07.05.3013: Underneath the Fruit of a Tree
Summary: Several different discussions happen underneath this apple tree. Some stressful, other amusing.
Date: 07.05.2013
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The Gardens of Nora
While these gardens act as the courtyard between the Heartwood and the Elder Seat, they have managed to obtain a peaceful ambiance despite all the foot traffic. There is a gently angled esplanade that leads up from the Heartwood, interrupted here and there by short segments of stairs. When it reaches the main promenade of the gardens, it flattens out and continues to provide a pathway directly toward the grand doors of the Elder Seat.

Flanking either side of the esplanade are parcels of well-kept garden that are divided by smaller pathways that lead off from the main esplanade. These parcels vary between thick carpets of moss and forest flowers to clusters of wild roses to a very small orchard of fruit trees that bear red apples and pale peaches in the summer. Natives and visitors alike are encouraged to wander throughout the Gardens of Nora — named for the first High Lady of Arborenin, the daughter to Hugh Arboren — but there are also Arborenin guards who equally frequent the area.


Amidst the solemn trees in and around the Heartwood, Demos has found his feet wandering into the Gardens of Nora. Carrying a clear tablet in his hand, his feet instinctively took him to a bench along the main esplanade. There he sits, unmindful of the natural beauty around him, nor the foot traffic. Instead he watches whatever is showing on his side of the paper thin device his face growing more happy, a smile spreading even. "Yes," he begins softly, a fist pounding his leg, "Yes," again, more volume, then a soft mantra/chant of yesses escape his lips. It might draw some minor attention until finally, he stands up ready for the biggest yes that might startle birds and wildlife around the garden. But contradictive to his buildup, he lets out with an abounding, "No!" The hand that was patting his leg face-palms with a light slap on his bald head. That might garner a few looks, and he lowers teh tablet, disappointment showing on his face. Then he realizes where he is, slightly sheepish.

Lorelei looks up from her place underneath an apple tree. She's got a tablet of her own in her lap, although she's not smiling, not excited about what she's doing. she's still not completely warmed up from her visit to Oculus. Her left hand is absently rubbing her stomach,as if it aches and she'll tilt her head watching Demos and his out burst. If he looks her way, she'll give him a slightly baffled but what she hopes is supportive smile. It sounds like he could use it.

Having little else to do today, Michael decided to make a few last minute letter drops to tie up lose ends. He's made his way to Arborenin, and promptly gotten lost. At the present he's walking slowly down the main pathway towards the seat, the look on his face relaxed but also baffled. He sees the man who makes an outburst and just chuckles softly to himself. He calls over to the man, "Good game?" with a smile as he walks over his way.

If he could turn a touch pink in the cheek, he would. Actually he does, Demos affords a slight flush to rise. Or more, unbidden, it rises against his will. Then a nod to the fellow at his approach, "Was a good game, sir." Holding up his own device, he begins, "Stravski's oar cleary infractured under the Berth Bridge, Haime's punt should have won that heat." As if all of that should make sense. Then between both him and the woman, "My apologies for interrupting the warm solitude of the Garden, sometimes, I think I can't help myself." Almost as an after thought as, holding the device with one hand, he closes down the screen with his disappointment while asking of the woman, "How is your friend from the other day, it was nothing serious I hope." In regards to the mumbling knight that day.

Lorelei 'a jaw tightens slightly as Michael's voice is heard. she'll swallow and force a smile at Demos. It's not his fault. Nodding softly to Demos about something she doesn't understand, she'll look back down to her tablet, wishing herself invisible. but that's not what the 6, or Demos, has in plan when he directly addresses her. She'll bring her eyes up, only looking to Demos, "My Friend?" she sounds confused a moment and then her eyes go a bit wide, "You mean Lord Tristan? No, nothing serious, he's fine." Although her cheeks turn slightly pink at his inquiry..

Michael chuckles at the man's explanation of the game. "Ah right, sounds like a good one." he replies lamely. Then his gaze follows and he sighs softly, here we go again courses through his mind. He waits for their conversation to finish, "Hey Lorelei… suppose it isn't so odd to run into you here." he offers in a hope to not be an ass.

If there is tension in the air, which the observant would quickly take note of, Demos takes the other route. He doesn't notice that, but perhaps the slight blush of Lorelei at the mention of Tristan. He grins a little, his color turning more natural. Though he does at least realize they both know each other, deduction made by the informal use of name and greeting. "That is good to hear," he responds about the situation of Tristan. Taking note of what the present knight has said, Demos continues in the conversation. "That is good for me to know at least," eyes more towards her, "That I might find you here should I have such need, at least one person who here who I might easily locate should need arise."

Lorelei looks up to Michael. Her voice is soft, but controlled, "No…I suppose it's not." Her eyes go to Demos, unsure what he's referring to. "Did you need something else? Or are you still looking for your college?" She'll pull her legs underneath her, a slow process to begin to stand up, although she keeps her hand on her stomach.

Michael notices how she's holding her stomach and concern rushes to his face, "Are you alright?" he asks softly, attempting to keep worry out of his voice. He glances to the other man, "Get lost easily too?" he asks, his attention on Lorelei still.

Shaking his head, Demos returns with a hopeful explanation. "No good woman, simply a familiar face that is kind and helpful. It is good to know where reliable people are." Even as he says it and the other man comments on her status and her hand to her stomach, the bald man shows concern on his face as well. To the question, he replies, "No, sir, not myself. It is those I look for that always seem to find other places to be when I need them most." Suggesting, it would be good to know someone is where they should be for once. His tablet tucked into a pocket or pouch, he comes over to see if other help is needed the same. A hand to help up, or a shoulder to grab. Though she is making the best of it on her own and he doesn't muttle up the affair if he can avoid it. "Indeed, is anything the matter," he ponders, even as the other man is asking if she get's lost easily, not that he knows what that means.

Lorelei pulls her hand away from her stomach, "No. I'm fine. It's nothing….I just slept off and am sore…" She'll force a smile that doesn't reach her eyes. After a moment, she'll take Demos's hand to pull her up, "Thank you."

Michael doesn't seem to buy it, but he's not going to be an ass today. At least he hopes to not be one. "Well… it happens. I'm, um, sorry about the letter… I was, surprisingly, drunk when I wrote it. I think it sounded a bit strong…" he pauses for a moment then looks to the other man now, "Well, I know how that goes. Good thing you ran into Lorelei, she's great at helping, helped me when I got lost using the Ways." he smiles softly.

"This is good news indeed Sir," says Demos, referring to Lorelei being helpful. However, between the forced smile, the lack of said within the woman's eyes, and the admittance of the other, the geologist chooses to insert random insight for no apparent reason, other than he is holding her hand an in the middle of something he does not understand. "One might ponder the events that combined to lead to both a state of insobriety and the need to write a letter, and that the outcome of said letter, even if strong, might bridge the gap to understanding of the true nature of the concern." Sounds good enough to him, he rolls with it, probably still stuck in the bad call from whatever event he was watching.

Lorelei jaw tightens at Michael's words. "If you were drunk, then you were surprising clear on what you said." Her cheeks flush and she'll quickly tuck her tablet into a pocket in her skirt.She'll frown at Demos,but straightens her back, "One might also ponder that words to a words smith mean more. Once said, they can not be unsaid. In insobriety, the tongue is loosened to speak more clearly, then when shackled by our sober concerns."She'll take a deep breath, glancing to Michael and then back to Demos, "I wish to cause no more strain….for anyone."

Michael takes a breath, and nods, "Yes… I won't be able to write, or even have freedom for a long while. I didn't want you to worry." he pauses, "I don't remember everything, but Sir Johana has said that she'll give me free time now and again. So I'll try to comm on those days, see how things are going for you." Michael then sighs softly, "Lorelei, you aren't causing strain… and then you say something like that, and it puts strain on our friendship." he glances to the man, unsure what all should be said but at the same time, he doesn't care. He's already screwed up in public, bigger than this even, so he's not inclined to caring for privacy unless she wishes it. "I'm just feeling pulled about, pushed away to be told I'm not pushed away, then pulled back if I try to give you space. Kept at arms length, but told saying so guilts you. I can't seem to do anything but make you unhappy, and you haven't told me how to change that. I'm just as lost as the day we met." there he's said it. If she just hits him, he'll be fine with it, so long as it's not his stomach… he's still sore around oh… all his internal organs.

Demos won't hold her hand tight either, just in case she does want to hit him. "With Terra," says the man, if anyone is listening, "When a vein is spent, it is spent. Much like when the rock caves in, no amount of good mining can repair that earth." Then between them both, "That is, sometimes it is best to acknowledge were the fault line lies, that little can be done about it, and discover the best way to proceed forward. Words cannot be unsaid, as the past cannot be undone, but one can admit being wrong in order to find the path forward." Though, he thinks its mostly between them, he's hanging on for support for the lady for the present.

Stepping out from the direction of the Elder Seat, Tristan looks around for a few moments, pausing as he sees the people present now. Spotting Lorelei he starts moving over in the direction of the woman now, steps a bit slow.

Lorelei drops Demos's hand , but it's to rub her forehead, "Michael…You tell me we're not meant to be friends. The next day you send me an apology and flowers. And then the next day another letter telling me you can't talk to me again.That you have to focus on your squiring only, implying that I'm causing you to not. If you are feeling pulled about, it is your own fault. I am only reacting to what you are doing." She wraps her arm around her stomach, unconsciously protective. Looking to Demos, she frowns again. she doesn't notice Tristan yet.

Michael closes his eyes a moment and takes a breath, then he opens them. "I was hurt, and angry, and I didn't know what to say. I said how I felt… and you left." he pauses, and shakes his head, "I said I won't be able to talk to you for a while, cause I'm an idiot with the worlds most generous knight. I have to distance myself from everyone, so that I can make it up to her and show that recinding my dismissal wasn't a mistake." he takes another breath, "In this time apart… lets put the past behind us yeah? I'll see if I can comm on my off days if Sir Johana gives me any. Can we do that? Start over?" he looks at her with hope.

"The cause sounds rather treacherous," affords Demos, "Not to say I know much of this situation, other than the lady shows clear distress." A pause, he stays by for any moral support that might needed even after his hand is let go. Still to remain neutral as best he can, "That leaves the goal as any bargaining ground in this exchange. If you are to let go the past good Sir, the lady might be inclined to what it is you truly seek, if not to confuse further the situation."

"Hey." Tristan offers a bit quietly to the group of people now, looking between the others, with a brief smile. "Everything's well, I hope?" Otherwise keeping silent now.

Like a rolling stone, Nitrim finds his way often through the Ways, using them as his preferred means of transportation to spread his fingers throughout Haven. This day…it's Arboren. With rumors of Hostile approaching to perhaps bolster their numbers at the Spine, he slips into the gardens with a lit cigarette. Even flowers need nicotene, right? Rakishly, the tails of his long, Hermetic coat scrape the grass as he walks with his hands behind his back, eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses as he gets his eyefull. He's a cliche. Really.

Lorelei looks disbelieving at Michael. He's asked for start overs before. Her arm is wrapped around her stomach, almost proactively and she'll look between Michael and Demos. with almost a defeated slump of her shoulders, "I am too tired to fight with you Michael. If you wish to be friends, then we will be friends. Through letters or not. When you are able to. But don't talk to me until you are ready. I can't handle this. I have other things to worry about." Her eyes go to Tristan and she'll give him a small smile and bow, "Lord Tristan."

Michael looks concerned again at her, "What's wrong?" he pauses, "We're friends then. No more fighting." then he returns to his concern, "Seriously, what's the matter?" he looks up at Tristan for a moment to bow his head to the man, then returns his attention to Lorelei.

The crunch of grass brings Nitrim ever-closer to the conversation at hand as he tilts his head, watching from a distance. Cigarette in lip, a light haze forms around his eyes as he does something an Awakened can do, but just what that is remains unclear to the outside world. Careless, he ashes his cigarette to the grass beneath his feed and nods quietly to the group as a whole.

"Sir," says Demos towards Michael, "Far be it from my to interject, but I believe you have been afforded an opportunity, perhaps it wouldn't be prudent to instigate old sufferings and rather build anew on this pillar you have forged for your friendship."

Tristan pauses for a few moments as he listens to the others now, offering a bit of a smile to Lorelei. "Something wrong?" Looking to the others again he offers them a bit of a nod now.

Lorelei blinks and will jerk her head up, slightly surprised. Her eyes land on Nitrim a moment before moving to answer the Arboren noble first, "I have not been sleeping well. I think I pulled something in my sleep, is all." Her cheeks flush. she'll take a deep breath, pulling her arm tighter around herself. "It's nothing a good night sleep won't fix."

Michael glances to Demos, "I am concerned for her as I've always been… that's not something that's likely to change." he looks back to Lorelei as she tries to explain. "Try to rest then, please?" he smiles at her before looking to Nitrim and that seems to remind him of something. "Lord Nitrim, good to see you again. However, "he turns to the group, "I need to go. I have to get ready for my return to Obsidia." he bows his head and then turns to move off down the path the way he came.

"Michael." Nitrim says from behind the man's back, eyes flushing back to normal behind his dark sunglasses. It's a simple one-word greeting. As the lord of Khournas comes to a stop, he hooks a thumb in his belt buckle and stands in place. A flat, tight-lipped smile crosses the man's features as he jerks his head back in the direction of the Waygates. It's a bold move for a Khourni in Arboren lands. His smile turns into something more wry and he all but ignores Lorelei as he offers Demos and Tristan a nod. "Lord Tristan. These gardens are ever-so-majestic, are they not?"

"Oh no, I do not wish to imply a lack of concern sir," affords Demos to Michael, perhaps close to more, but a flurry of greetings occur presently. He nods to Tristan then to Nitrim, "Sir … My Lord." He bows to each respectfully as the other runs off. Choosing this moment to remain silent, perhaps pondering how this has gone from a simply sharing of misfortune over his sporting event to a virutal gathering.

The tree-place again. With all the open sky. Rook trudges along from the waygate, hands stuffed in her pockets, head down and eyes gone white as she homes in on the person she is seeking. She looks about as out of place in the garden as one can possibly be.

"They are quite nice, yes," Tristan replies to Nitrim, before he offers the man a smile. "What brings you to our humble home, Lord Nitrim?" Looking between the others again now, as he sees Michael leave, gaze going to Lorelei for a little while now.

Lorelei 's cheeks just pinken and she'll be quiet as hopefully the discussion turns away from her and any issues people think she has. She'll force her arm from around her stomach to try to give a better illusion of calmness.

Nitrim's lips part to bare the human-sharp round of his canine teeth as his covered eyes flash over to Demos. His lips pull back into a little smile. "Scholar-Errant Osteros, if I'm correct? It's a pleasure. Yes I…" He turns his gaze to Tristan after a brief, concerned glance to Lorelei. "…couldn't help but bring myself to Arboren with the reports. Seems we Khourni have been fighting the Hostile everywhere and I thought to extend my friendship to the local Lordship. It seemed a waste to visit for the bonfires but not for the extension of brotherly care." He glances over his shoulder to the approaching black-makeup clad woman, and nods his head softly to her before looking back to the others. "Is all well, Lord Tristan?"

Bowing his head again, Demos offers a quiet, "You are correct indeed, My Lord." Though he does his best to remain out of the picture, as it were. With an aside, "Should his lordship decide to ponder the curiousity of geology, I shall retire to the taphouse and allow this conversation to continue without my presence for the now. It is a please, I assure you." Whether or not heard, Demos lets the others greet each other and once again, the concern for Lorelei may fall on others, far be it from one of his stature to assume otherwise.

Rook's eyes go back to their usually darkness as she draws up beside Nitrim and flashes him the briefest twitch of a smile. "Hi." She looks to the others gathered and, after a moment of consideration, gives them a polite, jerky nod.

Tristan smiles, "Things are well, Lord Nitrim. And the gesture is appreciated," he adds, with a nod now. "How are things on your end?" A brief pause as he glances to Lorelei again, offering her a bit of a smile, before he looks to the newly arrived woman, offering her a bit of a nod and a quiet smile. "Hello."

Lorelei will stay quiet, trying to give a more natural smile to the group. No need to freak everyone out. She'll push a lock of hair back behind her ear giving the woman that walks up a small, but curious smile. Wasn't she dresses as night at the bonfire?

"Things are well. We're on and off the field and busy as ever. We were just at Landing, spending time with my Lady Sister who has taken in as Princess Ophia's handmaiden." Nitrim replies, nodding his head softly to Tristan as he speaks. Reaching out, Nitrim nudges Lorelei with his elbow and then gestures to the woman at his side. "If I may introduce you to Rook? She's unfamiliar with the trees but she's rather good company. Rook, have you met Lorelei and Lord Tristan?"

There's a brief headshake at Nitrim's question before Rook looks at the two. "Hi," she says to the others, then rethinks and says, "Hello." She looks at Nitrim again as if for approval at her stunted attempt at etiquette.

Tristan nods a little as he hears Nitrim. "Busy and well are good things at the moment, I'd say," hhe offers with a smile, before he looks to Rook, offering her a smile. "Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you, Rook."

Looking to Rook at his side, Nitrim flashes his teeth, suddenly amused. "Ask them questions. It can be fun." He laughs, pausing for a drag from his cigarette, which he then offers to her. "Yes…" He looks back to Lorelei and Tristan. "…idle hands are the Devil's playground and it's probably best to fill the spaces between worry and politics with doing something to keep busy. That's why I travel through the Ways, so much, to be honest. Besides, the more I travel from the Crescent the more I see these pretty, leafy green things what in HAVEN are they called?" He laughs. Yes. He knows they're leaves.

Nitrim's nudge seems to have shaken Loree out of whatever daze she was in.She'll give him a smile before turning to Rook. Part of having her job is reading people, she notices Rook's… rusty etiquette. Giving the woman a brighter smile, "Hi Rook. You can call me Loree if you'd rather." Something in what Nitrim says reminds Loree, and she'll turn to Tristan, "Oh!My lord, I was summoned yesterday to Oculus. Lady Una is requesting that I write something for her. She mentioned visiting. Tree climbing was also mentioned and I directed her in your direction, rather than your brother's." There's a hint of laughter in her voice and she'll smile.

"Loree," Rook repeats, awkwardly. Nitrim's suggestion earns him a brief glare. Questions. Questions. "Do you have any tattoos?" she asks the pair.

Tristan chuckles as he hears Nitrim's words about the leaves, unable to hold back a grin. "Ah, those. I'm getting so used to them, you know…" he remarks a bit lightly, before he smiles at Lorelei's words. "Oh really? That's great news," he offers to the part about her writing something for Lady Una, before he laughs, "Well, it's probably cheaper at least if you directed her in my direction. I'll try to make sure they learn how to not ruin their comm devices." Another pause as he hears Rook's question, and he blinks a few times. "No, not really," he replies, finally.

Lorelei nods to tristan a bit sadly, "She's asked me to write something for the service for her mother." Her eyes go wide at rook's question and looks to tristan to see what he says. The corners of her lips tug up slightly in amusement at his answer before turning back to Rook, "I do not. But I have always wanted one."

Tristan's reply seems to confuse Rook a little. "No or really?" she asks him. "I have some." She shrugs and shuffles her feet a bit.

Of course, it's rather odd seeing such a verbal Khournas standing next to such a nonverbal Rook. He talks alot…and she talks little. At the mention of tattoos, his eyes flash and a beep sounds at his hip. Looking down, he takes his tablet off of his belt and brings it to life. "We just recently got cut with some new, fresh ink at Landing, Miss Quellton, though Rook has far more than I do. Lord Tristan? I must leave. Business. Good day to you, m'Lord." He nods his head respectfully, then looks to Rook. With a smile, he nudges her softly. "Go play. Have fun."

"Err… No, I don't have any tattoos…" Tristan replies after a few moments now. Nodding a little at Nitrim's words, he offers the man a nod and a smile. "Thanks for dropping by, Lord Nitrim. Good luck with the business." Nodding a bit at Lorelei's words as well. "Well, not the happiest occasions, but still, your skill spreading is a good thing, right?"

Lorelei gives Nitrim a smile as he goes, before looking to Rook and Tristan's conversation. Taking a bit more amusement out of it than she probably should. Taking pity on Tristan, she'll try to grab Rook's attention,"What are your tattoos of? I've not done anything to justify one." Looking to Tristan, she'll shrug lightly, "I suppose, my lord. But it's still an upsetting task. I'm afraid I'll make her cry more."

Rook looks after Nitrim, with a bit of exasperation. This place is all full of…nature and stuff. When he's out of sight, she looks back at Lorelei and Tristan and swallows. Loree's question has her holding up a finger. She shucks off her jacket and hooded tunic, leaving a tank top beneath to show the hermetic symbols, one on each upper arm. Then she turns around and lifts up the back of her shirt to show the massive dragon tearing its way out of her (very bony) spine.

"Well, maybe every now and then, you need to cry more before things get better?" Tristan asks, before he offers a brief smile to Rook, then pauses as the woman shows off her tattoos now. Keeping silent for now, it would seem.

Lorelei nods to Tristan. she understands, but doesn't want to be the cause. Her eyes go a bit wide as she realizes what Rook's doing, and will look to TRistan for a moment. And then she realizes it's TRistan, he's not going to say or do anything. "Those are beautiful, Rook…what do they mean? I mean…why?"She sounds genuinely curious. She'll wince slightly at the woman's back. Already make a note to tell Nirtrim to feed the poor thing.

Rook turns back around and hauls down one side of her leather pants, to reveal the new, still healing tattoo on her hip of a blue black bird with a white beak in flight. "New one," she notes. She looks perplexed at Loree's question. " They're me." She is an Awakened hermetic, and there is something inside of her trying to claw its way out. The bird is her name. But she doesn't have the words to tell them that herself.

Politely looking away for most of the time, although he looks to the tattoos as they're displayed, Tristan is keeping quiet for now, just listening to what's being said at the moment.

"Oh..of course." She'll look to the new one, "It's very pretty….what kind of bird is it?" Loree'll look to Tristan and give a small smile before turning back, "I thought about getting one to represent my family's horse ranch. But we don't have a symbol…And I'm awful at drawing. Then I thought I should have one of my poems…but that seems counter productive, to have words…And i couldn't decide on which poem, anyway."

"Rook." Rook means herself as well as the bird. She pulls her clothing back into place again and looks between the pair. She cocks her head slightly at Lorelei, looking curious.

Tristan nods a little as he listens now, offering a quiet smile. "They were nice tattoos, he offers, a bit quietly. Looking between the others now.

Lorelei does frown now, "Oh…that must be terribly frustrating, not knowing." she'll look at the two, not sure if she's supposed to just keep talking about tattoos that she doesn't have at this point. She instead she'll turn back to Tristan, "I'm sorry about Michael, my lord. He's not been… well, I'm hoping this time away with his Knight will do him some good."

Rook's entire vocabulary of conversational topics at hand has been exhausted. She stands there, quietly, trying to look comfortable which only makes her look more uncomfortable. She sucks in a breath, and tries to listen to the other two talk, actually listen.

Tristan nods a little as he hears that, offering a bit of a smile now. "Don't worry about it. What I was worried about was him making you uncomfortable,"" he offers to Lorelei, before he looks over to Rook again, looking a bit unsure of what to say now.

Lorelei nods, well, that was short topic. "I appreciate it, thank you." she'll look between the two and then smile,nodding to the trees "Well, I promised Hubert I would bring him some apples today if he slept through the night and was good. Which he did." Not that she did, but hey.

"Bye." With that, Rook turns and hustles back towards the Waygate. She's not ready for this socializing with people thing yet. Clearly.

"I should be getting a few things done, myself, so I'll see you later," Tristan offers to Lorelei, before he looks over to Rook as well. "It was a pleasure to meet you," he offers, before he starts heading back inside the Elder Seat.

Lorelei blinks, and suddenly she's alone again.

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