06.23.3013: Wake up call
Summary: Taryn goes to see Michael in the temporary medical area in Volkan so they can catch up on things.
Date: 23 June 2013
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Temporary Medical Area, Barracks - Volkan
At the base of the Blackspyre are several floors of barracks, training facilities, armories, and cafeterias, all built to house the defenders of House Khournas in rough comfort. Soldiers are bunked in rooms each large enough to sleep 50, with lockers and desks alongside each bed. Deep within the barracks levels, close to the training areas, are communal bathhouses, some set aside for single-sex use and others open to members of both sexes. There, the soldiers and nobles of House Khournas can soak away the aches of a hard day's labor. The corridors are all narrow enough that two soldiers could hold them against a tide, except those leading from assembly areas to great doors that open to the exterior surface of Volkan, allowing the soldiers of House Khournas to march out already in formation if need be.
23 June 3013

Having come back alive, but seriously wounded. Michael was stuck in a bed and told to stay there for a time, he was given a hypospray that knocked him out for hours, but he's come to and is sitting up. He's writing in his journal, it's newer looking than last seen. His right leg is bandaged pretty heavily around a spot near mid thigh, and there is a try of food sitting next to him. A note lies on the tray, "Eat, or it's extra bed time and fewer patrol time Michael. - J" is written on it, thankfully it seems Michael has listened to his knight's missive for the meal is half eaten. Only thing not touched is an apple.

Taryn was supposed to talk with Michael, but fate seemed to keep intervening. After his brief meeting with Lady Sophie he wanted to talk to one of the few people that he's been able to just talk to. For whatever reason, Taryn cannot deny the bond of friendship that has formed between Michael and him. His arrival at Volkon is greeted by a heightened state of tension after the recent battle. Taryn weaves his way through the place, until he eventually finds himself at the barracks. He slowly walks down the corridor of bunks, until he sees Michael laid up. He walks up to the side of the bed, glancing down at the half-eaten food and the note. "You know… I'm betting that half the food probably means half the amount of extra bed rest."

Michael smiles up at Taryn, "I'll finish it, mind eating the apple for me though? After whats happened with Lorelei… I can stomach them yet." he sighs softly, then says, "How have you been? It's been a while."

Taryn frowns slightly as his eyes focus on the wound. Distractedly he nods, "Yeah… I can do that…" He then flashes a smile, "Just don't tell her it was me if she figures out that you didn't eat it. Last thing I need is for someone else that can wipe the floor with me to not like me…" He shrugs, "Tired, stressed… Part of that is why I'm here… I didn't know you had been hurt? When did it happen? _WHAT_ happened fro that matter?"

"Escort duty, Sir Thalo sent out missive to several knights, Sir Johana included, to come to the main military camp. Sir Johana saw to it to contact me and order me to ride with her… I was on a date too. Sir Viannea understood and was encouraging, and she promised to see me after I got back, but I still was torn between going and staying." he smiles, "Hostiles were attacking convoys filled with supplies, we laid a trap and they sprung it. I took one of their ribbons of steel to the leg, nearly pinned me down if not for Lord Nitrim. Did you know he's an Awakened? His telepathy though… it, it's shattered my ability to zone. I can't go blank now, I feel everything again and I don't like it." he sighs, "So tell me what's been going on with you? Has Lady Sophie actually gone through with her plan? I was nearly cut down by Sir Ellinor when she found out I was told and even part of the plan. I'm to have a talk with her soon."

Taryn picks up the apple and takes a bite of it. A frown appears at the mention of Nitrim, "Yeah, I know he is." He lets that particular topic drop altogether. There is a look of sympathy in his eyes, "I'm sorry about that.. " He doesn't voice the fact that he knows it was a tie to his former knight as well. He sighs slightly, "No she hasn't gone through with it yet… and actually that's one of the things that I needed to talk to you about… Cause I think I might not be on the same page as Lady Sophie about it… What exactly is her plan, because I think that she's not planning what I thought she was."

Michael nods slightly, "She wants to implant a tracking beacon into her, then go off and act as bait to be captured so we as a large force can track her, and then save her from the den of whatever danger this is." he sighs and shakes his head, "I've warned her, explained to her, and I've even planted the seed to draw her attention from this plan to something else. She's just so obsessed with proving to people she's not fragile that she doesn't think things through." there's a real look of concern in his eyes.

Taryn sighs and shakes his head. Seriously Sophie is going to make Taryn's brain explode. "That was not the plan that she and Lord Aidan agreed on…" He reaches and combs his hair back with his fingertips. "Okay… great.. You know… maybe my dream was about her… cause if she keeps this up, I'm gonna throw her in a cage for her own good." He takes in a deep breath and lets it out. "Okay, do you know anything about a Mister Aeldan… kind of big and slightly scary looking?"

Michael nods slightly, "I think she's been running different scenes in her head this whole time, and dreaming up the most fantastic ones to make a name for herself." he then nods, "I know Jor. Not sure how he knows Lady Sophie, something to do with her buying him new clothing because of some deal…" he shakes his head, "What about him?"

Taryn reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. "Well, I went to speak to her last night, and when I did, he showed up. Apparently, she's talked to him about" and yes, he does air quote gestures with his fingers, " "our plan"… and then said she could trust him because he rescued her from a runaway carriage… and she said that if he had wanted to do harm, he wouldn't have saved her. I pointed out that it would instill a sense of trust and cause defenses to lower… Probably not the best of idea with the man standing right there.. but I don't think anyone's ever called me smart."

Michael sighs softly, "So that's how she knows him… Jor used to be on the Watch, and was a knight. I don't know what happened, but he's not anymore and all his former friends won't speak to him. Only the one did and that was in secret, right after I nearly arrested the man for causing a violent scene in the Mall." he chuckles ruefully, "Well, you're right. I don't fully trust Jor, but I'm doing what he's doing to Sophie. I'm making nice to get him to drop his defences, then I'll strike if I find he's after Sophie, or if he's after something else that could bring harm to any of the Royal line." this time there's a look of dark seriousness.

Taryn nods. "Well, apparently he spent the last fifteen years in prison and that he won't talk about it, not why he was sent to prison or even where he spent the sentence… But he said that it was not something that he wanted to be part of his life, to put the past in the past and leave it behind him… which I suppose I can understand."

Michael nods. "That isn't boding well for him. Knowing this, I'm watching like Sir Barrow watches everyone." then his expression changes, "I screwed up with Lorelei… "

Taryn cocks his head, "Wanna talk about it?" He sighs slightly, "I haven't really had a chance to talk to her in a while… Last time I saw her was the night that she and her brother ran into me.. you know when you were stalking across the street?"

Michael sighs, then smirks. "I was shopping, not stalking… it wouldn't have gone over well if I'd showed up to chat. Where you getting cozy with that keyboardist?" a teasing smirk for the last bit, then, "Her brother? I see… I thought…" he sighs and shakes his head. "I asked Lorelei to court me… but this other guy, Lord Benedict Orelle, got to her first and she's accepted… I just, I don't know what to think of feel about it. She told me she didn't want that life because she couldn't have her dream with him…" his eyes water for a moment before they take on an angry look, that fades into a darkly expression, that shifts suddenly into happiness, that fades back into gentle disappointment.

Taryn arches a brow. "You were sittings and watching.. that's stalking…" There is a bit of teasing in his voice, then confusion sets in. "Keyboardist? Huh?" Then the lightbulb flickers, "Oh… that girl? Oh, we almost walked into each other… we were in the middle of apologizing to each other, when Lorelei and Chiron showed up… " He takes another bite of the apple, "I think that Lorelei is in love with the idea of being in love…" His grey-green eyes move to Michael, "Just like you…" He shrugs, "I didn't know that she had taken him up on his offer… and yeah, she told me the same thing… "

Michael shrugs slighty, "I was watching the rest of the crowd too, I just happened to notice you noticing me." then Ahs, "Okay, yeah that's the keyboardist for Hell If I Know, I apprehended the man who stole her purse one morning." then sighs, "It isn't about just being in love… when I needed a center, it would effectively put me into an in love mind frame. Now that I can't zone though… I don't know that I need a center anymore." his eyes are still shifting from emotion to emotion is rapid succession, "I feel soo many things all at once now, it's hard to know how I feel. There is one person I've been able to focus on though, Viannea… I really like her, more than I did Lorelei." he smiles and for a moment his eyes seem to focus on just happiness. "She's wonderful to be around, practical yet she enjoys the romance too. She wants a balance, something I'd like to try, I've even gotten the okay for her to join me on patrols when I'm able to go out again."

Taryn frowns just slightly as he listens. "I am sorry that I tried to encourage the situation… I thought that the two of you would be good for each other… but I guess I probably should just go back to keeping silent and unseen.. probably be best for everyone in the long run." He looks over at Michael, "Well, when you're healed up, I might be able to help you focus some… and you can distract yourself as well by beating me up, teaching me how to use the blade at my hip, so that I won't get killed the first time I have to draw it." He smiles, "I'm glad you have found someone that makes you happy."

Michael frowns slightly, "Well, it isn't your fault… I'm sure if she'd just agreed to try and work at it, it would have come to something." then shakes his head, "It doesn't matter now really, I have Viannea to make me happy and so long as I take that at her pace, I'll have that happiness for as long as I'm meant to." he smiles softly, warmly, "I'm going to teach her how to dance, when I'm recovered, and she'll throw me a party when I'm knighted. She's going to introduce me to her family too, soon I think, and show me Arborenin." he chuckles, "I can teach you the basics of the blade, but I won't be pummeling you into the ground." then sighs, "Don't go quiet though, maybe we both let off Lorelei a bit, but we should try to get together as a group again. Try to have fun without talking about what's happened, try to forget the past and move forward."

Taryn is standing next to Michael, while he is convalescing from his recent injuries. Taryn is wearing a long sleeved dark blue tunic and a sword on his hip. He takes another bite out of the apple that is in his hand. "I'd like it if the two of you could manage to be friends… You're really the only friends I have… at least the only ones that I can be myself around… I'd like if I didn't have to feel like a double agent to associate with the two of you." He grins slightly, "Well, truth be told, I know a little sword play… just not that good… but I could use some help with it… especially if Lady Sophie is insistent on getting me killed with her foolish planning."

Michael smiles up at Taryn, "Then you need to trick her into seeing me, and you, at the same time and express that. I'm fine with it, I have Viannea, if she's willing to let it go then we can move forward." then he chuckles, "Well, I did kill two Hostiles in the battle, after getting wounded." Michael is in a bed, leg bandaged up around the mid thigh. There is a tray of half eaten food, a note laying on it that reads, "Eat, or it's more bed time and fewer patrols Michael. -J"

From the doorway, the form of Nitrim Khournas appears. The door is held open by his black-skinned personal guard, Rexus, who is currently sporting a small butterfly bandage under his left eye. Today, Nitrim has his arm in a sling and a series of bandages wrapped around his bared torso, lightly covered by a silk robe. As normal, his eyes are hodded behind dark sunglasses as his pajama pants sweep the floor, moving in the direction of the baths. At the sight of Taryn and Michael speaking, he veers his course towards them. "Taryn, good to see you again. Michael? How's your leg doing?"

Taryn gives a deep nod of the head. "M'lord Nitrim," as the man is making his way towards the baths. Taryn is standing next to Michael's bed, who is laid up from injuries from the recent battle. He looks to the lordling, "I hope that you recover from your injuries quickly, m'lord." The conversation as it was comes to a bit of a hold. He turns his head back to Michael, "I can't really imagine… the battle.. not you two being in the same room without killing each other."

Michael nods with a smile to Nitrim, "Lord Nitrim, good to see you up and about. My leg is fine, I suppose. The medics snuck a hypospray that knocked me out, and Sir Johana sent food with orders to eat." he motions to the tray. Then looks to Taryn, "I won't make any mention of the past, and I'll just let it go. If she wants to fight about it, then she can scream in my face all she wants. She said no to me, that's that. I can't fight to win her over cause she just runs away if I try. I've moved on, and I'm happier with Viannea's company."

"Thank you, I appreciate your concern. I should be back in fighting condition in a number of days." Nitrim replies to Taryn, nodding to him. Wincing just a little as he moves, he departs from Rexus, who goes to lean against a wall and take up watch over his charge. Nitrim slips closer to them, lifting an eyebrow with no lack of curiosity. "Are we speaking about Viannea, the Peake?" His voice quirks just a little at the end, sensing gossip.

Michael smiles at Nitrim, "Sir Viannea Peake, yes. Not much to say on the matter, just that we're friends and she might come along on patrols when I'm healed and fit to go again." he pauses, and looks at Nitrim with a funny expression, "Did… when you screamed into my mind to get up… did you catch any of my thoughts? I, I can't seem to rezone now. You voice shot through and broke my focus, and now I'm not able to do so anymore." his voice is questioning, not accusing, as if he's concerned.

The last part is not for him to say. Taryn nods. "Good to hear… " He takes a final bite of the apple and places the core on the tray, giving the appearance that Michael had eaten it. He listens quietly to the exchange between the two, not voicing the fact that he knows anything about being Awakened himself.

"No." Nitrim's response is flat, final. "There wasn't any time to delve I was too busy nearly having my own head cleaved off, I just did what I needed to as to try to get you mobile. You did good." He adds, turning his attention to Taryn. A small, faint smile quirks at the corner of his lip. "Though, I'm glad to see your friends have dropped by to see you. Taryn? It does occur to me that I owe you an apology for that…tunic. My patience was a little short that day. To what do I owe for repayment of the materials?"

Michael nods once, "Good, I'll just have to try and reestablish my focus after a few days. Perhaps with Viannea's help I can do so, or maybe Sir Johana's help… or just anyone I trust's help." he glances at Taryn for a moment, then looks to Nitrim, "Ah, I see now… you're the one…" he shrugs slightly, not having more to add.

Taryn shakes his head, "Don't worry about it." A slight frown forms on the corner of his lips. "The value of it could not have been measured monitarily." He glances at Michael with an unspoken hush.

"Yeah. I'm the one. Call it a moment of insensitivity. A drake knows when he's been cruel." Nitrim replies sidelong to Michael, eyes dancing as the two share their subliminal conversation. Sensing an awkward moment, he opens and closes his mouth, as if to let them know he sees it. "Yes well, you did offer it up, Taryn. Again, I apologize if my actions were cruel. When you know what can be done to make up for the act, please, call on me." He takes a step back, pajama pants sweeping the floor as he gathers his black, silk road over his bared, bandaged chest. "I was coming for the baths. Are you two heading that way anytime soon?"

Taryn shakes his head, "I offered it up as you say, to Lady Soleil, after repeated humiliations over it. I was upset at the time… I had several things on my mind at the time." He pauses, "You apologized, Lord Nitrim, that is sufficient." He offers a smile and a nod to Michael, before chuckling softly, "You mean when she's not mad at me at well for something that I either did or did not do, but happened to be a convenient emotional punching bag, not that hasn't happened already…" He grins, "Because of you at that."

"A nice scar to impress…" Nitrim laughs, rolling his eyes and playfully acting as if he's going to punch Michael in the wounded leg. He doesn't move fast, but more of a slo-motion punch that stops two feet short of connecting. "…look at you. Can't say I haven't thought of using it, myself." He tsks, turning the hand out to pat Taryn on his upper arm. "With the war on the forefront we could all do to treat each other more…fully. You'll get no more such treatment from me, Taryn. I promise."

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