Voicing Concern
Summary: Viannea sends a letter to her father to voice her concern.
Date: 09/Sept/2013
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Peake Viannea 

18 September, 3013 — Viannea's Apartments - Nether Keep

Dear Father,

I worry over the lack of news concerning the hopeful betrothal between Lord Antaeus and myself. I know there probably is a lot to be taken into consideration but I am afraid. What does this delay mean? I don't want to come across as impatient but I truly love Antaeus and I wish for nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with him. Please, Father. If need be, please negotiate. Barter. Hell, if you have to bribe him into allowing us to wed. And I promise that I will never ask for anything again. Just please, allow me this happiness.

I love you and Mother, Father.

Your loving daughter,

18 September, 3013 — Nether Keep


I've been hesitating to bring this to you, but I approached Lord Larent about the match, asking for a match between yourself and Lord Antaeus that would bring him to live here in Khar-Mordune. I do not want to break up the family further so soon after your sister's death, and with Agnes already leaving us for Spikka all too soon.

Lord Larent, however, has stated that a match on those terms is "impossible," noting that he is sending a daughter to live in Arboren already. I understand his wish to keep members of his family close, but his family has not suffered the loss that ours has. Perhaps, if Lord Antaeus wishes the match as fervently as you do, he might speak to his father and convince Lord Larent that he could still complete his duties to the Royal Navy while a member of House Peake, as your Uncle Roland does.

I must say, I am more than a little concerned about the depth of your request. Until things are finalized, none of us can allow our passions to get the best of us. I sincerely hope that I can secure this happiness for you, but you must steel yourself to the possibility that it may not happen.

Your Father

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