01.18.3014: Unfit Nest
Summary: Lincoln and Luke meet for the first time, and try to convince Rook she needs to move. Luke and Rook come to some decisions.
Date: 09 November 2013
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Ithaca's Apartment — Blue District, The Ring
The door of this musty, basement apartment bears several chains across the span along with multiple locks, electronic and mundane. Inside it is almost empty, Spartan to an extreme. There's just one, windowless, main room serving as the entire living space, and a small bathroom. The bedroom consists of a mattress on the floor in one corner. The kitchen is nothing but a counter with a small sink, microwave, mini fridge/freezer, hot plate, and electric crockpot

Along one wall rests a small tattered loveseat and a coffee table which looks to be an old trunk of some sort. The rest of the space is taken up by computer equipment, resting on scratched up Plexiglas sheets propped on rusted old filing cabinets, stools, chairs, anything that could be used to support the flat surfaces. The walls are plastered with page upon page of code and mathematical calculations.

18 January 3014

Lincoln 's been busy since the announcement, but managed to get a decent tip last night, so is over with several bags of cleaning supplies and food. He's already made Ithaca throw out her ratty pillows-something about dust and breathing. The new ones have crisp cases, and are balanced on the now clean table. He's been talking none stop, clearly nervous but pushing through. He's already made them sandwiches, and moved the fresh foods into the fridge. "There's all types of stuff we'll need to get you, but I think it's mostly common sense stuff. Clean and healthy and fresh." He's pitching any ash trays he finds. "Martana had a baby when I was in school. She ended up eating like, everything." He'll smile up at his sister, a small smudge of dirt on his cheek.

Rook has been nesting, that is clear. The place is far cleaner than Lincoln has ever seen it. She's even hung up a curtain between the "bedroom" and the "living room" for the sake of some sort of privacy. "Crow said he will help. We'll see. Told him he didn't need to, but think he wants to." She settles into a chair at the "new" table that was claimed from a rubbish bin and cleaned up. She looks tired. "Thank you for helping," she notes. She's in sweat pants and a t-shirt under a hoodie.

Lincoln scrunches his nose at the mention of 'Crow'. He didn't say anything, but isn't happy that he's sorta involved. Step up or step away. "I was thinking, I have a friend who needs someone's identity tacked down. I thought maybe you could do your computer stuffs, and she could get you a new couch and stuff. She doesn't have tons of cash, but that would eb easier for her to sneak by, and you could use it." He'll glance up and smile, an honest one, "I don't mind helping, really….The pip squeak is gonna need a lot." He's gone through few nicknames already for the baby, not having settled on one yet.

"I can do that," Rook agrees, to helping his friend. "A new couch would be good." The old one is kind of a deathtrap. "Should mention, Crow is a Knight," she starts off with, easing him into who her baby daddy is. She watches him putter about with a small smile and pulls out the e-cig she was given at the clinic. It's just water vapor, but it helps with the cigarette cravings.

Knights can be punched. Linc's got a mental list, he can add Crow to it. "Yeah, I thought so. Dude's been giving her grief at the gym and stuff, implying he's got rank or some shit, but won't give his name. I'll ask her to give me the times and places she ran into him. Maybe you can see who was there, and we can get a list, or something. She says he's a big dude." Linc shrugs, biting his lower lip as he wipes his hands on his now dirty pants. With a nod about him begin a knight, "Are you hungry, or want something different? I got you some fruit. Next time I come over, I can bring you other stuff. Unless you want to go shopping with me?" Wouldn't hurt her to learn to grocery shop beyond the frozen pizza case.

"Starving. Can see if gym had sign-ins for members, and cameras," Rook notes. She takes in a breath and lets it out. "He's a noble." Crow, obviously. She looks like she's ready to wince if her brother explodes.

Lincoln moves towards the kitchen to grab her an apple. He freezes, his back tightens, and he'll stand there a few secs, trying to process wheat she just said. He'll turn to look at her, his face surprisingly void of emotion. "Shit, Ithy. That's…Fuck." While his face is void, is voice is not. There's definite concern. He'll run his fingers through his hair, "This is not good."

"Gonna be ok, Linc," she murmurs. "He's not married, doesn't want to be, Knight first. Ash Legion I think. Wants to work on him and I. Worth a shot to try." She grimaces but there's a sense of hope she was missing ever since Nitrim hurt her. She bites into the apple, and plucks out a seed. "Baby is smaller than this right now. Amazing."

Lincoln bites back the retort that Nitrim wasn't married either and wanted to work on them. His jaw tightens, and he'll roll his shoulders. Linc's not usually a punch thrower, but family stuff makes him edgy. She and the smaller than an apple seed baby is all he's got. Lucky for him, he's not added the noble plus ash legion together, or he'd be in a whole other level of panic. Instead he'll just nod, "Alright. Just…be careful. it's not just you, now." He'll avert his eyes, glancing around the apartment.

"Being careful. Not in love or anything. Had sex. Accidentally made a baby. Need to work on being friends now," Rook assures him. She's not about to let anyone else into her heart, not yet, outside of the little one growing inside her.

Lincoln nods, but isn't happy with the situation. Nobles, even when trying to be helpful, usually make things worse. "Ok. Well…let me know what I can do with that." He just hopes she doesn't ask him to not punch the guy. "Are you craving anything specific? I was gonna go shopping in a few days. I'm out of food at my apartment too." He'll glance at the couch, "I'll talk to Klaudea tonight, see if I can get the info, so we can get you a better couch."

"Promise you'll be nice. Wasn't his fault. I took him home with me, not other way around. He got hurt at a party. I took advantage," Rook points out. "Hot cocoa," Rook requests. She can't drink her coffee now.

Lincoln doesn't say anything. She told him to be nice to Nit too. Instead he'll ask, "How'd he get hurt?" He's demeanor softens some at the request. He's leaning against the counter in the kitchen, dressed in dusty clothing from cleaning. He has a small smudge of dirt on his cheek. "Hot cocoa is good. Want me to see if I can find some Tea that doesn't have caffeine?"

"Sure. Won't promise to drink it though. Tastes like dirt." Rook makes a blech face accompanied by the appropriate sound effect. She's settled at the small table, munching an apple. "Not like Nitrim. Didn't try to charm," she explains. She's in sweats, a tee, and a hoodie, and she looks a bit tired.

Sooner, rather than later a knock comes to the door. Were one to check, they would find a tall mismatched man in black waiting patiently. Like when he met Rook, he is armed, but that seems more protocol than need. A glance is given to a watch, before he is knocking again. Luke didn't call; hopefully that won't be a huge problem or breech of politeness with a skittish baby mama.

Lincoln rolls his eyes at Ithaca'a acting, and then laughs, "I see I got all the chops there… Oh, that reminds me-" but there's a knock at the door and he push himself off the counter. He'll glance to Rook, letting her answer the door, but there's tension to him now. Anyone at Rook's door has him on edge.

Rook rises and cross the few meager steps to the door. She peers through the security hole and then lets out a breath. Luke can hear the cacophony of about a dozen different door locks being undone, before the door swings open. "Hi." The diminutive baby mamma in question chews her lip. Then she remembers her manners lessons with Jane. "Come in. Lincoln, this is Crow, Crow this is Lincoln, brother." Appears she hasn't even given up his real name to her own brother.

Luke steps in when the door is opened, a brief pause and smile is given to Rook, as he takes in the room. A small frown before he is looking at Lincoln. A nod as he brushes by Rook and extends a hand in Lincoln's direction. "Hello." a brief beat. "I just wanted to come by and see the place, say hello…" eyes on said brother. "If this is a bad time?"

Lincoln pauses, eyeing the taller man, taking in the pendant. Shit. He'll extend his hand, Not making an effort to smile. "Hi." He sounds flat, but controlled. He'll shake his head, "Nope. Not a bad time. Just trying to clean up a bit." He's openly watching Crow for his reactions.

Rook looks between the two, grateful that this meeting seems to go better than the last time she introduced her brother to someone. "Lincoln is going to be in a play. Oh, Jane asked for tickets to see it," she notes to her brother. She settles back down in one of the mismatched chairs at the table, and reclaims her apple for a bite. "Place not much to look at, I know," she admits to Luke with a small grimace.

Luke glances to Rook, "That is an understatement." After shaking Lincoln's hand, Crow pushes further into the small apartment and then glances back. "This is no place for our child..it's-" A glance to Lincoln. "Oh, best of luck." He's not been to many plays to actually know the right words to say to an actor. Grimacing back to Rook, Crow opens good mouth only to stop. "Hold on." Someone is buzzing his phone, given the sudden touch to his ear. A look between the two siblings and he raises a hand. "Rook, can I have a moment? Work." Meaning someone from units apparently needs a knight or knightly advice. He walks over and leans in as if to give her a peck, before deciding against it. "I'll be a moment, promise." And he moves to step out into the hallway.

Lincoln blinks, eyes going slightly wide at Rook, "Do you even listen to me when I say things to you?" With everything she's dropped on him, Jane fucking Wyre wants tickets to the play. Fuck. Grantham pendant. Double fuck. His jaw tightens at Luke's statement about the apartment, while he agrees, it's not the approach Ithaca is going to warm up to. A strained smile and nod to the luck given. His dark eyes look over to Ithaca. She probably doesn't know why he's more agitated now than before, but it's apparent.

Rook almost leans in when Luke does but they both seem to awkwardly abandon the gesture halfway there. She looks at her brother, confused at his agitation. "Did I do something wrong?" she whispers to him, concerned.

Lincoln instinctively drops his voice to watch Rook's. "Yes! I told you that inviting Jane Wyre would freak me out. To not to." His eyes are almost black, it's easier to focus on that then whatever drama is going to brew because of Crow's house.

"Oh." Rook looks chastened and she drops her eyes and sits back at the table. "It came up, she seemed interested in taking her boyfriend to see it," she explains.

Lincoln just sighs, running his fingers through his hair, "Great. So when I fuck it up, it'll be in front of famous people and-" He'll take a deep breath, stopping himself. "This is just…I have a lot to process, Ithaca. Plays are the only thing I do that's…" hopeful. He can't say that. Eyes closing a moment, "Ok, it's done." Another rub to his face, "Guess it doesn't matter now who comes or not…. It'll make Maggie happy, anyway." Or Maggie will be terrified like him.

"And you'll be great, and maybe Jane can help you get roles. She's my friend," Rook notes. She picks at the apple a little bit.

Lincoln swallows, looking away. "Yeah…more roles." There's a touch of fear in his voice but he'll shake himself. He offers, trying to lighten the mood before Crow come snack, "I met Silver, she's an actress too. Talked about maybe getting me an extra role on her next film."

"See? Connections. They get good work. Who you know, all that," Rook says with a grin.

Lincoln gives Rook a small glare, although there's not as much ire. "I don't //need connections. i just need to get through this play without completely choking." he'll glance to the door, fidgeting some, "He's Grantham."

Rook nods. "Yes. Like Devon." Albeit Devon was not a blood Grantham. "What's wrong?" Socially inept she may be, but she knows her brother well enough now to tell he's uncomfortable.

Lincoln inhales, eyes staying on the door, "…Beden's…a Grantham. He's…I've been… we're dating." His jaw tightens, this complicates things so much.

"You gave me crap for dating a noble, and you're doing it too?" Rook asks, laughing. "Funny. Don't get hurt," she notes, waggling a finger at him.

Rook's laugh is doing nothing to help Linc's mood, "It's just dating. I'm not planning things." Linc doesn't get things. The finger wag is the last straw. He'll growl, "Yeah. No worries about that." He'll move to grab his coat, not wanting to deal with this anymore.

Rook sighs and shakes her head. His volatility is something she doesn't know how to handle. She just lets him go.

Lincoln storms out of the apartment, passing Luke in the hall as he's taking his call, and silently departs. Rook remains seated at the table, her forehead in one hand. She and her brother don't quite have a good understanding of one another yet, and she overstepped with him, again.

A few minutes afar Lincoln has stormed out, the door opens once more, and in steps the knight who was in the hallway. There's a brief pause as he looks over to where Rook is seated, before he is moving to take a seat on the edge of the trunk, which seems to serve as a coffee table. "I am not going to ask, what that was about." Crow says softly. "I assume it was a mixture of my presence and other things that I am not privy to." There, that said- he leans to place his hands on his knees. "Still, I think you need to live somewhere else, if you're open to it."

Rook lifts her head as Luke returns, and gives him a tight smile. "Sorry. Had an argument. Not about you." She shrugs a bit, tossing her apple at the trash can and feeling a bit of satisfaction at the THUNK of it landing inside properly. She looks at Luke again. "Happens a lot. Still strangers, mostly. Found each other a few months back." She worries at her fingers, resting her forearms on the scratched up tabletop. "Where would I go? Can't afford anything better. Too much debt, Crow," she murmurs. "And close to work."

"What do you mean too much Debt? Did you run up your credit?" Though the diminutive woman is about ten years younger-he can't imagine such debt already piled on. As for the argument with her brother there is a brief wave of his hand. "It is part of being a sibling, you get into fights." plain and simple. "You work as a security analyst yes? I am sure a big enough firm could hire you, in which you could have a better living arrangement." Crow pauses before he looks back. "I don't think living in the must without windows is necessarily good for a baby. I am no expert, but these aren't ideal."

One hand moves to twine her fingers around a lock of her hair. Rook is still not used to it being long, or being a color found in nature for that matter. She's been partly civilized by others in the last eight months. "Said you didn't care what I do, right?" she asks. She pauses for a long moment. "Work for LucCorp." That said, her debt takes on a whole new meaning. That means she's in debt to the Syndicate for something. "My debt, mother's debt. Lot of it. Can't quit. They own me."

"I meant I didn't want to know further details. That does not equate that I don't care where this baby is raised." Crow adds as he looks back up, eyes looking to her fingertips and then back to her hair. What is said sits with her, and there's a brief pause for a moment, before his own hand is coming up to rub at his chin. "I see." And so he leans back for a second. "And I assume your employer would not move you into a less dangerous place?"

"Could move, but would have to take home more from pay. Been paying off some with each payday. Plus, hard to get a place, being me." Rook looks at him a little bit blankly. She is really not good with the whole social graces thing, so it's no surprise she would have trouble renting from somewhere more reputable. "Don't like to give real name to places. In case I need to disappear." She rubs at her brow. "Don't know what to do. I'm sorry."

Crow's quiet there before he shakes his head. "No-Don't be sorry. It's not like you asked this to happen, nor asked me to come in and judge where you are living." A sigh and the knight distractedly fusses with something on his tunic, before he is looking back to her. "I am sure I could help you, a little in regards of a place to rent-or something better." As for paying off her debt he's not discussing. Likely he wouldn't be able to. "How much is owed, if I might ask - and would this fall on the baby?"

"Too much. Yes, if I die before it's paid, falls on baby. Eight when Nysa died. Working on it though," Rook assures him. "Better now, off Red Eye, and no cigarettes or alcohol for 9 months. That saves a lot. If you can help me find somewhere, I can pay. Just need help getting in, is all," she insists. It seems she doesn't want charity from him. She also seems exhausted from stringing that many words together at once.

Luke nods there. "Right. Well Fuck your mother if I might say so. Fuck her in her dead ass." It comes out hot and angry for a moment, before he is nodding-though eyebrows raise at the mention of Red Eye. "I am going to assume you don't do anything else-for now." he adds and then he looks back. "I could get you in, At least my status could help with that." Crow adds, before he is rubbing his face. "And I can keep you on the Ring, if that is what is preferable." Though how, he's not figured out yet. Likely he can come to some conclusion. "I'm sorry- I'm not good at this. I am more at home killing things, than trying to figure this out."

Rook pushes back from the table and stands, moving to the kitchen to finish putting away the things her brother brought her. "Brother is trying to help. But I don't want to be a burden Not to anyone. Taken care of myself a long time, then all of a sudden I have family." She might be putting those groceries away with a bit too heavy of a hand in her frustration. "I told you, you don't need to help. I won't tell anyone you're the father. Even Lincoln doesn't know your name."

"I know what you told me, but there you said it. Family." And he is looking back. "That baby, whatever it is going to be is partially mine and I-It's…" and he's quiet. "I am religious. I am loyal to family-there are two things I don't fuck with. Whether or not I am in that child's life, I am still family to it and tied to it by blood." A glance back to her as now he moves to sit on the couch. "You're not a burden. If you were a burden I suspect you would have shown up at my door and come pounding looking for money. You did not do that."

"Will find a better place on the Ring. T taking some extra side jobs — research. Should help." Rook leans her hands on the counter top and closes her eyes, just trying to find her center again and shove down the pesky emotions. She lets out a breath and turns to lean her back against the counter, arms folded over her chest. "Not religious." She gestures at the hermetic diagrams all around the walls. "Math, science, computers. All I know. I'm trying, Crow. Not easy for me. Not good with people. Working on that too." She grimaces. "We need to be friends I think. If anything is going to work, we need that. Strangers right now."

"Alright." he adds, before he is standing and coming over to where she is at the counter. Not religious and then his own religious quirk-should be interesting enough there. "Well, I know enough about a computer to mess with it, but it is not my strong suit." he adds-before leaning close by on the counter. "I think talking with people will help with that-slowly and surely." A look to her. "So how do we become friends? And yes-I agree we are Strangers." And he is silent for a moment, head bowed. "A hostile weapon took out my eye-I was quite lucky it didn't break through my skull and skewer my brain through the pan and out through my helmet."

"Sorry about eye. Like it though. Looks like mine," Rook murmurs, reaching up to turn his face so she can inspect it. She doesn't seem at all freaked out by the cybernetic. "Can take it out, or always in?" she asks curiously. "Other one is pretty too." She smiles faintly. "Nysa was a whore. Red Eye addict. I was born an addict. If I stopped I could die. Almost did. Had heart attack. Then rehab. No more Red Eye."

"Well, I am glad you like it- No doesn't come out, but-I wanted something permanent in. This is what they had." he adds before looking back, and then he half laughs. "Thank you." As for further revelation about the mother he simply nods, his mouth going slack before he frowns. "Well, I guess that makes sense..I am glad there is no more red eye.." he adds, before scratching the back of his head. "My addiction has only stayed in cigarettes and booze. I am too boring for them to branch out." Crow then motions back to the couch. "And fights. I am likely a piss poor role model."

"Me too. Hacker. All that jazz. Brother is whore too. So was his mom. Same dad. Might try to find him someday. May be more siblings." Rook grabs a beer for Crow and a bottled water for herself before heading to the couch. "Like movies?" she asks, propping her bare feet up on the trunk.

Luke snorts quietly as he moves and drops on the couch. His hand takes up the beer easily, and he starts drinking without much thought. "Our child is likely fucked." he adds, with a glance to her. "A father who is known in the tabloids for his shit behavior-and a mother who is a criminal." A laugh again. "Brilliant." And there another slug of beer. "Could be worse." he adds, carefully.

"Could be worse. Could have parents who didn't give a damn," Rook points out. She raises the water bottle to clink to his beer bottle. "To parents who give a damn." She sips, then turns on the largest of the computer monitors, which begins playing a pirated copy of the latest horror movie release. Ok, there are some benefits to her being a criminal.

Luke blinks, and he leans back in the couch for a moment. Eyes going to the screen. "Oh." Surprise there-perhaps he hadn't thought on this. Though as gore shows on the screen he straightens bait. "Yes, to parents who give a damn-Iamsorrybutyoulike-" horror movies? He is learning more about her. And likely she him as he jumps at some pour soul being ripped in half, before he is leaning back into the couch. "Maiden's tits.." murmured over his beer bottle lip.

Rook grins. "Yes. Favorite movies. If you're scared, you can hold on to me," she offers, looking amused as the big bad knight jumps at the gory scares.

"I am used to seeing things rip men open, somewhat.." he adds carefully before he jumps again. A flat look is leveled at her, before he simply tries to still. "Sorry-more wanting to dodge than-" a grimace. "Okay." She might get held. Might.

Rook shuffles over close so he can hold her if he needs to. "I could probably rip a Hostile apart," she declares. "With my brain." Sit on that one for a while, Grantham.

And likely, Crow will. Though right now he is not rising to the challenge of trying to one up with brain ripping. Likely now he is focusing in on the movie. Clearly someone is used to the epic dramas as opposed to tentacles and gore. Luckily, there is beer to keep it down-and keep him grounded to the couch.

You say, "What kinds of movies do you like?" Rook asks curiously. "Can find some you like. Can start with movie nights? Maybe dinner and talk?" she offers."

"Myself? I guess I am more of the epic..War dramas-those sorts.." Crow answers as he keeps watching, perhaps trying to figure out the plot in the midst of the murder and the scares. And he looks back over to her. "I would like that-" said before he focuses back in. "Dinner and talk. It'd be good." A nod once more as a smile ghosts. "Yes. I'd like that."

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