Wedding Tears
Summary: Elodie finds herself forcefully reminded of her parents absence at an inopportune time.
Date: 20 August, 2013
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18 August, 3013 The Cindravale/Ibrahm Wedding

I am glad that it is not unheard of for people to shed tears at a wedding.
Mine went unnoticed, or unremarked.

It was beautiful, and Sir Erik's kiss of his knight bride was quite breathtaking… and made me think once more what my first kiss with Sammel will be like, and wonder when it will be.

They say that grief hits everyone at different times, or in different ways.
Today I realized, completely and fully for the first time, that Mother and Father are truly gone.
They are not off to the Isles of Terran for vacation and will come home next week.
They are gone.
They will not return.
They will not see me married, they do not even know that I am betrothed.
It is not so much that I am wishing for them to give me away, as I love Una and Tiriel dearly, and will be proud to have them give me away.
It is that they will not be present at all, they have never met Sammel.
They will never know the children that Sammel and I have discussed.

I am missing Mother and Father.

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