06.08.3013: Visiting Agnes's Horse
Summary: Taryn visits with Aidan and Agnes's horse Argent
Date: 08 June 2013
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House Peake Stables - Khar-Mordune, Imperius
The Peake family stables in the underground city of Khar-Mordune.
June 8th, 3013

Even those knowing what to expect tend to be surprised on their first visit to Khar-Mordune. Even knowing that the city is inside a mountain, it's hard to imagine the size of the cavern needed to hold a city. It's… big: which perhaps lessens the feeling of oppression that many feel being underground. The main Ways is more or less in the center of the city so there's a bit of a walk to where the Peakes reside. And when Taryn announces himself to the guard, Aidan shows up a few minutes later. "Taryn, hello. Glad to see you again."

For some the size of the city within the mountain might lessen the oppressive sensation of being underground, but for Taryn it only magnifies it. Even if he has a long walk to the Peake residence, he still has a slightly dazed look. He turns to the voice, then immediately bows deeply, "Lord Aidan… I hope this isn't an inconvenience… I just thought that I would check on Lady Sir Agnes's horse…" He interjects into his own words, "And no, your Lordship, I am not here to take you up on your offer for an interview…"

"Your decision." Aidan answers, shrugging slightly but smiling. "You have to do what you think is best. And one of those things is not not be so formal. We don't do a lot of bowing and scraping in Peake if it's not a formal occasion." He gestures in one direction then starts walking that way. "I assure you my aunt's destrier is being treated quite well. Buf if you'd like to see him, you're welcome. Just don't blame me if he bites you."

Taryn chuckles softly, "And I keep getting told that I am not formal enough… " His gaze keeps getting turned upwards at the cavern's roof. He muses softly, "How can you live without the sun and the rain?" He pauses, "I didn't mean to imply that it was not… I would assume nothing other than the horse is receiving the best of care…" Though his voice is still slightly softened, "It would not be the first time, Lord Aidan… actually it wouldn't be the first time this week… I have been working with a most difficult creature."

"What's her name?" Aidan asks instantly, turning to give Taryn a quick grin. "But in answer to your question, you get used to it, especially if you were born here. Some of our people are a bit agoraphobic in fact. But there's lots of tradeoffs like the caverns. You've never seen anything till you've seen some of the natural crystal formations."

Taryn smirks slightly with a bit of a rueful note, "Most notably, Lady Soleil Sauveur and Lady Ariana Larent… " He shakes his head, "I will take your word for it… I thought I missed the feel of nature in Landing…. "

"There's plenty of it here. Just different from what you're used to." Aidan points out. "And of course, the 'normal' kind outside the mountain. Khar-Mordune is just the seat of Peake. We've got plenty of people outside between here and other mountains."

Taryn nods, "Point taken, Lord Aidan… And yes, this is far from what I am used to." Taryn's pace has slowed just enough to put him just a step or two behind Aidan. But since Aidan is leading the way, then it isn't that completely unreasonable.

It might noe be unreasonable but it is noticeable since Aidan has to look back at Taryn to talk to him. "Stop that. I can't talk to you when you're behind me. Khar-Mordune is also one of the most secure places in the system since we can seal off the physical entrances to the city. That may be important in the next fifty years."

Taryn blinks at Aidan for a second, before a slightly devious smile is etched on his lips. "My apologize for disagreeing, but me being a step behind does not keep you from talkin, your Lordship… I can hear you just fine… and you should in turn be able to hear me… " The impish grin fades as the blond ranch hand's demeanor sobers up, "But if it makes you uncomfortable, then I will try to resist the urge."

"It makes my neck uncomfortable." Aidan retorts. "You don't need to walk behind me, Taryn. You're not inferior and we're not meeting the King." Formal occasions have their own set of rules. "So how goes your quest in the Landing? Know why you're there yet?"

Taryn does not look like he particularly agrees with Aidan. "If you wish, Lord Aidan." He moves to walk beside Aidan. He shrugs slightly, "The longer I am in Landing the more uncertain I become… " He shakes his head, "Dreams are never clear to me… but I don't generally have one as intense as this one… "

"Then that's where you should be." Aidan suggests after a moment's thought. "Dreams are often unclear until the moment it hits you over the head like it did at the Feast where we all suddenly realized what was happening." He's about to say something else but then stops and holds up a hand, head cocked slightly to one side as he adjusts the bud in his ear. "Well. The Hostile fleet is on its way. Our ships will leave shortly and meet them tomorrow."

Taryn nods, "Yeah, generally when it's too late to avert the impending disaster…" As the topic turns, he frowns as his brow furrows. He falls silent and still. He says under his breath a soft prayer, "May the Knight guard them…"

Aidan starts walking again. The stables are in sight just ahead. "And so it begins. Not that it hasn't already begun with the scouts but that was just a skirmish, really. If any of their ships break though, we'll have Hostile forces on the ground."

Taryn sighs softly, "As much as I hope that it does not happen, I fully expect that we will see their presence here… " He reaches up and brushes the hair from his eyes, as he looks over at Aidan, "But I imagine that the nobility have already discussed this possibility in depth.. " He then cants his head, "So were you at this gathering of Awakened that happened in Landing? I understand that there was a goodly number of you there." Yeah, the Awakened Valen doesn't seem to include himself into that grouping.

"Of course we have. We've been training for it for centuries." Aidan shakes his head and glances up at the inside of the cavern. "I'm glad to have solid stone over my head. Yes, I was at the feast." As they enter the stables, various people glance over, nod politely and go back to work. The nearest adds a greeting. "Everything was normal and then we realized what the band was singing. It was the song from the dream."

Taryn looks at Aidan before shaking his head, "Oh… I heard about that, but that was not what I was talking about… I heard that there was a gathering of Awakened in Landing… at the Academ last week…" There is a slight storm raging in his eyes, "It is uncanny about the band's performance… Lady Soleil allowed me to hear a recording of the performance… I couldn't listen to the whole thing…"

"Ah, that. It didn't go well. Some noble girl, too impressed with herself, decided she didn't trust anyone and showed up cloaked. It was an insult to everyone there and several of us left." Aidan snorts in disgust and shakes his head. "Nothing got accomplished that I know of though some ideas were tossed around. No one there had the power to accomplish anything in any case."

Taryn's eyes move to each horse as they pass them, assessing them. As he momentarily gets lost in the horses, he looks back to Aidan, "So… what was it all about? I gathered from the bit of conversation that I heard that it didn't really go well or as it was expected." As they get nearer Agnes's horse, a smile moves across his entire being, "That must be Lady Sir Agnes's destrier…"

"I left so don't know how it went after that." Aidan shrugs then smiles at Taryn's comment. "Was it the empty stalls on either side that gave it away? Yes, that's him. And remember, if you end up with a cybernetic hand, it's your own fault."

Taryn shakes his head, "The stables around it are empty?" There is a bit of smirk, "Nah… it's because he is a massive and beautiful creature… And he radiates a sense of malice." He takes a few steps towards the horse. "Understood… " He moves up a little closer making sure to get the horse's attention and if at all possible maintain eye contact with the horse. "Hey there, big boy… " He smirks, "Okay, that really didn't sound the way I meant it…" He shakes his head, and returns his attention to the horse, "We're gonna be friends… really good friends… you just don't know it yet…"

"He tends to try to attack the other horses that are close." Aidan tells Taryn. "It'll take longer than one visit to become good friends with that one. Ask any of the grooms here. Though the Awakened have an advantage in that. It's the only way I'll go near him."

Taryn nods softly, "Have you ever spent much time with any other warhorse, Lord Aidan? Many of them are like that…" He pauses, "I have some treats for him… if you would like to have one of your people verify that it's not poison or anything, you're more than welcome to." As he keeps a close eye on the horse, he moves closer, he says to the horse, "Just remember… you bite me… I'll bite back."

"I don't spend much time with warhorses." Aidan answers. "Not being a knight or a groom." He nods at the offer but makes no move to get someone to check it for poison. Most of the grooms ar watching by now and some are even making bets.

As Taryn moves closer the massive soft grey horse charges and stops abruptly, almost like the horse is trying to make Taryn flinch. The young man doesn't, which merits a snort from the horse, which merits a snort from the groom. Never moving his eyes from the horse, he reaches into his bag and pulls out a bundle of long grass. "You be nice to me… and I'll be nice to you… this is sweet grass from the grasslands of Ares… " He makes sure that his hand is not really in snapping distance. Baby steps… The horse comes and sniffs then starts eating the grass. "Yeah.. you're just like your cousins… can't resist the sweet grass, huh?"

Aidan waits and watches. "Bribery works." he agrees. "Though the effects don't tend to last long."

Once the horse has had a taste of the sweet grass, Taryn pulls out another bundle. This time he moves a bit closer. Holding the grass with his left hand. When the horse starts to eat, he advances slightly. As the massive creature is chewing away, he reaches slowly up with his right hand and starts to stroke the horses forehead. "That's right… " His voice is steady and calm. "We can be friends, huh…" When the horse starts to move his head, Taryn makes sure to maintain his hand on that spot. "Easy now… easy…"

"Sure you don't want a job?" Aidan asks.

Taryn lets the horse finish off the second bundle of sweet greass, as he lightly strokes the horses nose. "There you go, boy…" He chuckles as he turns to look at Aidan. "I think that if this is why I was pulled to Landing, I'd know it.. like you said… it tends to hit you over the back head… and I just don't get that feeling."

"You could have been drawn to the Landing so you could meet me there." Aidan points out. "So I'd offer you a job and so you'd accept. Otherwise it would never have happened since it's highly unlikely I'd ever have been in your village. Sometimes it's just subtle."

Taryn chuckles, "Oh… I can pretty much put money on the fact you'd never end up in Briarford… For the most part, no one ever goes there… " He looks around, "I suppose it's possible… but it doesn't really look like I'd be all that needed around here…"

"No, you wouldn't be." Aidan agrees easily. "But the dream could be to your benefit and not ours. Which is not to say we wouldn't. But it spurred you to leave your comfort zone."

Taryn reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, as he shrugs. "Well, I'm certainly out of my comfort zone." He looks down, "I just don't know… I feel like a leaf caught up in a tornado…." About that time, Argent reaches over and shoves Taryn with his nose, nearly knocking him down, as he is propelled a little bit towards Aidan.

Aidan steps forward to catch Taryn and steadies him till he's back on his feet. "There's no need to rush a decision. Take your time, see what happens."

Taryn stumbles forward, thanks to Argent's push. His hands end up on Aidan's shoulders. He retracts them as soon as he can. "I beg your pardon, your Lordship… " He steps back. He fully expects some guard to appear out of no where to bludgeon him with shock maces or something.

"I thought you were going to stop with the formality." Aidan looks past Taryn to Argent. "Well, I suppose a push is better than a bite. YOu better give him more before he kicks down the wall."

"I said that I would try to resist the urge… I never said that I would stop…" Taryn corrects the lord. He frowns at the horse, "Yeah, I suppose…" He grins, "Actually it's like how young horses try to instigate play…" He looks back at Aidan, "Would it be alright if I was to come back again? You were right when you said it would take several ties to get him truly trust me."

"Of course. You're welcome to visit again." Aidan agrees. "But now that the war has officially started, there's no guarantee I'll be in the city so the times might be more iffy."

Taryn nods, "Thank you, Lord Aidan… and of course I understand that your time will be exceedingly precious in the days to come." He reaches into his bag and pulls a third and final bundle of sweet grass. He turns back to the horse, offering it to him. However, this time, he does not wait for the horse to eat the grass before he reaches to stroke its nose. "Yeah, there you go… Your mistress will be back soon… "

Aidan looks over to one of the grooms. "Make a note for the Stablemaster to get some of that grass from the fields of Ares."

Taryn looks over at the groom, "Don't give him too much of it at once… Otherwise he'll refuse to eat his normal feed if he thinks he can get away with it." He looks at the horse, "Won't you?" The horse just blinks at him, like 'who me? I don't even know what you are talking about'. He smiles to Aidan, "As much as I would like to see your crystal formations and caversn… I am afraid that I probably need to get back to Landing…"

Aidan nods. "I'll see you out then." He waits till Taryn starts for the exit then walks with him.

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