05.13.3013: Wall Meets Magma
Summary: Real Khourni don't use holo-sims. They club each other with blunted weapons.
Date: 13 May, 2013
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Thalo Victor 

Sparring Grounds, Blackspyre
You know, dirt. And people. In a courtyard.
13 May, 3013

So, it's gotten late in the day, and it's time for the Knights who spent some of the day training Squires and Men at Arms (because what else do Knights do) to show off a bit. That means sparring. The Wall is known to enjoy a good spar, and he's dressed for the occassion. He's in his dark grey, relatively undecorated save the crossed hammers of Ibrahm. His armor is designed for function more than form, with solid plates and rounded pauldrons. He's got a helmet slung to a strap on his hip. His steps boom as he moves from the training field to the sparring ring and picks up the sparring hammer he keeps there, "So…who wants some?" he offers up to pretty much any Knight standing around the area.

There's a moment of silence in the way of the query, and then a low, gravelly voice speaks up from the next ring over, "I could use some exercise." And that's enough to part the sea of armor, showing Victor Khournas in his equally-grey armor. Unlike the Knight Lieutenant, however, his armor has lines of bright orange, like molten lava beneath a crust of rock. He reaches down to scoop up the blunted axe he had been using previously, and then makes his way toward the Wall's ring. He holds his simple, blunt helmet in his other hand, lifting it up and pulling it down behind the gorget as he advances. Inside the safe confines of his helmet, he commands the armor, "Vera, list name and title of all armor suits, 30 percent bleed." And inside his helmet, holographic tabs appear over each armored head, listing the requested information in a translucent grey, so as to not interfere with his actual vision.

In a deep voice, though not as gravely, Thalo grunts and nods as he unstraps his helmet, "Lord Victor, eh? Don't remember the last time we did this…" He then slips the helmet one, "Spar layout 3." he murmurs into the helmet and a few servos spin in the joints for a second as the armor calibrates to the settings. He then seems to go through a quick check on the shoulders and knees with a few stretches and swings the massive hammer over his head once before moving towards the center of the ring. "Someone ring the fuckin' bell."

Victor presses a button on the haft of his axe, and a second cylinder slides out from the base, extending the handle until it is nearly as long as that of Spinebreaker. Slapping the base of the newly-extended haft into his left hand, and choking up with his right, the noble knight advances, the speakers on his armor further flattening his already crushed-rock voice, "Ding ding."

<COMBAT> Victor has changed weapons to Great Bludgeon.
<COMBAT> Victor has changed armor to Aggressor Armor.
<COMBAT> Thalo has changed weapons to great bludgeon.
<COMBAT> Thalo has changed armor to Defender armor.
<COMBAT> Thalo has changed stance to defensive.
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Thalo with Great Bludgeon - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Thalo attacks Victor with Great Bludgeon - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

Victor hesitates just long enough to see that Thalo is ready — or at least getting close to ready — and then he's on the offensive, his feet shuffle-stepping closer to his taller opponent, the butt end of his axe flicking out toward the other man's face before he shifts his grip and swings the head toward the where the other man's neck joins his left shoulder, "Vera, track opponent attacks, 5 percent bleed."

Thalo moved into the center of the ring, taking up a more defensive posture with his hammer, a hammer much like Spinecrusher, but designed for sparring. Thalo is a trainer of heavy weapon tactics, and as such, he is usually pretty good about assessing the situation. Apparently today, his defensive posture left him too slow to respond to Victor's slash which catches at the join of his armor. It's a glancing blow, but he stabs out with his hammer as if it were a sword. It's a move he's relatively known for, mostly because his hammer is too heavy for most to do that with. He then regroups, stepping back and swinging his hammer around his head, adjusting his style a bit.

<COMBAT> Thalo has changed stance to Normal.
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Thalo with Great Bludgeon - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Thalo attacks Victor with Great Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Victor starts back at the sudden thrust from the hammer's head, only just able to backpedal enough that the heavy weapon clangs off his breastplate without doing more than leaving some bruises where armor meets underpadding. A faint grey ghost image remains in front of Victor's vision, however, showing where Thalo attacked. Swinging back into the attack, Victor brings his axe up and over his head, switching his grin and sweeping it low, then back upward in an attempt to come in under Thalo's defenses and strike the bigger man in the right side of his ribcage.

While the attack to the ribcage is right on target, Thalo has sacrificed defense for offense in this moment. The Wall can take a few hits, or it wouldn't be a wall. He takes that moment, where his defenses are weak, and swings his hammer with both hands towards Victor's chest. Unarmored this could kill a man. The blunted axe connects and Thalo is jostled to the side, but the momentum of his attack is already in full swing and on its way.

<COMBAT> Thalo attacks Victor with Great Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Thalo with Great Bludgeon - Critical wound to Head.

Victor gets another clout to the chest, this one distinctly stronger. He starts to turn aside, starts to bring his axe-haft across his body to block it, but the blow comes in faster than it has any right to. Instead, Victor is forced to spin with it, taking three steps that turn him 360 degrees around and grunting with the impact. Even as he's coming back around and another ghostly grey arc is appearing on his visor, he brings the bearded head of his axe down, trying to hook onto the haft of Thalo's hammer and pull the bigger man close enough so that when he rocks his head back and then sharply forward, with crown of his helmet aimed directly at the visor of Thalo's.

The move pays off. Thalo's helmet is rocked forward and then back with a slam and then another and he staggers back two steps, instinctively sweeping the head of the hammer around at Victor's chest again before going down to a single knee for a moment. That moment of collecting himself likely means a surge to come, as he can't have much left after that headblow.

<COMBAT> Thalo has changed stance to aggressive.
<COMBAT> Victor has changed stance to aggressive.
<COMBAT> Victor will attack Thalo this turn. Options: called=Head
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Thalo with Great Bludgeon - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Thalo attacks Victor with Great Bludgeon - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!

Victor staggers back himself, although since he used the crest of his helmet, he isn't quite as shaken, although the additional blow to his breastplate does a pretty good job of stirring his insides. There's a feral, toothy smirk painted across his lips beneath the helmet, but that's hidden behind the narrow visor. He should probably give his opponent a chance to get back to his feet, but that's just not his style. Instead, he steps forward as soon as he's seeing single again, swinging his axe up in both hands, swapping to right-hand-dominate, and then bringing it sweeping down, aiming to strike right at the top of the other knight's head while it's in easier reach.

Thalo appears to still be off balance from that head shot, his footwork isn't what it was when they started, still solid, but not as light as it once was. He gives the haft a turn and feints out with another jab, then spins and bring the heft of the hammer down at Victor's shoulder. He actually ends up managing to get his head mostly out of the way of Victor's downswipe, while still getting his hammer to come down, but it's not as solid, only enough for a glancing blow across the neck area, generally protected by armor.

<COMBAT> Thalo will attack Victor this turn. Options: called=head
<COMBAT> Victor will attack Thalo this turn. Options: called=abdomen
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Thalo with Great Bludgeon - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Thalo attacks Victor with Great Bludgeon and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Thalo has been KO'd!

Victor's axe blade glances off Thalo's helm, losing most of its force. The twisting glance also gives him a little momentum to work with in pulling his weapon back, slamming his haft into that of Thalo's Spinebreaker-stand-in, just catching enough of it to draw some of the force to the blow to his gorget. It's still enough to send him staggering back, and another grey line ghosts across his viewscreen. Feinting high, he then steps in, aiming to slam the butt of his axe right above Thalo's belt, in one of the few places that a suit of Defender armor has to be bendy rather than rigid.

And that blow seems to be it. The hammer is swung a moment too late and he goes down to one knee, holding a hand up with a cough that seems ampliphied by the helmet speakers, "Damn good shot, Lord." He sets the hammer down on the ground and pulls the helmet off, some blood trickling from where the headblow appears to have actually injured him beneath the helm. He chuckles a bit at the sight of the blood on his fingers, "Haven't been taken down in weeks."

Victor tilts his helmeted head slightly to one side, hesitating long enough to be sure that Thalo isn't getting back up, then nods and takes a step back, "Vera, clear arcs." The ghostly grey swipes disappear, and Victor leans over, resting the haft of his axe across his knees, and his hands on the haft of the axe. "And my ribs will be aching for days." Which is saying something with modern medical technology. "Thanks for the match."

Luckily these were blunted weapons and real armor. Thalo stands up without too much trouble (though his armor does have stabilizers to some degree), "Let's hope were both in shape to kill some hostiles when they get here." He smirks a bit and picks up the hammer, hefting it over his shoulder and nodding to Victor, "We'll do it again some time. Good to have an actual challenge these days." And with that, he starts moving off out of ring.

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