09.17.3013: TV Time
Summary: Anabethe and Rook sneak away from their obligations for some popcorn and soap operas while Nitrim video messages them, trapped in his hotel by the press.
Date: 08 September 2013
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Anabethe Ithaca Nitrim 

Living Quarters Greatroom — Blackspyre, Volkan
This room, as the entry to the living quarters of the Khournas family, is about as sumptuous as things get in the Blackspyre. The floor is sheathed in black tile, heated from below by veins of magma running through the tower itself. Deep red carpets have been layered over the tile across most of the expanse of the room, softening footfalls and providing a visual sense of warmth to go along with the physical one. One wall of the greatroom is taken up by a large 'fireplace' where one of the heat-proof transparent tubes filled with lava can be seen pulsing and roiling its way up the tower. Around the other walls are a scattering of drakeskins, paintings of battle and hunt, and shelves of holobooks. Several couches and chairs are gathered in clumps around the room, providing seating for twenty or so with ease. Opposite the lift is a corridor that leads back into the actual living quarters and a private drawing room, with the entrance to the corridor guarded by two men-at-arms at all times.
IC date of RP

Rook is an unknown to the press, so she's managed to slip out of the hotel Nitrim is sequestered in, free and clear, and make her way back through the Ways to Volkan, and the Blackspyre, for her rehab treatments. She sent Anabethe a quick message that she was there, and wondered if they could watch more of the Bold and the Dangerous. She would bring the popcorn and tissues. And thus, she arrives in the family's greatroom, with a bucket of freshly popped, buttery smelling, heavily salted corn. She's in leather breeches, boots, and a loose black blouse with gold embroidery on it. "Knock knock," she calls as she steps off the lift.

Back in close to fighting form, Anabethe no longer has the luxury of sitting and watching TV all day. However, there's always a little wiggle room, right? At least when the alternative is sitting and working over supply forms. When Rook arrives, she's sitting on one of her favorite couches, the show all cued up on the projector. "In here!" she calls to the other woman's greeting, smile crooked once she sees her. "That smells amazing. You are welcome for viewings any time you bring that," she chuckles with a wave.

Rook smiles and she moves over to the sofa to plop down beside Anabethe. "Nitrim is stuck. Hotel. Press." She hands over the popcorn and pulls out her datapad, turning on the video message recorder and starting it up. She grins. "We are watching soaps. Without you. Bye!" She waves and turns it off. "He is cute when frustrated."

Video Message
The screen opens up to Nitrim stuck in the hotel room on the Ring, still, with a few beer bottles beside him and a cigarette in his lip. He's clothed. Thank god. He's got a plate of hot wing-like food beside him. "Well…you guys have fun with that. I'm watching a soap opera of my own." He reaches out and picks up the camera, which whirls. He's alone in the hotel room, or at least all of the whores and drug dealers are hiding behind curtains. He points the camera to the wall screen and a large DRAKE is currently breathing fire over the shell of a giant 200 foot tall MUTANT RABBIT WITH CYBORG EARS. "Draxxus is in the middle of telling HareMega how he feels about her snubbing him at the Volkan Fair." He pauses, to the sound of chewing.

Anabethe sighs heavily at that update, reaching up to shake a hand through her hair. "My baby brother," she murmurs ruefully. "I can't say I'm sorry this betrothal's over, though. She was bad news for him. I'm just sorry it means he's the center of the media's attention again. He can talk about it being fine all he wants, but I know what it does to him. Been there. Done that." She reaches for a handful of popcorn, dropping a few kernels into her mouth.

"All right," Rook says quietly, meaning that he is. "Better. Himself." She grimaces at Anabethe. "Stronger than he thinks. Stronger than he knows. Needs family, not chains." She nods her head as if agreeing with herself. She grabs some popcorn and kicks her boots off, tucking her feet up under her on the couch.

"Amen, sister," Anabethe nods firmly to Rook, leaning over to offer a fist bump of agreement. "I mean, I get it. I get the rush of someone who's more complicated. Who makes you work for it. I get it. But that's not the person you settle down with. That ends pretty shitty." She takes another handful of popcorn, crunching away on it. "I'm sorry it didn't end happy for him, but damn am I glad it got cut off before they got married and it got any worse. No one keeps a Khournas on a leash."

Rook returns the fist bump. "Agreed," she says, to everything Anabethe expounds on. She glances down at her datapad as it bloops again. This time with a regular message. She blinks at it and then blurts out a laugh. She turns it towards Anabethe so she can read it too.

Ithaca? I just found out that a girl I used to sleep with about a year ago is publishing a steamy novel based on a true story with names changed about her week-long romp with a tattooed, awakened noble. I just sphere-checked her. Yeah. It might be me. It promises to be a "Steamy, drug-and-sex-filled tale of one girl and her sweaty week with a deep, otherworldy minded young noble.
Think it's about me?

She sends back:

Not everything is about you. In this case though. Yes. Can't wait to read it.

Anabethe groans, sliding down on the couch and scrubbing a hand over her face. "We really ought to send him back to the Pit now that the betrothal's off, before he manages to get himself in some sort of real trouble," she mumbles, sighing. "Maybe just get him some shots or something to keep that particular part from functioning at one hundred percent. The increased bloodflow to his brain will probably result in an increase in Awakened powers, right?"

Rook blinks and looks horrified for a moment. "I need that part," she blurts out, then coughs a little and turns crimson. Being off the Red Eye has allowed her to blush and panic and all sorts of things that had been dampened for her whole life. She stuffs a handful of popcorn in her mouth and chews to avoid adding more of her foot into her mouth.

There's a little shower of popcorn as Anabethe chokes and coughs, which isn't helped by the way the coughing turns into snickering. "Oh, honey. Oh, sweetheart." She sets the popcorn aside, reaching over to pat at Rook's knee. "Trust me, you don't need that part. But let's just not talk about it, because he's still my baby brother, and it's really weird enough thinking about it in the abstract without going into specifics."

Rook glances at her datapad again and she blushes even more, before quickly turning it off. She clears her throat and nods a few times, looking completely mortified. Her knee bounces as she tries to focus on the soap opera. "So. You and Knight in chair, friends?" she asks.

"Mmmhmmm, cute, try to turn it around," Anabethe smirks, picking at the pieces of strewn popcorn. "But yeah, we're friends. Flint. It's complicated, though," she admits, shrugging slightly. "Whole world's kind of pushing me to get married, I already got burned once. And I like Flint. I do. He's easy. He's comfortable. But now he's also in that chair, and I kind of hate myself for it, but that makes a difference to me. Because I want…Well. It doesn't matter, I guess. It's a whole complicated thing about what is and isn't possible and what other people might and might not try to make happen."

Rook sighs. "Everything complicated because you think it is." She smiles at Anabethe. "What will make you happy. Will let you be yourself? Real you? Not expectations." She turns a bit to look at the woman more fully, this tiny creature compared to the warrior woman.

"Doesn't matter," Anabethe shrugs, and though she tries to make light of it, there's a slight catch to the shrug, a burr under the saddle of duty. "My life's not about what's going to make me happy, it's about what's best for Khournas. And marrying a Volen heir on one hand and a former Grantham heir on the other is a great way to convince people we're trying to take the Lashes out from under the Ring and piss off both houses in the process."

"Choice. All choice. Those who love you, love you no matter what. Family, friends." Rook shrugs. "Love you even if you disappoint them. Be you. Live, love, choose." She smiles and gets up as her datapad sends another message. "Damn. Work. Gotta go. Save ep for me?" she asks.

"Letting me hurt him isn't love," Anabethe shakes her head. "That's just…stupid. But hey, so's love, so." She takes a deep breath, letting it out in a heavy sigh before summoning up a small smile. "Yeah, I'll save it. See you later, Rook. Smack Nitrim for me when you see him."

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