however, and she gives a puzzled look to Sammel. "I didn't know that knights went with the navy into space. Not much room for horses to run around in a ram ship," she quips with a little grin. But then she sobers again. "Are you… will your family be all right with me being assigned to… well, more dangerous areas?"

Sammel shrugs a little, "They needed some people there to take out the Hostiles when boarding some of their transports. We were quite a solid group aboard." A brief pause, before he adds, "And we managed to thin out their numbers a bit. Some of us can actually work without the horses too, believe it or not." The last part said with a grin, before he sobers a bit at that last part as well. "I think they will. After all, we've always been there when battles needed to be fought. And Father was the Knight Commander too, so he knows how these things are." A brief pause, and a smile, before he adds, "And as for me, I know how important it is for skilled medical people to be there right after there's been battles. Just be sure to come back from it."

Elodie looks at Sammel over the rim of her tea cup, and her eyebrows arch, her gaze part mischievous as she sips the liquid, then lowers the cup. "You need to be sure to do the same," she tells him, her brows knit a little after she speaks.

"I promise I will do whatever I can to do so," Sammel replies, before he adds, "And I'm sure that both my brothers, my sister, and some more people will help me to keep that promise."

Elodie grins. "And I have Sargeant Wolf to help me uphold my end of the bargain," she replies almost immediately, then she stops. "Well, I do for right now. He is… rather solidly attached to House Iah." Then she chuckles. "We're already starting to sound like… a couple."

Sammel smiles, "Then I'll put my faith in Sargeant Wolf's abilities." There's a brief pause, as he hears that last part now, and he looks a little thoughtful for a few brief moments, before he chuckles too. "We are, aren't we?" he offers, with a momentary smile now.

The smile remains on Elodie's face as she notes Sammel's. Then she puts down her tea cup, now empty, and folds her hands lightly in her lap. "I just want you to know that… I was surprised when Una told me your lord father had sent her a message, but I didn't have any objections. I don't have any objections. I… like this match." She gives a little shrug to her shoulders and drops her eyes to her hands. "I just. Wanted you to know that."

Looking about to say something, Sammel pauses as he hears her words. There's another smile as he studies her for a few moments, before he smiles. "Knowing that means much to me. And I have no objections to it either. Although we barely know each other so far, I feel quite comfortable with it being you and me."

She might almost not realize she's giving a little sigh of relief as Sammel assures her of his lack of ill will regarding the match when Elodie stands. "Thank you," she says quietly. "I suppose I should show you at least a little something of Shelter before Dinner, since Una is bound to ask questions." She pauses before she actually turns to her door. "Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?"

"Yes, I suppose having seen a little of Shelter before having to answer questions is a good thing. So I'll not get too lost the next time I come here." Sammel replies with a smile as he gets to his feet again now. Hearing the last question, he shakes his head. "Not that I can think of at the moment," he replies.

As if there has been some sort of signal, as they start to move towards the door, Sargeant Wolf returns to walk behind and step to the right of Lady Elodie. "If you ever get lost, just give me a call on my comm, and I will come find you," she assures. "It is pretty straightforward in the way it's laid out, though. I'm sure you'll get used to it quickly." The doors to her suite slide open as they approach, and this time, she guides Lord Sir Sammel to the lift.

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