07.17.3013: Visit in the Arcology
Summary: Agnes and Jarek run into one another in the marketplace and have a chat.
Date: 17 July 2013
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Arcology of Sundry — Landing, Imperius
The Arcology of Sundry rises two hundred stories into the sky, a towering monument to the prosperity that House Sauveur has planned for Landing. The first five floors consist of an open-air mall, the weight of the arcology held up by thick composite girders spaced every thirty or forty feet around the circumference of the building.

That mall is carpeted by natural grass, with pathways laid out cobblestones. It is built like a medieval village, if a medieval village was built around a pillar encircled with five stories of ramps with nearly two hundred stories of department stores and residences above.

Artificial sunlight floods the mall terraces at all times of the year, carefully modulated so as to not wash out the holographic signs that front each store. Giant holoscreens float at the top of the five story open area, showing movie clips, ads, music videos, and occasionally, breaking news.

17 July 3013

The light overcast midday is cool and dotted with off and on light drizzle. The Arcology is busy today, usually busy everyday, but today seems to be 'lets all go to the Arcology' day as everyone and their grandmother is here. The vendors all seem to have picked up on this too, and perhaps their prices are a little bit higher even though everything is on sale.

Jarek is here today to pick out a new outfit. He has a few nice ones that he's worn on occasion, but he likes shopping and the current lull in the fighting is giving him time to do so. He is also mulling over the details for a party he'd like to hold at the Drakholt soon, perhaps after the wedding celebrations and hopefully before the Hostiles' second wave hits. He is currently strolling through the open air mall portion of the Arcology, heading towards the lift into the rest of the enclosed shop filled building.

Sir Agnes is standing at an embroiderer's booth, discussing prices to have a new banner made with the Peake arms on it for her soon-to-be squire. The conversation seems to be a pleasant one at least, and the Knight is smiling as she speaks to the proprietor about how precisely it should look.

Jarek walks close to the booth, on his stroll and stops. "Sir Agnes, good to see you again. How are you?" he gives her a smile, and shifts his location to be next to her, so their conversation can be more comfortable.

Agnes gives Jarek a small smile and offers a hand to clasp in greeting. "Sir Jarek, I am well enough in this time of war. Yourself?" She hands over some money to the vendor who gives her a pickup date, and turns back to the man. "Just ordering a banner. I'm taking a squire soon, and want to gift it to him."

Jarek accepts the offerd hand, his smile remaining. "That is good news, and I am well. So a squire? That is exciting, how old is the little guy or girl?" he glances at the shop keep, and then leans over to ask the man about having a jacket embroidered. Jarek nods to the man and returns his full attention to Agnes.

"In that respect, I've bucked tradition and gone with the more recent trend that age is not an indicator of worth when it comes to earning one's spurs. He is twenty-four, and has had a solid career in the military, but as a citizen, never had sponsorship for Knighthood, until now," Agnes explains.

Jarek tilts his head, "Is that the new tradition going around?" Jarek seems puzzled by this concept, "How do you think he'll deal with the grudge work?… and twenty-four! Wow, over twice the usual age… is that really the normal now? House Saimhann is falling behind the times then, all our squires are still children." he nods about the citizen thing, "Understandable indeed, and he's rather lucky to have such a knight as you to teach him."

"We're at war. We will lose Knights faster than the children can grow to age of belting, Sir Jarek. We need to take those worthy, no matter their age," Agnes murmurs. "Much as we need to be making babies, and lessening the gap between the nobility and citizenry, as we need one another badly at this time."

Jarek nods to Agnes, "A fair point indeed." then her comment about child creating, and noble divide. "I see, I suppose you're right about that children having… I won't be able to fight in thirty nine years, at least not as well I do now. Our children will be fighting along side their own when this is over."

"Indeed. Have you prospects for a wife yet, Sir Jarek?" Agnes asks. She gestures towards another booth that has iced fruit to combat the heat, and she buys one for herself sipping the juices from the straw inserted in it.

Jarek also orders a cup of iced fruit juices, mango, and takes a sip before speaking. "None actually. Has that man responded to your brother?" he starts to drink from his cup, his eyes looking up to see her as his face is tilted down.

Agnes shakes her head in the negative. "Nor to me. So I suppose it would be foolhardy of me to expect a response." She shrugs. "It was a childish dream regardless. I will abide by whatever arrangements by brother can make for me."

Jarek sighs softly and pats Anges' shoulder gently, "You should seek out your own interests, and then offer them up to your brother… it might speed something along, and you get the chance to pick too." he offers a reassuring smile to her, "I am at the mercy of my father, so anyone who's interested in me, has to go through him. I don't get choice." he shrugs, seemingly unconcerned by it now.

"That's just it, Sir Jarek. I have no interests. I've never really been involved in romantic things. I was too tall for the boys when I was younger, and too focused on my duty once I was knighted," Agnes explains, solemnly. "I don't honestly know many men off the battlefield."

Jarek chuckles softly, but it isn't in jest or mock, it's in understanding and endearing. "I understand fully, Sir Agnes, I really do. I've known a few women in my life similar to you in that regard. Why not look for a man you do know from the battlefield, that still has all his parts working and attached." he adds the last part as the tease.

Agnes rubs a thumb across her brow. "One who won't laugh or flee at the suggestion of wedding The Bear? I am not sure there is a very long list there, Young Lord." She smiles grimly. "I don't even know who is attached or sworn or even which Houses would find Lord Peake's sister an acceptable match at my advanced age. I've tried to keep out of politics until they ambushed me recently."

Jarek nods to Agnes, "You are a Knight Lieutenant and sister of the Head of House… if your looks aren't enough, then you have good marriage potential from just that alone." he smiles at her, "Come on, give yourself a bit of credit, clearly the Knight favors you… I am sure he's put in a good word with the Maiden for you."

"Thank you for the kind words, Sir Jarek. Hopefully my brother can express them to any potential suitors," Agnes says with a small smile. She sits on a bench and sips her drink. "Odds are, I'll die in battle before any such arrangement happens, so I'm trying not to worry on it too much."

Jarek takes a seat next to her, "That is no way to live life, Sir Agnes. I have faith the Six are keeping track. They note those who live up to their teachings, and life will fall into place for it." he takes a drink, "If you'd like, I could pen a letter of encouragement to your brother. Offer up some buddy of mine perhaps."

"If you could see fit to do so, and have anyone who would not find it a burden or a sadness to be married to me, I would consider it a kindness, Sir Jarek," Agnes says quietly. "You are a good man."

Jarek nods, "Then I will write your brother with the kind words I spoke, and then I will speak to my kinsmen. I think I know someone who's got a photo of you from one of the monocle cams, that he keeps around." he grins slightly, not wishing to make her blush by that tidbit. "Ustaff is a good man, slightly younger than me though. Is twenty-five on the young side for you?"

Agnes grimaces. "It is a bit young for me, yes. I babysat some who are that age now, when I was nine or ten. A little older would be preferred, Sir Jarek. Someone old enough to be tested in battle or whatever field they pursued, and old enough to understand and respect an arranged marriage."

Jarek hms softly and nods, "Almost sounds like you need another full noble then… Ustaff is a cousin of mine, but not tested in combat… in fact I think the man would shatter within a hostile's stare." he's teasing a man who can't stand up for himself, so he's really being mean. Jarek's grin slips away, "I will see if I know anyone… though, Khournas might not be the right path for you. Have you spent time with anyone from Orelle, or even from the Arboren family perhaps?"

"The Aborens won't likely marry into their own vassal house, as they already have our loyalty," Agnes notes. "I do not know the Orelle's very well, though Lady Talayla is a darling girl. "I'm more of an age with the heads of house of their vassals, than their heirs or children. But mostly, it will be taking what is given me. I should not be so picky, I know. I have no cause for such."

Jarek takes another drink, "I see… and I know that feeling. Unless a house makes a request to my father, or accepts a request from my father, I won't be married." he shrugs, "I am also not in any hurry for it… to be honest, marriage scares me. At least, arranged marriage does."

"Well it is easier for me," Agnes says quietly. "You can have children far longer than we can. There is less pressure on you to wed before the works break down." She chuckles a little, amused at herself and her situation. "And if my brother wrote your father asking to wed you to me? How horrified would you be? Think on that before you sell out your friends."

Jarek grins slightly at Agnes, "True indeed, we men are rather good power stations for child factories." then he blinks at her, "Now why would you phrase it that way? You aren't so terrible, Sir Agnes."

"My dance card disagrees with you there, Sir Jarek," Agnes notes. "I also notice you didn't properly answer the question. That's all right though. I understand. You are still a good man." She rises. "I need to get back to the mountain to prepare for my squire's arrival. Thank you for the lovely discussion."

Jarek stands up with her, "I wouldn't horrified, in fact I wouldn't object to it." answering the question, then he bows his head. "I wish you good luck with your squire, and I wish your squire good luck with you. You are a formidible woman, Sir Agnes, and that is just one of your great qualities." then he'll wave.

Agnes seems surprised at his words, and perhaps more than a little confused. Her cheeks color slightly, and she gives him a nod of farewell before hastening back to the Waygate.

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