10.10.3013: We're OK
Summary: Lincoln meets with Rook to catch up, and they make amends of a sort.
Date: 20 September 2013
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Ithaca Lincoln 

Just The Grinds — The Bazaar, The Ring
Coffee shop
10 October 3013

Lincoln's already got his triple caffeinated whatever coffee drink and is sitting at a booth in "Just the Grinds" coffee dive. It's not super fancy, but they get his drink right. He figure this meeting was long over due, but decided it needed to be on his terms. He's dressed casual, his longer bangs hanging into his eyes. they're damp, he just showered. He's got on his necklaces and rings, and a loose fitting tunic. over all, he looks comfy. One leg is pulled up, his stance making him look younger. The data pad is laying on the table and he's staring at it. He seems to be moving his lips with the word, slowly.

Rook drifts in, back in her old ratty clothing. The piercings and black hair dye are still gone though. She nods to Lincoln before moving to the counter and ordering a black coffee. When it's handed to her and paid for, she makes his way to the booth her brother is sitting in, and slides in across from him. She looks tired, world-weary, and a little bit vacant. "Hi."

Lincoln looks up, swiping his tablet closed as soon as she starts approaching, "Hey." he'll not hide his look at her appearance. "Are you ok?" He can't quite hide the touch of worry in his voice, even though he's trying.

"Fine. Tired. Rehab," Rook responds, leaving out the real reason for her appearance. "How are you?" she asks, because she saw Jane earlier today, and she at least remembers a few smidgeons of etiquette from the actress' teachings.

Lincoln watches her a moment, he doesn't believe her. well, that that's it, but…"I'm fine. Been busy." he'll sigh, shifting some, but keeps his leg up. "Heard you were in the Blue Nirvana today."

"Yeah. Jane Wyre. Friend." Rook is friends with a famous actress? "Wanted to meet. A beer sounded good. Plus thought you might be around," she admits, sipping her coffee. "Can we smoke here?"

Lincoln blinks, of course he knows who came in. Everyone has someone that's on the list to warn if they come in. He'll nod, "Crackerjack." He'll tilt his head, "Did you need something?" He actually sounds surprised. His eyes glance around and up, "yeah, they got vents."

Rook taps a cigarette out of a nearly empty pack, and sets it between her lips, her eyes going all white as she lights it with a flame in her palm. The flame winks out and her eyes go back to normal again as she blows out a lungful of smoke. "Just wanted to let you know, back here full time again. Luc Corp is finishing my rehab."

Lincoln watches her, his jaw working a moment. She's gonna owe Luc Corp more? "Is that your choice?" His eyes watch the flame appear an light her cig. He doesn't seem freaked out by the power. "Well…as long as you finish it, right? How's that going? Any better?"

Rook grimaces. "Yes and No." Yes, because she chose to hack Blackspyre and bow gracefully out of Nitrim's life. No, because Gentleman Johnny didn't ask her if she wanted to be sprung from the Magistrate. "Going good. Head clearer. Take a long time for damage to be undone. But a start." She glances around the shop. "How's work for you?"

Lincoln nods, not going to pry about the rehab. He'll raise an eyebrow, actually smirking that devilish grin his clients like so much, "Do you really want to know?" He'll then laugh, softly, "it's been slow. The War's actually hurting us. We though it would be the opposite, but.." He'll shrug. "That's kinda why I wanted to meet. To make sure we were ok enough to do whatever the job coming up is." He'll not elaborate on Gentleman Johnny' job. Or why they might not be ok.

"I am work-ready," Rook insists quietly, sipping her coffee and puffing on her cigarette in equal measure. "Don't worry bout me. I'll be fine." Her lips quirk at the very corners. Almost a smile, but not quiet. "Thought about asking for some shifts at Nirvana, bartending. Think they'd let me?" She needs money more than ever now.

"That's…not what I meant. Are we ok?" Linc will lift up his own coffee mix. His eyes are hard to read if he's going to worry about her. His own concerns are apparent in his eyes, although perhaps not for what she'd think. "My hours are cut, don't think Ren's gonna give anyone outside the brothel a job, sorry…" His eyes narrow and he'll kick himself mentally, even as he asks, "You strapped right now?"

"Oh. Yeah?" Rook shrugs. "Didn't think we weren't ok," she admits. She slides a finger on the rim of her cup at the question. "Just more debt, rehab." She doesn't mention needing to remove a tattoo.

Lincoln tilts his head, how could she not think…"You basically told me to not bother you unless I worked it out with Nitrim. I did a ton of leg work, I figured that was a good enough start, even if he's not gotten back to me." He'll shrug, but there's tension in his shoulders, like he's expecting her to yell. He's jaw grind some, "How…how much do you need? To get you back on par that you're not strapped?"

It becomes plain that Rook's interpretations of social interactions are incredibly different from the norm. She just looks confused that he thought that meant there was issues between them. She just basically told him how to fix stuff. "Don't worry about Nitrim. Not an issue now." She shakes her head at the money question. "No, do it on my own. Need to be able to do that."

Reaching up, Linc runs fingers through his hair, "No…I'm not having that come back and bite me in the ass. I can't…" he'll huff, "And no…You don't get it. If you've in over your head, it spills to me. Let me help you get floating. I'm not asking-hell, I can't afford to fix this, but I can give you some help, so it doesn't hurt me later. " Ren would be so proud! he'll look up, trying to see if she's getting it, or if he needs to explain differently.

Rook listens, looking a little confused, but she finally nods a little. "I'm afloat. Just wanted some extra for other things." She folds her hands around the cup of coffee. "Want to remove tattoo," she admits.

Lincoln doesn't hide the confused look, "A tattoo removed? Why?" Not having put the few pieces Rook's given him together yet. He'll take another sip, his free hand goes up to play with one of the charms on one of the the coorded necklaces around his neck.

Rook lifts her shirt on one side, to show him the tattoo he saw her getting with Nitrim at Zakk Pryde's. "Because." That is all she knows to say.

Shit. Ok. "Ok. I can help with that." that's actually kinda therapeutic. Linc will nod, slowly, "I'll see if I can wrangle a few higher end clients. Some times they need to be reminded. We'll get it gone." He'll narrow his eyes, "Do I need to go have words with him?" He's going to anyway, but needs to know how bad this is. tattoo removal is kinda…harsh.

Rook shakes her head in the negative. "Leave it be. I was stupid. He was young. Leave it at that." She shrugs and sips her coffee. "Why do you do it?" she asks. The whoring that is. She never asked her mother why.

Lincoln nods, although he's not looking at her when he does. interesting cup of coffee he has.The question throws him, and his brow crinkles before he looks up, "I'm not really cut for anything else? I'm not the sharpest mind, I'm rubbish with technology. It's what I knew and I'm good at it." Surprisingly, he doesn't sound cocky, in fact, his cheek turn just a shade pink.

"Don't think Nysa was good at it. But they gave her drugs," Rook murmurs. "Just be safe. Protect your heart. Don't believe what they tell you," she advises, sadly. "Nysa took the easy way out. Don't be like her."

Lincoln smirks, "Ren's not like that. Only drugs that come in are from the clients." That's not exactly true, but… "We got a good group. we look out for each other. No worries." He'll shake his head, "And if the clients don't behave, Ren and I take care of them….I'm not usually violet, but sometimes it's needed."

Rook dips her head in a nod and seems a bit relieved that her brother isn't messed up on drugs like she and her mother were. "Any idea what job is going to be? For Johnny?" she asks in a quieter tone.

Lincoln scratches his neck, discreetly looking around, "Not exactly sure. I'm not super high up…at all." another sip of coffee, "Something about retrieving info?"

"Explains why I've been tapped," Rook admits. "It's what I do best. Besides setting things on fire." She quirks a half-hearted grin at her brother. "What are you going to be doing?"

"I said I wasn't usually violent, didn't say I wasn't good at it." Linc shrugs, but smiles over his cup of coffee, "Ren and I are going be business men, beyond that, I don't know.I figure we'll get the call to go soon."

Rook nods. She digs in her bag for a moment, and slides a keycard over to him. "To my place. Low Orbit apartments, B1." The only basement apartment, because no one else would want to live down there in the windowless place with the spotty heating and cooling. "Come by when you want. Have lots of movies. And pizza."

Lincoln blinks, literally, an hour ago he thought she hated him…."Oh…ok. We can do a movie night…I can bring snacks. Sneak some beer from the bar or something." he'll finger the card's edge before sliding into his pocket. "My..uh…play's in a few weeks…if you'd want to go…I can get you tickets."

"Yes," Rook says, to the offer of tickets. "I need to go. Program routine needs editing before scripts run tomorrow." She smiles, faintly, at Lincoln, and finishes her coffee, setting the cup down. "Talk to you soon?"

Lincoln watches her, still not quite sure what to do with her. so he'll nod, "Sure, yeah. we'll do a movie night soon." He doesn't think their at a hug stage yet, if ever, but does otter, "Thank you for coming ,Ithaca…It means a lot to me."

"Me too. Be good," Rook gets up and heads out the door to get back to debugging code.

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