07.10.3013: Under the Sea
Summary: After the troubles of the last couple of weeks, Elodie finds some solace in accepting an invitation from Lord Kadmus to view the wonders of the reefs of Mare Maris.
Date: 10 July, 2013
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Elodie Kadmus 

RP Room 3
Lord Kadmus's private submersible, somewhere in Mare Maris's oceans.
10 July, 3013

The course of treatment of the disease at White Gates was rather rapid, and so Elodie did not suffer long after she herself had succumbed to the fever, nor did she have any lasting side effects. She made a call when she arrived back at Shelter to arrange the rain check for the meal Kadmus had proposed, and during the course of the conversation, it had decided they would combine her personal visit with a meal… a private one on board the sight-seeing ship that would take them up to diving level.
For this particular expedition, the Lady from Niveus wore a more sensible type one-piece swimsuit underneath the cover up gown. She has a new personal guard with her, but if the ship is the smaller kind that only needs Lord Kadmus to pilot, then he can be left behind. Over one shoulder is a tote that contains some of her necessities and change of clothes for the after dive.

Kadmus does indeed have a more intimate, yet equally comfortable submersable, one he uses for personal or smaller excursions, and he has indeed taken this one, out to one of the more remote yet still breathtaking areas. After a bit of a journey, he brings the sub in to 'park', still submerged for the time being and smiles at you, "How are you feeling, Lady Elodie?" he asks.

Elodie's greeting had been smiling and polite, but there was a shadow underlying the smile. As the splendor of the reef came into sight, the wonder began to enter her gaze, and the smile she turns to him now is almost childlike in eagerness and excitement. "I am feeling quite well, actually, Lord Kadmus. Thank you." Her eyes meet his to underscore her sincerity befor she stands to move closer to the viewing screens. "It is really all… remarkable…" she murmurs, her eyes on the colors and darting marine life.

Kadmus comes to stand beside you, an arm moving to encircle your waist, "Well, we can go swimming if you want, Milady, otherwise I can bring out some food and we can just enjoy the views?"

Unlike other times, when the physical touch would startle or otherwise draw a surprised response from Elodie, she gives a little smile, and leans her head gently sideways on the taller man's shoulder. "The views are lovely, and they seem to change constantly. I can see how you would never grow tired of being here," she tells him quietly. She turns her head to look up at him. "Isn't there some rule about not going swimming after you eat?"

"Well, there are some, certainly." Kadmus nods as he pulls you in towards him a little more, "But we could find something to do to pass the time if you want to eat right away." He adds, flashing a little smile down towards you.

Elodie takes the little smile with a duck of her head, but it's not one that avoids, rather one that accepts and lets it join her own. "It has been a long past couple days, and I haven't had a decent meal in days. I was too tired to eat properly when I returned to Shelter," she admits. "I would love to eat while we watch for awhile."

"Then let's get you fed." Kadmus says at that, and he goes to fetch some food. This happens to be a raw seafood preperation, probably not all that unlike sushi, and he brings it out to a small eating area in the cabin, one that has a commanding view of the fishies.

There's an appreciative chuckle at the suggestion of getting her fed, and Elodie loosely clasps her hands behind her back as she continues to peruse fishes until the table is set. She approaches and offers her quiet smile to the industrious man. "Thank you, Lord Kadmus," her eyes rove over the offering. "This looks delicious. And it does have the best view of any table I've ever dined at anywhere."

"Indeed?" Kadmus says with a smile. "We have views like this all the time here." He adds, "Though this is one of my favorites." He moves to sit down opposite you at the table, "We have a couple more courses if this doesn't sate you." He adds, "Please.." He gestures to the food.

"I feel privileged to be a witness to your favorite place," Elodie replies, the pink in her cheeks more of pleasure this time. "I can see how it would be, although, I don't have as much to compare my opinions with." Once settled, she looks over everything and gives a quick shake of her head. "I'm sure this will be plenty," she assures. At his invitation, she chooses one with a flaky white fish over a roll of rice and a tie of seaweed.

"Well, you should, but I think after what you've done you deserve something special." Kadmus says with a smile, "Quite selfless of you to stay with the men and treat them." He picks up one of his own, taking a little bite from it.

Elodie shakes her head, averting her gaze as he speaks of her selflessness and some of the cloud returns. "They are my people. It is my duty to stay and take care of them. Just as you and the sharks, my lord, what kind of example would I set if I ordered a quarantine and left?" She bites at her lower lip and her mein sobers as she reaches for her glass. "I have much to make ammends for, wrong decisions that I made at great cost," she adds with quiet solemnity.

"You did nothing wrong. Some would not have had such bravery, Elodie, and left. But I can understand, I have to order men to their deaths… probably for the rest of this system war.." Kadmus says, offering out a hand towards yours, reassuringly.

Elodie pauses than she takes the hand offered, offering a sympathetic smile. "But it is different," she says quietly. "You are ordering men to fight in a battle that will keep our worlds from collapsing, and there is no other way. My guard," she pauses and swallows, her hand tightening without realizing it so much. "Evald did not need to be helping with the sick. He should have stayed with the trauma patients. I was the one who asked him to help lift the patients from the ice bath, and exposed him. Now he is blinded, and unable to watch after me anymore."

"I have little doubt that he knew what could happen when he remained." Kadmus says, "And there may be options to restore his sight, through cybernetics or otherwise perhaps?" he suggests, squeezing your hand a little. "But I would not think he would hold ill will for you, he was a man ready to die for your safety, afterall."

Elodie shakes her head with a sigh. "No. None of us knew at the time, which I keep telling myself. Cybernetics will take the place of a missing eye if the nerves that feed the brain sight impulses are still working," she explains slowly, loath to let go of his hand to eat. "The fever deadened the nerves that read the impulses being observed by the eyes. It would almost be better if he did bear me ill will, I think. It is hard to watch him being so brave while he knows someone else is doing what he's been doing since I was a child."

"Maybe we'll figure out soemthing anyway…" Kadmus says, "But you have my sympathy, My lady, and my respect none the less." He adds, "You did not wish this on him, none of us did. We must mourn his sacrifice, but also honor it as well, for he wouldn't want you becoming melancholic. Perhaps we can find some comfort for him as he recovers from his malady?"

Elodie searches Kadmus's eyes for a long moment, just looking across the table towards him, her own an open display of her heartbreak for the man. It's not some melodramatic melancholia that he reads, but a genuine, heartfelt sympathy of the tender-hearted woman. After a moment she nods. "Perhaps," she agrees. Her eyes glance around the room once more, and she considers as she leans back slightly. "I've been debating whether or not I should describe what I see to him. Whether he will be happy to hear about the unusual fish, or if it will make him sadder to remind him of what he can no longer see." The dilemma, again, is sincerely considered, rather than some show of drama

"I don't truly know, Lady Elodie." He says, giving your hand a little squeeze, "Perhaps just talking to him will be enough, letting him know that he has not been forgotten and you still value his company, even if he cannot protect you the same?"

"You are wise beyond your years, Young Lord Kadmus," Elodie says quietly when she considers his suggestion. "I will do just that." After another long look into his eyes, she smiles, and returns the squeeze. "Please, when we are talking, call me Elodie. I do enjoy talking with you, or, even not talking with you. Just being here makes me feel…" she takes a breath as she thinks, "peaceful."

"If you want, Lady Elodie, we can sit and talk for a bit, or just sit together and watch the reef?" Kadmus offers, gesturing to a cozy little couch thing. "I think a bit of relaxation might do you more good then any amount of meal."

Elodie looks down at her food, and then the offered couch, and considers. Then she stands, but waits for him before moving. "Perhaps you are right. Although," she gives a curious tilt to her head. "I believe you inferred to me once that diving can be almost restful to you, Lord Kadmus."

Kadmus grins a bit, "Well, we could go for a swim instead then, if you'd prefer that?" he offers, "There's plenty of time to sit with one another after our swim.." He adds.

Elodie nods. "If you are ready to teach me how to dive, my lord" she suggests with a touch of hesitancy before continueing on. "Learning something new could put my mind to work on something other than dismal thoughts that have little solution."

"Just Kadmus." The Volen lord says with a grin, "Noone is here to think poorly of us for being familiar with one another. How about we get you into a wetsuit then, would you care for some help?"

There's a moment, and Elodie nods, "this is true. I have not worn a wetsuit before, so I would appreciate your assitance, Kadmus," she replies, using just his name quietly for the first time. She glances around to decipher were such a suit might be hiding. "Will I be wearing fins as well?"

"We'll certainly get to that." Kadmus nods, "But we will be putting some on you as well." He adds and he takes you back to the dive room, "I hope you don't mind I had a wetsuit brought aboard just for you, Elodie." He says with a smile and takes it off a rack, "It will be a bit hard to get into, and a bit snug but it's really quite beneficial for the diving, both in keeping you insulated and protected."

Elodie can't help smiling. "Why would I mind?" she asks as she follows him, but the 'snug' wetsuit does receive a dubious look, causing her to pause when unfastening her gown. "Are you sure I am going to be able to fit into that?" she asks, flashing him a doubtful look.

"Of course you will." Kadmus says with a smile, "It's made to fit snug." He says, opening the suit up for you and adjusting it just so, so that it's easy enough to get into.

Elodie gives him another look, then trusts him, and lays her gown on the couch so that she can step into the proferred wet suit. With a little bit of wiggling, and hopefully a hand from Kadmus she gets it up over her shoulders and pulls at the lanyard on the zipper. She rolls her shoulders a couple of times and lifts her legs to bend and stretch to get used to the 'snug' feel of the suit.

"See, not so bad." Kadmus says with a little grin at you, "Fits like a glove!" He says then he is stripping down to, wearing a pair of snug swim shorts, "Just move around a little and get used to it, but it'll feel less restrictive in the water."

Taking his advice, Elodie walks around the room, her eyes never leaving the sights of underwater Mare Maris as displayed all around them. She swings her arms back and forth, crossing over her chest and then behind her back until her hands practically touch, and back again. She stretches much like an athlete getting ready to play a game, her gaze straying only once to look over Kadmus's form when he strips to his bathing suit prior to putting on his wetsuit.

Kadmus is quick into his own wetsuit, wearing it like a second skin and he flashes a little grin at you, "So, have you ever used any breathing devices before?" he asks, "I'll walk you through how it works real quick, but these are pretty simple."

Elodie gives a quick grin to Kadmus as he mentions breathing devices. "Mandatory since I was sixteen," she tells him, her eyes twinkling. "If you end up getting buried under snow while looking for people under snow, oxegyn is most important." She will, however, look to the apparatus he produces, and listen politely to any instructions on how this particular version works.

Kadmus grins a little and looks over you in the suit and grins just a bit more, "You look good in a skintight wetsuit, Elodie." He teases, "Ok, well these aren't that different. They're a simple rebreather though and not strictly an oxygen mask." he explains, "But basically the same thing." He takes out one of the devices and goes through some of the technical stuff about it, how to turn it on and some of the safety precautions and whatnot.

Elodie is a politely attentive person, never skipping ahead because she thinks already knows how something's going to work, even though it's quite possible she does. When he's done, she nods, and he helps her one with it, she makes sure everything is all set before she gives him another grin. By the time everything is all set, she's almost vibrating with eagerness to be out and swimming. "I'm ready, Kadmus," she assures him, his name beginning to roll off her tongue easily.

"You are huh?" Kadmus goes to get you your swim fins, and some different devices, depth meters a flashlight etc. "The masks have a radio built in so we can talk too. Just stay near me though and we'll be fine." He promises. Then leads you back. The Sub has a 'moon pool' type exit, allowing you to basically just swim out the bottom once the hatch is opened up.

Elodie grins nods. "I am…" she follows him to the moon pool exit, and with one last 'deep breath' to calm her excitement, she swims out below the submersible, her movements almost fluid in their natural coordination. She slows as she approaches a branch of coral with a school of fish it to watch them cavort about the brightly colored 'twigs'. "What are these called?"

Kadmus iss quite the natural, making manuevering in this underwater realm look as easy as if he were walking on land, twisting about to look towards you before turning his body and swimming here and there. He comes to a stop nearby you, "Those are.." And he gives the name of the creature in answer to your question.

"How do you remember them all?" Elodie asks as she swims along, looking over to Kadmus with a smile. She floats in place as she watches, then she winks, and gives him a nudge. "Tag," she says gleefully, then turns in a swirl of bubbles and dives under an archway of coral swimming around the other side.

Kadmus laughs a bit, "Don't think you're gonna win this game, Elodie!" he replies as you nudge him. He gives you a bit of a headstart then is off, like a shark pursuing some tasty fishie!

Elodie chuckles, and holds on to a rock so that she can change direction and pull herself around, giving her a tiny moment's more advantage. "We could play hide and seek instead," she she offers between strokes.

"So playful all the sudden, Elodie, hmmn?" Kadmus asks as he swims off after you, really quite the strong swimmer! as he glides effortlessly through the ocean.

Elodie chuckles as she turns again, waiting for inevitable tag when she's caught, but until then, she gives it her best shot, trying not to make it too easy on the more experienced swimmer. "Who is saying it's all of the sudden, Kadmus?" she asks, risking a glance behind her.

"Well, I suppose nobody, though it seems quite new to me." Kadmus says, continuing to playfully chase after you as he chases. Maybe he's just admiring the view from behind rather then catching.

Elodie turns and swims towards clearer waters, then flips backwards, her feet still kicking back towards him as she propels herself backwards while watching him. "We're just always in such serious places…" she reminds him.

"And… when we're in an unserious place… what would you like to do then?" Kadmus asks, grinning under his mask as he kicks on a little speed as you've turned back towards you, zooming in towards you.

Elodie laughs again, still in retreat, even though it's slower, as Kadmus zooms towards her. "I like to have fun, Kadmus." The young blue eyes are lit with good humor, and she seems lighter than she has since that battle at Niveus where her mother was taken from her, and she almost appears younger than her years, rather than the opposite as she's seemed the past few days.

"Is that so??" Kadmus asks, "I don't know that I entirely believe that…" He teases, continuing to kick his way up towards you, by the looks of it intending to wrap his arms about you in a hug-grab!

From the look of it, Elodie isn't doing much to avoid a hug sort of tag. She gives a sigh. "No one ever believes me," she pouts sadly at him, looking ever-so-dejected. However, when she's caught her hands will rest on his shoulders. "That tends to happen when one has Ronan as a brother. Any one of us seems like a stick in the mud next to him."

Kadmus puts his arms around you as you let yourself get 'caught' and he laughs, "Well, I think you're doing a good job of proving you do." He says in response, "We'll see though…"

There's a chuckle, and Elodie winks. "Show me around some more, please, Kadmus," she requests, giving him a friendly tap on the shoulder to loosen the hug. There are many sights to be seen in that small corner of the ocean, and she happily spends a good amount of time following the Young Lord of Volen. Although he could probably go much longer, Elodie isn't used to swimming, and after a decent amoung of exploring, she suggests that she might need some rest, and they return to the submersible.

Back aboard the submersible, Kadmus removes his equipment, hanging it up before starting to unzip his wetsuit and offering you a little grin, "That was a lot of fun Elodie. I hope you enjoyed the reef as much as I enjoyed your company?"

Following Kadmus's example, Elodie hangs her equipment and then reaches back for the lanyard to unzip her wet suit, and has to fumble a bit before she wraps her fingers around it and gives it a tug. "If you enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed the reef, than I am glad I was able to be such amiable company," she replies, giving a pink cheeked smile in return.

Kadmus comes up behind you as you fumble with your zipper, and his hands reach to the shoulders of the wetsuit, "They can be a bit harder to get off." He teases, "Let me help." He says as he goes to start peeling back the suit from your shoulders.

Elodie stands still to let Kadmus help her with the suit that seems to now be stuck to her like a second skin. "Just a bit," she agrees, leaning to offer an opposing force to his pulling. "Whew… and I thought getting it on was going to be a problem."

Kadmus helps you work it off your arms and down your waist and grins a bit, "Yeah, it's not so bad though." He agrees, then he's working on his own, far more used to the peeling and squirming in and out of these things.

Elodie chuckles, and after an attempt to pull her leg out, looks around and finds someplace to sit while she pulls the wet suit off her legs. Once it's done, she leans back on her palms and looks at the black, rubbery thing. "That took almost more energy than the entire swim," she notes with a wry grin.

"Well, then why don't we get out of these wet things and settle in to relax a bit?" Kadmus suggests with a wry little grin, peeling the last of his wetsuit off as well and going to hang it up.

"That sounds like a good idea. I brought some spare clothes…" Elodie looks around for the tote she set down earlier, then a place to use to dry off and change into said clothes. Her damp hair hangs in tangled curls over one shoulder as she turns to look at Kadmus.

Kadmus laughs, "Clothes??" he teases, "Well, I suppose if you insist…. I can step out and let you change back here, I can get dressed up front." He says with a little grin.

Elodie grins, and raises an eyebrow at Kadmus on the comment of clothes, but she doesn't appear at all worried that he might be serious on that. "I won't be long," she promises. As soon as the door shuts behind him, she wastes little time getting out her towel, drying off, and pulling on the light chemise and bliaud that she brought with her. Drawing a belt over her waist to fall down over her hips in front, she manages to twist the tangled dark mass into some semblance of a knot at the nape of her neck, before she gives a knock to the out front door to see if Kadmus is ready.

"I'm decent." Kadmus says as you knock. Infact he is, wearing loose pants and a snug vest, lounging on the little couch/lounge thing that faces one of the walls for ideal ocean watching. He has a bottle of wine and two glasses conveniently nearby.

Elodie peeks her head through first, then opens the door all the way to step into the room. Her eyes go from the young lord to the wine bottle and the glasses, a smile curving her lips. "Lovely," she murmurs, and goes forward to join him on the couch. "A couple more days like this and I could feel good as new again." The smile that is turned to Kadmus echoes the thought as she settles comfortably, and even informally, tucking her legs up underneath her as she half faces him, half faces the view of the ocean.

"Well… the day is still young." Kadmus says, reaching an arm out to snag you, and pull you in towards him while the other fetches a glass of wine. "To Days like this, hmmn?" he offers up as a toast.

Elodie gives a little surprised squeak as she finds herself pulled in closer, but she doesn't object, smiling as she takes the glass of wine and tips it lightly towards his. "Days like this," she echoes with a grin. She takes a sip of wine, and then leans her head on his shoulder with a little sigh… for once, not a sound of dejection of frustration, but of happy contentedness. "I am glad my sister changed her mind… I love my brother, but in this instance, I'm glad I didn't bring him along."

Kadmus settles his arm around you as you lean in against his shoulder and he grins softly, sipping from his glass as well. "I am glad you didn't as well." He says with a smile, "Though your affection for your family is commendable." He adds, hand stroking against your side lightly.

Elodie chuckles. "Well, we are quite close. It's… just the way life is on Niveus. Everyone looks out for everyone else." She takes a sip from her wine and looks at the schools of fish swimming through the seaweed. "I think she worries a little more since the battle. Now, both as a sister, and as the Head of the House. She has our reputations as well as our well-being to consider. She didn't think she'd have to worry about that sort of thing for a long time."

Kadmus nods his head a bit, "I think we all hope the same thing, really." He says, "But I think she will do a fine job, I was quite impressed with her during the times we've spoken." He says with a smile.

Elodie smiles, and turns her head a bit so she can look up. "Thank you. I will tell her you said as much, perhaps it will help her … gain confidence." She furrows her brow as she considers, "do you ever worry about how you will handle becoming the head of your house when the time comes? I do hope that it's not for quite some time," she hastens to add. "But, do you?"

"Some, of course." Kadmus says, turning his head a little towards yours, "But I spend more time worrying about when the next wave of hostiles might come, lately." He says, "But I always have to think about the house." He adds with a little shrug.

Elodie nods slowly, and looks down to the hands folded in her lap. Her thumbs rub back and forth over each other in a slow, randomly changing motion. "When I was little, and I first started studying history and Hostiles, I kept hoping that some… mysterious disease or something had occured on Fifth World during the past five hundred years. That it had wiped the Hostiles out, and we wouldn't need to go fight, wouldn't need to worry about our loved ones going out and never coming back."

Kadmus keeps his arm around you as you look down at your lap, "Then we should cherish what time we do have with them, because the next battle might be their last." He says, fingers stroking at your side a little, "Without our loved ones their wouldn't be much to fight for either."

Elodie nods her head against Kadmus's shoulder. "This is true," she agrees. Then she blinks, and raises her palms to her eyes, fingers curling up over her forehead as she rubs at the closed lids. "Urph. How did we get into such an abyssmal topic?" The hands are lowered and she looks up towards the lord next to her again, a smile wavering into being. "We're supposed to be relaxing and having fun, not talking about fighting and dying and such."

Kadmus laughs, "Well, I don't rightly remember… but we can certainly relax and have fun if you'd prefer." he says, giving you a little look back and offering a bit of a smile, "How should we take our minds off such dour thoughts?"

Elodie chuckles in answer to the laugh. "I don't know," she shakes her head. "We've been diving, and the view here should be enough to chase away even the most sour of musings. Perhaps I need to keep my eyes up."

"We have, and it is." Kadmus nods, shifting a little to look down towards you as you lean against him and he grins, "It's quite a nice view infact.."

Elodie starts to look out towards the fishes and the reef, when she catches Kadmus looking down at her as he mentions a nice view, and she looks back at him curiously.

As you look back at him with that curious little look and he leans in, intent on stealing a quick kiss from you, or maybe a not so quick one, his body shifting a little as he manuevers in for it!

Elodie wasn't naive enough to not realize that Kadmus might try and kiss her, but she still hadn't made up her mind what she was going to do if he did. She still hasn't made up her mind, and she starts to look away, then stops, then looks back, and as a result he might not end up right where he intended. She tries to make up for it with a quick movement, which ends up bumping his nose, and she winces in shared sympathetic pain.

That didn't end up exactly as Kadmus planned it, and he draws back after the little nose bump, "I'm sorry…" He murmurs a bit, moving to draw back a little further after his semi-succesful attempt.

Elodie blushes a little red at the 'disaster' and gives a little shake of her head. "My fault," she says quickly, still looking up at him

Kadmus laughs just a little, "Well… I coulda warned you a little better maybe…" he says as he settles back into the 'couch' thing, reaching up with his free hand to rub at his nose just a little.

When Kadmus leans back away, Elodie gives a little wry half smile, and nods, turning to lean back next to him and watch the fish.

Kadmus focuses his attention on the fishies himself as well as he settles in, going a bit quiet for the time being, though he doesn't try to extract himself from your leaning, or let go of you, or anything.

The view of fishes does seem to have something of the desired effect, at least from Elodie's point of view, of the entire foray. Her shoulders relax, and some fo the tenseness goes away. She snuggles a little more comfortably on the couch, and it doesn't seem to extricate herself from Kadmus's arm at all.

"So tell me about your aquarium, huh?" Kadmus asks after a little bit of silence, "I don't think I ever got the grand tour of it." He says with a little look over your way.

Elodie grins and looks up with a smile. "It's a maze. It has a more… peaceful, serene kind of pallette than your bright fishes and corals. There are more blues, and less quick action. I should show you the next time you are visiting Niveus."

"I look forward to it." Kadmus says in response, offering a touch of a smile at that, "Though I expect it'll be some time before I can return and visit."

Elodie raises an eyebrow and looks up. "Careful, there," she tells him. "You might lead us down the road to dour thoughts again, and then it /will/ be your fault, and you will have to figure out how to get us back to nice thoughts again." The grin and sparkle in her eyes belies any idea that she's actually scolding him.

Kadmus laughs a little, "I suppose it would be, but it's the truth though." he replies, "But I'll stop talking about it just for you." He gives a nod, "I'll be certain to come visit your home again though as soon as I can."

Elodie nods. "I know. I'll be traveling more, now, too. I expect everyone will be busy, soon. Seeing my family might even be 'catch as catch can'," she admits. "But I am sure that you are always welcome, whenever you would like to stop by." She pauses, and reaches across his lap to take his other hand, enclosing it in both of hers.

"Indeed? Well you will have to keep in touch, perhaps we'll come across one another. I often am traveling a fair bit as well, it is good to put oneself out there for ones house." He says, fingers taking your hand as you double-clasp it.

Elodie plays with Kadmus's fingers for a bit, and then rests hers over top of his. "I will keep in touch," she promises with a nod. "It is good to put oneself out there for the sake of Haven."

Kadmus smiles a bit at that, "Well, I do it mostly for the good of Mare Maris, but yes, keeping close ties benefits most of us, doesn't it?" he says with a bit of a hmmn.

Elodie gives a little grin. "I guess… I just don't think so much of ties and such things… but that we're all in peril. It isn't about our house looking good, although we wish to pull our weight, certainly. It's about all of Haven surviving."

Kadmus nods, "It's not about looking good indeed." he agrees, But it's important to have strong ties, the stronger we are the better off all of Haven is.."

Elodie lifts one shoulder as she considers, then nods. "That is true. Sometimes it just seems to me that some people are thinking more of what makes their house stronger than what makes Haven stronger. Present company excluded, of course," she adds with a grin, looking up.

Kadmus laughs softly, "Indeed…" he says with a smile at you, "But… we should probably see about getting you back before too much longer.. I'd hate to cause an incident keeping you out /too/ long.."

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