Lady Una Syrenne Iah
Katie McGrath
Katie McGrath as Lady Una Syrenne Iah
Full Name: Lady Una Syrenne Iah
Byname: -
Age: 25
Planet: Oculus, Moon of Niveus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Iah
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Head of House
Spouse: Tiriel Ravel Iah Height: 5"4"
Father: Lord Severin Iah Weight: 130 lbs
Mother: Lady Ianthe Roste Iah Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Ronan Alik Iah
Elodie Bryn Iah
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Children: None


Una Syrenne Iah was born the first child of Lord Severin Iah and lady Ianthe Roste Iah. She was the eldest of what would be four siblings. Their mother Lady Ianthe, who was from a vassal house of Iah and who specialized in fierce business maneuvers and combat, took under her wing those children who showed an interest in either business or warcraft. Lord Severin, head Engineer of Niveus' water collection and purification divisions, taught all the children about the workings of Iah, focusing more attention on those who showed an aptitude for science and politics. Una was his first serious pupil, and for a time as a child followed him wherever he went throughout Shelter, watching and learning from his every move. All of the Iah children were given the best educations possible, and every opportunity to learn whatever they wished. Una loved exploring the different parts of Shelter, especially the libraries and laboratories where hydrologists were studying different ways to use and apply the water they had.

From her birth, Una was smaller than other children her age. This was rarely a problem, until the four Iah children began their first basic weapons training courses. Two of Una's younger siblings quickly exceled in the courses, while she struggled at first with the heavy weaponry. They took to calling Una the 'Runt' and started teasing her with their skills. Eventually this progressed into bullying, finding ways to sneak up on Una and attack her when no one was around. .

At first, Una became clever at avoiding them. But after a few years, she decided enough was enough. She went to one of the knights she felt she could trust, asking for extra lessons in secret. He agreed, and began training Una alongside his young squire, Tiriel. Within a few weeks Una developed a crush on Tiriel, who she saw as brave and confident. She tried to hide her crush, but it wasn't until she realized Tiriel had feelings for another that she learned to truly keep her feelings secret.

Working hard to mask her emotions, she drew Tiriel out of her depression when the man proved to already have another, and continued working with her until she was finally able to defeat her in combat. Satisfied then with her training, and unable to stay much longer around Tiriel without confessing her feelings, she thanked the knight and returned to her life. She faced her siblings, surprising them with her apparently sudden gifts in swordplay and earning their respect for the first time.

Una focused her mind on her work to keep from thinking about how much she missed Tiriel's company. She continued to work her way through the different science stations of Niveus, though she found that she still preferred the hydrology science of studying the water's properties and possible uses. She began learning the business of running the planet, though she was grateful when it became clear that her brother was far more adept at this aspect of things.

But she dreamed of Tiriel. When the woman snuck into her room two years later, she thought it another dream at first. That this fantasy was simply more real than the others. She didn't even fully believe that it was true until her mother found them in bed the next morning. She spent the weeks of Tirial's trials (given to her by Una's parents in order to deserve a knighthood) in a withdrawn, disbelieving state. When Tiriel returned from each, triumphant, and was betrothed to her, all seemed too perfect.

And then, not long after the betrothal, Lord Severin was killed in a malfunction at one of the purification stations. Una was devastated, and only Tiriel was able to keep her from completely giving in to depression. She helped Una to work through her pain, and stood by her until they were married two years later. Since then, Una has been working hard to ensure that her father's shoes are properly filled, and to make herself into an heir worthy of his memory.



Lady Iah is a woman of great curiosity and few words. She believes in a firm work ethic, loyalty to her family, and the traditions of the people of Niveus. She is curious about almost everything, reading whatever she can get her hands on and spending many hours in research. She has a strong love of the arts, and has for some years now been seeking more artists to attend Niveus' annual storytelling festival. It is her wife, more than anything, who is able to bring out her smiles and laughter. Usually she is quiet, preferring especially when in large crowds to let others speak and to listen and learn. When she does speak she is to the point, at times quite blunt. While she understands the subtleties of politics, she has little need for flowery words and speeches.


Lady Una is a thin and graceful woman with pale skin, dark hair, and bright blue eyes. Standing at just under five and a half feet tall, she is thin and toned, athletic without being overly muscular. Her shape and movements are graceful, her curves well proportioned to her height. Her skin is pale, as she does not partake in the tanning technology so many on Niveus prefer. Both her skin and light blue eyes, called ice blue by some, are a stark contrast to her hair. Her hair is dark brown, appearing black in most light, and hangs in waves nearly to her waist, usually with little or no adornment.


  • Code of Honor
  • Curious
  • Graceful
  • Moxy
  • Protective: Family
  • Stubborn

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Tiriel Lady Sir Tiriel Ravel Iah : Tiriel is Una's wife, and the only person she has ever loved. In many ways, they are two sides of the same coin. Una the more rational, Tiriel the more fierce.
Ronan Ronan Alik Iah : Ronan is the youngest of the Iah siblings. Una has always assumed that he was their mother's favorite, but she still loves him dearly. He is one of few who can always lift her spirits. He is, even to her, the baby of the family. There is little she would deny him, were it in her power to give.
Elodie Elodie Brynn Iah : Una's younger sister is the one Una worries about the most. Hopefully, the Cindravale betrothal will go well, and Elodie will have an established place in life soon.

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