Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent
Blake Lively
Blake Lively as Veryna Portia Larent
Full Name: Veryna Portia Larent
Byname: -
Age: 25
Planet: Oculus, Moon of Nubilus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Larent
Title/Profession: Young Lady Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 5'10"
Father: Lord Captain Percival Larent Weight: 122 lbs.
Mother: Lady Ancelina Larent (née Cindravale) Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Lord Lieutenant Antaeus Larent
Lady Matildie Larent
Lady Ariana Larent
Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Castle on a Cloud

Veryna Portia Larent was born the first child of Lord Captain Percival Larent and Lady Ancelina Larent (nee Cindravale, first cousin of High Lady Sir Kallista) in 2987 AL. Their marriage itself regarded as something of an oddity, with the Lord Captain's traditional dedication to service and faith in technology matched against his wife's ready acceptance and embrace of the Reversion, pageantry, and gallantry that comes with it. However, the views of the Sky Palace are not to be missed, and for a woman yearning to be free, there's no place better.

To her delight (or horror), the same instinct ran thick in her firstborn. From the very moment Veryna was born in Summit, a fierce independent streak seemed to run in her veins. Often described as a quiet and reserved, but sharp and ascerbic girl, Veryna seemed to embody all that was expected in an heir. A just nature, logical mind, and devotion to duty all aided her in traversing the academic lessons, the etiquette classes, and other childhood elements of being groomed to lead a house.

The responsibilities placed on her slender shoulders left little time for her to be a proper little girl, free to play dress up and imagine a life working at something simpler. She cannot claim to have had any close childhood friends, either noble or commoner, despite the company of other girls of similar age about Summit. However, when she was able to steal a moment for herself, to play with her siblings or simply left to her own thoughts, visions of her father's military career and the reputation of her mother's family frequently were at the forefront.

Heeding the Call

For Veryna, the pride in service, the heritage of her mother's family, and the rarity of Larentian knights was perfectly fueled by her desire to carve out a niche for herself. At age 10, Veryna petitioned her mother to be allowed to squire for her younger Cindravale uncle. Splitting time between Summit and Imperius, Veryna learned the knightly skills…while insisting that she become her own type of knight. A knight more stoic and aloof than the flashy Valen knights, but sharing completely in their sense of purpose, pride, and dedication to those under their protection.

Veryna was knighted at age 20. Forgoing the mounted combat and tourney jousts favored by Valen knights, Veryna preferred the on-foot competitions where she proved to be a formidable, if not outright powerful, combatant. Lacking the raw size and power of other squires, she was forced to turn to her natural balance, speed, and agility, turning strikes, deflecting blows, and dancing just out of reach of opponents weapons. Upon emerging triumphant from a squire melee on foot, Veryna's uncle determined that her knightly training had been finished, and she was indeed worthy of being knighted, trusting that the personality and intellect she'd developed during her instruction would indeed make her a truly wholesome knight.

Above the Rest

Following her knighting, Veryna returned to Summit and the Sky Palace full time, once again resuming her duties as heir to house of Larent. Truly embracing her family's words, Veryna's accomplishments - untested though they may be - helped place her above the rest. As much the face of her family to the rest of the Haven system as her father, it's become something of a game to see which suitor will catch her eye. Until the return of the Fifth Planet, Veryna continues to establish herself as a right and proper heir to her father, skilled in combat, political affairs, however separated and elevated above the common man she holds herself.



Veryna is a woman standing nearly 5'10" tall, sans heels. Her head is crowned by a mane of blonde hair worn in any number of styles. Her face is defined by a rather strong chin and high cheekbones. To the right of her nose is a characteristic beauty mark. Full but not overly-plump lips are typically held in a neutral-to-slightly-dour expression; when she smiles or shows any emotion at all, deep lines would show around her mouth and following the curve of her chin towards the corners of her nose.

Her frame is long and lean, not overly busty or soft, though distinctly feminine. Her shoulders are slim and her arms a long and smooth, with not a real hint of chiseled muscle to be seen anywhere. Long and lean continues right down to her fingers, which are themselves rather long, particularly the thumbs. Nails are kept manicured quite well, always done up richly. A modest but handsome bust adorns her chest. Her legs are very long, partnering well with heels to push her already tall stature into the realm of amazonian. Like her hands, her feet are a bit 'longish,' and end with toes that are perpetually pedicured and perfect.








Musical Inspiration

  • Woodkid - "Iron"

the sound of iron shots is stuck in my head
the thunder of the drums dictates
the rhythm of the falls
the number of deaths
the rising of the horns, ahead

  • Linkin Park - "Skin to Bone"

skin to bone, steel to rust
ash to ashes, dust to dust
let tomorrow have its way
with the promises we made
skin to bone, steel to rust

  • Abney Park - "Beautiful Decline"

pleasant patina pulls apart a holy copper shrine
like gently creeping mossy claws, scarring all divine
all the things you think you value, including the gift of life
slowly, gently fall apart, until the world is right

  • The Fray - "Heartless"

in the night i hear 'em talk
the coldest story ever told
somewhere far along this road he lost his soul
to a woman so heartless

  • Adele - "Skyfall"

skyfall is where we start
a thousand miles and poles apart
where wolds collide and days are dark
you may have my number; you can take my name
but you'll never have my heart

  • Linkin Park - "Castle of Glass"

fly me up on a silver wing
past the black where the siren sing
warm me up in a nova's glow
and drop me down to the dream below

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