12.26.3013: Waking Up
Summary: Reena wakes up from her induced coma and family members are there to fill her in on what she missed in those three weeks.
Date: 28 October 2013
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Infirmary — Volkan, The Crescent
The Infirmary of the Volkan Barracks is bright, clean, and sterile; the complete antithesis of the world above. There is a general care ward, with moveable beds in small alcoves, only granted privacy by curtains on cuved metal rods. Equipment sits in each unit for emergency treatment, and some long care treatment.

There is a surgical unit down the western hall, with three bays, for handling urgent care of soldiers severely wounded. A recovery area is at the end of the hall. Down the eastern hallway are several doors, each leading to one of a dozen long-term care rooms. Every room is furnished with two beds and a few chairs, a bathroom, nightstands, and connections for specific equipment depending on the needs of the patient.

26 December 3013

This has probably been the longest stretch of time Reena Khournas has not spoken. The fact she's been in an induced coma for three weeks is irrelevant, it's creepy to have her not chattering. Today is the day they wake her, as her throat is now fully healed, as are the other injuries she suffered in the bombing attack in Obsidia. Her doctor injects a hypo in her neck and she slowly begins coming around, in clean PJs, with her hair braided to keep it under control.

Reena waking up is a good enough excuse to get Anabethe out of hovering over reports for at least an hour or two. Also, Bethe loves her sister. She just also loves not looking at reports all night. And so, she's stepped away from the Blackspyre long enough to come and check in on her sister, sitting next to the bed as the nurse does her work.

There is a soft whisper of flowing pale yellow silk as Devon steps into the infirmary room. She bears a lovely bouquet of exotic flowers, as flowers are a necessary addition to any recovery room. Her hair matches the fiery hues of the blooms — all reds and oranges and yellows. She has not quite earned her place in the baby bump watch, though it is easy to see that she has taken up loose and flowing attire in expectation of its arrival. She smiles lightly toward Bethe. "She awake yet?" She asks gently as she steps toward Reena's bed side.

Reena's lashes flutter and then her eyes open. The blue of her iris is huge until her pupils adjust to the light and she focuses on the faces nearby. "Kadmus?" she croaks out, a question to Devon first. "Nitrim?" is the second, asked to Anabethe. One was comatose and the other injured when she went under. She doesn't even know Devon is expecting yet.

"Not dead yet," Anabethe summarizes succinctly for her sister, smile tugging at one corner of her lips as she nods to Devon. "Me either," she adds, though she taps at a new scar by her collarbone. "Nitrim's fine, up to his usual. Kadmus is the way you left him," she adds in more detail. "They wanted to make sure you were all right before they woke you up. I'm thinking of trying it next time, except I think I'd miss tormenting them while I healed."

Devon nods in agreement with Anabethe's words. "Perhaps you both saw each other in that place in-between," the Ash Witch offers gently, speaking of course of both Kadmus and Reena being comatose together. She sets down the flowers gently on the table nearest Reena's bedside. "Some fireflowers from Ignis," she explains before she gently lowers herself into a seat. "How are you feeling? Hungry, thirsty?"

It takes a moment before Reena slowly eases herself into a sitting position. Thankfully modern medicine has ensured she doesn't suffer from muscle atrophy. She reaches a shaky hand to touch a flower petal. "They're beautiful. Thirsty mostly. How long was I out?" she asks, still groggy but coming into sharper senses moment by moment.

"A couple, uh. Few weeks. Devon?" Anabethe can't be expected to keep track of time, right? She doesn't seem inclined to interrupt at the moment, though, letting the healer sorts work out what they need to first.

"Three weeks," Devon replies with a faint smile. Despite the fact that she had just sat down, she stands once more to fetch a cup and straw from the table. She offers it to Reena, gently holding the cup and steadying the straw so she can drink. "It will take you a little while yet to feel completely yourself, but…" She offers a knowing smile before she sits down once more, close to Reena's bedside.

"Weeks. I must have a million Notice Project messages waiting. I trust Senator Hartcliffe has kept the project afloat while I was sleeping," Reena notes. She scrubs both hands down her face and yawns. "How is everyone else that was out there with us. Thalo? The civilians? And what else have I missed?" She sips the offered water.

"No casualties," Anabethe assures her sister with a small smile. "Among us, at least. There were a whole bunch of dead Hostiles, which is always a plus. I think you're the last to fully recover, now that I think about it."

Devon relaxes in her seat, hand resting habitually on her belly. She lets Anabethe answer the question concerning the event. Only once the Young Lady had finished does she smile toward Reena. "The Notice Project is holding up just fine, though it will be happy to have you back." She glances toward Bethe. "As for what you missed… there's been quite a stir lately. A video has hit the InfoSphere about the Hostile that was captured in The Spine. There was a couple of weddings, of course."

"Dammit, I miss Elodie and Sammel's didn't I?" Reena curses quietly. "I'll have to send them a very nice gift." She arches a brow regarding the Hostile. "Any idea who has leaked that? It would have to be someone from the inside. They have that thing locked down tight."

"I'm not sure I see why it matters," Anabethe shrugs, then pauses to look to Reena. "The Hostile's claiming to be human, is the short version. Like it makes a difference as to whether or not we ought to continue fighting the things or people who are intent on slaughtering all of us. I'd pretty much do the same thing if the Valens landed here and started killing and torturing people."

The Ash Witch glances toward Anabethe with a tilt of her chin. "I doubt the war will stop because of the Hostile's claim. We won't lay down our arms, and nor will they… but it does raise questions, doesn't it?" She looks to Reena now. "As for who leaked it, I haven't heard… in fact, I don't even think the Citadel has released a statement." Her brows furrow. "Which is a bit…" Then she shrugs.

"Good point. It could also be a tactic to try and prey on the idea that it's easier to kill something viewed as a robot, than something human," Reena murmurs. "Whether or not it's true has no bearing on their actions or ours. But it might be a psychological issue for some." She grimaces at Devon's words. "That's not a good sign. Lends credence to it being an inside job if they're being hush hush about the resolution."

Anabethe shrugs again, rolling her eyes. "Human or robot, they're thinking beings that show up every few hundred years and try to kill us all. I think that merits some judicious self defense either way. Anyhow." She waves a hand, smile quirking as she looks over her sister. "Good to see you up again."

Devon rubs idly at her belly as she shrugs her shoulders at both of the Khourni women's words. "Though, they may not wish to make a comment until they know who leaked the footage." Then she sighs and smiles toward Reena. "It is good to see you awake… not that I doubted you. You have that Khourni spirit… impossible to break." She grins wryly.

"Thanks Beth. Glad everyone is all right," Reena reaches over to squeeze her sister's hand lightly with a small smile. "I think my first order of business is going to be a bubble ba—," she pauses at Devon's movements. Her eyes go from her belly, to her face. "Are you?"

"I'm not," Anabethe chimes in, as if by reflex.

Devon glances down at her belly and then up at Reena with a small laugh. She nods her head gently. "Yes…" She shrugs her shoulders a bit. "Your cousin has powerful swimmers." Which is possibly too much information. She does smirk a bit before she relaxes into her seat once more. "You'll have to help me convince Victor he is not going to be a terrible father."

"OH GODS! I don't need to know that Devon!!!!" Reena shrieks. "I need brain bleach!" She doesn't want think about her cousin's swimmers or anything related to them. She chuckles though and sits up further to reach for the woman's hand. "I'm so happy for you both. And I'll do my best. Vic has been there for me all my life. And I was a total brat. He'll be a great dad."

"Oh, he's going to be awful," Anabethe says certainly, though her smirk suggests she's just giving them a hard time. "Probably squish the poor thing's head. Or drop it. And then step on it trying to pick it up. Totally." She leans back in her chair, folding her hands over her stomach and kicking her feet out in front of herself.

"Bethe!" Devon says with a laugh. "Come now… he keeps judging himself based on his father." Because Carron was such a winner. "He may cause a self-fulfilling prophecy if he keeps thinking he will break the poor thing." Then she smiles a bit. "But thank you…" Then she looks over toward Reena. "He will probably heed what you say over anything I do… he thinks I'm speaking out of ignornance."

"Stop that Beth, you'll worry the mother-to-be," Reena chides. "Vic will be fine once he realizes that babies are a lot more durable than people give them credit for. How is Flint doing?" she asks, as if to get a tiny dig in at her sister and deflect the torment off of Devon.

"Look, I haven't broken mine, so I'm sure Vic won't break his," Anabethe chuckles, reassuring. "Also, it's totally normal to worry about that sort of thing. For anyone. Hell, we're not sure Nic isn't part Hostile, and he even worried some, so. Flint's good," she adds with an upward tick of her chin. "Thinking I might check in on him later, actually. I think I scared him some when I was in the hospital."

"I would say that you were merely getting revenge," Devon says to Anabethe in regard to worrying Flint. She does offer a bit of a smile. "I have told Vic something similar, though without the comparisons to Nic… he isn't the biggest fan of your former husband, Bethe." She does look a bit more relaxed.

"He decide on getting his surgery yet?" Reena asks Anabethe. "I'll sit Vic down for a beer and a cigar in my garden and have a heart-to-heart. As soon as the butchers let me out of this chop shop." She grins.

"No one is, really. He's a first class ass." Though Bethe seems to be mostly over that, at least. "Nic, that is. Flint was thinking about it, last I heard. Still doing the physical therapy, trying to stay and get strong so he's a better candidate for it."

"Well, I suppose that is better than being a second class ass," Devon notes almost dryly. Then she reaches up to gather up her hair, starting to braid it into a smooth rope of laval red. She glances over toward Reena. "Don't look at me… I'm just the one who has nagged your medical staff to make sure that your pillows were adjusted frequently." She then nods her head with Bethe's words. "He will… Flint will start feeling the need soon to return to the Legion. It is where he belongs."

"We need every capable soldier we can get, no matter what their affiliation. They're starting to target civilian areas, not just military ones, like the factory explosion," Reena points out. "I expect to be in the field as a combat medic myself. I need to do something while waiting for Kadmus to come out of that coma."

"You might want to work on a little more training before you head out in the field, Reenie," Bethe says carefully to her sister. "I mean, you don't have to be a knight or anything, but just enough to get clear wouldn't hurt. I'll train with you, if you want." She doesn't address Devon's words about Flint, leaning forward again to set her elbows on her knees. "Scared the hell out of me when you went down, you know."

"To them, there may not be a difference between a military target and a civilian target," Devon says with a frown. She shifts uneasily on her seat. "I had a Dream," she tells the woman quietly. "A while ago… about a wave of Hostiles climbing the very walls of New Atlantis… they consumed the entire city." She glances toward Anabethe. "They destroyed all of Cape Amran. I don't think they are prejudice."

"Either that or I just need better armor. Something that covers more important bits than what I have now," Reena grumbles. "But sure, we can train. Ironic, it's supposed to be swords to plowshares, but I've gone and done the gardening thing, now I need that plowshare to be a sword." She swallows hard at Devon's words. "Should we move Kadmus here? Do you think they'll really attack New Atlantis?"

"I think they'll attack anywhere they can, and they're better equipped to survive in extreme conditions than we are," Anabethe muses, looking to Devon at her talk of dreams. "If a group of a hundred Hostiles could take out New Atlantis' environmental systems, they could take out thousands of humans at a pretty low cost to them. Especially if the ones that hit Lazarus walked their way from island to island."

"That was what I saw," Devon says quietly toward Reena. "But… but the Dream manifested differently for each Awakened… some dreamed of Volkan, some dreamed of Arborenin…" She frowns. "I don't think that there is anywhere that's safe… there are just some that are safer than others." Then she blinks a bit at Anabethe. "They walked… from island to island?" She asks, looking quite surprised. "I wasn't sure if that was even true or not…"

"They attacked Lazarus?" Reena asks, eyes widening. "Did they get the resort? The bastards!" A nurse comes in and clucks. "I need to take Lady Reena down for her final tests before we can release her, Milady's, if you'll excuse us?"

"Maybe they assembled submarines at their landing site," Anabethe shrugs to Devon. "Either way, they managed to get from one place to another without being tracked, and I'd rather overestimate their abilities than underest-" She pauses, looking up as the nurse arrives. "Of course. Right. Reenie, give me a call when you're ready to come home, okay?" she says with a small smile for her sister. "I'll come pick you up."

"Of course," Devon says to the nurse, also slowly pulling herself up to her feet. She casts the Khourni a smile. "Be well, Reena…" Then she steps up toward Bethe, offering the Young Lady a gentle squeeze at her forearm.

"I'll see you both soon," Reena promises, as they depart.

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