09.16.3013: Vengeance Release Party
Summary: Hell If I Know hosts the release party for their album Vengeance at the Violet Siren. Issues of Honor arise.
Date: 08 September, 2013
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The Violet Siren, The Westend, Landing, Imperius
The entrance into the Violet Siren gives the illusion of a squat, round building with very little character or flair. It is only when one walks through the ellipse-shaped tunnel, under the glowing black lights, do they realize that the Violet Siren is far more than it seems. The foyer is at the top level of a vast silo that tunnels underground for several stories. Its transparent-composite floors look down through the various mezzanines ringing the interior of silo all the way to the expansive dance floor at the bottom. A series of staircases hug the walls of the cylinder, leading patrons past balconies that supply seating away from the loud thumping and madness of the dance floor and a series of bars to wet ones whistle.

The entire lower level is nothing but dance floor with platforms to provide varied elevation to the bumping, grinding, and thrashing of the vigorous dancers. Scantly-clad waitresses maneuver carefully through the dancers with shotglass vials of neon-colored liquor.

16 September, 3013

The Violet Siren has been given the Hell If I Know treatment tonight. Holobanners showing the band at their various gigs or individual moving shots of each of them individually are draped from the walls and the mezzanines. A stage on the second floor from the bottom is open, guarded by security, and hosts the instruments of the band. They evidently aren't expected to be on-stage yet, however, as the party is just starting, the doors only open for perhaps fifteen minutes, so the crush of people still flows in, and music from their first album, Patience is Genius, is playing over the sound-system.

Drake Danger, frontman and self-proclaimed Rock God, stands near the front of the stage, wearing his usual performance attire of leather pants, a leather jacket, boots, and not much else. As people flood into the levels above — and a select few people have already been let in ahead of the crowd — Drake nods solemnly at a formally-dressed man in his forties, the business manager for the band, claps him on the shoulder, then turns to face the entrants with a dimpling smile.

As they approach the entrance to the Siren, Sean turns to Xenona and offers out his hand to her. "I know it isn't something you're big on… but can I hold your hand as we go in? It just feels like something we should do." He tries to explain, but there's no pressure from his tone or demeanor. He's simply offering and asking without forcing anything. His tunic is loose fitting, long sleeved, and closes up the front. It's tucked into straight trousers that are cut to cover the tops of low black boots. He's got a decorative only sword belt draped about his hips and his hair is styled sleek. He looks to Xenona for her answer, hand offered out to her.

Gloved fingers work together, uncertain as Xenona studies his hand and the offer he gives her. Wariness spreads through her blue eyes and the corset blouse wearing young woman looks high glamour, her other finger tugging at the restricted binding that clamps around her mid-section. A soft exhale and her hand lifts, trembling until the covered fingers rest in his. She swallows and simply nods, choosing to remain quiet as she moves to follow him in to the Siren.

Arriving at the event with Glitch, Roxy walks by his side. She's arriving just about on time so the first place she leads him is towards the front of the room where she knows Double D is likely to be. Wearing usual performance clothing much like Drake, she's all hot pink and neon green and black. "Hey Drake. Have you met Wynn yet? He's running FUNtasia." Owner, but she wasn't sure he was putting that out there.

Letha Vallas is, at best, delectable arm candy tonight. She is dressed in a semitranslucent sheath dress of soft gold that easily highlights her lovely silhouette; her modesty is maintained by a simple bandeau bra and sleek skirt. Her feet are enclosed in a pair of sandal-like flats that show off her cute toes. The sleevelessness of the dress leaves her arms bare, save for a band of dark metal wrapped around her upper-arm. Her hair is in a mass of finely spun gold. She is chatting easily with the cluster of Landing Life press, though it is her turn to be asked questions about Drake Danger, his process, how it is she's coped with his busy schedule, is marriage forthcoming, what about kids — the latter two questions get scathing looks that are accompanied by a smile.

It isn't often that Jane is early to a party, but tonight is the exception. The actress has obviously spent some time on her appearance, and there is a little extra attitude to her sashay as she crosses into the Siren. Her pale arm is linked with the slightly more bronzed arm of Eirene, whose blonde hair and black lace gown are a striking contrast to Jane's red hair and gold and blue attire. "I'm sure you've been to Landing multiple times, Lady Eirene, but I forgot to ask whether or not you've ever been to the Siren. It's one of my favorites; the vibe is just right." Her bracelets clink merrily as she gestures to the decorated interior before pointing up. "He'll probably be by the stage. Want to meet him?"

There is an little 'spring' to Eirene's usual enthusiastic step. She radiates an aura of loveliness married with confidence no one can deny. Her statuesque figure now reaches nearly six feet in height with the aid of her sharp heels. The unorthodox manner of her attire for the evening is simply to play the part for the event. While maintaining propriety in a high neckline, her entire back is left exposed. Black lace clings to her feminine figure and is lined by a nude fabric beneath offering the illusion of flesh on display. She arrives with her friend, Jane Wyre, who is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. A smile becomes the Volen and a little nod is given with her reply. "I would love to. You know how much I enjoy meeting other musicians." So says the songstress known as the Siren of Mare Maris.

Her hand in his, Sean's fingers wrap lightly around her clothed ones and he leads her with him into his place of work. When Sean and Xenona arrive at the gathering area he looks at Letha first, knowing her from working with her for a long time now, then to Drake. He smiles at the guy, "Heyya, congrats man. 'Nother album down, only a billion dollars more to make right?" Sean smirks slightly, then looks over to Letha again "Hey Letha, careful over there." he tease warns her before allowing Xen to make her own introductions and decide in which direction she'd like to go. Bringing her with him, aside from the fact that she's the reason he even got off his couch today, was so that she could get to experience more and more.

Drake turns that grin over to Roxy as she and her guest approach, the rocker tossing back his hair — and setting the luxurious waves bouncing around his head — and offering out his hand, "Wynn. Nice to meet ya, welcome to the party of the century." He looks over to another musician from a local Landing band, nodding his head, then looks back to Roxy and Glitch, "Thought you weren't gonna make it, Roxy." Laughter fills his words, and his eyes dart over to where Letha is holding off the press. When Sean and Xenona approach, he turns his hand there, shaking that hand, "Hell if I know we'll make it that far. Thanks, man."

Sometimes the old should come out to congratulate the young, right? And so, Matt Warriner has made his way into the club, glancing around for a few moments to see what people are here. Approaching the members of the band that are present, he offers them a smile. "Congratulations on another album well done," he offers to them. Glancing between the people present, his gaze stopping on Roxy for a few moments longer than the others, for some reason, before he looks around at the entire assembled group of people. "And I'm sure it'll be a great party too."

Plucking at the blouse neck that hugs the slender skin, Xenona focuses on the figures that Sean gravitates towards and in subsequent movement draws her with to meet. Eyes settle on Letha whom she smiles at, "Like liquid gold, so beautiful. Lovely." The compliment is offered before she retrieves her hand from Sean's lightly, some relief showing upon her features with th break of touch. Looking to Drake, she smiles to him, "This is your band, correct?" A motion is made upwards with a gloved finger at the speakers. "Congratulations."

Letha finishes her interview with the people who use to be her colleages, flashing them all a wink as she departs back toward Drake. She casts Sean a nose-wrinkled look. "That use to be my job, I know what I'm doing." And she winks over to the other journalists before she sets her sights on Xenona. She inclines her head to the noblewoman, offering a gentle smile. "Thank you, my Lady." She carefully tucks a bit more hair behind her ear before she steps up toward Drake to meet Roxy's new beau. She winks to Wynn. "Hi there," she greets warmly.

Arriving Solo, one might have been a tad shy or perhaps even a little self conscious. This is not the case for Lady Ella Rovehn. With her head held high and brillant smile on her red painted lip, excited eyes bounce around from one scene to the next. Dressed confidently in a black strapless form fitting tube dress, her long locket hanging from around her neck, red spikey heels that look to be the same color as her lips and a clutch under her arm. Walking further inside, she brushes her dark locks away from her face and tosses the long strands over her shoulder to reveal her bare shoulder.

Drake nods to Matt as well, not recognizing him for a moment in the press of faces and outstretched hands. And then he does, and his dimples disappear even if his smile remains, "Hey… thanks. Maybe you can come open for us some time." And then he looks back to Letha, slinging his left hand around her shoulders as she steps close, "Welcome back from the lion's mouth, babe. Wynn, Letha. Letha, Wynn." And then the woman on Sean's arm gets his attention back, and he bows his head, tossing his hair back as he straightens it up again, "I'm with the band, yeah. Don't know if it's mine." Laughter filters back into his words, and he nods, "Thanks." He's going to be saying that a lot, isn't he…

Solon enters the Violet Siren, his eyes taking in everything, a slight frown marring his features for the briefest of moments before moving further inside. He is quit to spot the Rovehn Lady in front of him, and should she turn to face him, a smile will be offered. He must admit, he's not quite sure of what to make of this being what seems to be such a black tie event. Eirene only mentioned it in passing as some sort of an album release. Either way, he's dressed up in usual finery, and his gaze first falls on his sister before spotting Eirene and Jane. He will offer a polite wave to Eirene and Jane but will first check up on Xenona.

"Drinks first," Jane murmurs to Eirene, moving off for a moment to fetch one of those glowing green affairs that is surely poisonous but probably absolutely delicious. She flashes Solon a charming a smile and lifts the drinks in a silent salute. "Don't ask me what it is," Jane continues as she passes one off to her friend before leading the way up to the level that contains the stage. She pauses long enough to study the press of bodies before holding out one hand to quietly nudge people out of the way. "He's on the young side, but he's a cutie. I'll introduce you to him and then try and find Letha. She has to be around here. Drake!" Within line of sight now, Jane raises her empty hand and waves it, bracelets jingling, while she sips from her drink.

Of course what one can't manage to ignore is the hair power Drake possesses and as he tosses it back, Roxy offers a grin. "Wouldn't have missed it for anything. Pure rush knowing studio time is finished and the tour begins soon enough." Hopefully! Following his gaze over to Letha, she can't help but smile. "You date looks gorgeous tonight. Looks like she's great at handling the press, that's always a plus." Course with a famous father, she had to be, right? As soon as Sean and his date arrive, Roxy offers them both a warm smile. "So glad you could make it." Though as Sean speaks to Drake, she looks at Matt and waves. She knows his music!

Drinks are an absolute must for such an event. Eirene smiles and follows Jane's lead. The glowing drink is quietly observed and obviously when she gives it a queer look, Jane tries to reassure her with the fact that she has no idea what it is. Bottoms up though. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Eirene takes a sip and while it is strong, it has a pleasant taste. She will have to be careful and nurse this concoction. Drake Danger is pointed out and Jane waves to catch his attention. Eirene is there, right behind, following like a puppy in haute couture. "Letha is the musician who was performing at the gala recently? I should have introduced myself to her then. She's an excellent musician. I would love to collaborate with her soon."

Eirene also gives a little wave to Solon when he greets the girls from afar.

Sean is skillfully not close enough to hear Letha call Xenona 'my lady'. He's moving towards the bar to get drinks, and just before he leaves her side Sean leans in to tell her as much. He knows the typical answer from his friend and as such doesn't wait to get her request. He's moving past Roxy, politely nods and says, "Hey, congrats by the way." then is off to the bar to order and wait.

Turning around to take it all in, Ella notices Solon's smile in her direction. Its answered and returned with one of her own pointed in his direction, that is before something shiny takes her attention and when she looks back, there is only shuffling of people. Pushing through the crowd, she is stopped by familiar faces she has not seen in what seems like years. Oh, well, I guess it had been years for some of them. Easy to laugh, Ella leans in and hugs some warmly and shakes hands or curtseys to those that comes in contact with. With a spin on her heels she moves after one of the roving trays and snags one of the drinks that are cirulating. Without even releasing shes doing it, her lips move to the words of the music that plays.

"Jane!" Letha brightens as she spies the actress. She steps toward her to greet her with a kiss to her cheek despite Drake's arm around her shoulders. She wrinkles her nose a bit toward the Rock God before she flashes him a fuller smile once more. Then she glances toward Wynn. "Hi there, Wynn… welcome to the madness." She casts Roxy a silent look, as if asking who this gentleman might be, huh? Then she is distracted by Xenona once more. "Forgive me, my Lady, you are High Lady Cindravale's daughter, yes? You have her eyes." She flashes a warm smile. "My father was a great fan of your mother."

Jane's wave causes Drake to hold up a hand in response, beckoning her over to the growing cluster at the front of the stage, "Jane! Get on over here." As the actress and her companion for the eve are making their way over, Drake looks back over to Roxy, squeezing at Letha's shoulder, "She's hot stuff, ain't she, Rox?" And then Letha's words to Xenona cut through his grin, and he blinks, gulping a little, "Uh… shit…" And then he bows his head to her again, "Milady, sorry. Didn't, uh… I mean… welcome." Again, apparently.

Taking the hand offered to him, Wynn offers a nod to Drake, "Nice to meet you." he offers, but then Drake gets swarmed by like 800 hand shakers. Or like 3. Eitherway, he business owner/runner type backs off just a bit, looking to Roxy, "Popular fellow." he offers quietly.

"I have to admit to not hearing your music before now, but I like it," Xenona offers the bandmates as Sean slips away. Her eyes flicker to Roxy and her smile warms, "Sean convinced me to attend," her gaze settles on him from afar before her brow lifts and she regards Letha. "Yes, yes I am, her youngest and the only one without a 'sir' attached to my title," she offers and as Drake bows to her, her head tilts, eyes glittering with unspoken amusement, "Do not worry, we are all here for you." All the people begin to cause a tension to rise through her shoulders, attention flitting like a butterfly from flower to flower, she finds one she knows and Solon is given a nod and she extends her gloved hand to him, making a motion. "I am sorry," she begins to Letha, "I d not know your name…this is the heir to Cindravale," she explains, motioning to Solon.

Matt is unable to hold back a momentary grin at Drake's words, "Opening sounds like a good thing. Would be something like the past opening for the future, isn't that what you're trying to say?" he offers, with a bit of a chuckle. Looking around again, the wave from Roxy makes him pause for a few moments, before he waves in return. Then looking around the room again for a few moments now.

"Miss Letha Vallas, daughter to Christian Vallas," Letha says to Solon and Xenona, offering a bright smile. Christian Vallas had been one of Phylon's more famous composers, though his death several months ago has left Letha as the last living Vallas of that particular family. Despite this sobering news, she looks quite warm and welcoming with very little grief tightening her features. Then she bows her head to Solon. "Young Lord, pleasure to finally meet you."

Solon makes his way up to Xenona and Letha, and he seems to be just in time to have his sister go ahead and make introductions for him. Bowing his head to Letha, he gives her a warm smile. "Ah, allow me to offer my deepest sympathies on the loss of your father, Miss Vallas. He was quite the composer and I was quite fond of his works. The pleasure in meeting you is all mine, I assure you. I take it that you are rather involved in all of this?" He gestures around to the shindig going on.

Zani might be a bit late, but she /is/ here. Somewhere. With a drink in hand as she finally wanders out to join the crowd. "Hello everyone," she says, a smile on her face and a half salute with her drink. She is dressed to perform as well.

"Letha darling!" Even as Jane leads Eirene toward the pair, she deviates from course as bodies shift and her friend is suddenly visible while greeting the Valens. Jane waits an appropriate amount of time before using her free arm to embrace the petite blonde while pressing a kiss to her cheek. She pulls back to admire Letha from head to toe. "We must have been sharing the same brainwave, Layth, but you are always the prettier one. Latyh, this is Lady Eirene Volen. I met her at the Meals of the Mother Gala. Lady Eirene, this is Letha Vallas - musician, songwriter, and journalist."

Catching the look from Letha, Roxy grins. Since she doesn't even know, all she can tell is the truth. "Wynn is my date for the evening." When she realizes Xenona was noble, she offers a bow to her. "Thank you for coming, my lady." As Solon approaches, she also offers him a bow. So many nobles! AH! Zani arrives and Roxy offers her a quick hug. "Glad to see you!"

"Oh, oh!" Realization spreads across her features at the reveal of Letha's surname. "Yes, sorry for your loss, Miss Letha," Xenona offers with a furrow of her brows. Her gaze flickers over to Solon, a smile curling her lips before Jane's vibrant presence announces itself. The Cindravale turns her head to the approach of the young women and studies the red head and blonde alike, blue eyes sweeping over each as she stays close to Solon, pressed nearly to her side. A smile creeps across her features, "Perhaps, Miss Letha, you could visit us at Phylon, a garden party and performance?"

It is good that the service at the bar is going slow tonight with all the people there. Sean returns well after noble introductions are made and offers a bright yellow and deep orange-red glass to Xenona. "Something sweet, just like you ask for. It's non-alcoholic for now… I'm going to same route as well." Sean explains the last part, he looks between Letha, the man standing with them, and Xenona. He nods to the man, "Hi there." before taking a sip of his blue-green drink.

Drake gestures around to Roxy and the rest of the bandmates who are likewise shaking hands at Xenona's words, "All of us, Milady." He shrugs slightly to Matt, letting his grin becoming more natural toward the other man, "Somethin' like that, man. Enjoy the party." And then Xenona introduces her brother, and he blinks sharply, mumbling, "Ohshit…" He slips his arm from around Letha's shoulder, and he bows his head again, reaching up to brush his waves of brown hair back from his face, "Uh… welcome, Milord. Sir. Yeah, Letha's a muse." And there's Jane and… oh crap, another noble. The rocker bows his head again, "Milady. Welcome. Jane, Milady have you met, uh… Lord and Lady Cindravale?" Not exactly the right terms, well, at all. Get the nobles talking to Jane, yes please.

Letha glances around at Solon's gesturing, and she offers a soft laugh. "Kinda." She gestures toward Drake who is doing his best at schmoozing and circulating. "I'm involved with Drake Danger, the lead singer of Hell If I Know. I'm here to give him my support." Then her grin doubles. "Not that he needs it." Though she does blush a beautiful pink at Drake's comment about her muse status. Her brilliant blue eyes alight on Jane at her introduction, and she brightens. "Pleasure to meet you, Lady Eirene… though I admit that I've been less and less of a journalist lately. Cole Ventralis has been helping me break out of journalism and follow after my father."

Eirene smiles warmly as Jane gets down to party business. Once Letha has a moment from speaking to multiple people, she extends her hand to the fellow musician. "A pleasure to meet you Miss Letha. I saw you perform recently at the Senator's gala. Superbly done. I perform as well and perhaps once all the festivities here are done, we can exchange information and get together one day to collaborate." The smile on the Volen's face extends to Drake, as well as her hand for introductions. "Lady Eirene Volen of Mare Maris, Mr. Drake Danger. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. This is quite the turnout. Congratulations on your album release."
Solon and Xenona are not ignored. Once formalities are exchanged with the party's hosts, she turns to the Cindravales with a proper curtsey. "S-.. Young Lord Solon, wonderful to see you could make it." Her eyes settle upon the blonde by his side. "You must be Lady Xenona, I have heard many lovely things from your Lord Brother. He truly sings your praises. I am Lady Eirene Volen."

There's another grin offered to Drake now. "Thanks." Looking around again, he offer a polite nod to the nobles present, "Milord, miladies. It's a pleasure to meet you." Another look around and he spots Zani and Roxy, starting to move in their direction a bit slowly now.

Seeing the group gathered near the stage, it didnt take a genius to figure that it was where the bandmates (not bedmates) where standing. With drink in hand, Ella excuses her self through the crowd and makes her way into the group. Only having to hold onto the top of her dress to squeeze through a couple once. Waiting for a pause she gets up as close as she can, calling each of the bandmates by name, "Huge fan, So excited to be here. I'm Lady Ella Rovehn."

Pleasant smiles and nods of greeting are offered by Solon to the everyone. Nodding to Letha he turns to Drake and the band and offers, "My congratulations to you all. I cannot imagine the effort it takes to put out an album, but I am sure it is quite the undertaking creatively and requires much effort by all." These words seem pleasant enough, since Solon really has no idea what it takes in the music industry. His atention turns to face Eirene and Jane, a smile offered that takes them both in. There may be the slightest blush in his features as he takes in Eirene's dress. Turning to Xenona he asks, "What was that about a garden party, dear sister?"

Zani sort of pauses at those present. She takes a big sip of her drink and then she grins at Roxy. "Wouldn't miss it," she says. She pauses near Roxy, just as happy to let Drake front the attention. She waves at those she recognizes, Matt among them. "I'm not too late, am I?" There's a bit of quietness about her at the moment, another drink taken, but she's starting to recover from the surprise of finding all these people already here. Still, being late, she mostly just listens, trying to catch up.

As her attention drifts wildly between greetings and voices and Xenona merely smiles, as if trying to stay afloat. It is Eirene that cuts through the swath and she nods her head, "I am…and I am surprised he has said anything about me. I trust that it was all well and good?" She dips her head to the other woman, "A pleasure to meet you…perhaps we can speak when it is not so frantic." Though at Solon's question, her brow lifts and she turns her head, "Oh..yes, I was telling Miss Letha she should come perform, a small gathering in the gardens. Something intimate and not so…chaotic." Is how she seems to describe the party currently. The drink that suddenly appears before her offered by Sean receives a grateful smile and she extends her gloved hand to take it. "Something sweet," her tone amused but pleasant as she takes it. "Sean..this is my brother.." she begins, motioning to Solon. "Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale."

It takes a moment before the title sets in and Sean slowblinks before looking between Solon and Xenona. After a moment's playback of all that's happened… Sean's demeanor depresses a little and while polite enough to give Solon a proper greeting. The former DJ excuses himself and starts for one of the upper levels, no word to Xenona at all. His drink is set down on a tray, barely touched. And when he gets to the higher level, Sean takes up a booth and just sits.

Drake winks at Letha's blush, flashing her a dimpled grin. He should probably bow over Eirene's hand, but instead he takes it and shakes it, "Get somethin' to drink, enjoy the party, we might even hit the stage at some point." And then Ella's calling out, and Drake gives a wave and flashes a grin, only to have it freeze just a touch as she introduces herself, "Ah, Milady. Welcome! Enjoy the evening. Glad you like the band." His head is swimming around, and he blinks, focusing in on Zani and stepping over to give her a hug, speaking quietly under the thump of their first album over the sound system, "Fucking hell, Zani. I'm drownin' in nobles here. What the fuck do I say to 'em?"

Letha brightens gently at the invitation. "It would be an immense pleasure to oblige, Lady Xenona. I rather enjoy smaller affairs too, though I definitely enjoy the energy of larger performances. I had the opportunity to play bass with Bronze Corsair during the Singing for Soldiers event. It was quite exhilarating." She then glances toward Sean, and offers him a questioning arch of her brow. She then looks back toward Xenona, but she is smart enough not to dare ask a question in that regard. She clears her throat before she brightens to Zani. "You're right time, Zani." And she winks.

"Never too late to a party, Zani." Roxy laughs, reaching out for a drink from a passing tray, alcoholic or not. Sipping the colorful liquid which is as vibrant a pink as she's wearing at the moment, she wrinkles her nose. "Looks like a good turnout at least." When Matt approaches, she grins. "Good to see you here. I've not run into you since the concert."

"You say hello, let them drown you in praise, and thank them for their attention, Drake," Jane murmurs into the mans ear, leaning in to be overheard as the din rises as more bodies draw closer. She offers the musician a cheeky grin and a pinch on the cheek before whirling about and following Eirene. She is content to allow the Valen to lead her along the rest of the night now that the introductions are complete. Sipping quietly on her drink, Jane's gaze settles on Xenona with an inquisitive lift her eyebrows. Ah, so that is Lord Solon's sister.

Zani returns Drake's hug easily, though she has to laugh at his quiet words. "You think I know?" she asks, with a shrug. "Thank them for coming, hope they enjoy themselves and - yes, what she said." That's easy. A grin of thanks to Jane. And then she pulls away from Drake to beam at Letha and Roxy, for their on-time comments. Now she's starting to nearly bounce in space, as she gets into the swing of things. "It seems strange to be listening to our music play," she adds after a moment. "And not be playing it."

Noticing the freeze in Drakes face, Ella pauses to consider and then humor lights her eyes. "Thank you! I look forward to the new release." Lifting her drink in solute to him she lifts her glass close to her lips to hide her smile at his discomfort. The crowd was overwhelming. Merrily, she turns about and watches as people move about and shout to speak to one another from the growing buzz of the room. Even watching briefly as one of those around her slips away and wonders up the stairs to a booth.

Gltich hmmms quietly as things have gotten quite crowded already. "I'm gonna go to the bar and get something, Roxy. You want anything?" Yeah, she just got a drink, he needs some breathing room away from all these rich people. Too many rich people! AHhhhh! Still, he stands and waits to see if she wants anything, like a good date.

Eirene does not mind the handshake from Drake at all. She did offer her hand in greetings, didn't she? Her smile broadens and eyes crinkle a touch at the corners with amusement. Xenona's inquiry causes Eirene to toy with the little sister a little. There is a nibble to her lower lip and a 'guilty' look that settles on Solon. "Oh, well you know how it is with older brothers. I have one myself. We are always the tag alongs and the little pests." But suddenly there is a shake of her head and a lyrical laughter. "I tease. Lord Solon speaks very highly of you, My Lady. The gardens in your family home would be an amazing venue for an intimate musical gathering." The tall blonde noblewoman concurs. "Lady Xenona, have you met Miss Jane Wyre, actress extraordinaire?" A light gesture of her hand acknowledges the sultry redhead decked in shimmery gold.

"It's good to be here," Matt replies to Roxy, before he adds, "Wouldn't want to miss it, after… recent news." A brief grin is offered to Zani, before he looks back to Roxy. "Anyway, it's good to be here. I remember the times I've had similar parties, it was always better when others were there as well."
From afar (to Solon, Letha, Jane, Xenona, and Drake), Eirene cries and goes to sulk in the corner.

Solon offers Sean a smile in return to his nod, and then frowns slightly as the man turns and moves away. Not really sure what he did, or if he did anything. Returning his gaze to Xenona, he comments, "Ah yes, a small performance in the gardens could be quite nice. You know, perhaps I should inform Senator Hartcliffe to get into contact with a number of musicians about entertainment for his project." Entertainment always goes over well with the commoners. To Eirene he offers a smile, "I am quite glad you are able to meet my sister, My Lady. I think the two of you could get along quite nicely."

"Good. I will set something up now that I have returned home," she promises to Letha. Xenona hesitates though, meeting Sean's gaze as he turns and makes an about face to leave. She looks confused briefly as her lips part and close, as if processing his sudden departure, drink forgotten in her hand. It is as Eirene speaks that she is broken from her thoughts and musings, meeting her gaze again, "Then we will have to speak together about setting together a little soiree of sorts, I have never been." There is a faint smile, "I am glad to hear he has not said anything ill," she glances back at Solon, "I am sure we will get along splendidly," though her gaze follows after the direction Sean went to before focusing on Jane, her head tilting before she shakes her head, "I fear I have not met her, I have heard of Miss Wyre." A bob of her head again and she sips at her drink, "I have seen some of your films, Miss Wyre. Your work is extraordinary," she comments. "Perhaps you could perform as well, something with prose or the like?"

Roxy grins to Zani. "Are you kidding? Every time I hear it playing, I turn it up and jam all out to it." Speaking of jamming to it.. "Sure, how about something good, like orange juice mixed with anything. This, whatever it is, isn't doing it for me." Of course that was in response to Glitch and she grins at Zani. "Have you met Wynn? He's.. my date." Yeah. "Wynn, this is Zani." Tipping her head to the side, she grins at Matt. "Recent news? Yeah, it's always better with friends." Looking back at Glitch, she smiles. "If you want, once we're finished with the drinks, we could sneak a dance in?" This time she's asking so there's no mistake.

Drake gives Jane a wide-eyed look of gratitude, "I think you're outta our budget as PR manager, but thanks…" He gives a little shake of his head, scrubbing a hand through his long hair, gives Zani's shoulders another little squeeze, then turns back toward everyone else, "So. When do you think… should we play somethin' off the new album? Ourselves or on the sound system."

Letha looks after Sean, but she just breathes out a bit of a sigh before she focuses on the others around her. While Drake may be freaking out about being surrounded by nobles, the Vallas woman looks at ease. She smiles easily toward Solon, and she even blushes just a touch. He is Solon Cindravale after all. "The Senator has already contacted me, and I have agreed to helping out some of his events… he might consider talking to Miss Wyre here about her efforts, too. Our benefit for the soldiers of Haven went really well." Then she glance sback toward Xenona, and she bobs her head in agreement. "Please, just let me know. I still maintain our manor house in Phylon. You can send messages there or to my e-mailbox. I will be sure to get back to you." Then she glances over toward Drake and she nods her chin to the stage meaningfully.

After greeting the band and standing in the midst of a group of people she did not know well, Ella pushes her way back out of the group and moves towards the bar. Luckily, someone was moving away from it as she was approachin and was able to grab a stool. Slipping onto it, she crosses her legs and bounces her foot to the music. Sitting upright, she moves her eyes to roam the room, slowly sipping her drink.

Matt nods a little, "Recent news, yes." Does he look a bit nervous as he says that? Glancing around at the others for a few moments, he looks back to Roxy. "Look, if you don't mind, I've got something I need to talk with you about at some point…"

Glitch hmmms quietly and takes the drink Roxy is holding and downs it. He blechs quietly, "I can see why…" He then nods, "Tropical Sunrise, you got it." and then a glance to Zani, and a nod is offered, "Wynn Reaver." he holds a hand out to her, "I own FUNtasia, and do some electronic security work on the side." See, he can be polite and introduce himself. And how he waits for the shake so he can go to the bar.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lady Xenona. I cannot say that Lord Solon has told me all about you, too, but then I am not as much the confidante as Lady Eirene. Of course, I would be more than happy to assist with your party. Please do not hesitate to contact me when you are ready to start planning." Flashing a dimpled grin to the trio, she turns her head a few degrees to include Letha in her line-of-sight. Overhearing the conversation, Jane wiggles her fingers at the blonde and laughs lightly. "I have met the Senator, and I think he will be scheduling a meeting with me soon. Letha, when you have some free time, we should meet. I want to talk to you about something."

A friend of Sean's heads over to the man and leans against the table, "Heard you quit on us… the fuck you do that for?" Though there's a grin, Sean looks up sidelong at the man and mutters. "Cause I felt like it. Can I talk to you later Rick? Class tomorrow or something… just later." And the dude just shrugs, "Sure, whatever man." and heads off. Sean drops his chin to the table and covers his head with his hands. Though his foot taps to the music as it plays, keeping time.

Solon offers Letha another smile, "That is fantastic news, Miss Vallas. I do hope that the Senator doesn't overburden you though. I do seem to recall seeing you at that Meals of the Mother Gala, if all of your work is so fine, I shall have to contact you whenever House Cindrvale has an important function that requires the sounds of such a talented player, if you would not mind it, of course." Glancing between Jane, Xenona and Eirene, he's not exactly sure where he should even attempt to enter this conversation.

Roxy chuckles when Glitch relieves her of that drink she wasn't so in to. "Thanks, you saved me." As he makes his own introductions to Zani, she gives Matt a curious look, his nervousness not missed. "You need to talk to.. me?" That surprises her and she nods. "Course, anytime you would like. Maybe I could get an autograph or something?"

Eirene's attention was elsewhere when Jane mentions something about being a 'confidante' to Solon. Her eyes grow wide and her head turns quickly, whipping the smoothed out champagne blonde hair with her movements. It is a blessing for dim lighting. Her cheeks burst with a crimson heat. One hand to her heart, the other lightly touches Jane's arm for support as she giggles softly. "Such a tease, Jane!" The nervous trill of her voice is somewhat noticeable. "Your Lord Brother and I are friends, that is true." Eirene reassures Xenona. "He has been kind enough to allow me refuge in your guest chambers while there is some military activity on Mare Maris. It is a wonderful opportunity to take in all the richness and beauty Phylon has to offer and I could not refuse spending time with those I care for."

Zani gives Drake a smile at that last little hug, and then she looks to Roxy. "Well, I do, but it seems odd with all our instruments and such right there. And all of us together. And - this crowd." She takes a breath, finishes her drink, and then says, "Hi Matt. Nice to see you." Then she blinks as it seems Matt wants to talk to Roxy. Huh. She turnss to look over Roxy's date, shaking her head. "Nope, haven't met him. Hi, I'm Zani." She sticks her hand out to shake, easily enough. "Pleased to meet you, Wynn. But you better go get those drinks. Don't let me keep you"

Xenona is caught in the conversation, shifting her weight upon her feet with a brief turn of her hip in the rather fitted getup. The reaction by Eirene during something Jane says is noted, a flicker of her gaze across the small changes before she nods to Jane, "Of course, I will definitely be in touch and keep in touch with you and Miss Vallas. It means I will have to visit Lady Eirene to see this lovely garden she speaks of, considering she has me at a disadvantage in regards to being in Phylon. My brother can be quite…thoughtful at times." Her gaze slips between the two concerned parties, a knowing smile taking her lips briefly. "If you will excuse me, I have to go get another drink," Xenona disengages herself with a nod, slowly leaving the group in favor of the upper levels once more, making her way up to the Sean-bird in his perch now with a friend.

Drake nods to Letha, then over to Zani and Roxy. He claps one of the security people on the shoulder so that he can slip through and up onto the stage. He grabs up the mic on the front stand, leaning over it to croon, "Helllllllooooooo… Siren!" He may shuffle and stammer in front of nobles, but get Drake Danger up on stage, and he's right at home. Looking to the rest of the band, he collects the mic in one hand, tossing his hair back from his face, "We'd like to thank you for coming to help us celebrate the release of Vengeance, Hell if I Know's contribution to gettin' all of you psyched up to kick some Hostile ass. So… who wants a little VENGEANCE?"

"Autograph.. Of course," Matt replies to Roxy. "It's the least I could give…" A brief pause, as he's distracted by the greeting from Zani, and he offers her a grin. "Hey. Nice to see you too. I figured I didn't want to miss this at all." Turning to look towards the stage as Drake steps up there, looking a bit thoughtful while watching the man up on the stage at the moment.

The friend of Sean's leaves just as Xenona's arriving, her voice picks up in his ears and isn't responded to at first. He slowly lifts his head to look at Xenona, taking in the vision of her in one of Peny's old outfits she'd have long ago tossed out if Sean didn't insist on keeping spare clothing of a feminine style around his loft incase he had impromtu guests. Younger sisters can be quite handy to have around, typically if clothing changes walks of 'shame' are avoided, and a sister's old clothes make for a good excuse to have them on hand. He motions to the spot opposite him for talking purposes.

"Think that's my cue," Zani says to Roxy and Matt, with a duck of her head. She slips past the same security guard that Drake did, getting a wolf whistle and a request for a dance when he's off shift that only gets a laugh from Zani. Then she's on stage, and moving to take up her position behind her keyboards. In mostly darkness, so it still looks like Drake's the only one on the stage.

Letha follows Xenona's departure with a curious arch of her brows, her journalist instincts perking curiously. Her gaze lingers for a long moment, and then she glances toward Solon with a bit of a knowing look. Then she turns her attention toward the stage to offer cheers and clapping toward Drake and the rest of HIIK as they take the stage.

Roxy gives Matt a warm smile, but there's still curiosity in her eyes. "Sure, maybe at the end of the party or something?" Though when Drake takes the stage, she looks up towards it and grins. "Hell If I Know!!" Sure, that was her response to Vengeance! "I'll be right back." The words are to both Glitch and Matt. "Gonna take the stage." Following behind Zani and Drake. She moves to her drums and spins her sticks. Time for a party.

"Phylon is gorgeous, but hardly comparable to the Southern Wilds, I think." Jane is speaking conversationally, leaving it open for anyone to join but looking between Solon and Eirene. She offers a lift of her chin as Xenona departs, watching where the woman goes with a hawk-like gaze. "Of course I am biased as I grew up there, but… Oh, I think Drake is going —" Tossing back the rest of her drink, Jane turns her attention to the stage as Drake takes the mic and begins to work the crowd, and she grins to herself as the guests take up the momentum and scream "YEEEEAH!" The din is punctuated by periodic "I LOVE YOU DRAKE!"s and "MARRY ME DRAKE!"s.

Solon watches Xenona go, a slight frown on his lips. This thoughtfulness is interrupted by Drake's actions on the stage. Not sure if he wants Vengeance or not, he'll do the polite thing and clap. He catches Letha's gaze and frowns once again, then glances towards the stairs to the upper levels. Perhaps this is a mystery for later, and so he steps over to stand next to Eirene to better face what new chaos is about to be unleashed by the crowd. Speaking of that, here it comes.

Late, better than never, an unexpected arrival comes in the form of Lord Garus Leonnia. Dressed to kill, or at least for what he's been told is rock and roll culture, he's wearing a black silk shirt with the sleeves rolled up and pinned to his elbows, unbuttoned just enough to remind people that he's athletic and chiseled. With a tight-fitting pair of black pants, he's cast in dark shadows and the current of male couture. His security dressed down and unarmed, walking far behind him, he strails through the audience on the second floor until he comes within sight of Jane, Letha, Eirene and Solon. With a few nods to people he knows along the way, he steps up behind Jane, pressing a hand to the small of her back as he has to tilt his head away from her screaming up to Drake. He laughs and narrows an eye, wincing.

Matt nods a bit as he hears Roxy. "Of course. Wouldn't want you to miss the fun." And he could probably need a few drinks before that talk, anyway. "Go show people what you can do," he offers to both Roxy and Zani now, before he offers a nod to Glitch as well. "Seems like a fine party so far," he offers to the man.

Approached by an friend she'd not seen in some time, there is some happy squeals as Ella bounces up from her stool and clasps hands with the other Noble woman, a quick hug is given "When did you get back into the social circle?" the woman asks Ella, "Just recently, and I must stay it is so lovely to be back." Her shoulders lift and drop, "It has made me appreciate a night off. They will still be rare, but at least I'll be around again." with some easy chit chat, Ella slips back onto her stool as they finish their conversation. Ending on a laugh and wave goodbye. Just in time too, as Drake gets on the stage and so easy demands attention.

Well, Glitch was on his way to the bar, he nods to Matt as he's addressed, "So far." he says and moves off towards the bar now to snag himself a couple of dirinks. He's got some time, since Roxy is about to play, but he'll get them and come back.

Like Letha, curiosity takes the better of Eirene when Xenona makes her departure from the small gathering that includes her brother. She recognizes the man the young Cindravale meets up with and murmurs something to Solon before Jane stuns and pierces her ears with her yelling and proclamations of love and apparent marriage proposals. Her brow inclines, yet, she cannot help but laugh whole heartedly at the vivacious redhead. There is a more subdued cheering from the Volen who is a classically trained musician. She turns around just to get a good look at the crowd gathered here this evening and spots Garus prowling through the throngs of people hootin' and hollerin'. "Over here!" She calls out to the man, but doesn't say his name. She wants to surprise Jane since she's all acting like a wild teenager.

The band drowns Xenona out, brows furrowing as her lips thin and then she speaks, lifting a hand to cover her ear as she leans in to speak with Sean, tilting her head ever so as she shakes her head and then glances down at the gathering briefly, then to Drake on the stage. The nearly empty 'something sweet' in her glass is tilting, brought to her lips but not taken part of. Solon is looked at, letting her gaze linger on the heir before she makes a motion with her hand.

Drake spins around slowly, half-growling as he checks to see that Zani, Roxy, the other guitarist, and the bassist are all ready, "You know what I wanna do….?" And then he stomps one foot to stop his turn, leaving him facing the audience and his waves of luscious brown hair bouncing around his face as light blossoms across the stage,

I wanna ROCK!

I SAY, "NO!"


And he shoves the mic out toward the crowd, expecting them to pick up the last word and repeat it.

It's a good thing Jane's cup is empty now. The hand that touches her back causes her to leap about a foot into the air, and she whips around to stare at the unexpected man now wincing at her screaming girlishness. She is not embarrassed by her behavior, no. On the contrary, she seems irritated to have been startled. With a half-laugh, half-growl of frustration, Jane reaches out to punch Garus'. "You scared the crap out of me Ga—Sir Garus," she accuses, but her lips turn up into a smile and she taps her cheek while rising up onto her tiptoes. "Penance! And then come meet my friend Letha!" The volume of her voice rises with each word as the music begins, effectively drowning out any conversation below the level of 'screaming bloody murder.'

When Xenona joins him, Sean looks up at her more fully and just shakes his head in response to her words. He leans forward to speak to her, Drake's masterful eargasm of music blasting away his words causing the need for closeness if one wishes to speak to their tablemates.

And the band is on. Lights go all over as Drake starts things off, leading in with a nice wild rocking song. There's a big grin on Zani's face, as the spotlight hits her, making her clothing suddenly shine on the stage. And Zani's fingers hit the keys right on cue, adding to the musical conflagration that is currently under way. Eargasm indeed. And Zani bounces on stage, dancing away as she plays.

Letha is bouncing on her toes, cupping her hands around her mouth to shout and sing the lyrics back at Drake at his prompting. She is smiling to the point her cheeks are going to hurt as she watches her Rock God swoon the crowds. Luckily, she is not easily the jealous type … hopefully. She turns at the sound of Jane's voice, and she brightens at the sight of the Leonnida. She bows her head. "Lord Garus!" She says over the squeals and power of the music. "Pleasure seeing you again! I heard you were at the Meals of the Mother fundraiser! Did you like it?"

Ella's smile gets a touch bigger when the music starts, finishing off her drink she rests it on the bar at is at her back. Looking first toward the bartender and then making a motion to bring her another drink. With the Music having started, the request for drinks had died, at least slightly and the bartender notices her rather quickly.

Matt moves over to the bar as well, ordering himself a few drinks that's a little stronger than the usual ones he drinks. Turning to watch the band and listen at the moment, he grins a bit as he downs the first one now, feet tapping along with the rythm.

Already her sticks are pounding out the beat as Drake begins the song from Vengeance, one that's already climbing the charts. Every now and then, Roxy twirls her sticks, a wide grin on her face as she looks out at the crowd. She was born to play, to perform. The rush was extreme. Squinting a little, she catches sight of Glitch headed for the bar and offers him a quick salute between beats.

Xenona's wide blue eyes narrow slightly at something Sean says and she lifts her chin briefly before tapping a finger idly to her glass. Her hand falls from the rail and she fights to be heard, obviously so as her lips part and she seems like her voice raises over the music. Another glance down as the mixture of listeners and she starts to take a step back from him, starting to turn as a brow lifts in question.
Ella has partially disconnected.

Sean's lips move, then stop, then move again as he seems to speak to her. There's a distant longing and sad look in his eyes as they fight to keep her gaze on him. Her responses make him seem to hesitate, then… he may have answered.

Garus' lips part into a wide, lion-like of a smirk as Jane punches out at him. Big, tall men like him don't mind being beat up on so much, and do their best to show themselves taking it in stride. With a squeeze to Jane's side, he leans in and plants a kiss to Jane's cheek at her demand. "It's bloody loud in here, I've never been to a concert. They sound great!." He calls out across her cheek before he offers her his arm and turns to the sight of Letha Vallas. He lowers his head in a respectful nod to return her bow and motions for her to please, rise. "Miss Vallas, it's a pleasure I didn't know that you and Jane were friends. Yes I was at the Gala, it was at my home. That's where I became good friends with Jane and Lady Eirene, Jane who's been taking great care to make the right suggestions for — " Garus' brows lower, looking between Jane and Letha as he smoothes a hand over the front of his shirt. " — I'm going to assume I'm not underdressed for the occasion?"

What is this 'splosion' of cacophony in her ears?! Eirene chuckles and takes a step back, bumping into Solon for some kind of safety and stability. There is absolutely no way they will be able to hear one another speak. The crowd is very into this performance. As a musician, Eirene observes everything from the crowd behavior to the stage performance. The rush is exciting and intoxicating. Her fingers clutch onto Solon's arm with a little tug to see how he is enjoying the concert so far. She can see Letha, Jane, and Garus standing in her immediate vicinity enjoying themselves even if she cannot make out what they are saying.. Things are about to get physical.

At the bar, Glitch offers a few words to the bartender, tosses some cash on the counter and waits. It takes a few moments, but a tropical looking drink that's orange and red, glowing with a sort of yellowish light behind it. There's fruit on a spear in the liquid. The other drink is swirling blue and yellow streams in a clear liquid with vapor rising from the top. He takes a sip from the latter, nodding towards Roxy as she plays.

Drake repeats the cue several more times, striding back and forth across the stage to try and prompt different sections of the crowd to out-shout other sections. Down below, on the bottom level of the Violet Siren, the dance-floor is a seething mass of humanity, all moving in time with the music. Drake shoves the mic back into its bandana-bedecked stand, tilting it forward, out over the edge of the stage as he leans after it,



Drake once more prompts the crowd, then turns back, beckoning to the guitarist to squeak into a solo, then turning to Zani and Roxy in turn for their own solos.

The Cindravale conversing from her perch considers Sean, half turned to go as something he says gives her pause. A curious look is exchanged with him before Xenona lowers her glass to her side, letting it tap against her leg. She glances back down at the gathered on the floor and then says something, eyes finally lifting to look back at Sean, before leaning into the railing, turning to rest her stomach against it so she can watch the band below, searching the figures on the floor and noting pairings, conversations and more.

What she's said to him make Sean move to stand right next to her and lean against the railing so that he can also look down to the crowd and the band. He says something towards her, that much is clear, then looks back at the band, one foot crossing over the ankle of his other leg as he taps the toe gently, keeping time with the beat.

"ROCK!" Letha shouts back expertly at Drake's prompting before she looks back toward Garus and Jane, her cheeks flushed with excitement. "It was a lovely affair!" She shouts to Garus over the din. "I rather enjoyed myself!" Then again, Letha didn't have to eat the gruel either. She was given a proper meal in the back. She shrugs her shoulders a bit. "Jane is a good friend to have! She will look out for you!" She gestures to the stage. "Have you met Hell If I Know before?"

"You haven't?!" Jane's eyes are sparkling with mirth and mischief as she reaches up to chuck Garus under the chin before he kisses her cheek. Shortly thereafter, Jane blushes warmly and offers him a silent 'look' before glancing away to find her friends. She can hear his bass-y reply to some question of Letha's, and she turns more toward the established conversation. Her eyebrows arch upward at realizing the two are acquainted, but she can only offer the Vallas a wide, knowing grin that speaks volumes. (Or, well, it would for them.) "No, you are not underdressed, my lord. As always, you are looking positively delectable. I had no idea you were coming! Why didn't you say anything?" At Letha's question, Jane's smile widens. "Oh yes, have you met them?"

Zani waits her turn, knowing it's coming. She plays background, comfortable as this is like a pair of old gloves, fit perfectly and so easy to use. The guitarist gets a grin, and a quick thumb up. Then Roxy gets to shine, and Zani grins through that bit of the performance as well. Though when the spotlight turns on her, Zani goes all wild. Her long brown-blonde locks half cover her face, but cannot hide the intensity she puts into her performance. It's a screaming wild ride along the keyboards as Zani pulls out the stops, showcasing her talent, looks, instrument, and dancing all in a sizzle of sound and flair.

When her own solo comes up, Roxy is well prepared for for it. Roxy taps out a beat with one stick while her other hand is lifted to her ear, a motion that she can't hear the crowd. Letha gets a wink and a thumbs up before both drumsticks go wild, her head banging along with the beat. When she finishes and Zani takes the spotlight, she grins, impressed with her talent.

"NO! I haven't been to a concert before, not like this. We've had things at the fields but.." Garus shakes his head, speaking loud enough to be heard between Jane and Letha. Snaking his head up, he takes one more look up to the stage, ever reserved, and gives the band a nod before turning back to Letha and Jane. "Jane has been an absolute joy to speak with, Miss Vallas, she keeps an eye out for me, truly, making sure a fool like me won't drown on accident." He shifts to Jane on his arm, shrugging with a pull of his lips. "I thought it'd be a surprise, I heard you were attending. I figured it would be fun, though I'm a little out of my element, it's like enemy territory." He laughs, and then shake his head. "No, no I haven't met the band. They're really powerful, are you two friends with this Drake Danger and Hell If I Know?" DERRRRP QUESTION.

Finishing his second drink, and gesturing for a refill, Matt grins a bit as he hears the solos. "Nice going, girls…" he says a bit quietly as both Roxy and Zani has finished theirs now. Looking around at the rest of the crowds too.

Glancing over at Sean briefly, Xenona is mostly studying the band, considering his words as her teeth chew at the inside of her cheek. A shake of her head and the young Cindravale steps back and away from him, offering him a few more words before she turns, taking to the stairs to leave the second floor, her hand trailing down the railing as she means to rejoin those below, flinching slightly at the loud music washes over her.

He tries to respond to Xenona as she's turning away, but Sean's cut off by the music when she gets too far. He turns and goes to the bar, getting two drinks. Another 'Something Sweet' and then something a lot less sweet unless mouthwash with a kick is sweet to you. He heads down to the floor and glides through the throngs of people to make his way up to Xenona's side again. He offers a nod to Solon, a silent communique that he's sorry for departing and would like a chance to speak if they get it. He notes Eirene with Solon, and simply offers a light smile and nod before offering the 'Something Sweet' to Xenona. He takes a pull from his own glass, not grimacing at the bitter minty kick to his throat and tongue.

Drake lowers the mic so that he can join the crowd's roar in response to Roxy's gesture without drowning them out. When she's finished, he turns back to the mic, advancing on the front of the stage, dragging the mic-stand along with him as he repeats the call-and-response with the crowd, ending up on his knees at the edge of the stage and wailing a final,


The stage lights cut out, there's a pause for perhaps thirty seconds, and then the clatter of weapons comes over the speakers, leading into 'Master of War' from Vengeance. Apparently, the band wants to party with their fans more than perform for them, at least for now.

Eirene is standing beside Solon since the two of them seem to be the odd ones out at a concert such as this. For the most part, she is enjoying her time, despite the loud decibels pounding in her ears. The statuesque woman takes notice of Xenona's return and smiles fondly to the young girl, followed by a smile to Sean, whom she has previously met. No need to shout. Eirene uses her ooh la la body language to get Solon's attention by way of a little poke to his arm with her index finger. Lookie lookie here.

Letha continues to chat easily with Garus and Jane. "Oh yes… I'm Drake Danger's… ah…" She glances toward Jane as if uncertain what term to even use in this situation. "Girlfriend…?" She half-states, half-asks. She then shrugs her shoulders a bit. "Whatever I am, but yes… I know the band." There is a small pride there, perhaps even some chest puffing.

With her refilled drink delivered to her, Ella takes it and sips at it. There was only a couple of sips out of her new drink by the time that the song finishes. Setting it back down on the bar top, she stands up from her stool, smoothes out her dress over her body, tucks her bag under her arm and starts to walk towards the door.

Eirene's glance causes her to smile and Xenona dips her head, giving a moment to linger close to her brother and his companion, looking at how they stand together. A knowing glance is shot at the Volen before she is offered yet another drink, the glass taken as she takes care not to let it slip through her fingers, tightening her grasp. Her head tilts and she watches the small exchange again, glancing to Sean and giving him a warm smile, "Glad you could join us again," she admits and then looks to some of the other figures mingling, noting Jane and Garus before she clears her throat, "Brother, Sean is a DJ and played the most recent charity event on the Ring."

Solon seems to come out of some sort of reverie. He offers a nod and a smile to his younger sister as she approaches, and then gives Sean a nod as he passes. Turning to Eirene he gives her a rather warm glance. "I apologize for my inattentiveness to you tonight, Lady Eirene. Everything is just so… loud. Is this what the commonfolk consider good music? Perhaps we should start having the schools teach more classical appreciation classes to the youths." At Xenona's words, he offers a nod, "That rave, or however it was called?" Oh boy, next he'll start asking if kids are still using 'the facebook' or 'the youtubes'!

"Oh I love this song!" Jane hands her empty glass to Garus, because she is certain he is not quite the 'let's rock' dancing type. She tosses her arms into the air, swinging her head to send her hair flying back and forth as the band draws close to the song's hook; she twirls like a little girl and dances in a full circle around Garus, rubbing against him every now and then while mouthing the words to the song. When her favorite part as passed, Jane stops beside Garus and reaches up to brush her hair back into place while grinning at Letha. "Girlfriend, Layth. Definitely girlfriend. Yeah, we met them a while back at some concert. Did the charity thing with them too. Remember that? Singing for Soldiers? Layth knows them way better than I do, though."

As the stage lights go dark, Zani goes still, and then she takes a breath, throwing her head back. There is a big smile on her face and she's obviously pumped. She slips off, taking a moment once off the stage to check her clothing, and then look for a drink. A moment of quiet but the security guy is watching her. Among others she's ignoring. She moves towards the bar, finding Matt.

When the lights fade, Roxy grins, looking towards Zani then Drake. "I can't wait to start touring and promoting." Rising from her position behind the drums, she salutes the others. "I'm going to go and dance with my date. I've neglected him." Heading off, she approaches Glitch and offers him a smile. "Hey you, thanks for waiting."

"I wouldn't pass up the chance to see your reactions to this music, Xenona." Sean says, leaving out title because he's not called her lady Xen before… why start now? He looks up at Solon and nods, "I agree with you about the classical appreciation classes. Those of us who were hosting normal raves would give the proceeds to schools in the area who needed the help with their music and computers programs. We've always promoted learning instruments, and obtaining a broad acceptance all musical styles." his second question gets a nod, "Yes, I was the main performance for most of the charity event. You should be glad is was more for nobility than for those of a normal rave clientelle. If this is too loud, boisterous, and close for you… then you won't survive what I'm used to." he explains as politely as he can.

"Girlfriend," Letha repeats, though that title does not seem to sit right. She then casts a bright smile toward the stage as she cheers for her … boyfriend? … though it is only long enough to offer her support before she is sucked back into the conversation. She nods her head. "I was telling the Young Lord of Phylon about that event… since I know Senator Hartcliffe has been doing a lot of strides to helping the people of Leonnida."

Matt is present at the bar, sipping at his drink now. "Sounded great," he offers to Zani as she makes her way over, offering her a grin now. "So, how have you been?" he asks, studying her for a few moments, a bit carefully.

Drake sets the mic back in place as the stage-lights drop, and he turns back to clasp hands and offer hugs and bro-hugs to the other bandmates, "Yeah. That's the stuff…" He's glowing, and it's not just the light sheen of sweat from performing under the lights. There's a reason he's never been into hard drugs. "Dance. Enjoy. we'll be plenty busy." And then he's dropping off the stage, and wending his way through the congratulatory handshakes, hugs, and offers of marriage (although only to get close to his hair) toward Jane, Garus, and his… girlfriend?

Having a glass handed off to him, Garus blinks to it before Jane's flurry of red hair thrashes around him. The scar that lines his neck lurches as he swallows deeply, getting just a moment of refocusing that comes in the form of…looking for Solon. Spotting the man, his lifeline, far off, his hand trails over Jane's hip as she dances around him, thoroughly caught looking at her in front of Letha and the others. At one point he even leans into the press of her body, caught in the atmosphere. Head bowed, he glances over to Letha as Jane comes to a stop at his side and he offers Jane his arm once more. "You must be very proud of your boyfriend, Miss Vallas." Garus' wolfish accent flows. He offers the drink to a passing server and takes up two more, offering one to Jane. "Senator Harcliffe is a man that I admire," Garus adds, looking to Jane and giving her a low, private look as he leans in to murmur something before continuing the thought. "I was in the field during the event, and personally, I thank you both for your attention. The men were energized by the live feeds."

Hugs and all accepted on the stage, and Zani would agree with Drake there. She smiles at Matt, acknowledging his words. "Thank you," she says with a salute as she gets her drink. "That was fun. Me? Mostly busy - you know, recording, writing, and the usual studio stuff. You?" She actually gulps the first drink down - straight up water. And then gets something else to drink, juice, fizzy stuff something a bit sweet, topped off with some fruit.

There is the slightest curve of Solon's lips in a downward direction as Sean refers to his sister by name and not by title. It is a brief and silent rebuke however, one that is probably missed by most. "It is good to hear others agree that classical appreciation is key. As to the loudness of this?" Solon waves slightly to the band and the surroundings, "Yes, it is loud, but I do not find it unpleasant." Or rather he does not find the company unpleasant. His eyes shift slightly over to Eirene as he has this thought.

Jane is flushed from dancing, and she offers Garus the most grateful smile she can conjure when he hands her a second drink. She kicks back half of it without taking a breath, and only afterward does she pick up the conversation once more as if she had never left it. "You have spoken with him longer than I have, Layth. Was the Senator interested in something similar or what? I really need to schedule that meeting with him." She tilts her head toward Garus when he leans in to speak to her, sipping at her drink and watching as the band disperses from the stage. The volume level has dropped a couple notches since the end of the song, which means she can hear Garus without too much effort. Her response is to slip her arm about his waist and lean into him. "I'm glad they liked it."

"Drake!" Letha brightens at the sight of her… boyfriend… and she steps toward him to press a kiss to his lips with a warm affection. She brushes her fingers into his hair, spurring thousands of jealous women and men across all of Haven. then she breaks away to offer a smile toward him. "Come on… come talk with Lord Garus Leonnida… Jane's there." Her smile is full of amusement as she draws him back toward the pair. She gestures to Drake. "Drake, this is Lord Garus… Lord Garus, this is Drake Danger." She glances to see if the other bandmates are around for introductions too… she does look back to Jane at her question. "I don't know honestly… he… and no offense Lord Garus… he seems a bit more coat-and-tie than a rock concert."

As Roxy approaches, Glitch gives a light clap and then shoves the drink towards her, "Tropical sunrise. It's got orange juice in it." He sips his own concoction and nods to her, "That was a nice set, good job up there."

After the hugs and congrats on the stage, Roxy gives her bandmates a thumbs up. Now though, she's at the bar with Glitch and when he offers the drink, she gives him a grateful smile, accepting it. "Thank you, Wynn." Lifting the glass, she takes a long, thirsty drink. Mmm. "Good stuff.. I'm glad you liked the set." Tipping her head back, she finishes off the drink in a few gulps. Thirsty much?

Breaking his arm from Jane's softly, Garus offers his hand out to Drake for a shake after shifting to get an arm around her slender shoulders. His champagne glass teeters perilously over her arm. Sure, it's no bow, but it's a man-to-man gesture, designed to meet the celebrity on an even field. "Nonsense, Miss Vallas. Most of my time is spent in a crush of bodies wearing armor and yelling at the tops of our lungs." Garus smirks where a laugh should be, his serious eyes falling onto Drake. "Suits for formal, everything else for non, right? It's a pleasure to meet you, Drake." Garus cocks a brow, looking to the redhead on his arm. "Do I seem so rigid all of the time, Jane?"

Matt shrugs a little. "Similar things. Been working on some new material, but I don't know when I can start recording it yet." A brief pause, before he adds, "I also got some news a few days ago that made me think a bit about a few things, but all in all, things have been good." Draining his drink, he orders another one now, looking over towards Roxy and Glitch for a few moments, then back to Zani.

Eirene tilts her head slightly to give Solon as kittenish glance with a tender smirk playing on her lips. The back of her hand lightly caresses the Cindravale heir's arm with the unspoken language of the feeling is mutual. Now that there is a break and people can resume speaking, Eirene makes the following statement, rather loudly, "DO YOU THINK I CAN ROCK YOU LIKE THAT LATER?" The question is for Solon, and she's making a little joke about the fact that she's an opera singer, and not a rock singer, but she was totally /rocked/ here tonight. The statement however might be part of a conversation no one else has heard and sounds, very wrong.

Xenona's instincts kick in as Solon's frown briefly mars his gorgeous face and she clears her throat, "It was a little much the other night at the Rave, I have to admit to feeling overwhelmed, but it was all for a good cause. It seems my brother made a small appearance and was able to support the cause for us both," her eyes linger on Solon before carefully sipping her "sweet something" in pinks and oranges. Turning her attention to Eirene, she blinks at the sudden outburst, question dying on her own lips as she coughs and then glances tot he Heir with a soft laugh collecting behind her gloved hand.

Drake wraps an arm around Letha's waist to return the kiss with, maybe a bit more enthusiastically than he should in front of a bunch of nobles and celebrities, but that's what needs to happen after being on stage. Leaving his left arm slung around her shoulders, he turns to eye Jane draped over the nobleman, then takes her earlier advice and clasps Garus' hand, "M'Lord. There's always somethin' for the the doublet and jerkin crowd." Which is to say, formal. "Though there ain't many like that who come out here," he looks around, going tongue-tied again, "Uh… but I mean… apparently some like it. Lord and Lady Cindravale, uh, Lady Rovehn, Lady Volen, and, uh, yourself." His eyes shift over to Jane, one eyebrow arching high as he darts his eyes meaningfully toward Garus.

Zani eyes Matt, and then she says, "What? More news? Tell me we don't have more siblings that we didn't know about?" Yes, she did just say that out loud. She glances over where Drake is, making sure he's okay, briefly. Just in case. Cause someone has to protect that boy from himself sometimes. Thankfully it's Letha's job mostly these days. But then back to Matt.

Jane offers Drake a cheerful grin as he joins the group, but as it is Letha's job to pounce on the man and offer him the physical welcome he deserves, the actresses chooses to remain where she is. Garus' question earns a snicker, which turns into a loud giggle and then a full-on laugh. "No—no, my lord," she gasps out between hiccup-laced titters, "no, you are not always so rigid." Ahem. She clears her throat and continues, turning her attention back to the others involved in the conversation. She can see Drake's expression, and she responds with an arched eyebrow before canting her head to look up to Garus. "I think, though, a little rock would untwist the underthings of some nobility, yes. What do you think, Garus? Do you think the Senator would be interested in adding a little spice to his charity work?" Did she just call him by his first name?

The slightest frown from Solon is noted but ignored. Sean isn't changing the way he addresses his friend, he may have backed down from the rave scene… but he's still Schizoid, he'll refer to whomever however he'd like. A little of the cocky attitude starts to mask over his features before he looks at Xenona and it melts away. He glances at Solon, and Eirene when she bursts out with THAT. He smirks slightly at the Volen who's gone from glacial to center of the sun… what was it she'd said about 'contact'? Oh right, she's gotten over that little obstacle it would seem. A light hand to Xenona's shoulder to get her attention, it doesn't linger though. Just enough of a touch to snag her eyes and her ears as he asks, "Would you like to attempt dancing to this music with me?"

At the sound of Eirene's rather loud offer to Solon, Jane spits out her drink on the floor and begins coughing.

Even from the bar, Roxy can hear the carrying on from where the nobles are. Eyes widen at the outburst and she smirks to Glitch, Zani and Matt. "And I thought all nobles were stiff and boring!" With the music still playing, she offers her hand to Glitch. "Like to dance?"

"Yeah, I'm usually more into typical geek music. You know, heavy beats and a hypnotizing techno sound waves. The kind of shit programmers write too when going into psychocoder mode." Glitch offers up with a grin, "But that was damn good. I'll have to download your stuff, add it to my playlists. He takes another sip and nods to her, "Yeah, I'll give it a shot."

Letha Vallas is a little flushed in the wake of that kiss, though that flush does fade out at Eirene's outburst. She tries not to laugh, and she must turn her face into Drake's shoulder to do so. Then she brightens with a smile toward the Rocker as she snugs in close against him once more. She whispers something at the base of his ear and then she smiles toward the nobbies that hover around. She waits to hear what Garus has to offer in reply to the question from Jane. She glances toward the cluster of Cindravales briefly, but not long enough to really gauge the situation.

The outburst that Eirene makes slighly startles Solon, and he's not sure what to make of it, and so he offers her a non-commital shrug. If she wants to sing, he will gladly listen to it. Why not? A glance to Xenona, and Solon asks, "Did the rest of the night go well? I am sorry that I could not stay the entire time, I needed to visit the good Senator and help him put some of his new plans into motion. You have met Senator Hartcliffe, yes? I am glad our vassal house has such a man to see to the needs of their people." His eyes flick to the hand Sean puts on his sister's shoulder, and although he attempts to keep his face expressionless, he can't help but clench his teeth.

"Well, not quite that, no," Matt replies, unable to hold back a chuckle as he hears Zani saying that out loud. Looking to Roxy as he hears her reaction to the noble outburst, he offers her a grin. "There are lots of things we didn't knew, it seems." Looking back to Zani, he lowers his voice a bit.

Garus stares forward, walking into his own question and getting a rather less-than-obvious tease of a reply from Jane that colors his neck briefly in shades of red. Clearing his throat as well, he gives a wide, shitty-little-grimmace of a smirk to the redhead. He looks to Drake and Letha, "We play plenty of Vallas music at the roar. I think the Senator wouldn't go for it but that's where I come in. If you were so inclined and If Hell If I Know wants to play the Roa—" Garus gets out before Jane doubles over. Garus' brain catches up. He just heard that, and snaps his gaze over to Solon and Eirene's direction with his wide eyes as he rubs softly on Jane's back. "Fu — ," YOU'RE NOT AT THE FRONT LINES, GARUS. " — my gods." He blinks, blinking twice as he downs some of his drink.

Eirene covers her mouth as she laughs. Jane's reaction, Xenona's giggles are all evidence that /everyone/ heard what she had to say. "Well that was unfortunate." There's an apologetic tone to her voice and her cherry red cheeks give away her humiliation. Forging ahead, she gives Drake who is wrapped up in his lovely girlfriend's presence a little waggle of her fingers. "Excellent show tonight, I've never been to a rock concert before. I think I'm going to be screaming for the next few days." This is a compliment from one musician to another, of course.

Zani glances back over at the noble, and shakes her head. "Wow, guess we'd have been wrong on that one." She laughs, and then waves to Roxy and Wynn as they head off to dance. That done, she takes a sip of her drink, before her gaze turns totally startled, eyes widening and mouth dropping open. She has to close it deliberately, and then the only thing she says, is "A what?"

Managing to calm the light laugh braced by her glove, Xenona watches Eirene and then her brother with growing interest, that is til the hand at her shoulder is felt. Tension rushes through her and she catches her breath, causing her to swallow. "I am not sure I would even know hot to dance to this or keep up with you, Sean," she admits, not yet able to answer her brother or not the clenching of his teeth. A brief turn and swoosh of the liquid around in her glass before taking a sip, "It was..I should have left with you, Solon. I do not think I am quite so accustomed to large gatherings as I should be," though she eyes Sean again and considers

"I am so sorry," Jane apologizes as she straightens, reaching up to quietly dab at her mouth with her fingers. "I just, well, anyway." For a moment she is flustered, her fingers fluttering about her face to tidy her hair and continue on the conversation. She picks up the last half of Garus' offer and perks up, absolutely pleased that he is willing to offer his help. "You would drop a word for them, my lord?" No no, she isn't purring. Really. Jane rises onto her tiptoes and presses a kiss of gratitude to Garus' cheek. "That would be so very sweet of you. So don't say I didn't ever try to do anything for you, okay, Drake?" The last is spoken as she turns her gaze back to the couple in front of her, and she offers a cheeky grin.

Drake looks up at the outburst, blinking and shaking his head. Looking back to Letha, Jane, and… well… Garus too, he mouths, 'wow…' Drawing his fingers back through his hair, he grins, "I think I need a drink. Who's got a beer for me?" Looking back to Eirene, he flashes a grin, "Thanks. Hey, stop by up by the stage, they've got some free copies of the album for special guests, Milady." Now he's doing a bit better. Seeing nobles blush and nearly curse and the like probably helps. "And… uh, I'm sure we've got a stop or two at The Roar planned on the tour, I'm sure we could do a private show some time."

"I know what music you like.. Techno? Heck No!" Of course she's teasing and as Glitch agrees to dance with her, Roxy grins. "Thanks." Hearing Matt and Zani, she grins, waving back to Zani as she heads out to the dance floor, already moving her feet to the music.. feet, arms, head, hips.. she loves to dance.

Drake blinks at Letha's whisper, coughing and clearing his throat before scrubbing his hair back from his face again.

Letha smiles brightly toward the others as they talk easily with one another, though she does note the kiss to Garus's cheek. Hmm. Something else catches her attention though, and she clears her throat a bit as she spots Sean and the Cindravales once more. "If you will excuse me a moment," she says vaguely before she starts to duck under Drake's arm, abandoning him with the nobles. She starts toward Sean et al with a confident stride. She puts on one of those professional, polite smiles as she swoops in. "Hey! Sean… I totally need to show you something… mind if I steal him for a moment?" She says to Solon and Xenona brightly.

"It's easy, really. Besides, I didn't let you fall the other night, did I?" Sean asks Xenona, he stands next to her and watches the other nobles around them. "Or, we could always go for a walk…" a light offer. He sips from his drink again, finishing it and setting down on a table somewhere. Then, Letha… he nods to her and makes to follow.

"Yes, that was about my reaction when I found out," Matt replies, a bit quietly. "Something that happened years ago, when I was young and stupid. I only found out a few days ago." A brief pause, as he glances around the room again for a few moments now.

And so as Roxy makes her way out onto the dancefloor, Glitch follows suit. He's not a particularly good dancer, but he gets out there none the less. A steady flow of arm movements, kept tucked into the body, Check. Simple two step movement of feet, Check. Little head sway, Check. Dancing for white guys with no skill, Check.

Eirene turns to Xenona once Sean leaves and smiles sweetly to the young Cindravale. "How did you come to know Mr. Thanesson, Lady Xenona?" Oh inquiring minds. There's a brief glance towards the stage where Drake mentioned there would be free copies of the band's music. She'll have to keep that in mind before leaving for the evening. Her drink is empty but she makes no move to grab another.

Solon offers Eirene a smile, stating simply, "You have nothing to be worried about, My Lady. If you want to get on stage and showcase your talents, I am sure everyone here would be quite willing to hear you." This continuing to show that he completely misunderstood what she said. To Xenona, he nods softly, frowning, "I am sorry I did not inform you of my departure and offer to escort you home. That failing is mine, Xenona. I do hope that you will forgive me for that." Letha seems to be calling Sean away, and he will watch the pair of them move off before returning his attention to Xenona and Eirene.

"Jane, you're convincing as always." Garus leans into the kiss to his cheek and gives Jane's shoulders a soft squeeze. It's a strange gesture, as he's comfortable with it in a way that suggests he could tell she was about to do so. It's happened before, even with a slight close of his eyes at her kiss. Clearing his throat, he casts a quick glance over to Solon, as if keeping an eye on him, before turning to Jane and Drake. "Let's do this…" He offers, straightening just a bit. "Come to the roar, Mister Danger. Bring Miss Vallas, your band, your crew for the concert but we'll host you at the Roar for the least of an evening and the four of us will have some dinner? I'd appreciate a private performance, but Jane's friends as guests as well. I cannot promise that the war won't pull me away, but we can try?"
Pausing for a sip from his drink, Garus looks over his shoulder to one of the bar stations and gives it a thoughtful look. "If you'd all excuse me, I'm being flagged down for something. Drake?" It was a pleasure." With a turn, he presses a kiss to Jane's cheek, murmurs something, then disappears into the crowd.

"Yes, of course," Xenona replies to Letha with a smile, "Maybe later," she replies to Sean as he is dragged away. This causes her to consider Solon,

Zani pauses for a moment. "Years ago?" she asks, with a frown at Matt. "Wait, how many years?" There's a suspicious glance towards the man and the keyboardist looks suddenly rather speculative. She does remember to look up, and then she leans over to whisper something to Matt, before she pulls back and drains her glass.

Letha loops her arm with Sean with that kind of graceful and unquestionable manner that women are so good at. She starts to lead the DJ away from the pair of Valen with an airy stride. It isn't until they are well outside of earshot does Letha finally say something to the man. "It isn't going to happen, Schizoid, so you just need to walk away." The Valen looks over at him. "You're flirting with High Lady Kallista Cindravale's daughter… in front of her brother… without any care of what is proper and expected. You're lucky if Sir Solon doesn't challenge you to a duel for dishonoring his sister, and then you'll be lucky if you survive it."

"Yes, of course," Xenona replies to Letha with a smile, "Maybe later," she replies to Sean as he is dragged away. This causes her to consider Solon, "You could not know, but next time I think I shall accompany you if you do not mind?" Her drink is swirled again idly before she tilts her head, considering the question. "I met him," her eyes glaze a little before she remembers, recalling as a light smile curls her lips, "I met him on Phylon at a cafe on one of the upper terraces." The recollection causes her to bubble up and over, smile brightening, "He was writing a new song and I was enjoying the view after a while away at the Tower. Phylon is quite the sight in the evening, I had near forgotten it. But I suspect, by your talk of gardens that Mare Maris is likely just as lovely in its own ways. I am in a sore need to do some traveling, perhaps my brother could bring me for a small get together and we can plan the soiree together?" She can fit in if she chooses, attempting to adjust to the social climate around her.

Jane touches Garus' arm briefly in a silent gesture of farewell as he departs. The whole ridiculously mushy scene leaves her flushed and cheerful, and she sips quietly at her drink until some of the heat in her face has receded. "Don't let his energy overwhelm you or anything, Drake. That is his business attitude." She spares a glance for the rockstar before turning her focus back to Letha. She seems wildly interested in what is going on, but is far too polite to poke her nose into someone else's business. "Layth looks very happy these days. I am glad to see it. I hope you're being good to her."

Drake nods to Letha, lifting his arm to let her duck gree. And then he's there with a bunch of nobles, and he blinks. ohshit. The continual PDA between Jane and Garus is starting to settle in on his brain, and he nods, "Sounds good, Milord. Maybe I'll bring Jane along to try to convince the band to go H.A.G." And then Garus is departing, and Drake bows his head, waiting one beat, two, three, and then grinning broadly at Jane, "Sooooooo… yeah, you're lookin' happy too. How's Gaaaaaaaa-rus?" Little brother mode, engaged.

Maintaining silence until they are clear out of earshot, Sean looks at Letha and shakes his head. "It isn't like that Ley, she's a friend. There's nothing going on more than that." Sean insists, "And I haven't dishonored her in anyway, if someone's uncomfortable with me calling her by her name, then they can say something. She's not corrected me any of the times I've talked to her." he looks at Letha, and it's clear he's telling ninety nine percent of the truth.

Eirene listens to Xenona's story with a prim smile pressed on her face. Occasionally there is a side glance to Solon. "Mare Maris is completely submerged in water. It's a fantastic moon. You would love it there. We do have a 'few' gardens. My Lord Brother's betrothed, Lady Reena enjoys to keep a garden. I was referring to the Penthouse Gardens in the Fortress, in your family home. Forgive me for not making that much clearer. But, having said that, I would very much love to have both you and Lord Solon stay as guests in my family home in New Atlantis. I would prefer there to be a more peaceful time. Once I have some clearance from my brother, I will begin to make the arrangements."

Once she's got Glitch out on the floor with her, Roxy continues to dance, watching his moves and impressed despite his own discomfort in dancing in front of people. The song was already half over when they got out there, so there's not much left in it. She doesn't seem to mind at all because she's too busy having a good time moving her body to the beat. Feet slide, hips sway, arms move. It really looks good with Glitch's moves.

"Of course, Xenona. You but need to ask, and I am at your disposal. Always." Solon bows his head to her, acknowledging this fact. His eyes then dart between his sister and Eirene, and he quickly states, "The Lady Eirene has asked me to come visit Mare Maris, I think it would be lovely if you came along with us. Currently she is our guest in the Fortress, due to her home being on hightened alert status." He gestures to Eirene saying pretty much the same thing. "Oh, perhaps the three of us could dine together in the near future. We should spend more time together, Xenona, and I think you will enjoy any time spent in the company of the Lady Eirene. I find her to be quite the conversationalist, and enjoy the time I have spent with her thusfar."

Matt pauses for a few moments now as he hears Zani's whispered words, and looks about to say something. "Well, I could avoid saying it, if you want?" he offers, finally, before he adds, "Wouldn't be right if I did, though." A brief pause, before he adds, "You know, a few months ago, I thought my only family was father, and now…"

"If I wasn't afraid to hit him in public, Drake, what makes you think I won't be afraid to hit you?" Jane mimes a jab at the rocker's arm, but she pulls her punch long before it threatens to make contact. "Alas, I'm afraid of harming that pretty face and costing you." She pauses, sipping her drink while considering how to respond to the nasally, little-bro tone. "As you can see, Sir Garus is doing well. You should have asked him that yourself." Jane looks back to Drake to see his expression, and after a second's pause she heaves a heavy sigh and glances down to her drink. She can't help the smile that plays out on her lips, not even if she wanted to. "He's wonderful."

"I'm not blind, Sean," Letha says firmly, staring at him with those brilliant blue eyes. "It is pretty fucking obvious." She smirks. "If you're messing around with her, stop it, because here's what is going to happen… her mother is going to find a nice nobleman for her to marry… may be that she marries out of the Vale, may be that he marries in… but she's going to end up with a husband, and then she's going to end up with lots of babies, and I can tell you right now, if you've gone and started something with her that you haven't done properly and gone through the right channels, you are going to end up loathed and hated by all of the Vale. Kallista is loved, and her children equally so. No one is going to hire you, no one is going to sign you… so, if you are just some friend, fine… but if you are doing something that you know is more than friendly, you better get your ass in line and do it properly. Got me?"

"Oh, well than I grossly misunderstood you, Lady Eirene, but yes, the gardens at Phylon would be perfect for such an event. So many charity events lately I think we all need to just relax and evening and remind ourselves of peace and calm. I know I would enjoy that. Besides, I have gotten little chance to spend time with my peers, perhaps a return party or something of the sort," Her smile falters and Xenona shakes her head, tilting it as she studies the Lady, "I am very sorry that you have need to seek refuge, hopefully soon we can see New Atlantis without interruption or worry." She sips at her drink, briefly nodding with a glance to Solon, "We should, brother of mine…and I am certain since you enjoy her company I shall as well. Dinner will do nicely, I will speak with mother and see about setting something up for us."

Zani just stares at Matt, and then she sighs. "A lot of drinks, Matt. Seriously." A look at her empty glass, which she sets down, and then she just gets a new drink and shakes her head. "I don't want to know right now. I am going to go party." Which has her leaving Matt to his own devices as she heads … well, first randomly away. And then moves towards Drake and company, with a happy smile plastered on her face.

"Alright, fine… she's got more than looks going for her. I admit I'm tempted Ley, but seriously I'm a bit fucked up right now to be considering doing anything with anyone." Sean takes a breath, "And what proper channels? Since when are there proper channels for spending time with someone?" Sean shakes his head, "Look, if I were only looking to bed and move on… I wouldn't do that to Xenona." again, no title. "So, what all am I doing that's sooo fucking obvious?"

Drake brings up both hands to beckon teasingly to Jane, "Bring it, Jane-y." Dimples flash around his smile, and he collects a beer from someone looking to get close to the rocker, then looks back to Jane, taking a long swig of his beer and looking after the Leonnida, "I could, but he's fuckin' scary." And he draws a thumb across his throat, "Glad he's all nice to you and stuff. If he ever isn't, lemme know. I'll eviscerate him in song."

Matt nods a bit at Zani's words. "A lot of drinks, yes. Thanks for listening. And enjoy the party, you deserve that." Watching her head away, he mutters something under his breath, along with a bit of a sigh too.

Jane considers Drake's comment, following Garus' back until he is swallowed up by the crowd. "Scary? Do you think so?" She raises her eyebrows while considering this before the rockstar's offer causes her to laugh. This time she does reach out throw her arm around his shoulders and bring his head in closer so she can noogie him - or at least threaten a noogie. She is wise enough to not actually muss up the hair too much. "If he breaks my heart, Drake, you will be the, hmm, okay, you'll be the second one I call. First will be Letha, because I will need chocolate, ice cream, whipped cream, and a hell of a lot of vodka. But then you'll be next and I'll demand a songwriting credit as I encourage you to use words just like 'eviscerate' to describe what I plan to do to him. 'Flay him alive', maybe."

"Lady Xenona is a High Lady's daughter," Letha says, each word a touch pointed. "You don't get to just hang out and dance with and go for walks with — " Yeah, she overheard that one when she was walking over. " — the daughter of a High Lady. That's what gets Sir Kallista on your doorstep wondering what the fuck you are doing with her daughter." She smirks. "Which is why I think Sir Solon was about to lay you out." The ex-journalist shakes her head. "I'm a woman, Sean… and a journalist. I'm pretty good at reading body language and picking up on hints. It is my job." She shakes her head. "Honestly, you keep that girl at arm's length until she decides she wants to have a relationship with you, and then she goes and asks her mother to approve such an arrangement."

"That's not a problem, Lady Xenona. It's quite loud in here." Eirene says with some cheer. "A return party in your honor! What a wonderful idea." She now looks to Solon with wide, excited eyes. "It could be a very lovely soiree. Perhaps even a masked affair!" Oh costumes!!! "No need for apologies. My brother and father are trained in the military under the naval branch. My sister is to be married to Lord Sir Victor Khournas and is staying on Volkan. Though, I just heard there's some sort of Hurricane headed that way. I should write to her." The blonde muses while tucking errant stands of hair behind her ear. "With all of the recent Hostile activity, it is prudent for those of us who are not military or combat trained to stay safe and under protection." Another glance is given towards Solon. "I am sure you will be getting busy soon." Her voice drops into softness as she considers his future absence. While outwardly attempting to appear strong, there is a little sadness in her eyes.

So the song ends. A new song begins. This time, it's a little harder rock, with a faster beat and suddenly Glitch just stops, staring at his feet. Nope, he didn't memorize moves to this song. Nope he has no idea how to dance to this shit. What becomes of his attempt is sort of what happens when white boys try to krump. Basically they slam into someone, and get hurt. That's basically what happens here. Glitch tries to move his feet to the speed he thinks he needs to keep up with the beat, and instead he slips, slams into some guy dancing next to him, and inadvertantly catches elbow that sends him sprawling to the floor. And the moral of the story is: Don't get out and dance in front of a bunch of people. Ever.

Zani makes it over to Drake, and offers a smile. "Hi all," she says, with a curtsey she manages gracefully for the nobles present. "I'm Zani." And that's all she says, waiting for a good time in the conversation to interject briefly. There's a quiet confidence there as she puts Matt's words behind her, and concentrates on being charming and rock keyboardist zen like.

There's a moments pause, then Sean starts to chuckle. "Seriously? She needs to ask permission to hang out with people? What's going to happen? Honestly." amusement in his eyes, "And yeah, I want her in my life… perhaps a little closer than friends, perhaps just friends. I don't know yet, as for arm's length? I'm not doing that to Xenona if she wants to see me. If you feel it's that big of a deal, then why don't you help me get a meeting with whomever I need to. Come with me and help me talk this out with that person?"

When the new song begins, Roxy is oblivious to the situation with her date, because he seems to be moving just fine for her! Just… as she pulls off a shuffle maneuver, which gratefully took her out of reach for those deadly elbows, she does a quick spin, but as soon as she turns around again, her date is gone! Oh wait, there he is.. sprawled on the floor. Coughing to hide the laughter threatening to bubble out, she reaches out a hand. *Cough* *Cough*

"Excellent!" Solon exclaims as Xenona seems to accept the invitation for a dinner. "If you are going to speak to our Lady Mother about things, perhaps you should see if she is available to join us as well. I am sure she could use a slight break from all of her planning as well. Would you mind that, Lady Eirene? Possibly meeting the High Lady Cindravale?" The question is asked so innocently, but a smile tugs at the corner of his lips as his eyes meet Eirene's. The Siren's excitement at a costume party or masked ball make his smile broaden. "Yes, yes, I am sure something like that could be arranged. As to my absence? It is probable, but I do try to come back to Phylon whenever possible. The war will take me all over, but if you would like, I can make a vow to you, My Lady?"

Drake's hair is constantly mussed, but that's part of its charm. His head is captured, and he's noogied or not, carefully holding out his beer to keep it from spilling. He straightens up as she finally looses him. Tossing his hair back, he then runs his free hand back through the luxurious locks. Jane's promise causes him to laugh, "I was gonna go with something about a lion with a very," his left hand comes up, fingers held about an inch away, "teeny roar." When Zani arrives, he gestures between the keyboarder and the actress, "Zani, you 'member Jane, yeah? From Singing For Soldiers." And a dozen or more movies. "Jane, Zani." And there goes another big drink of his beer.

Letha sweeps her arms as wide as she can in this packed house. "Welcome to the world of noble dating protocols." She smirks. "There's a reason that I pretend nobles are a totally different species." Then the journalist shrugs. "She's the High Lady of the Vale… there's a lot she could do. She could have Xenona disowned, she could marry Xenona to someone who would not tolerate a companion marriage, which means you could get arrested for fooling around with a noble's wife, she could have you banished from the Vale, she could pretty much ruin your entire reputation… she could even go as high as High Lord Esiah Orelle." The Valen woman shakes her head. "So, yeah…" She laughs then, waving her hands a bit in front of him. "Oh, no… I don't think so. You want to do this, you get to arrange to talk to Kallista on your own. I have my own reputation to keep afloat, and getting reamed by Kallista is not going to help that."

Jane pulls her arm away from Drake, but she does reach up to smooth some of his wayward locks back into place. It's a very maternal gesture. "A lion with a tiny roar?" She considers that for a second before busting out in laughter. "Ah, that is perfect! Perfect. I'm using that in a threat at some point, I just know it." Now primed to meet new people in the best of moods, she turns her attention to Zani. "Oh! Pleasure to meet you, Zani," she greets, holding out her free hand to the girl. "Wonderful, wonderful performance as always."

"Like I'd get that sort of meeting on my own Ley. Seriously… I'm what? A bartender, a former DJ for underground raves, an Academ student. Hell, I can't even get myself an internship with a scientist for all the letters of rec I have." Sean shakes his head, "I'll send something to Phylon, but I have the largest assurance of it getting filed in their circular bin." he glances over his shoulder at Xenona, then looks back, "You know I don't deal with nobles, Ley… you've dealt with them plenty, will help me out here? I need to see her, spend time with her, get to know her. I need her as a friend if nothing else."

Zani smiles, certainly holding her hand out to shake Jane's as offered. "The pleasure is mine, Miss Wyre. Thank you. We did sort of meet in passing at that event yes, and of course I remember you. You've been my heroine in several movies," she adds. She's not quite starstruck, but it might be close. "And I know better than to ask who you all are calling a lion. So instead, I think I'll just ask if you're enjoying yourself?"

Matt remains where he is for the moment, sipping his drink as he watches the people present. Smiling a little bit as he sees the happenings on the dance floor, he shakes his head momentarily as he gets to his feet, looking around the room for the others present at the moment.

So maybe Mykal knew there was a party for some band. Of course he got an invitation, he's Mykal Cindravale. Sure, he's not in the tabloids like Nitrim Khournas, but he's properly married now and doesn't get caught sleeping around anymore. Ahem. In any event, yet another member of the Cindravale main line comes trapsing into the Violet Siren tonight, cigarette poised between his lips, the smoke rising from it is colored red and gold oddly, which makes more sense when you note that currently the man's aura is active, a low glow of flame surrounding his form…oh and his eyes are stark white. Way to make a casual entrance there. "Yes, yes, I'm here!" he calls out as soon as he spies Solon, and Xenona. Admittedly this is several moments after he's entered the room, it took a bit to find them, but still, he likes pomp.

Drake goes big-eyed at Jane for a moment, "Wait… what… don't mention my name. Like I said, scary. Plus, private performance is always good for bank accounts." Something twists his lips in a grimace then, his shoulders tightening a little, "And I could do with that right about now." Shaking his head as if he were brushing away a fly, he straightens up as one of the Vengeance songs slows toward a halt, "Hey… I got something I should do. Y'all excuse me a sec?" He offers a smile to Zani, and another to Jane, and then he ducks out, heading for the stage once more.

Letha doesn't try to be unkind, but she does sort of tilt her head and smirk. "Then why are you even thinking about trying to hook up with a Paramount kid? Being a Companion is like marrying her, and if you don't even think you're good enough to get a meeting, why do you think Kallista would even want you to join her family?" She gives him a slanted look. Then she sighs. "Look… Sean… if you can start respecting the social norms, and treat her like a Lady of Cindravale, and recognize that you are going to have to start impressing her family… fine, I'll help you… but if you're just going to stand here and give me the shit you just gave me, fuck no. Kallista will eat you, bones and all, for her supper. The Vale prides itself on being proper, following the path of the Reversion, and believes wholy in honor and the value of reputation. You gotta stop being — " And she waves her hand over him. "— whatever the fuck this is, and start being… well… more like a Valen."

Nope, Glitch is not getting up. He's laying there, blood trickling from his nose and gets out a cigarette, lighting it up in what would have been a smooth motion when standing upright, but is much more awkward from the floor. He takes a drag from the sweet, clovish smelling death stick and sighs a bit, exhaling the smoke, "So…there's me dancing…"

"Masked…" Xenona's voice trails off as Eirene is already full of colorful ideas, the young woman grinning behind the the rim of her glass. "It sounds like you may not need me to help plan, you seem to have things well in hand," she comments before nodding her head, sending a few pale curls to bounce at the back of her head, "I can of course invite mother, I have been meaning to speak with her as well." Though her eyes flicker back and forth between the two others, Eirene and Solon causing her to clear her throat, "I think my brother is going to need to all his energy to keep up with you, Lady Eirene, you seem to positively jump from place to place." A sip of her drink follows. "I would say in a few days we should look to have dinner, and Lady Eirene, I would love to spend some time with you if I can get my brother to release you from his company." Mykal's chipper voice causes her head to turn and her smile to broaden, a wicked gleam. "Mykal!"

Eirene is poised when asked if it would be all right with her to meet High Lady Kallista Cindravale, but her smile stretches from ear to ear. "It would be both an honor and a pleasure, Lord Solon. Surely the very thought of it makes me nervous, but in a good way." There is a glance now towards Xenona. "We could start to put together some ideas of what you would like to have at your party, My Lady, then, whenever your Lady Mother is available for dinner, we can discuss it with her and show her the progress we've made." Oh, but Solon's last query has Eirene stopping to catch her breath. Her eyes settle upon the tall man and for that very moment, the whole world drops and only Solon exists. A vow. She could hardly speak. "Only that to which you would message me and let me know you are doing well, are healthy and alive and will be returning to..Phylon." Her fingertips reach out and lightly brush his elbow.

Oops there's blood. That can't be good. Instead of standing there, hovering over him, Roxy sits down beside him, reaching out with a small rectangle of cloth and wiping gently at the blood. "Are you ready to leave? We can skip out of here, but I do need to talk with that musician who said he needed to speak with me. It's already getting late anyway and I don't wanna be too late getting home." Inadvertently, her gaze sweeps over Sean who is now speaking with Letha and she shakes her head. "Tomorrow, I guess I'm going to check into getting an apartment or something."

"Yes, we did! Oh, damn, I'm sorry, I didn't forget, not quite. I remember it now. And oh, stop…but I'm glad you enjoyed the 'vids. It makes me happy when people can enjoy themselves." Jane smiles warmly at Zani, lifting her hand to flick her fingers at Drake in a shooing gesture while simultaneously draining the rest of her drink. She sets it on the tray of a passing waiter before looking Zani over from head to toe. "I love Hell's music, you know, so I could never not enjoy myself at a performance. I must say, your outfit is to die for, and so scintillating. I wish I could pull off a look like that, but I'm stuck with the sameness. People would lose their shit to see me in that."

Zani grins and waves as Drake takes his leave. She turns her attention to Jane, listening with a bit of a chuckle, totally not worried over their previous meeting. "There were a lot of new people to meet, don't worry about it. And you have a lot of fans, who love you as you are," she says. "No need to hit the rock scene as we are doing. Though I suppose it might be even more shocking if I were to play something classical dressed like this." A pause and a quick look over at where Drake is. He didn't hear that right? Ahem. Zani shrugs a bit. "But it is fun to be able to glitter like this. Perhaps you might find a movie role that would allow you something similar for a time?"

Sighing at the ceiling for a moment, Sean takes a deep breath and then looks down to Letha. A calm seriousness in his eyes, "Why is it suddenly Companion? That wasn't mentioned before now, and I didn't say I'm trying to hook up with her." he pauses, "Alright, fine… so I want more in time… so then what norms am I supposed to be following? First off, I didn't know she was a noble of any kind until introduction to her brother was made. Honestly, that right there almost had me out the door… I've never been okay around nobles, they bother me." Sean glances over his shoulder in Xen's direction again, starting out speaking as he turns back, "…mething about her that makes me feel, normal. Feel, accepted no matter what. So, I'll grasp at whatever straws I need to grasp at if it means I can keep her in my life." he blinks real slow, "And, if you help me… I'll shut the fuck up right now and let you win this little battle." A playful smirk.

Turning slightly at the sound of Mykal's voice, Solon offers his brother a slight nod of his head and motions for him to join their little company. Back to Xenona and Eirene, "Yes, well, I am unsure as to who is planning this little gathering, but I will attend, if only to lend my support." Xenona's next comment makes him blink slightly, "Well, the Lady is quite active in the various charitable endeavors that seem to be sprouting up like wildfire. It appears the rest of Haven is attempting to live up to the standards we Valen have kept for many years." Eirene is given a firm nod, and he states solemnly, "I shall, My Lady. I will inform you of my status whenever possible so that you need not be troubled."

Matt makes his way a bit out into the crowd at the moment, watching the various people as he does. Gaze going to Zani and the people near her for a few moments now, before his gaze moves around the room again, over towards Mykal as the man arrives now. Studying him for a few moments.

"Maybe, we'll see. I've been considering retiring from the movie business," Jane announces to Zani, and then her eyes widen as she realizes the slip. "Well, not quite retiring, but, I don't know. I'm getting overwhelmed with all of this H.A.G. business and charity work and…" Her voice trails off for a moment, and she snatches up a drink as it passes in front of her face. "Actually, you are totally right. Maybe I should look through some of the offers." She barks a laugh, surprised at herself, and grins at Zani. "Bet you didn't realize you'd be helping me make that decision tonight. And I think you should definitely try some classical pieces in that outfit. Or, well, in something similar."

Drake hops up on stage again, making his way across the dark expanse easily enough to capture a beat-up old red-wood acoustic guitar. He slings the guitar, moves over to grab a stool, and sets it down at the front of the stage. By this point, a few folks have started to notice, but it isn't until he sits down on the stool and brings the guitar around in front of him that the lights and sound seem to notice. A single spot pops on, spearing him as he looks up from behind a curtain of hair, "Hey everybody. I just thought I'd take a moment to give y'all a sneak peek at something we've been workin' on. It's not really ready, but I thought it could be a little fun." He waits for the cheers to die down, then puts fingers to guitar strings. The music is simple, light, a rather strong juxtaposition from the hard rock of Vengeance. It could even be described as… sweet. He plays through one riff, and then leans into the lowered mic,

I've been waiting for a girl like you, To come into my life
I've been waiting for a girl like you, A love that will survive
I've been waiting for someone new, To make me feel alive
Yeah, waiting for a girl like you, To come into my life…
You're so good, When we make love it's understood
It's more than a touch or a word we say, Only in dreams could it be this way
Now, I know it's right, From the moment I wake up till deep in the night
There's no where on earth that I'd rather be, Than holding you, tenderly.

Mykal is used to being studied. Usually by women, but that's besides the point. He moves off towards Solon and Xenona, exhaling a large plume of yellow and red smoke, "My lovely wife regrets not being able to attend. She's dealing with some sort of…financial matter at the club." he waves a hand airly, causing that fire like aura he has to flicker and brighten. "So, what have I missed, my littlest of sisters? Anything important?"

With the band back on stage, they seem to take a different approach. This time, Eirene can actually hear the lyrics and somehow, the song just gives her chills. She breaks from her reverie and offers a smile to Mykal when he approaches the group. Xenona greets him fondly while Solon is more reserved. "Hello, my lord. I am Lady Eirene Volen." Now that it's been made clear he is another Cindravale sibling.

"I will have to make a point to visit your Lady Wife," Xenona responds to Mykal, glancing to the other two. She gives her other brother a glance and a slight tilt of her head to Eirene and Solon. She smiles brilliantly and then shakes her head, "Nothing out of the ordinary, just back from the Tower once more and it looks like an extended stay. Solon has made quite a wonderful friend in the Lady Eirene," she comments, glancing back at the two. "As you now know." She finishes the glass of something sweet and lets it fall back to her side.

"I told you, you can use my loft." Glitch replies, still laying there while his nose is wiped at. He takes another drag from his cigarette, "So, bloodied nose and embarassing dance moves. How does that rate on the first and or second date scale?" He smirks at her and finally sits up, noticing that there's now some romantic music going on, and peers up at Drake, "That doesn't sound much like your style…."

Zani blinks and then she shakes her head, studying Jane for a moment. "I certainly had no idea, you're right, but whatever you decide, nobody will hear about it from me." She glances to the stage as Drake gets up there and she make a face. "Well. At least he's going to sing it. Intereseting." She then grins, glancing down at her outfit, before she says, "I actually do play classical too, but just for fun." And then she goes quiet to listen to the Drake Danger solo, pride showing in her face as she watches him sing. "Yeah, that's going to be - awesome."

As Mykal joins their little party, Solon will give the yellow and red smoke a faint frow. "Mykal, it has been a while. Things at your enterprise are quite busy, I presume? I do hope your Lady Wife is faring well." It seems Eirene introduces herself to his brother, so he goes ahead and says, "Lady Eirene, this is my brother, Lord Mykal Cindravale."

"Sorry, honey," Letha says, her voice filled with honest apology. "Like I said… there's a reason I think of nobles as totally different species. Citizens have more freedom to love and live than they do, and it is just the way it is." She shrugs her shoulders a bit. "Citizens don't get to date nobles… just not how it is done, especially here in the Vale. You want to be with her, it is commitment or nothing, and you'll always have to know that the moment her husband decides you are interferring with their marriage to much means that it is over between you two. Honestly… I could never do the Companion thing." She shrugs. "You'll always be playing second fiddle to her husband, but…" And she breathes out a slow sigh. "This isn't about winning a battle, Sean… I just don't want to see you turned into a nothing, which is what happens when you start fucking around with nobles without doing it right." She then notices how the crowd's mood changes, and she glances up toward the stage. She blinks a bit at the sight of Drake, and then she starts to smile. It is a warm and loving thing that brings a faint pink blush onto her cheeks. She glances to Sean a bit, nodding her chin. "That's why I won't mess with nobles… Citizen love is just… better." And she bites softly at her lower lip.

"Yeah," Roxy says absently, but after a few more moments, she nods. "Maybe." Standing, she tucks the cloth back in her pocket. "I can say it's definitely been the most interesting date I've been on." Hearing the music, she grins at Glitch. "Yeah but it's a ballad. We do some ballads too, just not as many. You should hear the other one we're working on. So, I'll go and speak with the musician, want to come with me?"
Garus has disconnected.

Hmmmming quietly, Mykal eyes the frown given to him by his brother, and he sighs lightly closing a hand around the cigarette and a bright light comes from his hand, then opens it, allowing the ash of the remnants to fall to the floor. His eyes close, and his aura fades, "A pleasure, Lady Eirene, I do hope you are a good influence on my dear brother." Something about that seems to imply that by good, he means his kind of good, which would be Solon's kind of bad, "And yes, Solon, quite busy. Ice and Fire is doing very well, Anabelle has been a wizard with the books. Of course, she's always had a mind for that."

Drake's tenor voice rises clear and proud as he croons the next line of the song,

So long… I've been looking too hard, I've waiting too long
Sometimes I don't know what I will find, I only know it's a matter of time
When you love someone, When you love someone.
It feels so right, so warm and true, I need to know if you feel it too
Maybe I'm wrong, Won't you tell me if I'm coming on too strong?
This heart of mine has been hurt before, This time I wanna be sure.
I've been waiting for a girl like you, To come into my life
I've been waiting for a girl like you, A love that will survive
I've been waiting for someone new, To make me feel alive
Yeah, waiting for a girl like you
To come into my life…

Drake holds that last note, then lets it trail away. Tossing his hair back, he flashes another dimpling smile, "Thanks. Just wanted to… you know, get that out there." He holds up one hand against the spotlight, looking out into the crowd, "And now I'll let you get back to Vengeance."

Getting to his feet, Glitch nods, "Yeah, sure." he offers and moves towards a waitress roving around with a platter of drinks, taking a two shots, and then a third drink off the tray. The third drink looks like it was probably meant for someone, but after downing one of the shots, Mykal drops a few bills on the tray, and offers the other shot to Roxy, "It'll help with the emotional pain that comes from realizing you've just been on a date with a complete geek." he offers a grin and a wink with that.

Matt listens with a smile as he hears Drake's music from the stage now. As the man finsih playing, the older musician is unable to hold back a bit of applause as he does. Not having noticed if Roxy and her date is making their way over or not, it would seem.

A hand to his brow to work it with his thumb and index finger, Sean eventually looks at Letha again, "I just, Oh. nevermind." he shrugs, slightly, but is drowned out by Drake's song. Noticing the blush and the comment Sean smirks slightly, "You know, famous as he is… he doesn't pop the question soon, I'll punch him for you." teasing lightly based on tone, "If I go back over there," indicating Xenona and her siblings, "how am I supposed to act to keep her brother at bay? At least until I can talk to her about this whole… business."

Lovely family tension. Xenona glances between brothers, tapping the bottom of her glass against her leg. Smiling over at Eirene, she clears her throat. "Mykal, join me for a drink?" she tilt her head towards the bar, the little flute empty and in needing of a refresher. We have much to catch up on, it seems ages since last we spoke…" her gaze sweeps over him, taking in attire and presentation with something of a curious loft of her brow. She starts for the bar, whether or not he follows issuing something over her shoulder, "Be back soon."

Letha blinks over at Sean, and she blushes a deeper pink. "Ah, don't worry about that… marriage is so not rock and roll." Though there is a hint of some disappointment there, but. Then she sobers a bit at his question, and she shrugs. "Like you're a friend… call her Lady Xenona in public, respect her brothers… don't give them an excuse to say anything against you. You don't need my help to be with Lady Xenona… you need theirs." And she points at Solon and Mykal. She smirks. "Good luck."

Once Glitch stands up and agrees, Roxy remains at his side while he collects the drinks. Surprised at the offer of a shot, she lifts a shoulder and downs it and promptly coughs. She's not used to drinking so much.. Blinking, she takes a moment for the immediate burn to go away. "So, you keep mentioning that, you know. The whole geek thing. If I don't seem to mind… why do you?" Seeing Matt over there, she motions towards him. "Let's go see him."

"Yeah…" Jane is a blabbermouth when she's put back a few. She glances down at her nearly finished drink - is this number three or four? - and with a shrug tosses back the remainder. Her attention shifts to the stage, to watch and listen in silence as Drake croons out a 'next big hit', and her response is a fond smile. "Yeah, you're right, that's going to light the world on fire. Ah, I should probably go now. Gotta be up early early. It was nice to see you again Zani, and tell Drake I said not to worry for now. The lion is in the cage." Blowing a kiss, Jane passes by the bar on her way out to drop off her empty glass.

"Ah, it is good to hear that the Lady Anabelle is doing well, Mykal. Please extend to her my best wishes to her. When you both are not so busy, perhaps we can all meet and catch up, even make it a family gathering of sorts." Solon's eyes dart over to Xenona to include her, but it seems she is already turning to head over to the bar. Before Mykal turns to go (if he does), Solon offers, "The Lady Eirene is currently a guest at the Fortress, Mykal. I should bring her along to Ice and Fire in the near future."

"He's an idiot if he doesn't marry you Ley. However, I'm going back over to see, Lady Xenona." There, Sean gave her the title thingy, "I'll come find you for more advice on nobles. and women. Could use your help with both." Sean snorts and chuckles softly before turning and heading back, seeing that Xenona has changed locations he first stops before Solon. "Have you seen Lady Xenona?" he asks of either of the two there.

Letha is left there after Sean steps away, and she breathes out a sigh. She shakes her head, and mutters something under her breath before she steps away to find Drake.

Mykal offers a quick grin to Solon, "Family gatherings…my favorite." And then he nods to him a bit more seriously, "I will tell her, I'm sure she will be glad to hear from you." Anabelle was always better at seeming respectable. "I'm sure mother will be thrilled to see us all together. I'll check with my Lady wife and find a time to make it work." A beat pause and then he nods, "Bring her indeed, we'd love to host you both. Drinks on the house, of course." And with that he nods to Solon, "I'll go keep our baby sis out of trouble." and then he's off to track Xenona down at the bar, jogging to catch up, "Hold up, Sis." he calls to her as he gets near, "So what's your poison these days?"

Drake rises from his stool, grinning broadly and giving a wave, "And you can look for that on our next album." Always advertising. The guitar gets put on a stand, and Drake drops down to the floor again, once more making his way through waves of well-wishers toward Zani and… no longer Jane. He flashes a grin at his bandmate, "So, whaddya think? It ain't flashy, not like what we usually do, but I think it makes a nice change. Uh… and sorry for the surprise."

Jane gets a laughing salute of whatever it is that Zani's drinking, and then the keyboardist is by herself. Though not for long as Drake arrives back after his little surprise. Zani shakes her head, and moves to give Drake a quick hug. "That was fabulous, Drake," she says sincerely. "And we totally need to do a few more of those. Though - maybe the rest of us can play too?" Her eyes dance with amusement intermixed with pride. "I still think maybe we should do a cover of some of the older songs, maybe something by Bronze Corsair, one day."

Matt turns around to look around again now, and sees Roxy gesturing in his direction. "Okay, this will not be easy…" he mutters to himself, before he starts moving in the direction of the drummer now, steps a bit slow.

Letha slides up behind Drake, standing on her tip-toes to drape her arms over his shoulders. She presses a kiss right to the side of his neck with a bright grin on her lips. "Hey… I like that song… did you write it for anyone special?" She says, teasing him quite obviously. She then winks over to Jane and Zaniyah before she nods to Drake. "You should… bet Cole would think that was a real big compliment if you did a cover. It is totally natural." She grins brightly.

"Well usually because I have to put on this sort of….mask in my interpersonal dealings." Glitch offers up with a shrug, "I work with high and mighty people who want a professional to keep their information safe. Geeks don't play well. Especially on the dance floor." He grins at her, "But I'm willing to learn in some very exclusive, private lessons."

Hearing Mykal's question, Xenona turns her head to look at him and smiles. "I tend to just cause some great distress by requesting something sweet, perhaps you could give the server something a little more specific so they don't expect me to answer. As long as I can not taste any alcohol.." Her smile wrinkles her nose as she looks at him, "You seem happy, dear brother. I am certain that is due to your wife. I feel like we have missed much of each other, too much. Tell me, how have you been and what dastardly deeds have you gotten yourself into as of late?" Amusement catches in her tone, but that curiosity remains.

Solon nods to Mykal and watches him head towards the bar for a moment before returning his attention to Eirene. Before he can ask her something, Sean seems to approach him and he pauses and turns to face the man, his expression slightly flinty, his teeth clenched. "First, I must profess that I am delighted that you have given my Lady Sister the respect that she deserves, now if it is not too much trouble, may I please request that you do the same for me?" Solon's eyes attempt to search the man's face, as if seeking something. "Would you be so kind as to please state the manner of business that you have with my Lady Sister so that I can judge whether or not I should direct you to her current location, Mr…? He trails off, as if to ask about his last name.

Eirene flinches and glances towards Solon once more. Rather than interject by stating the man's last name, she hushes and lets the men hash out their business. She is there at the Cindravale's side in a supportive manner. Her cool gaze sweeps across the room to take a notice of Xenona with Mykal by the bar.

Roxy regards him for a moment in silence, equally confused and curious. "Yeah you mentioned kinda what you do, but… you own FUNtasia. It's a hip place, popular with everyone. You can't be too geeky, right?" The smile curving her lips is slightly bemused still. "So you want lessons?" As they approach Matt now, she gives a nod. "I'd gladly give you lessons." And then there's Matt and she smiles. "You wanted to see me?" Course, she gets right to the point.

Drake turns his head into the gentle assault by the former reporter, "Yeah… there's this little blonde thing…" Slipping his arm around the back of Letha's shoulders, he nods over to Zani, "Hell Z… I just haven't written the other parts. Figured we could rock it up a little for a real electric set. But for fancy parties, we could totally do a real piano and acoustic version." The mention of covers causes him to nod slowly, "There's this one song by Creedance I've been wantin' to do. 'Fortunate.' But yeah, some Bronze Corsair would be badass as all hell."

"Ah, I know just the drink." Mykal offers with a smirk and moves to the bar with Xenona, raising a finger to get the attention of the female bartender, not the male one. Obviously. "Why hello there darling…" he offers in his sickeningly charming voice, or at least sickening for those who see it for what it is, "You may hate me after this drink order, but I beg you to look past that hatred for the tiniest of moments and see that I do this to you only to make my little sister happy." He pauses a moment, pulling out a bill fold and setting down some cash on the bar. Far more than two drinks cost, "One Sunset on Landing, and a Flaming Valen please."

"Sean Thanesson, is my name. Young Lord Sir Solon," Sean replies, taking Letha's advice to heart it would seem, "I apologize for calling her by name alone. She is a friend, and until today I did not know she was a noble. I've only known her as Xenona, a friend I'd met at a cafe." he pauses for a moment, "Business isn't exactly the correct term, I'd like to spend time with her, becoming friends as we have been. I'll admit that I've not been trained in proper ways to interract with nobility, but I'm learning." he looks to Eirene for a moment before looking back to Solon.

"Nicely played earlier on," Matt offers with a smile, before he adds, "You have the showmanship from your father, I believe." Pausing for a few moments, as he hears his own words, he reaches into his pocket to pull out a letter from there, handing it over to her now. "I… I received this a few days ago. Makes me wish I knew this years ago…"

"Well, I just bought FUNtasia, and it'll house my other business as well. Still, if I had my way, I'd be sending people anonymous messages instead of coming to parties." Glitch offers with a smirk, "Still, my lifestyle requires me to be social, so I am…to a point." He dabs at his nose with the square cloth Roxy was using again, and sip from the drink he took from the tray earlier.

"Piano?" Zani says, brightening immediately. "A real honest to goodness piano? Drake, you're gonna make me drool." And it's not the hair this time! Zani looks over at Letha, and then says, "Did I just hear what I think I did? Drake Danger, saying piano and acoustic in the same sentence as Hell If I Know playing a concert?" She'd never tease - oh hell yeah she would. And look - perfect opportunity. Zani's expression is perfect mock disbelief.

Resting her hands against the bar, gloved, Xenona waits, watching the interaction between tender and her brother's smooth handling. She arches a brow, very invested in both reactions as she can not help but grin.

The woman in question puts a hand on her hip as if expecting some sort of sleazy remark or pick up line to go with the darling he presents her with. "So you are treating your kid sis, how sweet. I think I can handle that order," Her incredulous gaze softens to something warm, blithely amused before she nods her head and slips out of sight, leaving the money for now as she deftly begins to mix the concoction. THe first, is set before Xenona after a few minutes of shaking and stirring of several different liquids that bring it to a glowing red before she sets the martini glass down before Mykal and takes her time to carefully pour a flaming shot into the misting liquid in the glass. "There we are, my Lord, Lady.." she says easily, reaching for the money. "I will be right back." Likely meaning change as she eyes Mykal.

The journalist laughs brightly at Drake's words, but she does give him a gentle punch at the shoulder. Then she sweeps out from behind him so she can drop into a stool amongst the gathering. She nods her head confidently with the others, and Drake's own words. "Do it."

"Thanks.. glad you like it." Though when he mentions what he does, Roxy literally scoffs. "Father?" Even her mother didn't know who her father was, so how could this man? "Right." The letter though draws her curious nature back to the surface. When he offers it to her, she reaches out for it. Looking back at Glitch, she looks sympathetic. "So you need to hire someone for PR then so you can do the behind the scenes work." Only then does she open the letter and begin reading.

"Very well, Mr. Thanesson. I accept your apology for that." Solon offers the man a polite nod of his head, to indicate just that. "As to learning the ways to the nobilty, I am sure that there are many places to learn such things, but I shall impart you with this one bit of advice, speak plainly and with respect, and you can go a long way." His own eyes travel to Eirene as Sean's do, and he's half tempted to reach out to the woman and offer her his arm. Focusing his attention back to Sean, he narrows his eyes slightly. "It would be remiss of me not to inquire as to your intentions with such a friendship, so please, Mr. Thanesson, what are your intentions?"

Matt offers a bit of a nod to Glitch as Roxy takes the letter, before he looks back to her. Expression a bit nervous now, something that's not quite usual for him. Taking a few deep breaths as he waits to see her reaction now.

A glance is cast over his shoulder back towards Solon et al before the drinks are delivered and he looks back to the bartender, offering another winning smile, "Thank you my dear, you've been most obliging. Please keep the change." The change being probably equal to the bill. "Now, try that and tell me it's not delicious. I think our fair bartender knows her stuff." He for his part takes a sip of his drink after putting a hand over the glass to put out the flames and smiles a bit, "As to my mischeif…Well honestly married life allows me far less of that. I did set a man's foot on fire the other day, but he was trying to start a fight in my club."

Eirene smiles softly and steps in closer to Solon. Her arm instinctively threads itself in his while the conversation with Sean continues. Her ever pleasant countenance shows some curiosity to the answer of the heir's question, but her demeanor is softer and more maternal.

"That's…actually kind of brilliant…" Glitch replies with a sort of stunned look. "So…you have anyone in…" and then he looks at the letter and just starts to register this father business, "…mind." he says, sort of trailing off and leaves that, to let Roxy read. He just sips his drink.

Sean nods to Solon's words, "Advice I can certainly take to heart…" he looks to Eirene with a lost expression, then it come to him and he looks back, "My lord." he finishes the sentence. The last question gets a slight furrowing of his brow, "To be fair, Young Lord, sir. My intentions with Lady Xenona are to learn if there's cause to have… 'intentions'." he pauses, "I do not know her well enough, we've spent time working on a friendship but it's only been four meetings between us. At this time, I'd just like to spend more time with her getting to know her better as a person. Let her get to know who I am as a person."

Drake nods to Zani, laughing at her reaction, "Yeah. For the richy-rich crowd. There's some young nobles who like HIIK, but I think I saw the Cindravales flinching when Master of War came on. We get them likin' us, maybe they talk about us to the Citizens in their cities, and they buy more of our albums." He flinches away from the punch on his shoulder, 'Ow'ing jokingly, "Why am I getting punched? Because you're a blonde and you think there's another one?"

At first Roxy only skims the letter then she sees something that catches her attention and she starts over. Now, as she reads more slowly, the drinks she'd already had feel like they are going to make a reappearance in a technicolor cough and her face turns white. Blue eyes are torn from the paper bearing something she'd never thought to even dare to imagine. Swallowing hard in an attempt to force down those drinks again, she looks at Matt with stunned dismay. "Why.." she chokes out. "Why would she do this? She's lying." Or was she? What she'd been told her whole life was a lie? Hearing Glitch just barely registers and she drags her gaze from Matt to him. "What?" What were they speaking of before her workd had turned over? No clue. Drawn back to Matt, she offers the letter back. "Is.. it true? Were you… with her?"

The tender lifts a brow, glancing at the bill before she gives Mykal a winning grin and a dip of her head before she goes to take care of settling the bill and keeping the tip with a rather bright grin to the two of the nobles. Xenona however, is more than eager to try, pulling the drink to her to inspect it. "Mykal, it glows," she observes with some childlike disbelief before she sips it. Her expression does something akin to brightening and then she dusts her free gloved hand across her lips. "That is near pure sugar." She listens, eyes settling on her brother before she takes another sip, slowly learning to love each one. "Come now, not with your awakened abilities, I would hope. That is not good for business." Her brows furrow.

"Uh huh," Letha says with a smirk before she drops heavily into the stool. "You know… I have quite a few lovely ballads tucked away if you guys wanted to try them on." She grins slyly. Then she smiles over toward Zaniyah. "Speaking of, Zani… did you want to come over tomorrow and take the baby grand for a spin? I have this piece I want to try, but it really needs a piano and cello."

Zani blinks and then she loooks like a kid in a candy store. "Of course I would - any time!" That answer comes out even before Zani can think about it. "Miss Wyre was saying I should play something classical dressed like this - that could be quite entertaining, don't you think?" She doesn't even seem to mind the idea of playing something new sight reading it for the first time. "Maybe one day I can get my own. Though I'm not at all sure where I'd put it"

Watching Roxy carefully, Matt nods a little as he hears her words. "I would have just thrown away the letter if I hadn't been with her that night all those years ago." Spoken a bit quietly, as he adds, "It was back when I was… Well, I don't think I was older than you are now, when we were four good friends trying to make it in the music business. I shared a night with your mother." Another brief pause, before he adds, "It was only when she sent that letter I knew."

Eirene's act of entwining her arm with his causes Solon to smile over, though he does raise an eyebrow at her, but only slightly, and with good reason. The blue gaze of the Young Lord returns to Sean and he tilts his head slightly as he considers the man's response. Finally after a moment be begins to speak, "Mr. Thanesson, I am not sure what sort of 'intentions' you expect may arise out of continued meetings with my Lady Sister, but I can only make assumptions as to what a young man may want out of spending more time with a young lady, and I must tell you that I will not have my sister's honor besmirched by any man."

Drake watches the two women going back and forth, his grin broadening slowly, driving dimples deep into his cheek, "Should I arrange a playdate for you two?" Shaking his head, he chuckles, "Just don't stay out past your bedtimes and all that shit?" And lo and behold, there's another beer for him, and he takes a long slug, "Be glad, Zani. She never needs piano and guitar." Which isn't true, since she joined HIIK on one song on Vengeance, but, you know, a guy can tease.

"Yes, it's got some sort of….reactive, thingy in the two alcohols, when they mix, they glow. Very neat bit of science that looks enough like magic to impress." Mykal offers and then takes a sip from his drink. He smirks just a bit, "Well of course. We all use the skills we posses. I am not the fighter our dear brothers are, so I use what I have. He was causing quite a ruckus, and he did hit one of my security guards. The authorities said I was free from blame." a beat pause, "And business will be fine, no worries dear sister."

Letha turns her brilliant blue gaze toward Drake, and she sticks out her tongue. "Shut up," she says with a laugh. Then she shakes her head before she smiles toward Zaniyah. "You know, with how well this new release is going, you could probably buy a penthouse, Zani." She grins. "That'll fit your piano." She glances toward Sean and the Valen, and she breathes out a sigh. "You ever seen a destrier run down a man?" She asks the pair of H.I.I.K.s in a whisper. "Because you're about to."

Wow…this just got awkward. Glitch just shakes his head, "Uh…nothing." he finishes his drink in two swallows and glances around, "So…uh…I'm…gonna…you know…" he looks over his shoulder, "Maybe give you two a minute?" He isn't really sure what to do here at all.

Eirene gives Solon a knowing smirk and perhaps even a coquettish waggle of her brows. "Brothers are very protective of their younger sisters, Mr. Thanesson. I should know. My Lord Brother is always putting himself in the middle of my interests, whether they be personal or professional. Lady Xenona is very much loved by her family, and as the youngest sibling, there are quite a few older brothers and sisters who will want to know who she spends her time with and what they do with that time. As the daughter of the High Lady of the Vale, Lady Xenona is under constant scrutiny from the paparazzi. A bad example of this would be what has recently happened with Lord Nitrim Khournas' betrothal. Quite a scandal really. He is of a Paramount House. There is reputation to consider that affects all who share the name."

"How very interesting," Xenona trails off in regards to the drink, turning it to catch the light and admire its own luminescence. Her smile grows and she glances over at him, brow arches as those eccentric gloves trail along the side of her glass. "Yes, but this is why you have others to take care of him and not you…" she tsks, waving her finger before she smiles at him, her gaze slipping over her shoulder to not Sean now standing, speaking with Solon and her mouth drops a little. "Oh no…" Eyes flicker over all three before she lets out a long breath. Eyes settle back on Mykal, "Life is never as easy as we would hope it would be."

Poor Glitch, always finding himself in awkward situations when it comes to her. Roxy does hear him though and she looks at him like he's abandoning her. He's going to leave her with this stranger calling himself her father?! Or so her expression seems to read panic and could be interpreted that way. Instead of voicing an objection, she only nods. "Yeah.. sure." Lacing her fingers together, she looks back at Matt still too shocked to even guess at that. "Wow.. I don't know what to say." Truly, she didn't. "I'm ah… all grown up now, so.." What do dads do anyway? She'd never had one to compare?!

"I don't expect any intentions to arise from spending time with Lady Xenona, my lord." Sean's getting a little more comfortable with using proper titles and what not. "As for besmirching her honor, " Sean shakes his head, "I'm not that sort of man, Young Lord Sir Solon. I'm aware of reputations surrounding my stage personae, or my former stage personae, but I can assure you that it was simply a stage only reputation. The question of what I want from your lady Sister… I want her friendship. I would like to be allowed to spend time with just her, and while I know what that sounds like and my seem as a request. I wouldn't disrespect Lady Xenona, even before I knew she was a noble, so haphazardly." Eirene's words are listened to, and he nods to her. "I am an older brother myself, and I understand a brother's concern."

"Yes, yes, I have guards, but sometimes a man needs to take care of such offenses themselves. And it just so happens that my skills are best suited towards using my awakened abilities, moreso than my fists, or a sword." Like any noble, he's likely got years of training with a sword. His siblings could attest to all that training, but still, slinging fire is more up his alley. He glances over towards Solon with her now, quirking a brow, "And what am I to understand is not as easy as you would like it to be?"

Zani grins at Drake, and then at Letha. "Oh, I don't know about that - a penthouse is a little bit - maybe after the third album." She then tilts her head a bit, blinking in confusiona at Letha's last words. "No, I can't say I have. What are you talking about anyway?" she lets her confusion show, since she missed most if not all of the earlier and current conversations.

Drake laughs easily at Letha's mature response to his words, then shrugs a little at the mention of penthouses, pointing over at Zaniyah, "I like my apartment. And I thought you liked it." And then she's distracting him with talk of big ol' horses, and he frowns over at the Cindravale and others, "Wait, what? What's going on over there, and do I need to get security over there?"

Matt nods a little bit, offering a brief smile now. "You're not the only one…" he offers to Roxy, before he adds, "A few months ago, I thought my only living relative was my father. Then I found out I had a half-sister, and now I found out about you…" A brief pause, before he adds, "When I received the letter from your mother, I didn't know what to do. But in the end, I decided that letting you know seemed the right thing to do. I felt that you deserved to know." Another brief pause, before he adds, "Perhaps we should let the information sink in, for both of us?" Another pause, before he lowers his voice a bit to whisper something to her.

Yes, poor Glitch! He glances back towards the bar, then to Roxy and takes a step closer to her, "Ok, so were gonna do what we should have done the other night. You're gonna be passive, and I'm going to know you don't mean it. So here's me, not leaving you." He does however signal a waitress over. One starts to make her way over, and Glitch looks back to Roxy, then to Matt, "So…what am I sticking around for?" He hasn't seen the letter obviously.

First time out since stuff went down, and she looks as stunning as anybody's ex should look when they're stepping out for the first time post breakup. Soleil is alone, or seems to be, though likely the people always hanging around such as her slipped in discretely before, or are slipping in discretely after. She wants to be alone, and look like she is happy alone, and— well, there's a failure there in the looking happy, but when does she ever /look happy/? Modern gothy types aren't supposed to look happy anyway, it's unfashionable.
Despite all intentions to look at ease and like she belongs, and all her experience belonging in such a place, Soleil drifts through the crowd like she shouldn't be there at all— like, in fact, she's not. She doesn't seem to see anyone. Not the people who smile her way or nod their heads, not the old friends or the people who might want to be her new friends just because. She stares right through them all, and seems to connect with the scene only enough to get a drink from someone.

"Oh a great many things, Mykal. But then draws a deep pull from her glass, enjoying the near tooth achingly sweet drink. She sets the glass back down and trails her fingers over the bartop. "Solon is rather protective, I understand why," eyes focus on something at the back of the bar before turning to regard Mykal, doing her best. "I think things have been explained rather thoroughly to Sean Thanesson, dear brother. Proper channels, etiquette, the like," her eyes search for Letha only briefly before they return to her drink and taps fingers along the side of it. Xenona then looks to him, a half smile on her lips.

"The Lady Eirene is quite right, except on one point, albeit a minor one." Solon's eyes shine with a rather admiring glint as he gazes over to Eirene. "As her older brother, I am indeed dedicated to protecting her from any who may take advantage of her, but there is more. I am the Heir to House Cindravale, I must see to it that House Cindravale's name is not tarnished by potential scandal or rumor. I have done my best to keep my own name out of such papers, and I would not see the name of one of my cousins, much less one of my own siblings be dishonored."
The Young Lord gives Sean one more look and then comes to a decision. "This is what is going to happen, Mr. Thanesson. I am going to discuss this issue with both my sister and with my mother, the High Lady Cindravale. I cannot give you my permission until such a thing is done, and I do not think that is too much to ask. You must understand that negotiations may be underway for her betrothal, I cannot allow any rumor that she is being seen with another man to interrupt such a negotiation should that be the case. After this discussion has been had, your meetings with my sister will have two requirements. I -will- press this issue with my mother, and I do not think she will deny me in this. The meetings will be in public and they will be supervised. Should I hear that this rule has been violated, or should I learn that you have already done something to my sister that she, or I, have found in any way offensive, I will announce that there is a disagreement between the two of us. I hope I am making myself clear on this last point, but in case you are not well versed with the customs of the Vale, a disagreement between two men is settled by blade. Do we have an understanding, Mr. Thanesson?"

Still, not really very sure what to say to Matt about the bomb he just exploded in her life, Roxy mutely nods to him. "Let it sink in.. yeah." Though when Glitch steps closer to her instead of leaving, she gives him a grateful look and reaches for his hand, lacing her fingers with his, for the first time. "I don't mean to be passive and if you need to.. get away from this, you can." Not really realizing how she was being till just then. Her words aren't so hesitant when she's speaking to Glitch. His question though has her tightening her hand. "Apparently my mother thinks this is my father. Wynn, meet Matthew, Matt, meet Wynn." The whisper from him brings another look. "Sister?" Immediately her gaze rests on Zani. So the implications there were also… new.

"Oh… no…" Letha says at Drake's question. "I think it is best that we Citizens keep our noses down." She turns away from that whole thing, breathing out a slow sigh. "Sean likes Lady Xenona, and isn't listening to logic. He doesn't understand that trying to hook up with one of Kallista's daughters is like trying to slay a hippocampus." Yes, she made a Volen joke. "It isn't really… I don't know. What I know of the Cindravales… Companions are…" She pitters out, not knowing where to go next on that. Letha has probably attended the highest of noble affairs, and she definitely seems lost when it comes to building a relationship with a noble.

There's an 'Ah' that is offered by Mykal, "Mind getting some advice from the proverbial black sheep?" He pauses, not actually waiting for a reply, "If you mean anything beyond him being just some man you know, well, you and I know perfectly well that no amount of etiquette will get mother to approve. Now many that's not at all what's going on. But speaking as a man who often had less than pure intentions….Let's just say Solon and I are on the same page here." He takes a sip from his drink and looks back to Solon et al.

Soleil found her drink, she found a place to drain it. She also finds herself surrounded by…GODS…talk of relationships and betrothals and who likes whom. Her head drops, her nose almost hitting her glass as if she's considering the practicality of literally drowning in it. Mmm, drowning in liquor.
She turns her body slowly and stakes a wall, becoming a fixture and watching the dancing. She's dressed to join in, but here's to a new career as a wall flower.

Zani nods her head, and then she glances at her empty glass. "Well, then. I think I will go find my way to the bar, get another drink. I'll talk to you both later." And she meanders off.

That causes Xenona's bemusement to grow, listening to Mykal as she lets out a breath, feigning surprise, "You and Solon on the same page? Say it isn't so." But her expressions oftens and she leans as close as she usually lets anyone get to her, her chin lifting to look at the far wall behind the bar, "I know all to well," she intones and trails her fingers along the rim of her glass. "Let us talk about something else. Like when are you and Anabelle going to have you own slew of little ones?" Blue eyes seek her brothers - the one they they absolutely share in common.

Nodding a bit as he hears Roxy's words, he offers her a quiet smile. "It's a huge thing to adjust to, for both…" A pause at Roxy's look to Zani, and the one-word question, before he nods, "For all of us." A brief pause, before he offers a smile to Glitch as the introductions are being made. "A leasure to meet you, Wynn," he offers to the man, offering his hand in greeting as well now.

Drake gapes at the words 'hook up with one of Kallista's daughters.' Whether he's gaping at the suggestion of what a Citizen might aspire to, or whether it's the use of the High Lady's first name, well, that's up for debate. Downing a huge swallow of his beer, he runs his fingers back through his hair, "Seven Above. Are you fucking kidding?" He nods to Zaniyah, waving her off, and then shakes his head, "I need to drink, play, or dance. A lot."

Eirene tilts her head upwards to settle her sights on Solon as he continues to speak with Sean. The look is undeniably one of awe and pride. Unbeknownst to others present, her fingers press down and pinch into Solon's arm while the rush course through her veins. She acquiesces to his correction and offers a nod in agreement to both men. "Friendships are important and if one truly cares for their friends, they will make it their priority to uphold such formalities of respect and keep lines of communication open. I have faith this situation will not have to come to blades." Eirene looks between Solon and Sean in passively threatening manner. "It would behoove all parties involved to act accordingly. I am sure Mr. Thanesson would agree, though, perhaps it is time to enjoy the rest of the party?" The question is proposed to Solon with the hopes of leaving the poor guy alone for now. The point has been made. Hopefully.

"Gods forbid, children? Xenona, do you really think Mother could survive a slew of grandchildren as wicked and vile as her least favorite son? It's almost unthinkable." Mykal offers a faint smirk, maybe he's kidding. "I'm sure it will happen eventually, but I think it's more likely you'll see me stepping out to fight the hostiles first." He glances towards Solon, nodding to him once, then back to Xenona. He's not sure if his brother caught the nod, but it's likely better than just forcing thoughts into his head.

A nod is offered, and Glitch takes Roxy's hand. He offers the other Matt, shaking his, "Nice to meet you too." And then without any real reservations, he says to Roxy, "If you want…you know…verification, just say the word. A quick sample, and I'll be able to run some basic anaylses." That's not rude or anything, right?

After Solon has spoken Sean meets his gaze, "My lord, if there are talks of her becoming betrothed. Then I would like to know as soon as you have a moment to spare to tell me. I wouldn't wish to cause Lady Xenona's reputation to falter because I want a friend in life." he looks between Solon and Eirene, then back to Solon. "As for the requirements for her and I to spend time together…" he takes a breath, "I am sorry, but I think that's rather harsh to place on even a youngest sister. I see it as basically saying you have no confidence in her own judgements, and that you do not trust her to act as she knows she should. I understand that she's watched by the press, I'm also watched by the press. My own reputation hangs just like hers does. If you and the High Lady feel that I cannot be trusted to act appropriately, then I understand. I want to spend time with Lady Xenona, but without the chance for time alone to be who we truly are when all others are not around, then our friendship would be built with air and facade and do more of a disservice to her." he then nods to Eirene's words, "Actually, I think I'll be taking my leave. I'd like to offer a goodbye to Lady Xenona, if you'd point me in her direction. As for now, I offer you both a pleasant farewell, and I hoep you enjoy the rest of your evening." if they do point him towards Xen that's where he'll head, if not, he'll make for the bar.

Being photographed alone was not the goal, but as a personage of some vague celebrity at a rock star's party, Soleil risks it. The alone part could be rectified, but Soleil makes no effort to do so. maybe the wall needs her to make it prettier.
Anyway she can listen, maybe. Watch that strange breed of Paramount— the Cindravales— and try not to gawk at what she just heard. Oh, the formality, the formality! All that about a /friendship/ between a man and a woman? Hah. hell, maybe it saves a good girl from the kind of shit Soleil's had to deal with lately, yeah? maybe she needs a big brother.

Adjustments for everyone. Funny, she'd never stopped to consider his feelings to suddenly have this daughter thrust at him. Roxy pauses to consider now. "I really need to go and get some air." There's a look between Glitch and Matt though along with a brief nod. "I don't trust my mother, so yeah, it would be best, don't you both agree? A test to make sure?" She'd be a fool to take the word of her mother, who had apparently always been lying to her. "But… tomorrow. I want to just go for a walk tonight." Eyes seeking Glitch, she smiles. "Would you walk with me?"

"And I trust your Lady wife feels the same way, Mykal?" The mention of hostiles causes her to press her lips together, "Well at least you would be slinging fire at hostiles rather than customers." But she hesitates, looking at him. "I am ..Mykal, I think the Awakened to do more than we are to help our knights fight," she intones, looking thoughtful as her finger traces her lip and trails up to allow her hand to cup her cheek. "And you know mother would love any grandchildren," she offers belatedly before finishing her drink and pressing the glass away. "I might actually need water after that." Sweet tooth Xenona is feeling a little overdone and is waving at the tender.

Letha glances over toward Sean and frowns again. She nods her head a bit. "I told him to think of nobles as entirely different species…" She shrugs her shoulders a bit, looking away once more. "I think he's just asking for trouble, honestly. There's plenty of Citizens out there that wouldn't cause him to get all…" She shrugs. "But, he doesn't listen. Like most men." She smirks over toward Drake knowingly.

Matt nods a bit, offering a smile both to Roxy and Glitch. "A test would probably be for the best, just in case," he agrees, before he nods a bit as he hears Roxy's words. "Just let me know when we should do such a test, and I'll be ready." A brief pause, before he adds, "I should probably get going as well. I have a few things I need to take care of in the morning…" A brief pause, before he adds, "Sorry for dropping this on you like I did, and enjoy the walk," he offers to Roxy.

"Of course." Glitch replies and then looks to Matt, nodding to him. He takes a card out of his pocket and hands it to the man, it reads: Wynn Reaver, Electronic Security Specialist & InfoSphere Security Designer, "Toss me a mail, I'll set something up to collect a sample." Well that was blunt. Then he nods to Roxy, "Let's get going?"

Drake shakes his head at Letha, chuckling, "Hey! I listen to you just fine. Then again, I'm smarter than most men." Squeezing his left arm around her shoulders, he grins, "So. We gonna dance so you can take your mind off it, or are we gonna watch the Lord Cindravale," he might listen to Letha, but evidently he doesn't listen to what you're supposed to call Young Lords, "skewer Sean?" He takes another drink of his beer, finishing it off and setting it on the passing tray of a server.

"Yes," Letha says at the offer of the dance, and she laughs. "Right. Dancing…" She nods to the bartender behind the bar who knows Letha well, and he grins toward her as he sets down her favored sour cherry. "I'll take it out of your paycheck," he teases the journalist before she scowls at him. Then she grins toward Drake as she swallows the drink down in two gulps. "Alright, lets go." And she reaches out for his hand.

Soleil has to muster, or she'll dissolve where she stands. A fine mist was marring her vision, and when she realized it, she took her eyes off the dancing crowd and looked for real distraction. It takes her a few moments to school her expression, which she manages to do to some sort of satisfactory look of dourness. And then she sets off toward the Cindravales.
It is only once there that she actually sees Mykal is amongst them, or near, but she quickly turns her head to Solon. As the lady, it's her prerogative to introduce herself, and perhaps this bemusing creature will distract her from her own sorrows until she's drunk enough that the liquor can.
And so Soleil approaches Solon, arriving to look him over with a curious sort of frown.

Matt takes the card from Glitch, offering the man a smile now, before he heads off as well, expression still quite thoughtful, as he leaves the party.

The look that Solon gives Sean is one of pure incredulity. "I beg your pardon, Mr. Thanesson, but am I hearing you correctly? You would like for me to come seek you out personally and tell you if there are -talks- of my sister being betrothed? Why would I ever consider doing such a think? You do realize that such information is usually kept in the strictest confidence before an actual announcement is made to the public, yes? Such an announcement would have to suffice for any notice you wish to receive in regards to Xenona's status." Solon takes a deep breath and then glances over to Eirene, nodding to her, as if to agree to her words.
Then Sean says that the terms are not sufficient. "I think what we have here, Mr. Thanesson is a grave misunderstanding. You do not dictate to me what terms are acceptable to see my sister, it is I, or my mother, who will dictate to you what terms are acceptable. Based on this conversation, I am beginning to question why you came to me in the first place. It is glaringly obvious to me that you do not truly wish for any approval because you will do as you please. This is unacceptable. Again, I tell you that I do not act as just a brother, but I act as the -Heir- of a -Paramount- -House-. My responsibility is not just to my sister, or my family, but the vassal houses and the citizens who serve us so diligently. I cannot allow for scandal to harm my family or my House. I just cannot permit that. If word was to leak that we permitted the two of you to see one another with certain terms and these terms were violated? That would cause my family and my house harm. In these troubled times, this just cannot be permitted."
Solon pauses from this long-winded speach, taking in a breath as he gives Sean a steady look, his head shaking slightly. "I am sorry, Mr. Thanesson. You just do not seem to understand. I just told you that you cannot see my sister until arrangements for meetings have been made, and now you ask me to point her out to you? I do not try to throw my title around, Mr. Thanesson. I try to live my life in a well meaning fashion, focusing more on being a knight than an Heir, but right now I must take up my mantle as Heir of Cindravale and tell you that you have disrespected me and my House on several different occassions this very night. I have given you every opportunity to walk away, to accept a different path, you do not do so. THis shows me the gravest disrespect possible, and I just cannot allow that."
Solon waits for a lull in the crowd before raising his voice and in typical Valen fashion points to Sean and loudly announces, "I, Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale do challenge Mr. Sean Thanesson to a duel of honor. His continued direspect of myself, my family and my House are the causes of this disagreement." It's then that he spots Soleil approaching him, offering her a polite nod of his head to her in greeting before returning his gaze to Sean.

Oh dear— Soleil picked the worst time in the world to introduce herself, for she can hardly expect any notice now. Soe she offers an incredibly muted smile to Solon, and nothing more. When men wanna rumble, girls gotta step back.

Eirene straightens and smoothes her free hand over the front of her lace dress. She must fight every urge in her body to keep from pulling Solon away from Sean. Instead, she is steadfast at his side. When Soleil approaches, the young Volen lady offers the woman a dainty grin and a nod of her head in acknowledgement. "Sean, perhaps it might be best to send Lady Xenona a message letting her know you have spoken with her Lord Brother and will happy to see her again once Young Lord Solon has had a chance to speak with their mother. There is nothing wrong with a friendship that has innocent intentions, but I must ask you to please respect Lord Solon. This conversation should come to a closer before it boils over." Not that it isn't already there from the look of Solon's displeasure.

It's not hard for Xenona to miss the loud broadcast by her brother as he makes his intentions known, the duel thusly announced before citizen and noble alike. Whatever she has been saying to Mykal ends as she twitches, her hand grasping at the edge of the bar. "Mykal, by the six, put a stop to this, please." There is a great deal of dismay as she frowns, glancing over at Solon, her face soon becoming unreadable as lips fall to a line. Her gaze flickers from Sean to Solon and then turns back to Mykal, drawing closer to him as her aura slides over into place and eyes haze to a white, only the black sheep of a brother able to see her. "This has gone too far, Mykal," Her voice remains a hush, teeth setting to each other.

"We haven't discussed children much." Mykal replies, looking towards Xenona again, taking another sip, "We have a business to run, and…other things." he asserts quietly, but with less conviction, "I'm not sure anyone will be coming to me for help, Xen." he grins just a bit, "But I do wonderful party tricks. Let's not forget that ever." And then he hears Solon, blinking at what's just happend, "Perhaps…." he sighs, "Stay here, let me talk to him." And with that, he moves, drink in hand, towards Solon.

Soleil inclines her head to Eirene, and glances briefly at Sean, eyeing him up, eyeing him down. "We're all so anachronistic tonight," she observes, being one for the less reversion-centric styles herself. "Young Lord Solon can hardly be graceful in retracting a duel," she murmurs, just loud enough for those in the immediate vicinity. "But there are all manner of duels, it needn't be with a sword if people are antsy about it. And doesn't the chalenged generally choose the weapon?"

Having just started to step into a turn away, Sean turns back and looks at Solon like he's lost it. "First off, Young Lord Sir Solon." Sean starts, "I was asking to be told, because I would have withdrawn from her side even in public view should there be talks of her becoming betrothed. It, whether polite or not, is my way of saying that I'd work to help her reputation if such a thing were occuring." he takes a breath, "As for the restrictions placed on her friendships, take it as offences that is fine, but you are doing your sister a disservice as a sibling by keeping her from having meaningful platonic relationships. That said, she is your sister. I'm giving my opinion, something I'm free to do, not dictating to you how to run your family." He pauses for a long moment, "As for your challenge. I have tried this very night to do what I can to be polite. I admitted to you that I am not trained in formal court based speak, that you have taken this as an offence is truly disheartening. However, I am not going to duel with you. I will accept that I am not fit to be her friend according to her family's judgement and leave her be." a glance to Eirene, "No, I will not be sending her a message. Such a thing is no longer welcome from me. I wish her as happy a life as she can get, but I am not going to overstep her family's wishes."

Since when is it up to the blacksheep to be the voice of wisdom here? Nothing really garauntees that's what he'll be. Mykal might have even noticed Soleil speaking up if he wasn't focused on getting right over to Solon and Sean at this very moment, "Solon, how about we take a step back here, no need for you to maim the kid over a little case of puppy love. He's jsut said he'll back down, take that as good enough." And then he glances to Sean, "And now might be a good time to extricate yourself from this situation."

Drake gestures over Letha's head to the drink, then to himself, to put it on his tab, which is going to be rather large by the end of the night. And then he and Letha are drawn into the center of those dancing, twisting and gyrating to the music, completely oblivious to the clash of Valen and Orelle, noble and Citizen, knight and civilian that is going on across the room.

Xenona's voice in his head causes Solon to wince slightly, her awakened abilities not something that he will ever get used to. Unfortunately he cannot respond in kind. Soleil has the right of it though, he can't just back down from the challenge that would be very damaging to him personally. Even Mykal's request to have him back down is met with a slight shake of his head and a, "I cannot back down."
Sean's words grab his attention once more and Solon offers the man a nod, "You may disagree with what is necessary to see to the good name of a Paramount House, Mr. Thanesson, but as you have no experience in such affairs, I would advise you not to speak in criticism for what we must do. If you are not going to accept my challenge, than please, kindly leave and do not let me catch you in her presence again. This challenge would have likely been to first blood, the next one will be far more public, and have far more dire consequences. Please respect my wishes on this, Mr. Thanesson, as I do not enjoy what has happened here this night."

Letha blinks at the word duel that starts being heard over the din, though she doesn't let that distract her from being dragged out toward the dance floor. She looks over her shoulder toward the cluster, and then gets drawn into the dancing crowd.

"That is reasonable," Soleil says, evidently become some sort of default moderator. She turns to Sean. "There you have it. If you refuse this duel you are in dishonour, and Young Lord Cindravale is quite right in saying you must avoid his sister in future. Of course I believe you have already agreed to that. And there we have a nice wrapping without any blood." Oh /poo/.

Eirene eyes Mykal a moment before murmuring something to Solon in private. There may be a gesture in Xenona's direction and perhaps one might deduce the conversation is about getting the ladies home. But who is to say what Eirene whispers?

Blinking a few times, her aura fades and eyes become their pale blue once more as Xenona turns to look at the confrontation - remaining at the bar. Looking to Mykal and hearing the end result, she drags her hand through hair and goes still, catching the glance from Eirene, straightening up a little, she glances then to Sean, letting out a long breath as she keeps distance, still thinking it the best course of action on her part. A tug is given on her glove as her eyes sweep over the rest of the grouping around her brother, studying Soleil briefly.

Mykal sighs, looking to Sean. His eyes go white and his aura comes back to life, though it's a faint whisper of what it is normally. "You should leave now." he says to Sean, the light crackle of fire coming up around his head like a crown, "Solon, perhaps it's time for you to go have a talk with our sister now?" Him, not us it seems.

"I'll take the your challenge, Young Lord Sir Solon." Sean says suddenly, "I will not lose Lady Xenona from my life. She is important to me, as my friend, and I'm not giving up on her that easily. I do not have training in weapons, however I am a skilled martial artist. If you are not offended by this, then I would be glad to meet you fist to fist on the field for her honor."

Eirene clears her throat a little and steps aside to give Mykal a little nod. She excuses herself to stand by Xenona now. The songbird's voice is feather light and soothing. "How are you, My Lady? Stay with me while the men discuss their business." There is no need for the youngest Cindravale to fret even if the situation has escalated. "Perhaps we should have a drink."

Solon's attention diverts to Soliel for a moment as she speaks on reasonableness, offering the woman a nod and a smile, "Indeed, My Lady is correct in her words." Then as Mykal arrives and speaks, he nods, telling his younger brother, "Yes, perhaps I should go talk to her, Mykal." Then Sean speaks. The words the man uses causes his face to go still, his eyes to narrow. "You will not lose my sister from your life? What does that even mean, you have no claims on her, she is the daughter of High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale, not some trophy for others to put claim to. If you wish to accept my challenge, Mr. Thanesson, than we shall duel. Pick your second, I shall pick mine. They will organize things from there, but I warn you… fists are not what men of honor fight with."

Concern suddenly finds its way across her mute expression and Xenona's gaze flickers back and forth between figures until Sean speaks. Her lips part and she is about to say something when Eirene makes her way over towards her, the youngest Cindravale turning her head to look at the Volen. "Lady Eirene…I do not think there is anything that needs to be discussed, they are broadcasting." But there is a grateful look offered the other noblewoman. "Just water, I think…" Which she already has before she lifts her chin, speaking softly with her new companion, "Do mean often find the need to parade around so?" Her hands, gloved as their are clasp low before her as her jaw works slightly, teeth against teeth.

Soleil puts a finger to her lips— oh yes, this just was not the time to meet the Cindravales, and a duel between men about another woman is not the sort of thing that can really offer Soleil the distraction she desperately sought. Things are coming back to her— her own issues, her own pangs. Besides it really seemed as though Solon's attention would have been well-placed had he not had to switch it to an unwanted paramour of his sister.
And lastly, though for a moment she played into it, the whole duel thing and the group feel a little alien to her world, to what she knows, to what is comforting.

A low sigh is offered by Mykal and he casts his still all white eyes on Sean, "You've accepted, weapons are up to the seconds, not the the issuer or the challenged. Go now, find a second. You can have them contact us to discuss terms." His fists clench, flame wreathing around them and he moves off away from Sean towards the bar.

"That isn't what I mean Young Lord Sir, I do not wish to lose her friendship. I care about her, and while I've offended you and your family… I wish to rectify it. If a duel is what needs to be done, then I will find this second you speak of and have them handle it from there. Before I go, I am sorry. There's a lot I could learn from you, Young Lord Sir, and I wish I'd had the chance to learn from someone a third the man you are." With that, if there's no objections to his leaving he does.

Eirene turns around to the tender and makes the international sign for 'two waters, please.' The statuesque lady thanks the bartender and hands Xenona her glass which seems to be sweating already. "Men are, strange creatures, Lady Xenona. Yet, there is something about this show of bravado that is exciting in an odd way. Say, do you know much about Marine life? Well, the Sea Horse is a very interesting little creature. I admit, I often wish males of our species were more like the Sea horse." Now she's just talking a bunch of silliness to keep the young Cindravale calm. The rim of her glass is brought to her lips and ice water cools her dry, parched throat. All that screaming earlier is no good for the vocal chords. Lots of tea with lemon and honey for the next few days.

"We shall see, Mr. Thanesson. Accepting a challenge goes a long way in at least showing that you have the will to fight in the name of something. You can at least hold on to that." Solon will offer Sean a respectful nod, and then allow him to go ahead and leave. Now he can dedicate some time to Lady Eirene and others. "I believe that I have caused enough of a scene this night." He declares. "I shall have to offer my apologies to this Drake fellow and his band, and offer them the chance at playing at a venue on Phylon as recompense, or something." Though he's not really sure what. "Lady Eirene, I believe that I should make my withdrawal now, would you like me to accompany you to the Ways, or did you want to spend more time here, mingling with the crowd?" To Xenona he says, "Sister, you and I must speak soon. Would you like to come with me back to Phylon?"

Water is handed to her and Xenona is moving on a sort of dim auto pilot before bringing the glass to her lips and sipping from it. Cool water does help ease the tension, but not all together. EYes flicker over to Eirene as she says its rather exciting, "I am not sure I can agree about exciting, my Lady," her tone flat and trailing off before she lifts a brow, head turning to look at the Volen in something of surprise, "I have read of them, but why would you want that?" She asks this faintly before Solon begins to make his way towards them both and her hand tightens briefly on the glass, glancing to Mykal who is also very near. Taking another sip of water, she nods to the question proffered, "It may be best." A glance is given towards Sean, kept quick and discrete before she turns to deposit her glass in preparation to go.

Ah — the opportunity is really gone anyway. Soleil drifts down the bar and away, nodding her head just barely to the beat of the music — or, more likely, the beat of something in her head.

Mykal extinguishes his hands and nods to Solon, then to Xenona, "Good night to you both. Let me know if I can help out anymore with this. I know I haven't always been the model of what it means to be of House Cindravale, but when it comes to Xenona, I'll do what is necessary." A glance is offered towards Xenona and a faint smile, "Come find me when you want to talk, little Sister." And with that, he leaves the club.

Eirene is plum tired. All the back and forth of will there won't there be a duel has her feeling a touch headachy. Glancing to the young Xenona first before turning to Solon. "I think I have had my fill of the Violet Siren for one evening. We can plan to return sometime in the future." With a polite smile, the Volen lady takes Solon's arm once more and waits for Xenona to be ready. "Tomorrow is a new day. Lady Xenona, perhaps you can meet with me in the gardens for breakfast…" And so the light conversation continues.

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