Waygate Defense Tax
Summary: Senator Hartcliffe proposes a nominal increase in Waygate fees, to aid in funding their protection
Date: Dec 16, 2013
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2 April.3014 — The Senate Tower, The Select Committee on Funding

And so I submit it before this committee, assembled, that as we are mustering troops for offense, that we must maintain and ensure timely transportation for our citizens. The Waygates represent connection across the entire system. The loss of one has already been felt and reverberated many times over. It disrupts supply chains and strikes fear into the hearts of noble and commoner alike. It is for this cause, and this cause alone, that I propose a nominal, ten percent hike in fees at Waygates for the Crown to then distribute as it sees fit for their defense.

The Senator taps on his holoscreen, forwarding the proposal to all the other committee members.

In our just cause to root out the plague of the Hostile threat, we must not forget to defend important civilian centers. Waygates are important both pragmatically and symbolically.

The proposal is immediately taken up by Senator Savannah Carney of The Ring — with the proposed addendum that all of the funds be directed to repairing, refitting, and rebuilding the Royal Navy, the first line of defense for the Haven System.

Senior Dove Senator Clark Travers of Landing has rejected any additional tax as "an unnecessary burden on the Citizenry of Haven in this time of war," but Senator Valeria Britt of the Lunar Settlements has suggested that this tax may be "a boon for social programs that benefit the people most in need — the Citizens on the homefront."

Senator Samson Crowell of the Vale has put forward that these funds be used to raise new troops to ensure that the Hostiles can be driven out of the Inner System: "The best way to actually benefit the Citizens on the homefront, by making them safe from the Hostile menace."

Senator Hartcliffe counter-proposes that the tax be distributed among the various paramount houses, with the remaining stipulation that at least a portion (flexible from 10-25%) be used towards strengthening and defending Waygates.

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