06.19.3013: Wall and a Hard Place
Summary: Michael looks for training, and finds a Wall to teach him. Then he gets himself just what he's asked for.
Date: 19 June 2013
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At the base of the Blackspyre are several floors of barracks, training facilities, armories, and cafeterias, all built to house the defenders of House Khournas in rough comfort. Soldiers are bunked in rooms each large enough to sleep 50, with lockers and desks alongside each bed. Deep within the barracks levels, close to the training areas, are communal bathhouses, some set aside for single-sex use and others open to members of both sexes. There, the soldiers and nobles of House Khournas can soak away the aches of a hard day's labor. The corridors are all narrow enough that two soldiers could hold them against a tide, except those leading from assembly areas to great doors that open to the exterior surface of Volkan, allowing the soldiers of House Khournas to march out already in formation if need be.
19 June 3013

The Wall is a common enough sight in the Barracks. Not that he lives down here, Knight Lieutenants are afforded better quarters than that. He takes it upon himself to make sure the squires and greener Knights are trained to his standard. Which is the only standard that matters to Sir Thalo Khorax. He's standing in front of a sparring circle, dressed in his full set of black defender armor. It is heavily dented and worn, not his normal battle armor, but a set of training armor. Hanging from his side is a hammer with a short haft, probably hand and a quarter for smaller men, but with a maul head large enough for a two handed hammer. He grunts out with his helmet under his arm, "So, which of this makeshift lot of candy asses wants to take a crack at the Wall?" His voice booms, but isn't overly crude.

Having not had any training from Lady Johana, Michael decided to take it upon himself to go the Barracks and try to find someone to train with. As it happens, The Wall was currently giving lessons, and since Michael is eager enough to train, he'll see if he can't get a chance to take a few lessons from Sir Thalo. "I will Sir." he says as Sir Thalo makes the half demand half question. And stands forward from the rest of the group. His armor freshly painted and free of dents, and an entirely new thing for him since he's normally in his lighter armor. He moves into the sparring ring and waits for The Wall.

The Wall eyes Michael, mostly from his lofty position over a half a foot above the man. He hefts his hammer up and moves into the ring, eyeing the Squire once more. He settles his helmet onto his head and cinches two clasps, "Spike, sparring mode. Track single target. No shield today." His armor growls. That is apparently how it responds and the haft of his hammer extends out, allowing the large Knight to take it into two hands. He whips it around a few times and nods to Michael, "Weapons free, young blood. What's your weapon?"

Michael watches with a mix of awe and fear for a split second. Then his zone kicks in and all emotion drains from his eyes and face. "Long sword and shield is my preferred style sir. Though I can fight without shield if so desired." his voice is flat, no longer as eager as it was. He pulls his blade from it's scabbard, the long blade sleek black, no accents. Nothing fancy about it, save that it is a monomolecular edge. Not knowing if his armor even has an AI Michael doesn't test it, he'll work that out later. His gaze focuses on Sir Thalo, and doesn't leave. "When you're ready sir." is the flat tone.

"Fight as you would, youngblood. Shields afford extra defense, that may come to save you one day. A versatile Knight is able to fight with and without the use of a shield, though." The Wall offers up, then moves into an aggressive stance, eyeing the squire with the dull red glow of his helmets eyeholes, "A hostile is not weak, it is not stupid. It may see a green fighter and come at it with everything it has though. So shall I, attempt to use that against me." And with that, Thalo charges, hefting his hammer and whipping it at Michael.

Michael nods once to Thalo, and then shakes his wrist. There is a sharp flare up of light as his shield forms. Dull transparent purple, a remnant of the armor's service to Sauveur, in the shape of a full kite shield. Michael stands at the ready, watching Sir Thalo's charge, and then reacts.

The bumrush brings the weight and strength of the huge Knight into a slam of metal on metal. Even in a practice setting, Spinecrusher slams Michael's armor in the chest and Thalo moves through with the hit, ducking the sword swipe that comes his way. He turns, spinning his hammer around and eyes the Squire. "You should have taken a defensive posture at the charge. Attempting to balance yourself against a rushing opponent doesn't always work in your favor." Obviously.

The Wall lives up to the name, and though Michael reacted, his six years of not being in armor, never having worn this class of armor, and the fact that he's just not trained, all rush to meet him in one solid metal crunching blow. The impact jars him from being able to focus on Thalo, and his eyes close for a moment. His swing goes too high and he staggers under the blow. Cracks form in the breast plate, and it shows that the resizing it needed wasn't done well.

Reena steps into the training area after having treated a few training injuries down one of the corridors. The young woman is wiping her hands on a towel, her hair braided back from her face and falling loose down her back. "I heard the Wall was training someone's squire. I figured I should come and patch up whatever broken bones he inflicts," she quips to one of the soldiers on duty. She's dressed in a simple red cotehardie with myriad buttons up the front. She winces inwardly at Michael's plight, and moves to a vantage point where she can see better.

Anabethe trots down to the barracks after a meeting with her father, no doubt in search of anything to take her mind off of it. "I'm just looking for trouble," she chimes in after Reena, winking to the guard on duty. "I figured following Reena was as good a way of finding it as any." She looks toward Thalo and squire, arching a brow curiously. "How's it going?"

Grunting a bit, The Wall spins his hammer and stalks in towards Michael. He dodges a sword swipe with a surprisingly deft move to the right for a man his size and then spins, bringing the momentum of his hammer into Michael's abdomen, then once more moves through with the attack, bringing him to the other side of Michael. He brings his hammer back into position again as he eyes the Squire.

Not having caught his breath, his chest arching searing pain though his mind. Michael swipes close to himself, but doesn't recover well. The hammer strike to his abdomen was the ticket, and he rides the hit to the floor.

"I do seem to have a great skill at finding trouble, don't I?" Reena agrees with Anabethe. She grimaces as she looks at Michael. "I'd say that young man is having a very, very painful first experience delivered as only Thalo can." She smirks and eyes The Wall through half-lidded eyes. "We should make advertisements with his training filmed. I think the Hostiles would flee in terror after one viewing." She waits for someone to beckon her to the Squire's aid.

"Do you think they feel terror?" Anabethe muses, though she doesn't really pause long enough for an answer. "I'd say pick on someone your own size, but I don't think you can find one!" she calls toward Thalo, flashing a grin with the tease.

The Wall grunts faintly as he see's Michael fall and shakes his head, "Medic!" and then he walks over to the Squire, "You leave yourself open. Were I a hostile, I'd have crushed your skull by now." He moves to the edge of the ring, "Spike, end spar." a growl emits from the helmet again and the haft slides back in to make it one handed. Then he slips that back onto the holster on his right leg. That holster wasn't there before, it seems to emerge from the leg armor. "Anyone else?"

Michael lies there slightly dazed, slightly just there. His armor's breast plate is broken and there are small cracks forming on the fauld. His shield flickers off, and his sword rests in his hand.

"They are somewhat part human, are they not?" Reena asks. "They must fear something. The key to this war might be figuring out just what that is." She shoulders a pack which she keeps her first aid gear in, and strides into the training area. "Sir Thalo, I see you are even more impressive than I remember." She grins at the giant of a man, before kneeling beside Michael and looking at the squire with the eye of a trained medic. "You're going to need your ribs wrapped, but I don't think he broke anything. You're lucky. I'll give you an anti-inflammatory and something for the pain, and I'd recommend no strenuous activity for two to three days."

"I'll leave that to Nitrim," Anabethe says to Reena in regards to the Hostiles, walking up to the ring with a flash of a grin for Thalo. "I might not be your size, but I'm willing to give it a go." She looks to Michael on the ground, rueful. "Should give you a decent run for your money, at least. You want weapons, or unarmed?" she asks, flashing a wolfish smile. It's always something of a trick question with her.

Grunting and offering a smirk towards Reena, Thalo looks over to Anabethe, "Plan on boxing a hostile to death, Bethe?" He pulls the hammer off his belt and whirls it around. He then waves a few squires over, "Help this one to a bed." Apparently he hasn't bothered to learn Michael's name yet. "Weapons Bethe, let's show these Squires how Knights fight."

Michael thanks the medic woman for her assessment of him and then her aid. He is helped to his feet, and with that a piece of plating falls to the floor. He just looks at the plate for a while before being led to a bed with it's back propped up. Positioned so he can watch the fight.

Reena smiles at Michael, but it doesn't quite reach her eyes. "Don't feel too badly. At least he just calls you 'this one'. I think he called me Chicken Legs for the longest time when I was learning archery from him." Mind you, she was 9 or 10 at the time. She oversees the moving of the Squire and enlists the aid of other trainees to help remove his armor so she can tape up his ribs. "You should really watch this spar. My sister may not be built like Spinecrusher, but she is his equal on the field."

"Hey, if something happens to my weapons, I'll do what I've got to," Anabethe grins to Thalo, stepping back to claim a staff with a long blade at the end of it for herself, testing the weight with a spin before ducking into the ring. She winks to Michael, applying a bit of charm to the squire in her usual easygoing manner. "How do you want to take it, Thalo? First blood, to the ground, to yield?"

Thalo hrmms quietly, whirling his hammer around and then speaks into his helmet again, "Spike, enact Sparring mode." He then looks over Anabethe and hmms a bit, "To the yield." He then speaks once more, "Aggressor mode. Tracking single opponent, ten percent bleed." His armor growls at him again. He moves off to the middle of the ring and whirls his hammer around, "Squires, keep note." he bellows out, "The larger fighter is not always the winner. I may have size and strength over Sir Anabethe, but she is extremely skilled. So too, you can fight off a larger, stronger hostile with similar tactics." And then he looks to Anabethe, taking up a balanced fighting stance.

Michael is in a bed, back propped up. His chest taped and he has a growing bruise on his abdomen. Broken defender armor of black and red lies in a heap next to his bed. He watches the new spar that's about to happen.

Reena is artfully taping Michael's ribs as she keeps one eye on the spar. She's not watching Anabethe much, though. The Lady clearly only has eyes for Thalo. She pulls out in injector and shoots the young man up with anti-inflammatories and pain meds. "Who are you Squired to, Mister…?"

"The key," Anabethe says after Thalo, settling into the lesson, "Is to consider your relative strengths and weaknesses." She holds her staff across her body at an angle, at the ready as she stalks a slow circle around the knight. "Sir Thalo's going to have reach on everyone. So I choose a weapon that increases my reach. He's big, but that usually means not quite as fast. So my goal has to be, essentially, not to let him hit me." She grins, giving her stave a spin. "Granted, that should be everyone's sensible goal."

Walking into one of the barracks of the Blackspyre, standing out worse then a sore thumb, is a tall young man wearing mildly formal clothes dominated by dark turquoise and cyan. Perhaps the most non-imposing man in the entire barracks and perhaps the least armed as well as only an arming sword sheathed at the left hip is visible. Whatever the case, Lord Densoric Larent enters and scans the room silently after side-stepping so he isn't blocking the door, clearly looking for someone or something specific. Spotting Michael on a bed, the 'outsider' casually makes his way towards the bed, though he is keeping aware of the sparring match to avoid getting in the way, or being hit by a stray attack by either those sparring or energetic crowds watching. He also gives a casual ear to the instructions being given but doesn't look to be wishing to take part. But then he's also smaller then most of the males in Khournas territory.

Waiting for Anabethe to finish, Thalo hefts his hammer up with both hands and stalks in a half circle around his female opponent, and then he rushes in. He's quick for a big guy, but not that quick really. He grunts as he swings his hammer at Anabethe. Yup, he's not pulling punches, even for his liege lord's own daughter.

Somewhere, somehow the Khourni always seem to have a fight on. It's just a matter of finding it. When she'd gone to the gym and found no one around, Johana heads towards the barracks.. Hearing the voices, she realizes she'd found it and she steps in as quietly and unobtrusively as possible. Wearing her armor and usual gear, she appears to have just got back from one of the patrols she's been on often lately, her helm tucked beneath her arm. Once inside, she finds a place to lean against a bare spot of a wall near the fighting to watch, also near the others, offering them a smile and a brief nod. "Good evening. Finally found you all."

Michael manages to get in breath to speak to the medic woman, "Athyros… Michael Athyros… Lady Johana's squire." He watches the fight, and but notices Densoric come towards him. A half smile for his luck, he needs to talk to someone who'll understand.

Anabethe doesn't seem to expect Thalo to pull his punches, given the way she tries to keep her distance from The Wall. There's a good deal of respect there, the sort that comes from plenty of experience getting her ass handed to her. As the larger man charges in with his hammer, she spins to the side, arching back enough to take the force from the blow that strikes her chest plate. The tip of her spear snaps out in turn, aiming for his chest as she circles around again. "Never assume just because he's big he's going to be slow, though," she adds with a grin.

"Ah, Lady Johana is a brilliant Knight, you're very lucky. She's also a dear friend of mine, so you mind your manners around her," Reena warns. She rises, spotting the very woman, and beckons her over. "And it looks like she's here." The young woman then perches on the end of an empty bed to watch the spar. "Anabethe! Don't you dare ruin any of his tattoos or I'll be decidedly cross with you!" Which usually means she'll sew some sort of animal innards into her sister's mattress so the stink drives her crazy.

Densoric offers Michael a soft smile as he draws closer and says, "You know there are easier ways to ensure I make a meeting." winking playfully. Looking over the wrapping son the chest and other patchwork and says, "Always hated those chest wraps, makes it feel like you can't breathe. But then I had cracked ribs at the time." he then moves to stand by the bed out of the way, though he does offer a polite nod to Reena, attention going from the spar to Michael, and perhaps anyone that addresses him.

The bladed polearm clangs into his armor and causes Thalo to spin around and back a few steps from Anabethe. His red glowing helmeted eyes hone in on Anabethe and he grins just a bit, "Interesting…" He shifts his footing a bit and takes a slightly more defensive posture now, whirling his hammer around and beckoning her towards him, "Always adjust your tactics to the situation…"

As soon as Johana looks from the match to the others, she notices the others gathered around the bed, so she walks the long way around Beth and Thalo to approach them. First, she greets Reena with a warm smile, "My lady. It's good to see you." Though the familiar Densoric, hadn't she met him once before? She'd remember undressing someone, so yeah it was him. She thinks. "My Lord, a pleasure.. ah.. seeing you again." There's a slight chuckle until she notices Michael. And the state he's in. "Well look at you… What have you done to yourself?"

"Your Squire, in his infinite wisdom, chose to spar with Sir Thalo, Ana." Reena grins.

Michael looks up at his knight when she addresses him. "Sir Thalo was giving lessons… and since you were otherwise busy, I thought it best to find some lessons." he really shouldn't speak this way to Johanam what's wrong with him?

Densoric nods politely to Johana and says, "Hopefully he didn't have the same pilot I did." whatever that means, though the soft smile suggests its some form of joke. He then adds, "A pleasure to see you again My Lady." He then looks to Michael hearing who was sparred and says, "Did that work out better or worse then my facing off against a mountain?" winking teasingly. Growing serious a bit as Michael addresses Johana in such a seemingly complaining way and nods to Johana saying, "Perhaps not required or desired, but I apologize on his behalf. I remember the pain of being bed-ridden and though the cause might be different I'm guessing the pain is similar at least. We don't always speak as we should when in enough pain." is he actually standing up for Michael?

"Otherwise busy.." Johana muses aloud with a brow raised. Leaving that to stew for a moment, she looks back at Reena with a her lips quirking into an amused smile. "I suppose Thalo schooled him rather well." Turning an appraising look on Thalo as he fights Beth, she nods her approval, showing no signs of sympathy. As her gaze skitters to Densoric, it passes briefly over Michael as she contemplates what to reply to him. "Hopefully he didn't Lord Densoric." As he continues on and apologizes for Michael, she looks between the two with a considering expression. "I appreciate the gesture, I wonder if he does? Though as much as I appreciate it, I truly think it should come from him." Finally, she rests her gaze back onto Michael, her lips compressed together slightly. "My mistake was in assuming you were capable of occupying yourself doing something constructive until I could free up some time. We are in the beginning stages of a war and I have patrols to run. Forgive me if you felt… neglected. In the future, I will make sure to rectify that. First thing in the morning, I want you up and grooming the horses. Then I want my armor polished and I want yours repaired. Next we'll be training, and you will be training despite your current wounds, if there are any. After that, we will ride patrol and then train some more before you finally get to make a fire at the camp and find some sleep to repeat the process the next morning. There will be no more fancy dinners that you seemed to prefer over the training you seemed to desire so fully so suddenly." There is no question in her tone, only order. "You want to be a squire, you will be treated as one."

"Right now, he's being careful," Anabethe takes over the instruction in turn, the tip of her blade snaking out a few times to test the pattern Thalo makes with his hammer. "This means he's more guarded, but it also gives me time to pick my target. Like not the tattoos," she sighs dramatically as Reena calls out her threat. "Hammers are heavy," she continues, testing again and falling short. "So…" Snake-fast, she strikes with the wooden end of the staff, snapping it up at Thalo's head. "We'll go high."

And connect she does. Thalo never was much with a polearm, they were so light, he'd rather throw them than fight with him. So the polearms slams into his helmet and causes him to stagger back a few steps and grunt a bit. "There's a decision to make when you're wounded." he calls out and plants his feet, holding his ground, "Either you defend yourself further, or you take the offensive." He launches himself at Anabethe now, apparently taking the offensive. It's risky business, given that blow, his head must be spinning still.

Reena doesn't lurch to her feet in a panic when Thalo is struck in the head. She's a Khourni. She'll patch up his wounds later, and perhaps baby him a little then, but she won't embarrass him here. This is his domain. "Nice blow, Beth!" she calls out to her sister.

Michael there's a slightly dark expression in his eyes for a moment when Johana starts, then as the orders fly at him he shifts slightly and winces. "I am sorry, Sir Johana, " he's switched titles even, "I will see to my new duties before light breaks each morning." he glances up at Densoric, there is a look of thank you from him, but also another look, the 'I need to talk again.' look. He turns his attention back to Johana though.

Densoric smiles at Johana's response to 'neglect' and says, "Fortunately I'm not a squire, I favor the fancy dinners myself, but then my limited combat training proves that. I'll be sure to call you if there are complications… At least when my Lady Cousin Veryna isn't about." His tone is more joking, though there seems to be a hint of approval at the squire's punishment. He looks to Michael as he speaks and notices the look, but doesn't comment on it as of yet.

Anabethe is quick enough to get her staff into Thalo's stomach as she ducks back, but not quite quick enough to avoid a blow entirely. She takes a hammer to the helm that leaves her head spinning a bit in turn, sweeping back and bracing one hand against the floor of the ring. "Remember kids, don't let the big ones hit you. Or it's pretty much over," she announces as she charges back at the larger knight with a cheerful laugh.

"Bravo, Thalo! Give as good as you get!" Reena calls out gleefully. Her eyes are bright and she's flushed watching the combat, the fire in the blood of her House is present, even if she herself isn't much of a combatant. She gives Johana a small nod of approval at her method of dealing with her squire. She asides under her breath to Michael, "I warned you to mind your manners," in a lilting singsong tone.

It's true, Khourni are crazy. Thalo is no different really. He takes that spear to the guy, but his hammer slams down in mid leap. He lands, staggers a bit and pushes off his back foot to launch that momentum back at Anabethe again. He's not giving lessons right now, he's trying to not yield. Even though he comes on like an avalanche, his balance is off, his footing is off too. That head shot definitely is going to hurt.

After having her say, Johana looks back to the spar, wincing when either or the other get hit. When Michael speaks, she turns her attention back to him and nods, accepting the apology and then the reassurance he will indeed do his duties. "Very well, Michael." Conceding nothing beyond that. When Densoric teases, she can only laugh. "Fortunately for you then, you indeed are not, though if you are ever interested in becoming one, our own Sir Thalo is seeking one for himself. If you ever would like a spar or anything, Lord Densoric, please feel free to find me." Her lips quirking further into a fuller smile as she relaxes more, choosing not to comment on the look between Michael and Densoric. When the spar ends, she applauds, though either result, she would have done the same.

Anabethe braces the butt of her staff against the ring, using it to swing herself to one side before slamming the blade end of the staff into Thalo's chest in a vicious swipe. She fights as hard as her opponent, if perhaps with a little more glee. It's clear that this is something she enjoys. Enjoys right into the dirt, that is. Whether it's the momentum of the spin or a delayed reaction from the blow to the head, or if the Wall's hammer really is as dangerous as she's been saying, the Khournas heir takes a solid dive to the mat, going limp for a moment.

The slash of the blade causes a crunch and screech against his armor and Thalo drops to one knee after his hammer blow lands with an audible thud. That thud lines up nicely with when Anabethe hits the ground. He uses his hammer to keep himself propped up. Likely the head blow has him dazed still, and the other blows have him bruised, or worse. "Someone help the lady."

Michael looks up to Johana for a moment, then speaks. "With permission, Lord Densoric asked to speak with me earlier about something with his work… may I go to speak with him?" his tone is duller, curbed. He's learned to watch how he says things for now.

Densoric gives a respectful nod to to victor, after all he doesn't really know either well, if at all then turns his ice-blue gaze to Johana and says, "It has been some time since I've sparred, though I fear I would stand little chance against a Knight, especially when I lack armor and my sword has never been used. Though it is functional it was a gift after I finished my training when I was younger." If no one else beats him to it, Densoric walks over to try and help move Anabethe to a bed for treatment, though only of average strength, better to make the effort then leave a noble on the ground knocked out. Course he may also just be the first to act and could end up being helped by another, or passing Anabethe off to one stronger and better suited to move her with greater care and comfort.

Anabethe isn't out for long, stirring after just a few moments with low, rough laughter. "I'm all right," she assures Densoric. "Don't pull something trying to lug me around. Just need a minute." She raises a hand, thumb up, to assure everyone that she's going to be fine. But she's not standing up just yet. "Nice hit for having your eyes crossed, Thalo," she calls back.

"Of course Michael. Honestly, I'm not your mother nor your babysitter. You're my squire and as such, I hope that we can form that bond of trust necessary to have a working relationship." Johana's tone has softened some to even offer a light smile. When she hears the call from Thalo, she walks out with Densoric but allows him to assist the lighter of the two while she squats down beside Thalo. "Hey Hero, can I help you up?" Her voice is softer now, offering a tentative smile.

"Shit Beth, you keep hitting like that, I may lose my reputation." Thalo states with a grunt and he looks to Johana, "Hero…Almost got my ass kicked. That shot to the head was fuckin' brutal." Thalo curses more when he's been injured. It's a fact. Like 87% more. He lets Johana help him up, and offers a quick grin to her once he's got his helmet off. Twisting the haft of his hammer and pressing down on somthing at the butt end causes it to shorten up to a one handed weapon again, "Sorry about your squire. Didn't think he'd go down so fast." The hammer is attached to his belt once more.

"You and I both know I call you Hero for an entirely different reason than winning a spar against the fearsome Beth." Though there's amusement in her eyes, Johana does look at Beth with concern once Ana had helped Thalo up. "Let's go get you in a bed so Reena can get you taken care of.." Offering to support him to walk over, definitely stronger than her mere five feet five inches of height appear. "My squire? He was ready for some training, no need for apologies. I think he learned something from it."

"I was admittedly surprised you didn't go down when it landed," Anabethe chuckles to Thalo, pushing herself up onto one elbow and tapping her helm to reveal her features again, along with a wry smirk as women swarm around the knight. "It's okay, though. I didn't mess up any of the tattoos, so I should be good," she winks.

Densoric nods to Anabethe and offers to help her sit up at least. If permission is granted he moves to help her into a seated position at least, if not then he simply nods respectfully and moves to take up his position next to Michael's bed once more. Course even if he does help her sit up, once sure she'll stay in position he'll head for the bed anyway. After all he doesn't really know Anabethe, and always good to not seem like you are trying to be grabby with the opposite sex which Densoric certainly isn't trying to do in the least. Whenever he rejoins Michael Lord Larent inquires, "What troubles you?" in a soft tone, leaning over a bit to keep the conversation a bit more private, though he still has a bit of rigidness to his stance as though trying to practice perfect posture even when bending over.

Michael swings his legs over the edge of the bed and stands up. A grimice of pain flashes though him but he grits his teeth and turns to Densoric, "Lord Densoric, I should be able to assist you as you requested of me."

"I think your squire needs it more than I." Thalo states flatly as he is threatened with bed rest. Yeah, his head is bleeding a bit. He's standing, but he's a little shaky. Mostly because he probably has a concussion. "And I know why you call me that, Ana." He looks to Beth, smirking a bit, "A scar on a tattoo isn't the end of the world."

"My squire is a victim to his own folly, Thalo." Johana counters, but she does notice the state he is in, the bleeding head and the shaky standing, and she shakes her head. "You don't have to stay in bed, just get tended to mostly. Or actually, you can spar me now so I can pretend to be all bad and stuff since you're already hurt." Ana doesn't force him to take her assistance, but she does smile up at him, "I'm heading back out for patrol shortly, but I'll see you around, yeah?"

Densoric says, "Sit." with a bit of firmness in his voice more then authority to Michael and says, "There will be plenty of chances to assist me as I've requested. Sit and recover, you will have much to do and your body will need to recover as much as it can first. Trust me on that, I know the irritation of being stuck in a bed, and you can move a lot more then I could after the crash, but then I also had a broken leg." smiling softly. The only firmness in his tone was to tell the squire to sit down as the grimace shows he is still in a fair bit of pain. Then he adds back to Thalo, "Why I keep my tattoos under my clothes MiLord, easier to hide the scars… At least if I had any behind the one on my brow." in a good-natured tone. He then looks to Johana and says, "I think I would be a better option if you wished to pretend to be bad in a fight. It would be a more dramatic handicap."

Michael wavers slightly, but shakes his head slightly to Densoric, with a glance to Johana as she mentions patrol, then he speaks to Densoric though gritted teeth, "I'll be fine, I don't fall that easily, though it would seem I do." he looks like he'll crumple though, "I am more than able to assist you sitting down elsewhere though."

Thalo grunts a bit and nods to Johana, "Fine, I'll see a medic. I've got Knights to train, and patrols to schedule." Ah the life of a Knight Lieutenant. He offers a quick smile to Johana and moves off away from the ring to go see a medic. At least he still won the fight?

Densoric nods to Michael and says, "The point remains, you'll be active, might as well take advantage of the down-time when you have it and regain your strength. Best to be as healed and rested as you can when heavy activity is expected. Only thing required to speak is to be within earshot of each other."

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