Twin Time
Summary: Ryan and Chandra spend a day going over potential new models for Ryan's crossbow.
Date: 08/12/2013
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January 16th, 3014 — Arborenin Military Quartermaster's Hall

After the annoying issue with his crossbow during the Khournas run joint training day, Ryan spoke with his twin about going to look at a newer model that just came out. Certainly, had been her answer, the rather unseen Arboren knight taking her brother's arm and went with him to the Quartermaster's Hall. Like most of Arborenin, it's made out of tree and glass but the walls are lined with suits of armor and weapons, medical supplies and military clothing, and of course foodstuffs.

Ryan walks up to the counter houses the crossbows and sets his on top. An attendant walks over and smiles at him, to which the knight returns with his own smile. "I'd like to look at the latest model that just came out, the Whisper." The attendant nods and moves to a locked cabinet behind him and he works to remove said lock to take out the new weapon.

The Whisper, called as such for the silent automated reloading mechanism designed for scouts. Ultralight super compressed carbon filament frame, with super conductor rails. A five round bolt cartridge just like what Ryan already has, and bored for the same caliper bolt as well. Ryan lifts it and huhs instantly. "Barely notice it's there. Any downsides?"
"Just the one, to make it so light weight they had to remove the rails for laser sights and range finders. It is also collapsible, though, so you can retract the magnets forward. Downside on that is, there's no magholster for this model. You'll have to use a plasdex hard molded holster or a sleeve strap."
That gets Ryan to hm softly for a bit and seemingly mull over the pros and cons of this new crossbow. Chandra looks at him and smiles, whispering in his ear and then kissing his cheek before wandering off to look at the latest updates to scout armor camouflage. The elder twin nods and that typical 'just for you' smile of his slips into place as he says. "We'll each take one, and holsters as well as sleeves."

Boxes brought out for the nobles, Ryan and Chandra pick up one each along with a bag. His old crossbow slung over his back, the knight ranger is happy it would seem. Especially with the slew of patrols he'll be leading rather soon.

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