07.25.3013: Valen Style
Summary: After Elodie and Sammel depart, Ariana introduces Declan to Valen fashion.
Date: 30 July 2013
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Ariana Declan 

Fancy Shoppe in Phylon
One of many fancy little shops that sell elaborate and expensive clothes in the Vale.
25 July 3013

With the departure of Sammel and Elodie, Ariana finds herself alone in Declan's company once more. Alone, that is, aside from her bodyguard and such, but alone still. Walking towards one of the shops, one which Sammel may have pointed out catered to both men and women when it comes to fashion, she continues to watch the pair as they disappear into the crowd in search for something to eat. "Admittedly, their betrothal caught me by surprise. Just a day or so before the announcement was broadcast, I think that my Lord Brother may have had some interest in Lady Elodie. Alas, it was not to be." Or the Cindravale swooped in before anyone else could. The chime of the shop bell rings as the shop's doors slide open and she is hit by the cool breeze from the inside of the establishment.

"It does seem that there have been many such announcements of late," Declan remarks, as the other couple parts from them, and they're left to continue on toward the shop without company. "I am sure your brother will have no difficulty in finding another match, although Lady Elodie certainly would have been a nice one herself. Indeed, that would have been rather nice for you, would it not? To have such a good friend joining the family?" Though the Arboren's attention is on Ariana, he turns to glance around the shop as the cool from within sweeps over them, surveying the outfits up for offer. "Definitely… more colorful than the sort of garb for sale in the Heartwood's markets."

"Well, I'm not going to say that it's 'back to the drawing board', since nothing between Lady Elodie and my Lord Brother was anywhere near set in stone, but I find it more and more difficult to find proper Ladies lately. I mean, I wouldn't mind a Lady Knight for him, but from what I've seen, many a Lady Knight are nothing like my eldest sister, Lady Veryna, who actually carries off being knightly and strong with the feminine and grace of a Lady." There is pride in Ariana's voice when she speaks of her Lady-Knight sister and gracefully, she makes her way deeper into the shop, her eyes following a trail of mannequins displaying the current styles in the Vale. "And Welcome to Phylon. The Cindravale are known to be particularly flashy when it comes to their attire. I know that my Lord Cousin Valentine is one of the flashiest people I know."

Declan gives a quiet 'ah' and a small nod as Ariana explains her frustrations in finding other candidates. "I suppose that is true. There is probably something about the knightly training or lifestyle that encourages many of them to put aside more feminine virtues. Though, I would say my sister Brienne manages to walk a sort of line with it. I wouldn't call her a delicate lady, since she is every bit the woodsman as the rest of us, and a skillful warrior beyond. But then again, she is not hardly so brash as some of the Khourni lady knights." His mouth turns in a small smirk as she 'introduces' him to the Vale fashions. "I suppose they are. Hmm. I do not mind the colors much; I stick to the usual family colors mostly for practicality in the Arborenin wood, but for social events a bit more color would not be out of place. However, some of these garments do look a little… impractical. Or even uncomfortable."

Shopping is serious business, so Ariana systematically makes her way through the store, only stopping at a few displays that catches her interest before moving on. She neither looks back towards Declan nor expresses any thoughts on the reasons, perhaps, that many Lady Knights are just not Lady-Like at all. She does note, however, "I have seen your Lady Sister Brienne in quite lovely dresses, this is true. I do hope that she enjoys wearing them," she turns slowly now to finally regard Declan with her attention, "Something I've noticed, a lot of these Lady Knights look painfully uncomfortable in gowns. I don't see why. A gown can give you so much more freedom, I think, than a pair of trousers can. For one, you have more leg room and I would only /assume/ that they were taught at a young age on how to properly walk in a long gown." As she drifts onward, a silver ensemble fit for a knightly sort catches her eyes. The jacket-tunic isn't overly flouncy and is more of a straight cut, even along the sleeves. It is adorned with technology that makes the a subtle sheen move over the entirety of the tunic in a slow wave. "It's fine to wear the colors of your House, I know that I do… but any color can look stylish and fashionable when done correctly."

Declan laughs lightly as he trails after the woman. His approach to the shopping is less precise, of course, and he pauses here and there to touch a garment, lifting a sleeve to rub the material between his fingers. "I do not know if she enjoys wearing them or not, but if she does not, she hardly complains. Unlike my younger sister. You will probably find her quite a project." Since he already suspects Ariana will be delivering makeovers to the whole family, not just dressing him! "In terms of warfare, the trouble with a gown is that the extra material might catch when you are moving." Pausing with her beside the silvery jacket, Declan looks it up and down. "This isn't bad. I'm sure that's true, about colors. Really, its only that I would prefer to keep things from getting too… elaborate. This is somewhat my speed, with it's clean look."

Though her attention may have been on the silver getup, Ariana moves further once again to point out a lavish and shiny emerald green shirt, the sleeves here are lightly puffy in design and there is a spot where a clasp or even family sigil could be be placed at the front, which would in turn, secure the front of the shirt together as it's only parted almost half way down a man's chest. This one doesn't seem to have a subtle sheen gadget attached to it. "Now this is a lovely shade of green. It does have that bit of spark, I think. And as for Lady-Knights and their gowns. I don't expect them to wear a gown out on the battlefield, but I would be very impressed if they were able to pull it off and still come off looking graceful and regal all the same. But even off the battlefield, they prefer to tear their way out of what is probably a very expensive gown and dress in simple attire, sometimes making them look like.. peasants." A pause, "Citizens."

Declan follows to the next display, and stands a moment regarding the shirt. His reaction seems slightly less enthusiastic than with the prior garment, despite the color. Maybe it's the puffy sleeves? "The color is nice, although I wonder at those sleeves. They'd feel sort of bunched, wouldn't they, if you wanted to rest your arms at your sides?" Of the lady knights storming the battlefield in ball gowns, he grins a bit more broadly. "That would be quite the sight. But I suppose some of them simply have their own standards of comfort."

"Oh, they do not bunch up that badly." Ariana says in quick defense to the puffy shirt! "And the green is an exquisite shade. Shiny too, to add a bit of life into the color. "And there are several different vest and the like to go with it." Though as Declan had shown some interest in the silver garment, her attention returns to it from over her shoulder. "A Lady should always be a Lady. On and off the Battlefield, but especially off it. This is something which many noblewomen knights seem to forget. What it's like to be a Lady. As for myself, I'm quite the opposite, and cannot wait to get home from the lab or the medbay just so I can rest in a soothing bath after ridding myself of my professional attire and then redressing in a lovely gown so that I can finally feel at rest."

"You wear those large gowns even when you're spending time by yourself in your quarters?" Declan wonders, sounding a little surprised by the notion. "I would think that in private at least, something meant for comfort would be the norm. Though I do understand the desire to dress impressively for public appearances." Still considering the green shirt as she talks about the various options that might go with it, he gives a slight nod. "I suppose I could try it on at least, to see how it feels. I've rarely worn anything quite so exaggerated, so it is hard to imagine how it might feel to wear, or look in a full ensemble. Or with me inside it, for that matter."

Ariana's brow arches at the question and she has to ask, "What will I do when I am summoned or I need to go somewhere? It takes some time to be fitted into particular garments, especially those with a corset. But if I know, for certain, that I will not be leaving my chambers, I have gowns for those occasions as well. They are no different than modest traveling gowns and I can feel comfortable while still looking presentable if ever I did, suddenly, need to slip out. A Lady should always be prepared to be in the public eye." There is just a hint of a condescending tone being used here, as if Declan should have known this about real Ladies! And she has to wonder what women were taught in the Spine. Waving a dismissive hand, she then laughs oh so gently, "I don't really mean that you should purchase it. But it should open your eyes to what styles are out there for men. The fashions here and the fashions on Nubilus or even Landing vary slightly. Phylon just happens to be far more flamboyant than most. Nubilus is ever classy in elegance."

"Well, yes, thats what I meant, for occasions when you know you are able to relax fully, without concern for any particular duty or responsibility. I suppose a simpler kind of gown would suit for both propriety's and etiquette's sake, wihtout sacrificing comfort or the practicality of a night at home." Declan seems more or less placated by that! And really, he does seem somewhat clueless on the matter, as if its not something he ever paid much mind. "Well, seeing that I am to wed a Larent and not a Cindravale, perhaps I should investigate Nubilus' fashions? I have seen your impressive arcades and shopping districts, but I've not had opportunity to explore them deeply. Though your father is always in military dress, so I dont have much example of your mens fashions."

When it seems as if Declan has come to an understanding on the things young Ladies wear in their spare time, Ariana looks content enough by this, even if she is skepitcal that he understands it all. "That is right, My Lord. And contrary to what some of the unlady-like noblewomen complain about, there are many a gown that are just as comfortable as anything else they could wear. And stylish too." Sauntering forward to drift delicate fingers across the fabrics of the newest array of clothing on display, she nods quickly to her betroths's assessment, "That is right, both my Lord Father and Lord Brother both dress in their naval uniforms often enough, but they do have some very classy attire in their wardrobes and our seamstresses do cater to the wealthy and privileged more often than not." Why, Nubilus doesn't seem to have a lower class! "Did you wish to venture to Nubilus and take in the fashion there, My Lord? Admittedly, there is much that I was unable to show you and your family during your last visit."

"Well, I didn't mean for us to rush off immediately, as I would be remiss if I did not let you show me a good number of outfits here. But I would be interested in visiting Summit's shops as well. There are, as you say, many things about Nubilus I did not get to enjoy on our recent visit. Over time I ought make myself familiar with many of them. Even that casino of yours, perhaps." Declan seems amused at suggesting this, as if he thinks it might not be Ariana's favorite thing to show off about their moon. "So, I think many visits will be in store for the near future."

It's not that Ariana didn't want to depart so soon, but Declan is right, they have not yet to see everything which Phylon has to offer this day. Briskly, she walks towards an array of knee length leather jacket ensembles in various colors, but the one she has her eyes on is in black with silver buckles climbing the length of the garment. It has an almost fancy rugged look with all of the silver ornamentation that can clearly be seen in the details of each buckle. "This isn't bad for…" A Forest Ranger, "One who lived in a forest. It's elegant and manly all the same." Though at the mention of casinos, this does seem to draw the young woman's attention and slowly she turns towards Declan, "The Apogee, really? Hmm, but then I suppose you've gambled many a times in some tavern in the Spine? But you should certainly, perhaps, make a purchase here today then. The Apogee is an exquisite casino of the highest caliber."

"Oh, that one is rather nice," notes Declan with a touch of surprise as the next jacket is located and he follows Ariana's own attention to it. "It has a… certain flare, but without totally abandoning practicality?" Which seems a mix he approves of! "Yes, manly." A nod. "Oh, yes, we do play cards or dice at the taverns sometimes," he goes on to agree. "Not that I would say I am any good at it, but it is a good way to spend time with the soldiers and the like. But I can only imagine that the Apogee puts those little games entirely to shame. I think I'd probably end up losing my shirt… but I wouldn't mind, just to give it a try."

"And they probably could have this in your House colors with the buckles resembling any sort of design that you would wish. Trees…" Because what else do Arborens like? "leaves…" Ariana could go on and on, but she falls quiet to further inspect the handiwork of these leather jackets that has piqued her attention. She then continues on with the talks of gambling, though she turns towards Declan to size him up, but soon enough one of the tailors approaches. "I believe that the Young Lord Declan Arboren would like to be fitted for several outfits in your fine establishment." Then to Declan, she asides, "We have quite a lot of tech for many of our games, but there are backrooms where a game of cards are played the normal way… for very high stakes."

Declan offers a quick nod of agreement. "Some sort of natural motif. Our sigil is a tree, of course, so we often work those in." As the shop employee joins them, he echoes the woman. "Yes, I think we've found at least a couple choices that would suit." Fortunately, newer technology makes taking measurements a much quicker and less intrusive process, so really, he only needs to stand still a few moments as the tailor's assistant takes his details. "I can only imagine that a place like the Apogee would cater to the big players indeed. I'll have to check it out one of these times… and be cautious not to lose all my family's wealth too easily." Of course, he kids, but the idea of at least dipping into that side of things does seem to appeal to him.

Stepping aside so that the seamstress has free reign over the Arboren heir, Ariana watches as the woman digitally takes his measurements as she continues with the chatter, "Please see if you can have these in Arboren colors, a nice forest green may work, unless you would prefer the black, My Lord? And see about doing the buckles in a natural, rather rustic forest motif. I believe, that the Young Lord also was interested in the silver jacket over there with the electro-motion sheen. I believe he will look quite dashing in these ensembles… not that the Young Lord of Arboren is never dashing." A polite smile is then shared with Declan. Letting the seamstress continue with her work, she considers, "I'll be more than happy to show you around the Apogee. It's a place that both my Lord Father and Lord Brother frequent as well when they are afforded shore leave."

Declan continues to stand nicely for the seamstress, lifting his arms when requested, and otherwise cooperating as is required until she is finally finished with her work. "I have plenty of greens, so the black, I should think," he decides on the colors, bobbing a nod at the other details that Ariana supplies. "I can imagine that it's popular with the navy men, just as our own taverns and pubs tend to be for our soldiers and rangers when off duties. Perhaps sometime the lot of us can make a night out of it. Though it seems there is no shortage of activities that we might share, as families."

"I almost expected you to find this whole shopping experience to be…overwhelming. Not that shopping is grueling or anything, though it can be, but of course, being a fashionista of sorts, I have noticed the big difference between fashion from the Spine and fashion from, well, the Vale. Nubilus. Landing. But we have knightly knights passing through here also, so there should be a wide variation of things which you may find suitable." Her gaze briefly flickers towards the seamstress as she departs. "She will be back with something more in your size, before sending us away so that she can work further on the outfits to match all of your specifications." She says this as if she expected Declan to not go through this process of ordering clothes very often…. Though the mention of activities which their families might share is brought up, though one of her brow quirks, her expression remains neutral. "Yes, of course. I think it would be fine time for our families to spend moments together. However, my Lord Father is always busy with his naval duties, so he tends to be absent often enough in family affairs."

Declan gives a gentle laugh as Ariana expresses such concerns for his shopping experience. "It's just clothing. I admit, if you insisted on me trying on some of these outfits," and he gestures aside at one that is a bit more elaborate, "I might find it tedious, but you've shown a good idea toward blending these styles with my own preferences. Granted, we don't spend a lot of time thinking about fashion normally - its pointless if you're going to spend your day out doing patrols in the forest - but I like to think that we 'clean up' well for formal functions." Whether he is familiar with the process or not, he nods at Ariana's narration. "Well, obviously your father is an older man and it is likely that he cares more to socialize with his own peers. But even if would just be your brother and I, that would be quite enjoyable. We got on well enough at the recent Saveur wedding reception, so I am sure we will do well as in-laws."

"Well, I wouldn't want to dress you up in something that takes you completely out of your element. It just never hurts to accessorize or wear things that are a little more flashy than the norm." Ariana says with a slow nod just as the seamstress returns with several garments for Declan to try on. "I mean, we could very well go shopping with my Lord Cousin Valentine. Now that would be fun." Following behind the woman that curious look remains on Ariana's face, but she does speak in a more reassuring tone, "That is good to hear. I hope that I will be able to befriend some of your siblings as well… Lord Keanen aside."

"You seem to have a good sense of my style already, of my natural element as you call it. These seem like they might fit quite well with me, blend nicely with my usual attire," Declan observes, before turning to the seamstress as she returns with the garments. He takes them from her, and glances back briefly before going off to actually try them on, a frown etching his forehead when Keanen is brought up. "I do feel bad about that. Although the two of you were social, I had no idea he had such… an interest in you, until I mentioned our coming arrangement. I'd always thought he fit better with your Saveur friend, although it seems she is to be wed now as well. I worry that my brother will feel terribly alone - even with his penchant for, ah, less serious dalliances." Despite this, he puts on a happy face, "But I think the rest of us will get on, yes. And Keanen will hopefully find something new in time, and that will distract him. And well, I suppose I have to go try these on, now? I will be a few moments."

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