07.13.3013: UFO is a No No
Summary: Newly promoted Lord Lieutenant Ellion and Lord Sir Kaedin shoot the breeze aboard the Intent as they look out for the enemy. Wait! Is that a Hostile Ship?
Date: 13 July 2013
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Ellion Kaedin 

Bridge — Shadow of Intent
The stairwell from the troop bay rises to an open bridge, centered around the captain's chair with its paired holoscreens to track the tactical situation. Ahead of the captain's station are a series of seated stations for weapons and navigation. Around the back of the room are stations for sensors and communications, repeaters from engineering, and the controls to the boarding shields and doors. Both side walls and the forward wall host viewscreens, allowing the crew to watch the battle unfold around them in enhanced real time.
13 July 3013

A rought week, Shark hunting on Marie Maris, to Hostile killing on Niveus, to hostile killing on the Arboren Forest, to now on a ship captained by his cousin. Kaedin has been mostly with the boarding compliment in the lower desk, making sure they are all ready and situated, before comming up to the upper deck to let the Officers know that they are ready.

One of these Officers, is Lord Ellion of House Khournas. As a man enters he turns his head, and his blue eyes study the new arrival. " I don't believe we've meet." He says, in a friendly manner. He is dressed in his usual naval uniform, and is sitting in the chair right next to the captain.

Kaedin offers the Lieutenant the Pad whic hhas the troop data, well, the double and tripple checklist. "Lord Sir Kaedin Orelle, pleasure to meet you Lef-tenant." He says, though his accent is nothing like the old British accent from earth, the way he says the rank IS. He does give a quick salute to the XO. "Is Captain Orelle not on the bridge?" He asks.

Ellion takes the info, and takes a quick glance at it. " The pleasure is mine, Lord Ellion Khournas. And no, Captain Orelle is not here, meanwhile I am in command of the vessel. Though I do except him back any second now." He says, as he takes a glance at his fine watch. " Any news on Hostile activity?"

Kaedin smirks. "Well, planet and lash side there have been a few huge battles, and then hotspot ambushes and engagements, out casualties are relitivly light, though injurys are high." He says, and nods about the captain being out. He himself is dressed in a skin suit, that his armor would normaly go over, and a pair of quick removing leggings, just for proprioty's sake.

Ellion nods, thoughtfully, " And our boarders, are they all suited up and ready to go?" He says in a slightly nervous manner, the Lord has just recently been promoted, and the war has spoiled his training chances. " Has your sword tasted the blood of a hostile?"

Kaedin nods and smiles ."yes, ready to mobilize at a moments notice Sir." he says as he takes note of the XO's nerviousness. "Worry not, this is a fine ship and a exceptional crew, and yes, on many occasions within the past few onths. Best solution with melee thus far is to hit them in the neck, and with ranged, I would say headshots would be your best bet." he states.

Ellion straightens up, trying to hide his less than calm manner. " Fine ship… Oh Yes, and Captain Orelle is one of the finest around." He glances as a red light shows up on one of the monitors, but after he types something it disappears again. " I haven't yet seen a Hostile from up close, are they as fearsome as legend has it?"

Kaedin shrugs. "The initial shock can get you, but after a few go down, well, we have the means to kill them, and they are beatable, I wouldent suggest a novice fighter attempt to combat one on their own, but Knights and well trained marines can easly hande one with minimal damage taken." he says, as he looks around. "So, what made a Khourni such as yourself want to be a spacer?" He asks, with a smile, though Kaedin is a Orelle who fights like a Khourni, so it might be called a fair trade.

Ellion nods, " Sounds like you have quite a lot of experience." He quickly checks his phone, and his smile turns into a frown. "Hmm. Well, my older brother is a knight, and my younger brother is a Awakened. I had to find my own thing, and I took great interest in Astrophysics, so the Navy seemed like a good fight. Also, I enjoy being 22 and controlling a whole ship." He says, and grins at his own joke. " What made you become a knight?"

Kaedin looks at Ellion. "My father was a knight, and his father before him, and so on until probibly the beggining of the revision, so I became a knight as well. I trained with my uncle Farphax Saimhann in the Drake Mountains and other areas of the Cresent and Spine." He says with a nod.

Suddenly Ellion glances at a monitor, " Looks like there's some hints of activity….." He turns to one of the men sitting near him in the control room, " Contact HQ, ask them if they see what we do." He then turns back to Kaedin, " Knighthood never interested me, sure I'm skilled with my sword, but killing things my whole life did not interest me."

Kaedin smirks. "it's not the killing that I like, it's the fact that I'm trained to protect those who can;t protect themselves. Might in itself doesn;t make right… but I'll use Might FOR right." he says with a nid, very authorian in his viewpoint. He looks to the Monitor. "Shall I have the troops go to Battle ready then?" he says as he turns on his ear peice blue tooth looking comm, that gives a HUD display over his left eye.

" Wait." Ellion says, his voice turning from friendly to commanding. " Aye, the nobleness of knighthood attracts many a men." Ellion looks at another monitor, " Where the is Captain Orelle?" He asks no one in particular.

Kaedin looks at the XO and gives a sigh. "if he isn;t here, then it's up to you to make a command choice, better to make any choice, then no choice, expecially if the captain is otherwise indisposed." He says, a bit of humble advice as he steps back to give the young officer abit of breathing room.

Ellion nods his head, but it doesn't look like he's listening. But then the man behind him pipes up, " Lord Ellion, HQ says wait while they take a closer look." Ellion smiles, " Sometimes the choice is made by others Kaedin."

Kaedin nods and smirks. "I'd have been at battle stations anyway Lef-tenant." he says pressing his ear comm. "Seargent, we might be getting a command missive from HQ, you might want to have the boarding team ready to go in five, we'll keep you updated." he says as turns off his comm. "Relax, just have your crew get us secured on a hostile ship, and us lower deck grunts will do the rest." He says with a reassuring smile.

Ellion laughs," It isn't very easy to get the ship next to a hostile ship though." Ellion looks at Kaedin, " I would think a dashing knight like yourself would have found himself a princess by now?" Ellion stands up, and moves towards the captain's seat. " Iv'e always wanted to sit in this." He says as he takes his seat.

Kaedin chuckles. 'Marriage.. well, if my lady mother had her way, i would be married, though, I would also be a doctor and not a sword slinging knight." he says as he moves to lean on the back of the captain's chair. "And I'm not Dashing.. more 'smash mouth' is what you're looking for Lef-tenant."

Ellion grins, " My mother tried to get me off and married once as well, I think all mothers have a natural inclination to find a ugly girl to marry there son." Suddenly noise emits from the microphone, " Yes sir." Ellion says, as he takes the ships com system to his hand. " Were going to look at a unidentified objects, to battle stations." " Kaedin stay here." Ellion says, before the man even makes a move.

Kaedin blinks and looks att the XO. "If I may ask Lef-tenant… why?" he says as he knows the seargent has the boarding crew in hand, but if there is any boarding to be done, Kaedin wants a peice of that. "Hey, Ugly girls are good cooks, that and beuty is in the eye of the behod… okay.. " He says snickering. "I can;t say that with a straight face."

" Because." Is all the Lieutenant answers, as he starts shouting orders. As the room calms, and the ship is flying calmly he responds, " Hah. Don't let my sister hear that, she's a better knight than most, perhaps even better than you." He says with a smile.

Kaedin looks at Ellion. "Sir Anabethe yes? Good fighter, though, most Khourni are." he says with a nod. "Not that I'm afraid or anything, I just want to avoid fights between the havenites until this war is over, then when I'm old and in a hweelchair after this war… I'll deal with the domestic greivances."

" Indeed." He says, as he takes the com to his mouth once more, " Object is approaching. Get ready men." He hasn't said anything about Captain Orelle not being here, perhaps trying not to increase the anxiousness of his men. " Domestic grievances aren't good for the realm, but try telling that to our High Lords."

Kaedin blinks and looks at the scree, pushing his comm again, a direct link from his armor's AI. "Apex, scan the scree,w identify.." He says, before a mono tone like female voice comes out of his comm. "I cannot identify."

Ellion looks at his radar, and then at the radar man, and then he laughs. " Well fuck me, look outside of the left window. You will see not a hostile ship, but a fucking asteroid. He takes his comm, " Lieutenant and Commanding Officer of the Ship speaking, just a asteroid. At ease men."

Kaedin shakes his head. "Asteroid… and the term, Lef-tenant, is Executive officer." he states with a smile. "You arent a captain yet." he says as he watches as the ship goes back to business as usual. "You might be reieved, but I'm itching for a fight."

" Shh, let me be the boss for once." Ellion says, laughing, with relief. " Only a person who wishes death itches for a fight, I don't. Death is never a good thing."

Kaedin chuckles. "Death is when I can get some rest, wont rest till then." he says with a smile, apparently fearing marriage more then death. "Welll, since that fiasco is over, what say we go and raid the galley for a snack." he says as he smiles and turns to had twoards said galley.

" And control is with you." He says, towards the third in command, as he stands up and follows the man. " Rest is something that alludes me, I am always on call, and Cedric seems to like to call me back the moment I get leave."

Kaedin chuckles. "Well My cousin does practicaly live on this ship." He says as he walks int othe galley and get's himself a light sandwich and a cup of coffee. "But, eventualy this war will be over, and we will rebuild and get back to the internal bickering." he says with a chuckle. "Maybe then I'll take up chess or some foolishness like that."

Ellion grins, " Or perhaps your wife will keep you busy." He nods at the men as they salute him, as he wanders towards the Mess Hall. " Even in peace time the Navy must always be vigilant, but I will have way longer leave times. I haven't seen my family in some time…. Especially not my youngest Brother."

Kaedin smiles and nods. "That would be… Nitrim.. I beleve he is quireing under Young lord Flint Grantham… One of his cousins is a very close friend of mine, though, she doesnt say much… good warrior though, and an excelent knight, she is on board, though I gave her a bit of time to herself… the whole ash legion thing."

" Aye Nitrim." Ellion says, as they arrive in the Mess and he takes his seat, at the officer's table. But he looks around and sees his men eating, " Actually lets join the men, must keep morale high in these times." He says to no one in particular.

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