Lord Valentine Cindravale
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp as Valentine Adrien Cindravale
Full Name: Valentine Adrien Cindravale
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 25
Planet: Imperious
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Cindravale
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Sorcerer
Spouse: None Height: 6'4"
Father: Lord Rogere Cindravale Weight: Slender
Mother: Lady Beatrice Cindravale nee Dalton Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Undefined Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


2988 Valentine Cindravale born the eldest son of Lord Rogere Cindravale and Lady Beatrice Dalton. Theirs had been an arranged marriage between two awakened nobles with the hope of strengthening the awakened bloodline. There was little love lost between his parents, and they largely lived separate lives. With some obvious exceptions, as he does have siblings.

He was a bright, charming and intelligent child. Although sometimes too smart for his own good. Especially when he showed early signs of awakening. As he grew older he grew more mischievous, but there was never any malice in it.

With two awakened parents of some power he was kept under control. His mother was a rather strict Hermetic, which didn't really suit the young Valentine, whose dash and love of style rather more suited his father's flashier Sorcery. His mother was something of an artist, although her paintings tended to be rather rigid and ordered it did spark something in him, and became both a skill and a love, and a way for the two to bond.

He grew into quite a promising young noble sorcerer, trained in the basics of what was expected from any Cindravale noble, alongside Sorcery from his father. Studiously attentive to his studies, but with a sense of style and elan that suited the sorcerers. He was witty, charming with a faint hint of mischief. He also developed his painting and drawing further and as he grew to adulthood started to gain a measure of fame.

3006-He was eighteen he met the woman who was to be the love of his life, Lady Ysira Leonnida. He fell hard and fast, and apparently so did she.

Of course the facts were otherwise. He was smart and bright. A charming courtier but a little nave when it came to politics and intrigue. And he only realised just how much he had been used when some things he had told his lady love ended up being used against his house, on the day her engagement to someone else was announced.

3007-He withdrew from society and entered the White Tower. He spent almost two years here studying before leaving under something of a cloud, and turning to booze and partying. He is still bright and sometimes charming, but there is a sharper edge to his wits, and his humour now often turns to the self-mocking. And he burned as many of his earlier paintings as he could get his hands on.

3009-Present Day: He has become something of a black sheep, foppish and dissolute but he keeps his behaviour just this side of disgrace, mostly, and whilst he appears to take little seriously he has learnt the value of discretion. The war seems to have sparked his apparently jaded interest, and he seems keen to throw himself into battle.



Valentine is tall, standing easily at several inches above six foot. He is attractive, with light olive skin laying over fine delicate features. Added to long lashes above deep set dark eyes, a wide and generous mouth and with dark curls of hair that hang down his back he crosses the line from handsome to pretty. His fine-boned face is expressive, ready to laugh and smile but at almost all times there is a faint distance in his dark eyes almost as if watching himself from a distance. His slender form moves with a careful, rather practised elegance his soft voice rather deep considering the delicate air he gives off.


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