07.31.3013: Welcome Home
Summary: Ephraim Hollolas returns home with news, his sister Irvette chances upon him.
Date: 31st July 2013
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Irvette Ephraim 

Hollolas Family Home (off-grid)
A study, nondescript, where a window is open, allowing in the scent of the sea.

Home, the home, that abode of Hollolas, presently headed by Lord Commodore Roger a fine man, a finer sailor. Nestled at its outlook of Beacon and hopefully quiet. At least, so hopes Ephraim who is finally returning home. It should be noted, of late (a span of months or more), he's taken to sailing a merchant vessel, trying to make his way in the world. A loan perhaps, a family ship, but one he was sailing under, doing merchanting things. But its been awhile since he had contact, even more strange, no reports of this ship returning to port at Beacon either.

Its as if he has magically appeared to skulk about the halls of the home. Maybe somewhere close to a library or study with a balcony that offers a view of the ocean from its vantage. As if he is hiding out in here, some of his siblings might know its a favorite haunt of his, some others might enjoy it just the same. There he is, gazing recklessly out the window, the wind whipping at his hair.

Young woman paces through the hall of her home. Her steps are firm as always and her chin is slightly raised. You could think, that she is the cock, who is walking around his territory proudly and counts his hens. Of course, her hands are crossed on abdomen and thin hair are swaying near her shoulders.

It doesn't matter if it is cold, if it is the place under the roof, she is dressed in these grey clothes, which usually helps her to disappear in crowds and darker streets. The most important detail of these clothes is the cloak. Heavy cloak, which is quite tight near the waist, but it starts widen below, falling on the ground and sweeping all the dusts.

Irvette's intent gaze catches the sight of slightly opened door. She remembers all her lessons, given by her twin brother. Girl takes a deep breath and changes her firm steps into the sneaky ones.

"These doors shouldn't be open," her lips pronounces without the sound. Luckily, doors are opened without the jar and blue eyes widen. That back. That body, which stares throught the window! Little brother! Mischievious grin flashes in the bright face, when woman sneaks up to her brother and suddenly tackles him, clasping one arm around his shoulders and rubbing with another's hand's fist to his curls "Look who is back! Who is finally back! Little boy found his way home!" she shouts laughing as loudly as just she and their father can.

There is some falling, or tumbling, and some head turning. One to see the unseen, and another turn to get away from knuckles to his skull. "Lords Below," he is calling with the startle, then he is turning, pretending to reach for a knife. None is produced but fingers might prod towards ticklish parts where he might of placed said knife, "Woman, if this were a tavern, you could be dead!" More idle threat, because if this were a real sneak attack, he'd be the one dead, but still the same. His heart is racing from the jostle, his voice loud, not near as loud though, but loud to match.

There might be more tossling, but if he gets a chance, "I'm gone for ages, and this is my welcome home … the vendatta between us still exists then, I shall plot revenge upon you, you know this right?" He is laughing though.

When her little brother tries to struggle, woman just more stiffly clenches his shoulders with her strong hand, which is used to fight, keeping the trident firmly. Though, there are no any robbing, just a kiss, places somewhere into these curls, close near the forehead "This is better?!"

The laugh even louders if it is possible, when Irvette hears that threat "Oh, you have no idea how I wait for your revenege and I am sure I will be the one, who will ruin your plans! But for now it is 1:0 I am winning! Can't wait to change that one to the two!" giggle comes out of her throat and now she straighten again, just giving a warm hug for Ephraim "But I must admit, I missed you. How was it? Where you lucky?"

One eyebrow curiously raises and mischievious grin appears again "I hope you did not braught children home? Ii see you are still that pretty boy and … You know, these journeys have many crazy women around. Should I get rid of someone?" even if the voice is firm, sparkling eyes betreys all her joking manner.

He'll turn as much as he can, pushing at some of her own locks of hair, even if they're not tosseled before her eyes. "None crazy, there is only you, but I'd have it no other way," he grins, perhaps pondering the tally at present. "I only have room in my life for just the one Sis. I was unlucky, not only do I have no ports in which to sail," a grin, then a frown, "But I've lost my ship all together." Then a shrug, he looks towards the window from wherever it is they ended up, then back to her. "I suppose, that means more time to plot revenge, to even the score before you go up to two. Just, now I have to tell father I lost her." The ship, not some girl.

"YOU-DID-WHAT?!" gasps Irvette blowing up her orbs and for a few moments the mouth remains opened. Widely. She may look as a mad person with the disorder of the face muscles.

Likely girl counts from 5 to 1 in order to calm down. Inhalation. Exhalation. Inhalation. Exhalation. Inhalation. Exhalation. Inhalation. Exhalation.

Finally young woman shakes her head and leans against her brother, tossing the arm on his shoulders, crossing her legs to stand on tiptoes with one of them.

"And you call me crazy. Don't say it is because of your gambling. How could you lost your ship? It's not a ring to be lost. Poor father. He will lose his ability to laugh for the half-hour!" Yes, that half-hour without smile in the bright face of the father is too long. Too long and that means something is not good or someone is in trouble. "Especially after the time, when he was beaten. He had these bruisings, which did not let him to move easily. Though, he told everything is good! I was so damn angry, that he did not took me to that small fight!"

Nodding at her first expression and wild return of words, Ephraim counts down in his mind too. He simply watches her breath in and out a moment, and when she tiptoes to him, he puts his arms about her in support. "Aye, just like that time, when you were mad," he rolls his eyes to look at the ceiling as if recalling that time. He can't help a grin, "No, wait, that's most the time isn't it. You should go see father first, put him in good spirits, then I shall swoop down and regale my story of gambling away the ship." More happy now it would seem, "Then, then we shall plot the return of the ship. The merchant is sailing for Terran then back to the Black Wastes. We have plenty of time to plot you know. Unless you want to go for a drink first, then …"

Irvette frown and examens her brother for a few minutes. "You want me to help you not to get into trouble with father?.." drawls she and slowly licks her lips. "This habit of yours may lock you in the room like a child… Can't you just play from… I don't know… kisses, rings, money… Well, your own money? Can't you not play at all?" Irvette chuckles, likely knowing the answer, but she is just doing her job as older sister. "The ship. He lost the ship! I ask for my father to give me my own shit, but he gives you one and you lose it!" young woman shakes her head again. "So, you wnat my help? We may take a drink and speak about it! But when you are with me, you are with me. No gambling from anything!"

Irvette frown and examens her brother for a few minutes. "You want me to help you not to get into trouble with father?.." drawls she and slowly licks her lips. "This habit of yours may lock you in the room like a child… Can't you just play from… I don't know… kisses, rings, money… Well, your own money? Can't you not play at all?" Irvette chuckles, likely knowing the answer, but she is just doing her job as older sister. "The ship. He lost the ship! I ask for my father to give me my own shit, but he gives you one and you lose it!" young woman shakes her head again. "So, you wnat my help? We may take a drink and speak about it! But when you are with me, you are with me. No gambling from anything!" Though she cants her head thoughtfully and takes a scratch of her ear "But you know, I won't help you just because you are my brother. How you will pay me, huh?" laugh ripples through the room.

"It was a good odds," protests Ephraim, "And besides, I didn't ask for some war vessel, it was a merchant ship, so I would stop drawning the family coffers and hopefully move out probably." A light laugh, he rocks from foot to foot, if she's still with him, they both might rock as he meanders with his own thoughts, "Not like I'm cute as you, my charm doesn't work on him like that." Then he is in agreement, plotting, how could he repay. A finger lifts to his chin thoughtfully, he can't seem to think of anything. "How will I pay you, it is an intrigue this repayment, I don't think I could afford you Irvette. I must come begging for charity and offer my kind services to your humblest of needs, I shall have to be at you beg and call, doing as you need done until we are even."

Of course she rocks together with her brother, with some playfull flames in her eyes. Likely, because all that rocking remins her the ship and the storm, when you can't do anything but rock in all the directions.

"War vessel is way more better than merchant ship! I will definetely get one and you will see my glory in the battle!.." young woman proudly straightens. War vessel and battle, and glory are things which usually brings the greedy and dark side of Irvette, because she is so eager to have it, that she can do anything. And by anything, it means anything.

When the speach turns back near the payment young woman grins evily "I like that. You will work for me!.. Yeah… You may be in need on my future's adventures… However, do not forget, that the most clever one is Dylan. He can be even more btter on ploting than I am. You can use me, when you need to get rid of someone… Or charm. Yes. I can charm our father," chuckles Irvette.

"Dylan is the sensible one," grins Ephraim, blowing from the corner of his mouth at some of his own curls. "That's why I was hoping to see you first, that charm. Oh, such a charm, I'm under its spell. The way you promise to be rid of someone, it makes my flesh tingle just hearing you ponder such possibilities." An airy laugh, giving to the wind coming in from that window, bringing the scent of the ocean with it. "Better, after I put the nail into the coffin and tell him, you can assure him you'll guide me in getting the ship back. He trusts you … no ship yet, but you're the more responsible." At least of the two of them, at least Ephraim hopes, because the other three, well at least two, are actually quite responsible.

Irvette sighs "I would be so happy that my father would have the same opinion about me, which opinion you have that my father has about me… or whatever, you got the point, yes?" titters young woman and withdraws from her little brother pointing t the door "Shall we go to find some drinks? And food. I am so hungry! I hope I did not inherrited our father's appetite. But… we are not about it. So, I will see what I can do, and we can try to get your ship back. Somehow… But still, first of all father should get the news!"

"Nothing wrong with a strong appetite," grins Ephraim, moving towards the door, offering his arm like a gentleman. "Its more fun pondering the ways to work off any excess is all. Alas, poor me, now ship, I shall have to find other means. Food, Drink, Fists … I see where this is going and assuming you've changed little. Just, you know, before you get me involved in a brawl or something, give me heads up this time." A chuckle, a shrug, all in good spirits, his storm has blown, he'll only have to face that which his father may have now. "Have I missed anything else, still fighting the boys away?" Most likely literaly.

Irvette tries to pretend being a lady and offers her own hand to the brother. However, as usually, her steps and manners are more boyish. She slightly nods "Of course, my dear, of course! Fighting my way through the crowd, indeed. There is no other way. Those who live are those who fight, my dear. Remember it!"

Young woman slightly pouts, likely thinking about some sparring, which she misses "I met one guy, whatever his name is… Near the shop. Weapon shop. There was so awesome dagger in the window, you know. And he approached me saying "Oh, it is awesome dagger!"" young woman repeats the voice of the man in a funny way, before she sniffs "As I wouldn't know. So, we started to speak about fights and weapons, and I asked him to fight with me, but he did not wanted…" shrugs Irvette in disappointment.

Grinning, his voice turns to a laugh, "My sister, the sort of sword fighting he was after probably had nothing to do with real daggers. Then when he realized how serious you were, he was probably frightened away." He waves his free hand dismissively, "His loss, means I shall enjoy your company longer, otherwise I would have to turn that crazy away or become sad with all the time I shall miss your company while you keep him warm. So then …" he ponders expeectantly, then pauses, "Did you buy it, the dagger?"

Brow is risen at her brother "What do you mean keeping him warm?! What do you mean?!" Irvette looks honestly confused "I just wanted to have a real fight, you know. He was too proud about himself. I wanted to toss him down on the ground. And…" woman sighs sadly "I did not baught that dagger… Actually, i don't know why. I never was good with swords, though, you know that!"

After a few minutes of silence and thinking, young woman changes the subject "So, where exactly and for whom you lost your ship? What prise was? what have you played? Tell me everything with the smallest details…"

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