Sir Victor Khournas
Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel as Victor Simon Khournas
Full Name: Victor Simon Khournas
Byname: Cueball
Age: 26
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Khournas
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: Devon Khournas nee Volen Height: 5'11"
Father: Lord Carron Khournas Weight: 225ish lbs
Mother: Lady Emilie Khournas nee Saimhann Hair Color: Black (shaved)
Siblings: Sir Asher Khournas Eye Color: Dark Brown
Children: None


Victor's father managed several manufacturing districts in the name of his brother — High Lord Khournas. This meant that Victor's mother did most of the management, and his father obsessed over the knighthood that had eluded him. He brought his sons up hard and fast, driving them — especially Victor, his eldest — to become knights, and not just any knights, but the best knights possible.

Victor squired under a Citizen-born Knight Lieutenant in his uncle's service from age 8 to 18, starting his time as a squire young, and completing it almost as soon as was possible. He gained his knighthood after taking on a sizable — although far from giant — drake with only his axe and winning. Since then, he has fought in several skirmishes between vassal houses, taking his place within the shield wall when called upon to do so.

His father's death in 3011 freed him from an oppressive weight, but he remained a stolid, steadfast presence in the ranks of the Khourni fighters.

Having trained since childhood to fight against the Hostiles, Victor was in the forefront of the battles against them, serving onboard the Shadow of Intent against the first wave, and also fighting in nearly every battle against the first wave in the Crescent. Despite his place in the center of so many battles, he came through the first wave with only a few minor wounds.

In July of 3013, he was unexpectedly betrothed to Lady Devon Grantham nee Volen, widow to Young Lord Zayne Grantham, in an effort to soothe relations between the Grantham and Volen. Getting to know his new intended kept him off the battlefield for many of the early battles against the second wave, which caused more than a little friction between them.

Being away from the front lines, however, allowed him to be one of the first to interview the first Hostile captured by the Havenites, and to provide her with sustenance in the form of Hostile rations he'd picked up from the battlefield previously.

He and Devon were supposed to have a double wedding with Reena and her betrothed Kadmus Volen, but the Young Lord Volen was sorely wounded bare days before the wedding and slipped into a coma. With Kadmus' fate unknown, and pressure from all three families involved to make the match, Victor married Devon Grantham nee Volen on October 14, 3013 despite the fact that he was still recovering from wounds received in the same fight where the Young Lord fell.

It was discovered that Devon became pregnant in late October. Victor arranged patrols around Volkan, eventually rooting out the Scouts infiltrating the outer factories after being given a second Company to get the job done. He participated in several battles around the Crescent, including the drake hunt following the wedding of Agnes and Jarek Saimhann.

The death of his cousin Reena on February 17, 3014 was a crushing blow, and has sent him to the battlefield a number of times, trying to wreak his revenge upon the Hostiles. Most prominently, he assisted in the capture of a Hostile Elite in one of the necropolii on Primus.



Slightly above average height, but muscular enough to seem almost stocky, this man has dark, swarthy skin, broad features, and a head shaven free of any stubble. Thin, precise eyebrows arc over dark, brooding eyes. His face is round, his nose heavy and thick, and his lips lush. A strong jaw finishes off his facial features, matching his heavy build perfectly.

His prodigious frame is encased in a billowy black shirt of silken material, the laces left open at the throat. Metallic filaments of brilliant red shoot through the weave of the shirt, glittering lightly when he moves. The shirt hangs over black slacks, constrained by a thick black belt with a simple steel clasp. A heavy, powered axe hangs from a loop at his right hip, a single-bladed battle axe with a bearded head. His loose pants fold over the top of turned-down black leather boots, finely-made but well worn.


Combat Pragmatist
Likes Heights
Looking Forward to Hostiles
Prays Before Eating
Secret Dancer
Skittish Around Horses

Musical Inspiration

  • Disturbed - "Indestructible"

I'll have you know
That I've become
Determination that is incorruptible
From the other side a terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable
Every broken enemy will know
That their opponent had to be invincible

On the Grid

Known Associates

Devon Dee : Anger. Fire. Passion. For one born beneath the waves, my little wife has enough lava in her blood to fit in just fine at the Blackspyre.
Anabethe Bethe : Beth's good in a fight, a hunt, or a drinking contest. A good friend, she needs to learn that hard truths are best given in true private, and sometimes you need to put yourself last.
Reena Ree : A fucking tragedy. It was supposed to be me, or Ash, or Bethe. Anyone but my best friend in the family. You'll be missed, Crone keep you, and you'll be avenged.
Nitrim 'Trim : Six above… so much fucking confusion. He may've been a stupid little prick, but he wasn't as stupid as I thought. Good to see he's a Khournas over everything else, but he's gonna need a kick in the ass to get back in the ring.
Johana Ana : She's like a mini version of Bethe who isn't related to me. Maybe not quite so hard-edged, but she sure can kick ass in a fight.
Kieran Kieran Valta : Cocky, reckless, but he seems okay. Might need a little seasoning. Might turn out okay.
Adelstein Adelstein Valta : Bit of a thing for tech. Talks in words guaranteed to make you feel dumb. At least he's practical about his tech though.
Thalo The Wall : A good man in a fight. Hits like the hammers of hell. It's a pleasure and a privilege smashing the hell out of Hosties with him.

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