The Underworld

Don't be fooled — the Haven System is not utopia. You can't weed out the dark side of human nature, and under the shadow of the Hostile threat, it has been given a secret and covert place to grow and evolve. There is always profit to gain, power to grasp, and fun to be had.

There are many shades of crime within the Haven System — and some thrive better than others. Unlike Old Earth history, street crimes such as murder and petty theft are quite low — which isn't to say they don't happen, but it takes a certain amount of finesse and organization to successfully avoid facing a magistrate. Organized, drug, and white-collar crime is much more prevalent. Organized crime can include assassinations and larceny, but they require a high level of professionalism.

Most of this restructuring of crime — and the expansion that came with it — is a recent evolution in Haven's history, under the business prowess of Lord Jonathon Lucian. He has successfully encouraged and strong-armed smaller crime organizations — including street gangs — into alliances that have eventually resulted in their integration under the umbrella of what is now simply known as the Syndicate.

Rise of the Syndicate

Where did Lord Jonathon Lucian come from? He was a Citizen originally, and a rather slick individual — obviously from the Ring from his simple attire lacking the flare and flamboyance of more Reverted fashions. He was already engaging in various illicit business deals and behavior that started his fortune. During the epidemic of Destros in 3005, he began to aggressively fight against the suppliers of the destructive drug, eventually toppling its dominance on the streets. Some say that this seeming act of heroism was because of the death of his sister at the hands of the drug, though others say it was an ingenious move to maneuver himself both into the good favor of the justice system or as a grasp for power in the Underworld.

Whatever his motivations, he slowly began to gain power in the Underworld. Crime, Lucian believed, was something that could be elegantly and intelligently organized. He used his impressive business mind to form alliances with smaller crime organizations that had previously used various — and often violent — means to gain wealth and power in the Haven Underworld.

Slowly and steadily, Gentleman Johnny began to gather power into a single crime syndicate while also systematically dismantling the operations of those who did not comply. It took him eight years to seat himself as the most powerful boss of major criminal activity in the Haven System. Nestled behind the shadow of LucCorp — a corporation that specialized in primarily entertainment businesses, including brothels, inns, and nightclubs — Lucian supported dozens of different sub-sets of what he called "intelligent crime": smuggling operations, data couriering, various levels of thievery, and even assassinations, all done carefully and quietly to avoid the attention of the authorities.

The Paramount House of Orelle began to grow suspicious of the questionable activity coming out of the corporation that had purchased a large section of the Ring for its own operations. Just as the threat of investigations began to mount against Lucian, they were cut short, and Orelle found itself an alliance of convenience. Gentleman Johnny was seen attending social functions alongside the Master of Ships, taking tours of the various research facilities on the Ring, and was even invited to stay at the Orelles' embassy in Landing.

After becoming one of the most affluent individuals on the Ring, Jonathon Lucian was ennobled by King Regnant Symion at the request of Lord Admiral Ilo Orelle. Thus, House Lucian was formed, and with it the Syndicate was given a substantial leap of power and influence. But there is competition lurking in the shadows, and with the Hostiles on their way, everyone is scrambling for both profit and survival.

House Lucian of the Ring

Planet: Oculus
Region: The Ring
Seat: LucCorp Headquarters
Motto: "Sub Rosa"
Colors: Black, Red and Green
Liege: The Paramount House of Orelle
Vassals: None
Head of House: Lord Jonathon Lucian Emphasis: Bodyguards
Predecessor: None Footmen: 100
Heir: None Cavalry: 0
Bowmen: 50


The various facets of House Lucian, LucCorp, and the Syndicate operate together almost flawlessly. House Lucian is the political facade of the Syndicate. It operates just like any other noble house might. What makes it unusual is that there is only one solitary noble within its hierarchy: Lord Jonathon Lucian. No wife, children, brothers, sisters, or living parents, the Lucian family is without a doubt the smallest in Haven. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in sheer power and wealth.

House Lucian is also the noble face of LucCorp — a conglomerate of entertainment businesses from brothels to nightclubs. Unsurprisingly, Lord Lucian is also the corporation's CEO. If House Lucian is the Syndicate's political facade, then LucCorp is the business facade. Though everyone knows there is something dirty about LucCorp, it has managed to avoid scrutiny with the support of House Orelle.

Beneath all these facades is the Syndicate — the true organization of the Underworld. Below Lord Lucian are a series of underbosses who look after individual districts that are considered Syndicate territory. There are some areas of Haven that have managed to keep the Syndicate from taking hold — particularly the Spine and Vale. The Syndicate has staked its claim in the Westend of Landing, the Isles of Terran, Black Sector in Volkan, the Blue District of the Ring, and others throughout the Lashes and the Crescent.

These territories are tended to by the underbosses, and beneath them are a series of Wardens that manage the individual gangs and coteries, collect the Syndicate's dues from local businesses, and generally watch over their particular set of underlings. There are a variety of roles that exist beneath the Wardens, which can be read about under Sample Character Concepts.

Current LucCorp Employees

Jonathon Jonathon "Gentleman Johnny" Lucian : The Big Man on Top; CEO Of LucCorps, Boss of the Syndicate, True Power of the Underworld
Raisa Raisa Lorellio : Business Consultant for LucCorp
Ithaca Ithaca "Rook" Black : Security Systems Analyst for LucCorp
Glitch Glitch : Manager of the FUNtasia Arcade in Landing, owned by Gentleman Johnny
Ren Renfield Allegore : Manager of the Blue Nirvana brothel, owned by Gentleman Johnny
Lincoln Lincoln Dunne : Employee of the Blue Nirvana brothel
Nora Nora Istre : Contact and personal friend of Gentleman Johnny (if he really has those)

Other Crime Organizations

While the Syndicate is the largest crime organization in the Haven System, there are smaller crime rings spread throughout the system. They predominantly function out of the smaller settlements as moneylenders, drug suppliers, and thieves. Arboren and Cindravale have thus-far resisted the intrusion of the Syndicate, cracking down hard on any semblance of large-scale criminal organization in their lands.

Unless approved by STAFF, professional and career criminal applications function under the Syndicate hierarchy. Group professional criminal applications will be considered.

Sample Character Concepts

The In-Debted

While most criminals are those who are simply at home in the shady underbelly of Haven, some are there because they don't have a choice. The In-Debted owes money or favors to the Syndicate, and is therefore at the mercy of their bosses. An In-Debted can have various other roles, but have to balance their duties with the demands of the Syndicate. The In-Debted can be anywhere on the sliding scale of morality. Smugglers, pushers, and thugs — they can all be In-Debted. If someone dies with their debt still unpaid, it passes down to their family.


The Pushers + the Shakers

Pushers and Shakers are archetypical members of the Underworld. Pushers peddle drugs in the entertainment districts of the larger cities such as the Tower of Lost Nights in Landing. Thanks to the Ways, it is easy for citizens and nobles from all over Haven to have a wild night on the town. It is there that the Pushers work the most, peddling Red-Eye (symptoms pictured to the right) and AMP — and in rare cases, Destros.

Shakers are predatory lenders who provide loans to the needy at exorbitant interest rates. They move easily throughout Haven, though they find the most prey in Landing and the Ring, where costs of living are high.

The Smugglers + the Thieves

Smugglers and Thieves are almost necessary for the survival of the Underworld. Smugglers transport goods from one area to the next in several ways: masking their illicit goods as legal freights, cover-of-darkness operations where a somewhat isolated Waygate is hijacked temporarily, and simply carrying the product on their person while making a normal trip through the Ways.

Professional thieves have developed a variety of high-end techniques to swipe goods, valuable information, and the occasional prized artifact. Thieves are known for intercepting data couriers, finding creative ways to lift the impressively small data-chips from the unsuspecting. Professional thieves only survive if they are intelligent and careful.

The Muscle

The spectrum of quality and purpose among the Underworld's muscle varies from brutes who stalk around with the Pushers in the Lost Nights, to smartly dressed, thick-necked guardians of the underbosses. Some are even mercenaries that have little to no moral obligation besides earning enough credits to retire on the Islands of Terran to spend the rest of their lives in comfort.

There is a more shadowy and covert subgroup within the Underworld that are known for precise killings for a profitable gain. Yes: assassins. They are known for their solitary work, living almost ordinary lives save for the occasional anonymous job that comes across their desks. Assassins are a rare breed, and rarely advertise themselves — as advertising can lead the authorities directly to them.

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