07.08.3013: We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
Summary: Some of the citizens on Mare Maris need help dealing with a surplus of SHAAAAAAAAAAARKS.
Date: 08 July 2013
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An Island(TM).
It has sand, fishes and peoples. That's how they do. It seems to be modeled after a more tropical island and is likely artificially constructed.
A Monday in July, 3013.

Most of Mare Maris is freaking underwater. It cannot be denied. But here, on this little isle of land which stands guard over some of the richest fish stocks around (So much sushi! So much!), there is a problem. It is not the enjoyably mild climate. It is not the lovely, sanded beaches nor the bevy of appropriately dressed villagers. They have called upon their noble lieges, requesting soldiers or help. Of late, this little island - just about big enough to support a small fishing village - has had a serious shark problem. No one is sure what has provoked the large predators, nor why suddenly they are more bold, more hungry. They have attacked an islander or two, not to mention busted some of the pen walls and nets to get at precious fish stocks. It seems the islanders hedge their bets with aquaculture and wild catches.

To that end, they have prepared a hunting expedition, hopeful for soldier, knight or even a noble with a fish net. Food and gear will be provided as needed or wished. But there are a couple of medium sized boats, suitable for fishing, stabbing or spearing off the edge waiting for launch. One of the older islanders, a fairly grizzled man named Vincent seems to be acting as the village voice. His dark haired daughter brings him his spear. And they wait. And if needed, boats can be sent for the nobles to arrive.

Kaedin is not crazy enough to wear his armor, so instead he is wearing a pair of work pants, knee high boots, and a short sleeved tight white shirt with an archery guard in his wrist. In his hand he has a composite longbow, his 'Talon' bow, along with a quiver overh is back holding a huge supply of arrows. He also has his greatsword sheathed over his back.

Ithaca Black, mostly just known as Rook, is a resident of the Ring, and a citizen under the ungentle hand of House Lucian. Being as they are affiliated closely with House Orelle, it's not a huge surprise that LucCorp would send one of theirs to help with this. Moreover, being as the Syndicate counts on some of those fish shipments to smuggle drugs in, the fact Rook was sent here isn't surprising at all. The strange woman, covered in piercings and tattoos, is wearing no armor, because she has none. However, she has her awakened abilities to shield herself with. Her leather pants, hooded tunic, and leather overcoat stand out like a sore thumb as she clunks towards one of the boats in heavy boots.

A shark problem? That's enough to draw the Lord Hollolas here to Mare Maris for at least a few hours, and Roger arrives, as is fairly typical, dressed for a day at sea. The captain's coat he's chosen for today is white, tailored perfectly to suit his broad, muscular chest, with big, brass buttons fastening the garment from top to bottom. Matching pants and a pair of boots complete the outfit. There's a trident strapped to his back, this one a good five feet long or so, and something resembling a revolver hanging at one side.

The Young Lord of Volen is present as well, he has a diving skinsuit on, a bladed harpoon looking weapon of some sort, and a crossbow that certainly looks that it could function in a manner as a spear gun as well. He gives Lord Hollolas a skeptical look, "We weren't aware Lord Hollolas would be coming to poke into our affairs." he says to the man.

While the island may have been artifically constructed, likely a man man island to better harvest the fish and ship it to those under and over water (They even bothered to order sand!), it seems they did take the trouble to scape and set it up to look natural. It even has little crabs in the sand. Vincent moves to speak, as Kadmus mentions Lord Hollolas. "I apologize for not informing you. It was a general call and we had heard he was an expert sailor," The older man offers. He smiles politely to them both, looking duly grateful. "It seems the shark population has gotten out of hand. Today, is a cull. You may all take home what you catch or leave it to be processed." He looks to Kaedin and Ithaca, too. "Thank you all for coming out. If you need weapon or net, please take one. We are setting off now," And indeed, the boats are ready, for both lowering diver and for spearing.

Kaedin attempts to make sure there wont be a fight. 'I'll go with Lord Hollolas." he says, giving Kadmus a more 'shut up and get on your boat' look. he himself boarding a boat, he moves to set up a nice place on the bow of the ship to over look and hunt, even going as far as to have some nasty bloody rancid bait, a shark's five star meal outside of people.

Rook just keeps her hands shoved in her pockets. She looks around at those gathered, then heads for whatever boat is being steered by someone who knows what they're doing. She doesn't request a weapon of any sort. If it comes down to melee fighting with a shark, she's chum.

"Pry into your affairs? Come now, Young Lord Kadmus!" Roger's voice /booms/ throughout the air, loud enough that he may well be heard all the way over on the Ring. "I was told that there was a need for able-bodied seamen. Naturally, I came here to assist." A sea-green eye glimmers as he adds, "These are your waters, no? While we are here, I am as much at your command as any other sailor." He flashes a grin in the Orelle's direction, remarking, "Thank you, Sir Kaedin." He's on the boat shortly, just a few steps behind.

Kadmus gives kaedin a bit of an incredulous look, but is soon back to Roger, "And you certainly have our hospitality, Lord Hollolas, it is rather unusual to find the Lord of an entire house unannounced in a small fishery, we could not possibly be responsible for your well being when we do not know you are here." he moves to board one of the boats as well, stowing his gear and moving to peel down the top of his skinsuit and tie it about his waist.

The oldest Islander ahems. "If you wish to blame anyone, please lay it upon me. The call WAS for able bodied hunters and sailors. We will repay you as needed," Vincent furrows his brows. Rook will be given a small net or something, just for her protection. Though, a shirtless, blonde islander does linger near her with his spear and a smirk. "… do you hate going near magnets?" He seems intrigued by the gothic woman. But she does have a protector of a sort. Vincent will assist in the launch and captaining the boat. There's a gaggle of the Islanders taking care of launch tasks and assisting those who wish to dive and mundane, boring boat tasks.

It doesn't take long before the problem is apparent. Fins. Several of them of various sizes. There's too many for those in the know. It looks like breeding season was a bit too kind to the sharks and they have become aggressive, hungry. For those in the ship who wish to dive, they will be just behind the boat for those who prefer to fight from a ship. Though, they are all within a voice's range, so communication is unhampered. Vincent is captaining, it seems, but he is available if any questions are up. A few of the islanders are lining up targets. But one may most certainly be ready to take a shot, diver or melee.

Kaedin walks to the back of the boat, to where the sharks ar,e and doesn;t hesitate to loose an arrow right at one of them, knowing thatt the others might just frenzy around the bloodied one, making it a nice distraction for others to take shots as well. "Feeding time!"

"Magnets." Rook says it flatly. "Bad for computers." She looks at Mister Shirtless Islander with a blank look, from eyes as dark and lifeless as the sharks they're about to hunt. When they move out, she ends up in the boat with Kaedin, and walks up to the back as he begins firing into the water. She holds up a "wait" hand to him, and shrugs out of her jacket. On her upper arms are hermetic symbol tattoos. Her eyes roll over white, and dark blackish-purple wings sprout from her back as her Awakened aura ignites. The two hermetic tattoos glow, then from her left hip, a ghostly black bird with a white beak flies off and down into the water, landing on top of one of the larger sharks. The water around it turns to ice, slowing it down and hampering its movement.

"And I will be glad to have it, lad." That's about as much as the Lord Hollolas has to say on the matter of his presence here. He's attached himself to one side of the boat, and as soon as the sharks come into view, the trident is off his back and gripped in both hands. So armed, he waits and waits and waits until one of the swimmers comes within his reach… then, with surprising speed, he extends his arms over the side of the boat and stabs down into the water.

Kadmus shoulders his crossbow as the boat nears, adopting a fairly stable position as he draws aim on one of the finned beasts, a bit low so as to hit it in the body. "I do hope being beneath the water does not unnerve you though, Lord Hollolas."

Roger's shark takes a spear to the head, likely just behind where its gill slits would be. The beast thrashes, upset and bleeding. Kaedin's shark is in fact, taking an arrow to the kn— to the midsection, bleeding as well. Other sharks are going bonkers now that there is blood in the water. The shirtless Islander laughs. "Fair 'nuff," He grunts and will wait, watching her do her thing. He'll likely spear one of the smaller ones next to hers, now slowed by the ice. "That's a right handy trick," He offers to Ithaca. The older captain nods at Lord Hollolas, likely feeling more comfortable around the older gentleman. Dang kids.

Vincent offers, "There will be plenty of hospitality if we can cull enough today," He offers. He is steering, though. The shark Kadmus hits jerks and reels. It starts to sink, and an Islander will helpfully net it up. "That one looks big enough to eat!" Though, it might take another hit or two. It, in general, will probably take a shot or two to really down the beasts.

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Kaedin knocks another arrow, loosing that arrow and cleanly having the arrow go through one shark, right thtoug hthe eyes, and then into another sharks eye. he smirks as he readys another shot. "That Ladies and Germs, is called a 'fuck you' shot."

Rook focuses, those ghostly wings on her back furling and unfurling slowly as she sends out a wave of telekinetic force to block the shark's gills, drowning it. There is no compassion for the creature, no sorrow in her expression, but a complete absence of pleasure or glee either. It's just work. Nothing more to her. Once it expires, rolling onto its back, it's easy for one of the other fishermen to net it and haul it in.

Roger's shark is already injured, already thrashing about, and the Lord Hollolas doesn't waste any time putting the beast of out its misery. With a low grunt he pulls the trident back, then stabs down again to catch it right in the throat, and finally extracts the weapon with a little twist that leaves it very, very dead. "A fine shot, Sir Kaedin," his voice booms over the waves.

The crossbow's charge expended, Kadmus puts down the crossbow to retrieve his polearm weapon and ready it while the others have at the shark slaughter. "Good shot." He agrees, though a dark look is still given to Kaedin.

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A couple of the sharks have been thoroughly picked off, Kaedin and Roger's among them. Islanders are helpfully netting the ones big enough to be useful and pulling them into coolers/storage. By now, the sharks are flailing and frenzied, angry and riled up by the blood in the water. The shirtless chap beside Rook grins and reaches out with his net to help haul it in. "Thanks, ma'am, I'll take that one." He remarks. The shark Roger fought is now too, joining its bretheren in being hauled up. Some of the islanders shy back at Kadmus' look to Kaedin. Somehow, they're glad not to be in the way of that one.

The herd is a little thinner, but there's still a few more to be picked off. There's a squeal from one of the islanders near Kadmus. A small shark has made it alive with the others. It flops angrily! ANGRILY! One of the sharks close to Roger rises upright, rearing angrily also. These are very angry sharks and were they birds, 21st century teenagers would lob them out of slingshots. Though, for those who wish it, they are prime targets.

Kaedin takes a shot, but the squeeling catches him of guard and the shot goes wide. "What manner of… SHIT!" he says as he gets ready to dash over and attempt to put and arrow throug hthe one still living.

As the shark rears up towards Roger, Rook turns and glowing copies of some of the numbers and sigils in the hermetic tattoos fly from her arms to form a shield between the sailor and the squallus. It dances, like a glowing circle of glyphs, a wall versus a ton of fish.

Roger reacts straight away to the one shark rising up near him, his hands tightening around the handle of his trident. He holds the weapon low, eyeing regarding beast in much the same way he'd look another human in the eyes, then stabs the weapon forward and upward, lodging it deep in the shark's throat. "Let us make certain the ones we kill /stay/ that way," he bellows.

Kadmus spots the shark in the boat, flopping angrily and he takes his now readied polearm in an attempt to bring the bladed tip down into the angry boat-shark before it can cause any real havok.

The blood in the water is whipping the beasts into a thorough feeding frenzy. The beasts are now colliding with one another as much as at any focused target. The poor woman holding the net with the live shark looks grateful as Kadmus spears the crap out of it. She'll assist with a small knife one it's pinned/speared. The shark that Roger kerspears is immediately regretting its life choices as it finds itself stabbed deep in the throat, blood spilling out. It also finds itself donked into a wall, nose and throat aching alike. It is dying, very quickly dying and ready to be pulled in. "Noice," comes a smarmy comment from beside Rook. Git.

Vincent peers out from his station, relieved no one is hurt despite the squealing and misfired arrow. The pack is thinning out now, though, ready for a few final blows and cullings.

Kaedin lines up another shot, and then let's loose with another arrow, going for another kill as he watches the frenzy. "Nice cull, the rest should be injured, you shoudlent have a problem with the others." he comments, a smile. "I LOVE big game hunting!"

"Frenzy," Rook notes quietly to the shirtless islander assigned to her. The sharks can dwindle their own numbers if there's enough blood in the water to whip them into feeding blinding. She turns towards a cluster of fins and her body curls inwards. From her back, the tattoo of the dragon tearing its way out of her spine forms into the full creature, a transparent representation of her power. It soars out of the boat and breathes purple flames of force through the water, telekinetically guiding the blood pools away from the boats, to a concentrated area.

"You should have gone in with them, and made some real sport out of it then, Sir Kaedin." Kadmus says dryly, he checks the nets for anything that might still moving, but sees the fishermen have largely handled it now, and he rests the butt of the spear on the deck of the boat to look out across the waters.

One last thrust of the trident. One last kill for Roger, and then he's quite content to let the fishermen finish the job. Holding the weapon in one hand, he turns to walk back toward the center of the boat. "Fine work, lads!"

Standing there watching, Kadmus spots one last good looking shark nearby, and he hefts up his weapon to deliver a quick thrust down into the waters at it, aiming for the creatures head.

Indeed, the herd is thinning now and the frenzy is being guided away while the animals thrash unabated. It will fade and pass in time, but the beasts are culled down, likely to find enough food without bothering the local fishermen. With a war and such on, food stocks are precious things. That, and the islanders are grateful. More sharks fall beneath arrow, spell, and fiercely guided polearm from Roger and Kadmus. The islanders cheer as the last dead sharks of worthy size are hauled up. With that, the boats will turn away from the psychometric pools that guide the sharks away and towards land. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, overall.

Back on shore, there are islanders to help dock the ships and unload sharks. Towels and rags are offered for cleanup. The warm smell of grilled fish on the shore and sushi being set out greets them, too. There is food and drink being set out in celebration. It may seem odd, but those fish represent livelihood, food and even life itself in a way. Vincent pokes out from the cabin and grins. "Thank you all. That was fine work. Please, enjoy some dinner and hospitality on us." All of them are included, Lord and citizen alike.

"… that was pretty nIce," the shirtless chuckling islander by Rook quips. He grins at her hopefully. Goths like bad jokes, right?

Rook arches a brow at the islander trying to joke with her. "Bye." Clearly, that is the end of that conversation. Then Vincent mentions free food. Now THAT is music to Rook's ears. Not a lot of fresh fish available in the Boroughs of the Ring. She sniffs at everything before piling it on her plate, and putting enough on there to feed an army. Where she puts it is a mystery.

Kaedin hooks his bow back onto his quiver and gives a strech. "Not bad." he says turning to kadmus. "Sorry if I offended you Lord Volen, I didnt want there to be any arguing while we were out there, but if you took any offense, I am zorry." he says as he extends a hand to the young Lord.

"Let us feast!" Roger beams a smile at the fisherman at the mere mention of food, and the smell of fresh fish is enough to have the Lord Hollolas panting even before his feet hit the ground. It's then that he notices Rook - very possibly for the first time - and, not to be outdone, takes /two/ plates, one on each broad hand, each one piled high with as much food as he can possibly stuff on it. The nearest seat is claimed in short order, and then it's back to the table for a pair of drinks before he finally lowers himself into a chair. "As always," he says between bites, "I am thoroughly impressed with the hospitality of House Volen." Chomp.

To the man named Vincent, "Prepare a portion of the catch for our guests to take with them if they wish." He says to the man. To Kaedin he looks then, "Lord Volen is my father, Sir Kaedin." He says with a slight bow of his head, "And it is appreciated that you have such interest in the direct management of our fief, and our inability to extend hospitality to our distinguished guests." He adds rather pointedly.

Rook sets into her food with the appetite of a starving wolf. Her table manners are somewhere bordering on non-existent. She licks her fingers, double dips in sauces, and uses the wrong forks. Scandalous. She eyes Roger and his two plates as she swallows down a mouthful of sushi. "Can have more?" she asks, not realizing she wasn't limited to one plate.

The islanders are happy to put out fish and drink for their guests. There's even rice, dried seaweed and the usual side dishes to compliment the fresh fish. They smile at the shark spearers, the shirtless jokester chuckling at Rook. He shakes his head and will join in, too. Vincent looks to Kadmus, an apologetic look. "I am sorry, your Lordship. We called for sailors, and he looks like a sailor to me. I doubt he meant any insult," Vincent looks a bit distressed, and apologetic towards both. The islanders seem a bit surprised by Rook, but one lady nods. "Yes, but do slow down. Don't want to choke, now?" She seems a bit concerned, too. Otherwise, the atmosphere is happy.

Kaedin looks to Vincent. "Don't worry, it's my fault." he says as he turn's back to Kadmus. "Though I never said anything about your hospitality, nor do I care how you run your fief, it's yours to run." He says simply, he heard a call for hunters and fisherman, and he came. "Like I said, I am sorry." he says, trying to make amends, he doesnt want to die in a battle with hostiles with somthing bad on his conscience.

"Lads. Are we /still/ arguing over nothing at all? Come to the table. Feast. Take your minds off the matter." One of Roger's plates is almost empty already, and the man shows no signs of slowing down except insofar as is necessary to speak somewhat politely. He's going through the motions of proper table etiquette, but really, it's a thin cover for his devouring of the fresh fish. Ithaca, though, gets an approving nod. "By all means, lass!" He grins from ear to ear. "Take as much as you like. I'm certain our distinguished hosts won't mind in the slightest."

"You've done nothing wrong." Kadmus says to the citizen with a smile, "You have acted with honor and dignity, Mister Vincent." He says to the man before he too goes and fetches a plate as well. "You will have a bundle prepared to take with you as well, your share of the catch as is tradition." He adds, "I shall be donating mine to the troops on Niveus." A symbolic gesture, considering the small quanitity it would be for an army.

Rook gives Roger her version of a smile, which is a tiny upward flick of the corners of her mouth. Her eyes move to slide between Kadmus and Kaedin as she swallows down a mouthful of rice. It's dinner and a show! Now if only there wasn't a bunch of shark blood in the water, she could visit the beach and make it a day full of wonders. "S'good," she comments to one of the residents. That's about where her etiquette levels plateau. At least until she meets with Jane to begin lessons.

The Islanders are happy to provide food. They seem to be laying out a healthy spread. "No, it is there to eat," One of the islanders points out. "Waste is the worst sin." They seem to be happy to share and really, they're glad their livelihood has been protected for a time. "Thank you," He remarks. He seems pleased enough for the Lords to show up and help. He seems duly grateful. He is quiet then, likely making sure things like the shark are tended to.

Kaedin is about to say somthing when he get's a vidcall. "This is kaedin…" he says answering the call, apparently, the pop up vid screen over his eye has a pretty frantic person talking to him. "Calm down… I understand… keep him there until I arrive." he says as he looks to his Hosts. "Sorry, but I have to return to the ring." he says, not happy about having to have been interupted, but work is work, and his work is never done. He gives a bow, and whispers to Vincent. "my catch.. I only want the skulls, as for my part of the meat, give it to the gothy girl over there." he says as he moves to Roger. "Anytime you need a hand Lord Hollolas, let me know. It was a honor working with you all." he says as he makes his departure.

Vincent lifts an eyebrow. "Sure, you can take a couple. The ones that didn't get damaged," He notes. But otherwise, he's helping make sure everyone is tended to. "Your kind words honor us," He bows to Kadmus and the others. "Please enjoy and thank you for your aid."

"Absolutely. Waste not, want not, I always say." And Roger certainly wastes not… one of his plates is entirely empty, and he's making substantial progress on the other, gulping down great mouthfuls of food and barely taking time to swallow before he speaks. "Oh, I appreciate it greatly, Sir Kaedin. Be well." Chomp. "How is your noble father, Young Lord Kadmus?" Chomp. "I must admit, it's been far too long since I've paid a proper visit to New Atlantis."

Kadmus gives a slight nod towards Kaedin as he excuses himself, to Roger he replies, "Lord Volen is well, Lord Hollolas, and New Atlantis is as stunning as ever. However, I must take my leave, if you will excuse me. I have several preperations still to be made before the Titan's Wake leaves port."

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