04.25.3014: We All Come Undone
Summary: Cyrielle and Kieran make mistakes. With one another.
Date: Dec 30 2013 (backdated scene)
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Cyrielle Kieran 

Lagoon, Honor's Keep, The Vale
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April 25 3014

The holdings of House Ligonier is a lovely place. Year round, in fact. The weather is balmy, the sun shining unless it's during one of the brief — yet refreshing — rain storms and the entire place tends to have an air of being something away and apart from the rest of a world thrust into war. Certainly the rehabilitation center — full of recovering soldiers and those brushing up on their skills — does still have a sense of the ever-looming threat, but the resort side… well, it's one of the few places on Imperius that one can just pretend there aren't cybernetically enhanced humans out for the death of all Havenites.

After a trying morning of physical therapy, Cyrielle is doing what she does best these days… Lounging on a beach and brooding. The woman, at least, makes it look good. Her bikini is a blue with grey patterning, tied in strings behind neck and below shoulderblades. Tied with a knot at her hip is a darker blue swath of fabric. She's lounging by one of the many lagoons — this one relatively quiet, mostly reserved for nobles — in a low-slung chair, eyes closed with chin tipped up towards the clear, blue skies. The set of her body and sprawl of limbs indicates a tanning and napping session. On a pallet set into the sand next to her rests a tablet and a drink with rapidly melting ice.

There is something to be said for the beauty and differences of the lagoons, at least, compared to the mighty, cold cliffs of Volum Dur. The Valtan Young Lord found some time free, and his wanderlust got the better of him. Besides, who can say no to a day at the beach?

His swim trunks are a dark red, looking almost black when wet. The knight surveys the beach and the few people splashing around. Because it's reserved for nobles only, there aren't that many around. Out of the corner of his eye he spots a familiar face… one he's not seen sense the day Nitrim got the shit beat out of him by Keanen. "Cyrielle?" He says, raising an eyebrow. "Fancy meeting you here."

One brown eye cracks open and catches the silhouette framed by the bright of day. Lifting a hand to shade her eyes, Cyrielle opens them completely as Kieran's form comes into view. She really can't help casting an appreciative look over the man, from her vantage point in the linen-draped chair. "Kieran," she responds in an easy tone.

Once she's adjusted to the light, her hand lowers, arm draping over the bare, tanned skin of her abdomen. "One could say the same as you. I'm just enjoying the lovely rehab facilities House Ligonier has to offer. What brings an heir out to a minor vassal?" She's teasing, perhaps, if the slight uptick of her lips is anything to tell.

A slight chuckle escapes Kieran's lips, briefly checking out the Hollolas. It might be obvious, if she's watching, but he wasn't trying to be overt about it. "Mind if I have a seat?" He asks her, kneeling down to take a seat, crossing one leg over the other.

"I had some free time and I've heard of the beauty of the lagoons… so why not?" He grins, eyes surveying the lagoon again. "Very different from what I'm used to. It's much… calmer. The waves in Volum Dur are always so… angry, violent." Eyes wander back to Cyrielle, lofting a brow. "Did you just have enough of the physical therapy in landing? Or just wanted a change of scenery?"

"Looks like you'll be sitting whether I mind or not," Cyrielle offers, lips quirking into a broader smirk. She leans over towards the small table, grabbing her class and taking a sip. The drink has a reddish hue to it; perhaps a mixed drink? She's sipping through a straw, mind, so it could go either way.

Setting it aside once more, she settles back into the chair and drapes her forearm across her forehead to shield eyes from the sun as the clouds drift by above. "That's because the ocean around Volum Dur is angry at you." It's spoken in a matter-of-fact sort of way. Not an attack, not a tease; just a simple belief from the druidess. As for the latter, she cuckles softly. "Landing got me used to the cybernetic. Ligonier's rehab facility is targeted towards people like me. Combatants who have had limb replacements."

"I had to be polite." Shrugging, Kieran takes a handful of sand, making a small mountain as he lets it fall while still trying to hold on. There really isn't any sand in the Valtan holdings, any beaches that you might find there are small, with very course sand.

"Perhaps it is angry, or it's just the violent nature of the Crescent. Whatever the case may be, all I know is that when the storm gets particularly rough, the crashing waves can almost scale the cliffs." His tone doesn't indicate fear, more admiration and amusement. Like maybe he's watched the waves before during storms in his room. "So you've decided to be a ship captain again?"

"Storms have a way of doing that," Cyrielle says, her tone speaking of amusement. A hint of laughter lies just beneath. She shifts, sitting up and drawing her knee up towards her chest; habit makes it the right leg. Flesh drapes over the white of the synthetic limb.

"Mmhmm. The family calling. My sister will need family members to serve as Captains in the fleet once she becomes Lady Hollolas." The woman changes her line of sight; away from the Valtan. Instead she looks towards the calm waters lapping at the pale sands of the shore. "I have a lot of learning to catch up on."

Kieran can't help it, his eyes gaze back to the woman's Cybernetic leg. When they met previously, it was shrouded by boot, only the top showed after some alcohol was consumed. Now, it's in full view. "Nitrim like the new leg?" He teases, giving her a a wink. "It's got an exotic look to it, the white looks good on you."

As he continues to play with the sand, the small mountain grows ever bigger. "I think you'll do well, sailors under your command, you barking out orders. I imagine commanding a ship is much like wielding a weapon. You just need practice, you never quite forget."

There's a slight grunt, initially, at Kieran's words. Especially when he mentions Nitrim. Cyrielle twists slightly, gazing down the length of the cybernetic. From the smooth planes of the knee, down to the bare foot. Each toe articulated and shaped to match her left foot. She brushes a hand over it, absentmindedly. "Supposedly he does." It's a non-answer, perhaps.

Drink is retrieved from the low pallet and after a long sip, her hand is left damp. The woman leans over towards Kieran, reaching into the sand to form some of it into a small peak. The condensation upon her palm helps it retain its shape. "I was only fourteen when I was injured. I'd just barely begun my training. I've… studied, logistics and strategy, but it's all in theory until I have an opportunity to put it to practice."

Picking up on the grunt, Kieran quirks an eyebrow. "Is there a problem?" He asks, "Having a lovers quarrel with the youngest Khournas?" He chuckles softly, he's obviously in a good mood. "I like the way it looks on you, for what it's worth." What? Scars are sexy!

He looks around the lagoon again, this time looking to see if there's any one that's waiting on vistors, or if he has to go to the bar and get a drink. "You were fourteen? That is quite young to suffer such a terrible injury. I'm glad to see you've risen above it." He gives her another polite smile.

"Lovers' quarrel." Cyrielle repeats the words in somewhat of a bland tone, rolling eyes towards the sky. She reaches for her tablet, noting that glance. There's an order display on it; seems it feeds back to the bar area proper so someone can bring out a drink. "He spoke with my father." That can only mean one thing, right? "My family visited Volkan and…" She shrugs, tapping in a request for a drink quickly. Non-alcoholic, by the looks of it. "We've heard nothing on what our fathers had to discuss and he's avoiding me."

She sounds bitter.

"Thanks," she offers, casting a surprised look to the Valtan. Perhaps not having expected something of genuine kindness or consideration.

"Oh." Is all Kieran says initially, regarding her and Nitrim. Scratching his head a little, he frowns. After a few seconds he speaks again. "Well… that doesn't sound good, for sure. Talking with your parents about betrothals are… difficult, to say the least. You've tried contacting him, I'm assuming?" He asks before saying anything else. He's picked up on the bitterness in her voice, however. Maybe that'll be useful later.

He smiles at her again when she thanks him. "Anytime. I can appreciate and admire someone's character as much as their body. I'm not /that/ shallow." He winks at her as he peers over at her tablet.

"I have," Cyrielle says, pressing fingers into her hair. There's a number of braids, some with shells or sea glass tied to them. "He… said he was taking some time away, visiting one of the Orelle vassals." Her voice drops away a bit and she leaves the tablet within reach for Kieran to place an order. Her gaze drifts away towards the ocean and she slouches forward against her drawn-up knee.

"Ah," she says after a moment, with a glance towards the man again. "you admire my body?" She seems almost bemused.

That… doesn't sound too good on Nitrim's part. Kieran frowns. "I see… is he good friends with anyone of the Orelle Vassals? Or is he just running away?" His words are a little careless, but, the man has never been one for caution.

At her question of if the Valtan admires her, he glances away, a smile growing on his lips that indicate that says he's been caught. "Well… what's not to admire?" He's trying to play it off like it's not a big deal, but he /does/ find the Hollolas attractive.

"He knows some of the Daltons. That's where he went. One of them…" Cyrielle shakes her head and lowers her forehead to rest upon her arm. "It feels like he's running away. Or trying to push me away." Her words come out muffled.

The tablet acknowledges any order placed as being received… and due out to them soon. At the response to her question, she's quiet. For a long enough period of time that a person could be led to believe she's upset. However, when she lifts her head again, she scrubs at her eyes briefly. "That's nice to hear," the woman murmurs. Perhaps the strain upon her relationship has her questioning a great many things.

"Maybe if it's not going to work out politically he's trying to distance himself?" Kieran offers, it would explain some of Nitrim's actions anyway. "Politics, when it interferes with relationships can be complicated." The Valtan should know…

During the silence, the Knight starts to feel slightly uncomfortable. So, instead he starts to focus on the mountain of sand she's helped him create, which is starting to grow quite large now. When she speaks, he grins. "Nice to hear? I imagine you've had many sailors gawk at you at home." He laughs, picking up on her uncertainty.

"Perhaps. Or perhaps he's trying to get me to be the one to end things…" The Khourni lordling does have a sordid past regarding relationships; she could see his avoidance of being the one to end yet another. Cyrielle brushes her hair back behind her ear. It's an uncomfortable topic.

Which is a shame for Kieran, because the other is actually, surprisingly, more comfortable for her. The Hollolas snorts softly, reaching for her drink to finish it. "Not if they wanted to avoid my father's fury."

"There's that too… that would be rather cowardly of him, if this is the case." Kieran frowns, Nitrim's actions are slightly bothersome. But would go in line with his relationships in the past.

"Your father isn't here? Is he? Should I be afraid that he's been watching me admire you?" He laughs… but also /does/ look around… just in case.

"It would be," Cyrielle murmurs, letting out a soft sigh. "Sometimes, he fights until the bitter end and others…" She sets the glass aside and turns, facing Kieran more directly. The chair is low enough that they're nearly on a level. The woman leans forward — nice view, perhaps? — and starts helping with that small mountain of sand. She begins shaping something from it. Perhaps a tower.

"No, my father isn't here." The woman laughs softly, "I'm sure he'd have no problem with admiration from someone not directly in his employ." There's a thoughtful expression, though it's a bit put on. "Well, I don't think he would take issue."

Kieran has been looking down at the sand mountain he's been passively working on, so when he looks up again his view has gotten much… better. "Uhm… hi!" He exclaims, eyes glued to the cleavage, before looking into the Hollolas's eyes once more. His shifts his legs, subtly trying to get into a position that shrouds his waist from her view.

"Oh good." He goes back to working on the mountain that she's started to shape. A little distracted now, however.

The response initially earns confusion- what's he greeting? Then it dawns on her and Cyrielle's cheeks darken slightly. She lifts an arm, as if covering herself a bit. Not that she can really do much. Never mind that the fabric tied into a skirt reveals the entire length up her thigh to show that yes, the bikini's bottom also ties at each side.

"What, afraid of the Commodore?" Cyrielle laughs lightly, though it's tempered a bit by the sheepish nature brought on by his reaction. More forms start to emerge in the sand. Cubes, mostly, at the moment, but arranged in such ways that she might be trying to form something of the fascimile of a small city.

The Valtan Lord tries to help Cyrielle build the city, but he's not really had much experience with sand, so it's a bit clumsy at first. He actually breaks some of the buildings, which causes a few grunts of frustration. He grins when her cheeks darken. "Blushing? My lady, it should be me who is blushing." He gives her a wink, curious to see how far he can push her.

"I'm scared of anyone who has the power to harm me, either physically or politically. Your father could probably do both. You would just give him a reason for it."

"You just greeted my breasts, Kieran," Cyrielle offers, frankly. "I'm not sure how else I ought to respond to that." She ducks her chin, hair falling past her shoulders. She's grinning; it's all so ridiculous. It's still a bit embarassing, but…

"Mmm," she offers after a moment, extending a hand to carefully fix some of the buildings he's ruined. A spire is added to one with some compressed sand. "You speak as if I run to my father at every little slight he may perceive."

"I guess that's not really something that happens very day. But, to be fair, you caught me off guard. /I/ didn't know what to say." His cheeks are a little red now too, maybe he shouldn't have said anything…

A brief grunt of frustration at the sand when he breaks yet another building. "It's so fickle!" He exclaims, half annoyed, half amused. "I don't know how you are with your father, but I know some fathers tend to be /very/ protective of their children." He's had to deal with more then one angry father before, granted, most of them were commoners.

"It's not like I was trying to," Cyrielle says, flicking some sand at the Valtan. She does grin, however, noticing the blush. "My gods, Kieran. You're about to make me think the rumors about you are all false. I thought you were experienced."

The drinks ordered soon arrive and are set upon the pallet nearby. Reaching for hers, Cyrielle gets her hand wet with the condensation once again and transfers it to one of the buildings. The sand better compacts down. "See? Just needs a bit of moisure." Brown eyes flicker up to study the man for a moment. "Ah. See, provided I don't cause any more trouble than Ephraim, I think my father couldn't care less much of the time. He's a very busy man."

Kieran quirks his eyebrow. "Maybe I'm just luring you into a false sense of security." He grins eyes flickering at the woman for just a second. "I guess you'll never know unless you find out for yourself, eh?"

He takes his drink in hand, taking a small sip, getting a taste. It's good, but he's got work to do on this sand village he's working on. He watches how Cyri manipulates the sand to do what she wants. copying her techniques, he's able to not break anything now, but it's still looks rather sloppy compared to the Hollolas's buildings. "Well, better for me then, yes? Less chance to get pummeled." he chuckles.

There's another flush across Cyrielle's skin, but this time it spreads to her shoulders and across her cleavage. Her skin is tanned, but it shows in a ruddiness nonetheless. Clearing her throat, she turns slightly to reach for her drink proper and down a few good sips. Enough to clear the head.

This is distracting- in a good way, perhaps? Or a terrible one. She hasn't figured that out yet. Her concerns over Nitrim and the seemingly endless routine of her therapy have had her in a sort of mental rut. "Ah, perhaps," she finally offers to the Valtan. "Though I'm not sure what you're planning that might get you pummeled."

the grin on Kieran's face turns into a mischievous smirk as the flush on her skin betrays her thoughts. His eyes, which were trying to focus on the city, are now watching her reactions. "Oh, I wasn't planning much. But, you never know what might happen at the beach… Just trying to keep my bases covered." He winks at her suggestively.

Eyes study her for the moment, almost ravenously. He's forgotten about the sand city for the moment.

Oh, she recognizes that look. Cyrielle turns a few shades darker and she takes a longer sip of her drink before getting to her feet. It's a bit sudden and her leg slides a bit in the sand. She does, thankfully, catch herself. "Let's go for a swim," the woman decides.

The water will be cool and refreshing. It'll help her clear her head a bit, right? There's a tug at the knot at her hip and the wrap falls away onto the chair as she starts for where the ocean meets sand.

Kieran also stands with her, being careful to not knock down anything they've made in the process. The grin on his face stays, and grows just slightly more when she gets even more flush. He nods in agreement. "A swim sounds nice." He agrees as he starts walking toward the water.

When she tugs away at the makeshift skirt being removed, he takes notice, eyebrows raising and another wink. He dives in first, fully immersing himself in water, watching to see what she does.

"Yes. Cool, refreshing…" Something to distract from the heat on the beach. Cyrielle is a fair few paces behind the Valtan heir, but it gives her an opportunity to watch him instead for a moment. One can appreciate a good view, right? And appreciate she does.

No diving for the Hollolas- not yet, at least. Instead, she starts wading into the water until she's wading out towards where the man has surfaced. "Just had to show off?" The question is called to Kieran, complete with a faint hint of laughter.

"Hey now, you're the one who lives on boats. You should be more familiar with water then I." Kieran says as he keeps most of his body in. He shakes his head a little, using a hand to move any strands of hair out of his face.

The Valtan smirks at her again, eyes full of mischief, like maybe he's got something planned. "Oh no. You're not in the water till you're /in/." And then he strikes. He dunks his head back into the water, his hands grabbing just below her knees as he attempts to dislodge her footing, causing her to be dunked.

"Ah! So you admit Hollolas is the superior house when it comes to the sea?" Cyrielle lets out a broad laugh, wading in deeper. The water laps at her abdomen now, sun glinting off both her skin and the clear waters around them.

When she's grabbed- well, she's not that stable on her feet yet and the young woman lets out a bit of a squeal as she's dunked beneath the water. Even as she goes, she's grabbing for the Knight's arm… trying to drag him after her.

Kieran's arm is grabbed, which wasn't quite what he was expecting as he ends up splashing back into the water after Cyrielle. Not that he minds so much, he's already been under water twice already.

When he comes back up from the water, he's laughing, almost hysterically. "You have better ships maybe, but the Valta's still boast quicker reflexes and higher intelligence." He winks at her, the smirk back on his face. He's expecting some kind of retaliation.

When she surfaces, Cyrielle does a quick, practiced jerk of the head to send her hair back away from her face. There's a discrete tug of her bikini top to get everything back into place as her eyes white over. Faint shades of green pick up around her; vine-like. "Quicker reflexes and intelligence? Oh, you wish!"

When she moves to splash him, there's more behind it with her Awakened abilities; it becomes more of a push at him, with the water. The poor heir is going to have to deal with a miniature-scaled tsunami. In the wake of it, she releases her abilities and attempts to stand, fists on hips… though the water is a bit too deep for the right look to come from it.

Kieran was absolutely prepared for something… but not /that/ much water. The Valtan heir is caught in the wave as he looses his footing. For second he's not sure which way is up or down as he tries to find air. It happened so fast he barely even noticed the awakened aura.

"How did you? What?!?" He asks, sputtering as he'd swallowed some water. Then he remembers the aura. "Oh. right. You cheated." He glares at her, but he's grinning at the same time. He's plotting his next move, but doesn't act on anything yet… she'd be expecting something now. "Minor miscalculation on my part. You had to resort to magic to best me, I just used my mind." He winks, wading over to where she's at.

The woman is laughing when Kieran surfaces, the color back in her gaze. She pushes an errant bit of hair back behind her ear, hands falling to the water again.

Watching him warily as he approaches, she snorts. "Taking advantage of someone who has only recently re-learned how to walk could be cheating also. And don't give me that whole knowing your enemy's weakness deal. I could have done quite the same, but I opted not to." As to what weakness, she doesn't clarify.

Continuing to glare until he's reached her again, Kieran just shakes his head, eyes watching her for any signs of more psychometry shenanigans.

"You seemed to walk just fine over here, I'd completely forgotten that you're new to this walking thing." He grins again. His eyebrow quirks when she mentions he has a weakness. "Bah! Lies! You cannot sunder me. I have no weaknesses."

No more shenanigans, it would seem. Cyrielle's eyes retain their dark, nutty brown hue. She's wary, still, eyebrows raised. There's a slide step back; perhaps just to handle the ebb and flow of the water as it heads in to shore. They're in a lagoon, so there's no undertoe and the sands beneath their feet are soft. The waters are warm, too; good for soothing sore mucles.

There's a snort from the woman and she lifts hands to her hair, tugging it back in a more neat arrangement. She is taking her time of it. "You forgot? That's just like a Valta. So self-absorbed. And yes, you have weaknesses." Lips curve in a mischievous and near-wicked smirk. "Must I prove it to you?"

The Valtan seems to be ok with a truce for now as well. His eyes continue to watch her, however. Rule number 1: never trust a Hollolas. At least… when it comes to a war faught with water. When his feet are planted firmly on the soft sand he grins again.

"I forgot? Valta's have no weaknesses, and no, I'm not self-absorbed. I do plenty of things for other people." Or something. His voice doesn't sound too confident, he can be pretty self absorbed. When she smirks at him, he raises an eyebrow and smirks again. "Yes, I think you do."

"Mmhmm. You do plenty of things to other people, more like." Cyrielle shifts back another step. See? She's not approaching. If there's another 'attack' being planned for, she isn't giving sign of it yet. Hair is smoothed down and she shifts a few paces further into the water. It rises to her ribcage, a slight shudder flowing over her when the cooled — but still warmer than some oceans — waters touch to her back.

"Ah, see. Perhaps I should leave you wondering instead… Wondering just what I might know about you. Perhaps you'll look over your shoulder, or lock your door at night." She's teasing, but manages to keep an ever-slight edge in her tone.

"Hey! It's not like anyone complained…" Or at least, he's not heard anyone complain. Kieran's eyes shift away for a second, but follows her as she goes deeper into the water, he wades all the way so that the water comes to his shoulders. Enough so that he can lift his legs up and swim if he wanted to.

"Hah!" He scoffs. "You're bluffing, Hollolas! That's the kind of thing someone would say when they know nothing." He's keeping up the teasing tone.

Once he's deeper and perhaps somewhat further out of range, Cyrielle stops her own movements. The water is at the edges of her bikini top now and the tug of the lagoon makes her sway side to side. Lips curl in something of a wry smirk.

"Lesson one, Young Lord…" Her hands rise, as if to fuss with her hair again. "Never, ever accuse a Hollolas of knowing nothing or bluffing." Rather than adjust her hair, the woman gives a deft tug to the ties at the back of her neck and the top falls away to hang only by the tie about her back. Revealing herself to the nobleman; good thing the beach is fairly abandoned.. and, perhaps, that such things occur at a resort as part of the normal course of things.

"Oh yeah?" He ask her, not realizing what's happening until it's done. "Well, you better say or do something to back it up or else… oh… damn." Kieran's eyes are transfixed on the newly revealed flesh. It's a good thing he's he, and his swim trunks, are in the water!

"I uh… so… I don't have any weaknesses." He protests, voice faltering just slightly.

"Or else…?" Cyrielle breaks into laughter, letting the strings fall from her hands. The top floats against her abdomen, breasts held bouyant by youth, health, and the water just beneath them. Her lips quirk into a smirk at the faltering in his voice.

"I trust you've learned your lesson?" Bemusement still hovers beneath her tone, in a faint chuckle. The Hollolas begins to turn, hands rising to her breasts to cover- no, she's not quite covering them. She's grabbing herself. But soon it may very well be out of view.

whatever clever comeback Kieran had to retort back to her is gone, replaced by boobs. He blinks, /trying/ not to look too affected by their reveal. He's not doing a very good job of it.

"Learned my lesson? I'm not sure what you mean…" So far, he's only been rewarded, not punished. "I think I may need another demonstration…" He grins, giving her a wink.

Ah, but the point was to reveal a weakness. The man is barely able to speak. Cyrielle laughs brightly as her back fully turns and she leans forward slightly, hair tugged over her shoulder. The woman busies herself with getting re-arranged within the top, tying it behind her neck.

"Oh no, you don't need another demonstration. I've proven well enough that you have quite the weakness."

Ok, so maybe she proved he's got a weakness. However! She's turned his back to him, which is the perfect time to strike! As she's fiddling with getting her top tied back on her neck, the Valta swims over to her, grabbing her abdomen, attempting to dunk her again.

"And your weakness is that you turn your back to an enemy." He's cackling, it's all in good fun… or so he's thinking. She deserves it anyway, after being such a tease.

Perhaps she didn't expect such a quick recovery. Or likely felt the need to guard herself as she got situated. It does involve a fair bit of groping one's self. Cyrielle notices he's approached, but she's caught between letting the not-yet finished ties go again… or stopping the assault.

Unfortunately, she doesn't make the decision fast enough and when she's dunked, it's a failure on both parts. This time, since he's gotten her from behind, there's nothing for her to grab save to try — and fail — to hold the ties in place. If he's grabbed her tight enough, the back may even begin to come loose.

Kieran learned from the last time, she could try more psychometry stuff. So when he gets hold of her, he's holding just as tight as he can. He laughs again, partially hoping that she's lost grip of the strings, but doesn't try to force the bikini top off either. He might be a poon hound sometimes, but he's not going to forcibly remove clothing unless he's told otherwise.

When she comes up, he's still laughing. "Oh man, I'm so good." He shakes his head, congratulating himself, verbally patting himself on the back. No wonder he has such a big ego.

Fade to black …

As the initial rush of adrenaline and dopamine fades, Cyrielle does begin to feel the beginning edges of remorse. Of self-loathing. She's good enough at dissembling that in the release of need, she's able to keep it to a minimum. There's a long sigh as she sinks back against Kieran, dropping hands from the man to begin retying the bikini's bottom at her hip.

"You're damn good at what you do," she offers, voice quiet, head tilted back against his chest. "But… we can't do that again. A fantasy best left to a paradise."

Kieran had a feeling this was an opportunity that was only going to come around once., so when she requests they not do that again, he just nods. "Paradise, that's a good word for this place." He notes, helping her tie her bikini top some.

"For what it's worth… I hope nitrim realizes he's being stupid and comes back to you. You are perfect for each other." It's said honestly as he fixes his boxers.

With the Valta's assistance, the top is tied into place a bit easier. Rather than tying it, adjusting herself, then tying it again… It's able to be done in just a couple of stages. Cyrielle brushes her fingers absently through her hair, tugging at damp locks. She's ashamed in herself, but that doesn't extend to Kieran…

In this, she sees him as blameless.

"I… I hope so too." Cyrielle bites her lip. Naming the Khournas just makes it hurt worse, what's happened. "I guess… I can only wait and see when he returns and contacts me."

As the two head back out of the pool, Kieran is quiet. She's upset, and while he realizes it's not at him, it's still a sad thing. "Hey… let me know if Nitrim doesn't contact you, I'll… have a talk with him. Make him realize what he's loosing out on."

As they get to the beach, the city they made is now completely dry, their drinks probably a little warm now sense they've been sitting in the sun.

"Fuck, Kieran." This time, it's not something said with passion. It's a curse, well and true. "I think you'd be the last person he'd ever want to speak to. Especially… if he found out." Cyrielle presses fingers into her hair, grasping tightly at the scalp.

When they near the remains of the sand-city they built and their drinks, she swallows. A hand presses to her stomach and she draws in a slow breath. "I… I need to go." And, snatching up her tablet, she'll start to stride away quickly.

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