07.16.3013: Welcoming the Navy's Return
Summary: Una and Ariana greet the returning naval officers at the docking bay.
Date: 16 July 2013
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Docking Bay 94-B — The Ring
This section of The Ring is dedicated to docking ramships assigned to the defense of The Ring. Orelle men-at-arms in full combat armor guard the entrances of the area, which is a wide open space, dotted here and there with knots of benches out of the way of any possible paths to or from the gates. Each gate is a paired airlock leading out to a docking sleeve where a ramship can connect to the docking bay.
16 July 3013

Most of the knights and footmen have already disembarked and head their separate ways. Young Lord Kadmus however is still about the Titan's Wake, standing outside and speaking to a couple of porters from the ring who apparently are preparing to haul his suit of Armor someplace, "It took a few gouges to the breastplate, and one of the actuators was sticking in the left leg after an axe blow. Take it to the armorsmith and have them refurbish it." He instructs the man, who gives a milord and starts to carry off the load.

Una arrived not long ago, taking a moment out of a break from Nivean business to come and speak to some people about arrangements for her sister, should she end up stationed on a ramship. Dressed for warm weather now that she's off the ice moon, she wears a simple sleeveless gown of blue with geometric patterns down the front, short enough so that the tips of her boots can be sean beneath the hem. She spots Kadmus in the crowds as she steps away from the steward she's been speaking with, and moves into his path to greet him when he has a moment.

With the arrival of the Wake, Ariana has been waiting so that she may greet her father and his men upon their docking, so once she notices one of the Wake's Lieutenants emerging from the ramship, she immediately moves in to intercept him with a friendly enough smile and a light curtsy to follow. "Lord Lieutenant," Her eyes lift to look over the condition of the Titan's Wake, "I'm glad to see that both you and my Lord Father's ship seem to be in good shape." Her eyes return to Kadmus, "Speaking of my Lord Father, will he be out shortly?" When she notices Una's approach, she graces the woman with a similar curtsy, "It's good to see you, My Lady. I must say that most recently, I've spent far more time than I expected upon your moon." Rather than her science or medical attire, Ariana is dressed in a silk gown of lovely cyan which looks to glow brilliantly in the shade — the colors of House Larent, as she is here to meet with her father.

"Lady Iah." Kadmus greets with a bow of his head, then his attention shifts, "Lady Ariana, I believe he is still going over damage reports and requisition lists, I'm not certain how far along he is however." he says, "But thank you, the fighting was quite intense, and I suspect we will be returning to the fight as soon as possible."

"Lord Lieutenant, Lady Ariana." Una's smile of greeting brightens at the unexpected sight of Ariana. "Its very good to see you again. I hope you've enjoyed Niveus?" Kadmus is offered a nod in reply, "And I hope I might thank you, Lord Lieutenant, for brightening my sister's spirits once more. She is greatly improved since she returned from your reefs."

"I would have more than likely enjoyed Niveus more under different circumstances to my visits there, but, it was still beautiful all the same, My Lady." Ariana responds to Una, her head nodding in Kadmus' direction, however, when she states, "Thank you, My Lord. I don't wish to bother him if he is busy inspecting his ship." It is, though, what Una says next to Kadmus that draws her interest and she turns to regard the woman with a look of very mild curiosity, as she wouldn't want to come off as nosy, though her eyes flicker in the direction of Volen heir.

Percival emerges a few moments later, striding through the airlock passage out into the station proper. He is in normal battle uniform and is still attended by a younger deck officer who has a datapad out, tapping on the screen as the pair walk. "Very well then. Send me the full report as soon as it is done," he directs the aide, as they cross the threshold onto the dock. His gaze alights fairly quickly on his daughter once he emerges, and the man breaks into a happy smile, adjusting his stride to meet her. "So good of you to come to meet me, dear."

"Ah, you are welcome Lady Iah." Kadmus says, "The Lady Elodie had suggested using our natural resources on Mare Maris as a place for our soldiers to visit when not on the front lines, so I figured it only natural to give her a personal tour of one of my favorite reefs." Kadmus explains, offering a smile, "I'm glad she enjoyed herself, however." He adds with a bob of his head, then Percival is emerging, "It seems he is finished, Lady Ariana." He says with a smile her way, then a bow of his head to the arriving captain, "Lord Captain." he greets.

Una nods, a sadder smile her response to Ariana's words about circumstances. "Of course. You will have to come back again sometime happier." Turning to Kadmus, she continues to smile, raising an eyebrow at the new information, "Did she? I see, interesting." And then Percival is approaching, and she turns to offer a bow of the head, "Lord Captain."

"I must say, that I believe that our entire navy and their forces certainly deserve a little break and what better place for them to visit but Mare Maris?" Ariana adds in quickly to what Kadmus explains regarding their reef. Then to Una, she smiles gently, "I would love that, My Lady. My thoughts go out to you and your family." It doesn't take long for the youngest Larent child to notice her father's emerging from his ship, but rather than run over to greet him with a comforting hug, Ariana, instead, takes a few steps in the man's direction before lowering herself into a graceful curtsy as a show of deference and respect to her father and Head of House. "Lord Father, I would wish to be nowhere else but here to witness the Titan's Wake arrival back to the dockyard. And if you or your crew are in need of my medical attention, I will more than gladly offer my assistance."

"I don't know. I hear many soldiers quite enjoy a bit of fun at the Apogee or other entertainments our own Summit offers them," Percival notes, with a flash of a grin. "Although Mare Maris is a lovely place to relax as well. I can only imagine it's popularity with soldiers back from a recent tour, and for general entertainments. Lady Eirene has suggested that I come and see the reefs as well. Now that I am back from our most recent engagement, I might take her up on it." Of course, he moves closer to Ariana, and after her curtsy, takes her hands lightly in hers and leans to kiss her on the cheek. "Still, its wonderful to have one of my darling daughters be the first thing I see as I come ashore. I hope all has been well in my absence?" Toward the other two, he offers Una the more notable greeting. "Lady Una, it is kind of you to come and see the soldiers back as well." With his Lieutenant, business seems still on his mind. "Have all the section chiefs made their final reports? The fighting seemed heavier this time, and I am somewhat concerned for our repair schedule."

"I've no doubt." Kadmus says to Percival, "I suspect the moons offer their own benefits for vacations." He agrees, attention turning back to Una, "There are certainly some logistical issues to be overcome given our lack of space, but it's perhaps the safest of the Lashes and mostly insulated from Hostiles attacks, so it gives a sense of safety at least. But it was quite a good idea your sister had."

I am glad to come, Lord Commander Laurent." Una replies with a small smile for the father and daughter. "I will need to make myself more present at such events, I think. I've been letting my siblings be my ambassadors too often, while I remain on Niveus." She nods to Kadmus, offering a reassuring smile. "I will speak to her about it, when I've the time."

"Oh we could certainly entertain our soldiers and knights on Nubilus as well." Ariana says in a light lyrical voice as she looks thoughtful of this idea, though when Percival mentions being invited to the reefs as well, she peers up at her father, "Now wouldn't that be lovely, like some sort of family vacation." As her gaze meets the captain's, she looks as if there's more on her mind that merely was is being said here, but quickly she returns to Una, her eyes lighting up, "We would love to have you stay at Summit. A sort of spiritually relaxing experience."

"Some sort of benefit night at the casino, perhaps, with some free chips to the soldiers and the money going to some appropriate charity," Percival muses, although the thought only seems like a brief and whimsical one, and he does not linger on it much. "Some sort of family outing would be quite enjoyable. I do like to make the best of the time I have free, doubly so now that my naval duties are so much more dangerous than in the past." As his daughter makes the suggestion of the Iah visit, he grins. "You and your family are quite welcome to visit us, naturally. We would be happy to show you our own seas of clouds."

"Give her my regards as well." Kadmus says to Una with a smile and a bow of his head, then to Percival and Ariana he turns, "Do let me know if you intend to visit New Atlantis, I'll have something special prepared for you to go and see the reefs."

Una nods a b it, interested in passing in Percival's idea as well. The idea passes through her mind quickly, her smile brightening as she looks to Ariana. "I'd like that, very much. We all would. And you will have to come again to visit us. We've a recent addition to our rehab center, Lord Sir Kaedin discovered an orphaned ice bear during one of his visits." She nods to Kadmus, grinning that grin of those who suspect something more is going on between two people, "I will, thank you."

"Orphaned ice bear?" Ariana asks curiously, "I've never really thought of wild animals as having actual families. Maybe a pack of sorts. But that seems like an interesting sight to see, nevertheless. Will you be letting the bear out into the wild once it is rehabilitated? Or will it be placed in a zoo of sorts? It has been a while since I've visited any sort of wild animal enclosure. The last time was a few years ago and that was to see a drake." Her attention once more on her father, she nods slowly, "Yes, it worries me each time our ships depart to confront the Hostile, but all of us of Haven are grateful for your work in trying to keep our enemies from landing."

"A bear? Curious." Percival nods along with his daughter's sentiment on the whole things. "It's rare enough for us to see animals of any sort, outside of a zoo. Nubilus only has birds, you see. So there are no frolicking hunts through the wood or anything of the sort." They don't really have woods either! "Do not fret overmuch, dear," he reassures Ariana. "We have all spent our lives preparing for this, and we have that training to rely on. I continue to be impressed with my men, who show all the professionalism and discipline in executing their duties as I would expect of them."

"Unless we discover some reason she will be unable to survive, she'll be released once she's able to care for herself." Una replies, "The only creatures that stay at the station are those who are weak or permanently injured. You're welcome to come and visit any time, many of them are quite friendly." Her eyes widen at the idea of seeing a drake, though its difficult to tell if from excitement or fear. "Very grateful." She adds, turning to Percival. "Our men are all looking forward to their time to help. The people of Haven are ready, I think."

Ariana looks curiously at all of this again and she asks, "What types of animals have made permanent homes at your recovery center? Only bears or other sorts of creatures? Though, to be honest, ice bears sound truly frightening. As do all sorts of wild creatures." As she says this part, her eyes now flicker towards her father in the hopes that he catches her words. Looking to Una once again, she nods once in perhaps, possible understanding, "Drakes are frightening creatures even in captivity."

Percival glances briefly toward Ariana as she espouses this great concern for the wild beasts. "Well, it's only natural that you find them somewhat discomforting, dear, as you've grown up somewhere without them. I think I'd be a rather poor hunter if I ever tried it, myself. I mean, I'm a good shot, but I'd probably mess up all the other details that make a successful… stalking, or however it is they do that sort of thing." He looks back to Una, and suggests, "It sounds like a lovely opportunity to see a creature up close that would otherwise rarely show its face. Are ice bears particularly large or fearsome, I wonder? How big is one of their cubs?"

"I can only imagine what meeting a drake must be like. That's rather brave of you." Una replies. "We've only two permanent residents at the moment, a small faux who lost a paw and a hare with a damaged sense of smell from an illness. The ice bears are extremely hearty, we've yet to have to keep one." She turns to Percival, nodding and grinning a bit, "They're quite large. Some of the older ones, according to reports, are as tall as horses. Roan, the cub we have is… well, large enough that my wife had to sit down to keep hold of him once he started fidgeting." She chuckles.

Ariana nods her head quickly to what her father says, before she muses thoughtfully, "I could never imagine living in a place with such frightening creatures…" Her gaze then quickly lowers, so that she regards Una, "But a fox and a hare, you say? Those look as if they could very well make lovely pets. And as long as this orphan is a child, I don't think it would be too dangerous at all…. aside from not knowing its own strength of course." Her smile brightens at this.

"Why not go see them?" Percival suggests, since Ariana does seem interested with them. Although he can't help but add, with a laugh, "But no trying to bring them home as pets. Our gardens are not a suitable animal habitat, and surely not for something that will grow to be as tall as a horse and likely much heavier!" Of course, he's really only joking over the idea to begin with.

Una chuckles, "The faux is quite friendly, he's very popular. And don't worry, Lord Laurent. We rarely allow the animals to leave Niveus. The environment there makes other places difficult to adapt to." Still chuckling, she adds, "At least we're not riding them, yet. There have been those who wished to armor the bears for battle, in the past."

Ariana can't help but frown gently at her father, but it very well could be because he is not allowing her to bring animals from Niveus home as pets. She is about to say something more, but Una now captures her attention thoroughly, her eyes quickly blinking as she asks, "Armoring these ice bears? Are they even trainable, like horses? That would be quite the feat if this were possible. But bears are such ferocious creatures. I would hate to be the person to try and test this theory."

Percival nods his head slightly. "I imagine that any people who live in proximity to a fearsome native beast consider its military applications. Surely there are those who dream of domesticating drakes for war as well, though their dreams may be even more futile. Our native fowl clearly offer no such temptation, although in a way we emulate them instead: our glider technology mimics their grace in the air, if not the precise method of their flight."

Una offers a light shrug, "None yet have succeeded." She listens with interest to Pervical, nodding and getting a rather thoughtful look at the mention of the gliders.

With her hand still within her father's grasp, Ariana tugs gently though this time her eyes lift once again to stare up at Percival, "Lord Father, I was hoping that we could find some time to speak, but with the naval being deployed out, there was no time before now. If you are free, there is something I believe that we must discuss." And she can only hope that her father does have this rare thing called free time. She turns to smile politely at Una, gracing her with a light curtsy, "My apologies, My Lady Una, to cut our conversation short, but please, send us a message when you and your family would like to come and visit Nubilus. I will be more than happy to show you around."

Thusly tugged upon, and his own business on the docks complete with his crewmen largely disembarked and reports either given or on their way, Percival seems amiable toward his daughter's request. "Yes, of course. I have been looking forward to returning home and spending time with you and your siste, at any rate." He likewise turns a polite nod and smile toward Una. "It was good speaking with you Lady Una. I do hope we will have a chance to see you with us at Summit, as well."

"Not at all." Una smiles, her face and tone showing not a hint of upset feeling. "Go and spend some time with eachother. And I will, as soon as I've spoken with my family." She nods to the Lady, and then to Percival, "And you as well, Lord Laurent. I'll look forward to it."

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